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Laycon shall we begin album
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Last updated on December 16th, 2022 at 07:19 am

Have you listened to Laycon’s shall we begin album? if not then you can stream and enjoy Laycon shall we begin the album here today. 


You and I have been graced with lots of beautiful album this year right? 


Well, I love the fact that you are truly enjoying every single body of work that has dropped so far. 


In today’s post you and I will be looking at shall we begin by Laycon album. 


I would do a brief review on most of the tracks from the album while also giving my thoughts on the album generally (review). 


but before you and I dive right into the details of shall we begin Laycon album, here is what I want you to do. 


Take the time to stream and download shall we begin album by Laycon. 


Laycon Shall We Begin Album Download 


Under this subheading, you will get Laycon shall we begin tracklist. 


However it is not in a particular order, but rather we arranged it in order of the most loved track to the least enjoyed track. 


So I hope that as you stream and download this album, there is everything for you to also enjoy. 


Having said that, here is Laycon shall we begin tracklist, stream it and leave us a comment. 

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Review Of The Tracks On Shall We Begin Album 


So how many tracks are on Laycon’s SWB album? Well, the album is made up of 12 tracks. 


The album features young artists across Nigeria with diverse sounds. 

In my opinion, this is why this album stands out. 


Every artist featured on the project made sure to bring out the best and you could just feel the magnitude of positivity on there. 


Having said that, here is the complete list of songs from Laycon’s SWB album. 


  • want you back 


  • verified 


  • all over me 


  • Kele 


  • Jeje 


  • God body 


  • Wagwan 


  • bam bam 


  • My lane 


  • Fall for me


  • And so she spoke 


  • And so they spoke 


Want You Back ft Teni 


This is easily one of my favorite tracks from the album, to be honest. 


Teni came really hard and made it look so easy. 

Laycon Shall We Begin Album Download

The sync was flawless and made me feel like this two have music chemistry like Falz and Simi. 


Having said that, you can download and get the Laycon ft Teni want you back lyrics here. 


Verified ft Mayorkun 


As usual, this is my second all-time favorite from this album. 


Laycon wasn’t going to allow Mayorkun to come to his world to body his song for him. 


Mayorkun is loved by the industry because he literally kills every feature he has made so far. 


This track tells you that social media is not the real world but it adds up to your credibility especially when you are verified on the big platforms. 


If you want, you can download and get Laycon ft Mayorkun verified lyrics here today. 


All Over Me 


I was glad he didn’t bother featuring anybody on this track. 


Because it would have totally killed the dynamics this track took. 


You have to appreciate how he sounds like almost every musician in the country. 


However, I would leave you to guess who he sounded like on this track. 


Use the comment section to shoot me your thoughts because I am waiting to hear them. 


Laycon shall we begin album is beautiful and this track on there is a masterpiece. 


You can download and get Laycon all over me lyrics here. 


Kele ft Joeboy 


Joeboy is one of the hottest upcoming singers in the country right now, no doubt. 


When he released his album, he struck the industry with awe. 


but then again Laycon wasn’t letting anyone come to rule his album. 


So as usual both artists went hard on this track but it was Laycon who carried the day for me. 


You can download and get Laycon ft Joeboy Kele lyrics here. 


Jeje ft Terri 


Terri is one artist that is very much underrated since his debut in the industry. 


I don’t know if this has everything to do with his label or not. 


but with all due respect, I think his label needs to do more to push his talent forward. 


The dude is good and on this track, you literally could feel like that is Wizkid singing. 


Jeje is a beauty and tells you to take life slow and steady because you do not have to be in a hurry. 


You can also download and get Laycon ft Terri Jeje lyrics here. 


God Body 


If you want to listen to something spiritual then I suggest you listen to God’s body. 


That jam got it all and it could leave you in total marvel as to why it hits you differently. 




I felt hooked immediately the first line dropped and it got me wondering really hard. 


At this point, it is safe to say that Laycon is here to stay with his sound. 


It’s huge because this takes him from being just a reality TV star winner to a star destined to shine. 


Now, you can download and get Laycon god body lyrics here as well. 




Wagwan explores the hard reality of being a star and what that feels like. 


It shows you the absolute difference between being broke and having all that wealth rolling in. 


Laycon is music and music is Laycon and Wagwan is just one of the many ways he has let his talent and versatility shine. 


The producer went hard on this one and you have to only believe me once you have listened to it. 


Bam Bam 


If you love a little bit of vulgarity then this is definitely the track that you want to listen to. 


The lyrics sounded much like Naira Marley’s coming and you know that dude is the king of vulgarity. 


but then Laycon was a little bit reserved with his expressions of the male and female reproductive organs. 


He rather switched to the use of slang to make it less vulgar but still enough to pass on the context of the song. 


You can download and listen to Laycon bam bam lyrics here. 




I have had the privilege to listen to this body of work and all I can say is that Laycon is good. 


I got the juice of the album right from the first track and it kept me glued to the screen. 


So there you have Laycon shall we begin album review plus stream plus download. 


It’s over to you now! 


How would you rate Laycon shall we begin album tracklist? 


Leave a comment below and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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