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Olakira 4play EP
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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:25 pm

Olakira 4play EP is the fire you and I need for this beautiful month, and you can stream and enjoy Olakira 4play EP here today. 


Do you have a rating for 4play by Olakira EP? if your answer is then make sure to shoot me a comment. 


In today’s post, you will be able to stream and download Olakira 4play EP tracklist while you also get my first-hand review of each track on the list. 


So if you are serious about finding out all the gems from this album then I suggest you stay with me. 


but first, here is everything you will get from this post in bullet points. 


  • You will be able to stream and download the album. 


  • Also, you will get my first-hand review of each track from this album. 


  • Finally, I leave you will a sweet suggestion of the first track you need to listen to. 


With that out of the way, come let’s get right into 4play by Olakira EP, shall we? 


Olakira 4play EP


If you are a musician and you want to become famous, then I suggest you read this article here. 


As a musician, you are always one track away from becoming the next big thing in the industry. 


This happened to upcoming artists like Naira Marley, Omah Lay, Lyta, Fireboy DML, and Joeboy. 


Let’s not forget that happened to all the top famous artists in Africa. 


All it took was just one song to announce their talent. 


In the case of Ade Ebenezer, the one song that brought him to the spotlight is Maserati. 


Davido hopped on the feature, and just like that, it has garnered over 20 million views on YouTube. 


With that said, here is what I want you to do… 


Click on the play button to stream and stream 4play by Olakira tracklists. 

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Review of Tracks From 4play EP


In this part of the post, I will take my time to provide you with my unbias review of this EP. 


As a matter of fact, I will even drop a link pointing to each of the pages where you can find the lyrics of each track. 


but first, here is the complete list of songs from Olakira’s 4play EP. 


  • Sere ft Zuchu 


  • For life 


  • Gotchu 


  • Summer time ft Moonchild Sanelly


  • Hot night 


  • Call on me ft Sho Madjozi 


Sere ft Zuchu 


This EP couldn’t have dropped at a better time, he got the timing so right. 


One of the reasons I love this track is because of the feature. 


A lot of people in Nigeria do not know musicians beyond the border of Naija. 

So when I see artists going the extra mile to collaborate with other African artists specifically from a different African country, I am always joyful. 


I believe such action helps to strengthen the African music industry and establishes us as a force. 

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Having said Zuchu has been phenomenal since signing to WCB records. 


I like to compare her with Simi because both have the same vocal range, the only slight difference is that Simi’s is way smoother. 


Sere brought out a new side of Zuchu I never knew existed and that’s the fact that she can blend well with Afrobeat. 


Sere is a Yoruba word for play, and the singer wrapped this beautiful word into a chorus that will leave you speechless. 


You can follow Olakira ft Zuchu sere lyrics here. 


For Life 


When you hear the world for life the first thing that comes to mind is immortality. 


but the crazy part is immortality is a word reserve for the creator. 


So when I listened to this track, I was amazed by the simple chorus for life. 

4play by Olakira EP

The singer used this one word to express how he wishes to end up with his love. 


It is a rare and magnificent beauty that would leave you feeling all lovey-dovey. 


So if you want to woo that girl that has been giving you some tough time, you definitely to steal some lines from this song. 


You can download and follow Olakira for life lyrics here word for word. 




Oh gotchu! 


This has to be one of the most beautiful tracks from this project, even though I don’t have a favorite yet. 


I was hooked by the line in the lyrics that said, “no leave me for this mumu”. 


The way I see it, the singer was so deeply in love that he didn’t want to lose the only person he has ever fallen in love with. 

Olakira 4play EP Download

Here Is a question for you! 


What would you do if the only woman you love is about falling in love with another guy? 


I would love to hear your thoughts on that because I am sure there is a hell that I would be worried too. 


but I don’t know what the situation would be like for you hence why I am asking you. 


In this track, the singer reminds his woman that he got her anytime any day. 


It’s an absolute beauty because the lyrics hit right home, and the production was sleek. 


So if you want to enjoy this track, follow this link to download and enjoy Olakira gotchu lyrics here. 


Summer Time ft Moonchild Sanelly 


Sanelly has been going assertive with her style of music, you know. 


She reminds me of South African great Brenda Frazier. 


Her style is unique, and when she featured her vocals on summer time, it made me appreciate her more. 

Olakira 4play EP

This track is about having a good summer while seeing the world with the one you love. 


It’s cozy, and viby and gives you that escape you need from a world that’s been choking people. 


If you want to enjoy this track, then have a headphone on. 


Finally, you can download and follow Olakira Summer time lyrics here. 


Hot Night 


You know how you sometimes feel like having that one hot night with your girlfriend or boyfriend, right? 


Well, this track adds to your motivation to take that one hot night and do whatever it is you do. 


I particularly enjoyed this one though not as much as sere and gotchu. it got me too. 


So if you want something of a one-hot night, I suggest you enjoy this track in your own way


Call On Me ft Sho Madjozi 


Olakira 4play EP won’t be complete without call on me featuring Sho Madjozi. 


South Africans are simply the definition of amazing musically, although Congo is tremendous too. 


Madjozi only had to do a little bit of her thing and it just fell in sync with this song. 


You will love this track because of the mid-tempo guitar clicking so well with the piano. 


It provides an early pre-2010s sound that got the world dancing. 


You can download and follow Olakira call on me lyrics here. 




Music is life and hope for the hopeless, you know. 


You just have to find that one track that resonates with your soul and enjoy it. 


Olakira has been a blessing with this EP because there was no miss. 


I told you I would say to you the first track to listen to, right? 


Here we go… 


Start with the track sere to draw you closer to the experience of loving and being loved. 


Once you are done with that, spice things up with gotchu to give you that sense of being there for the one you love. 


Now assuming you have finished enjoying that, you can follow it up with summertime or for life and walk your way through the rest. 


This EP gets a 5/5 star rating for me because it was beautiful, compelling, and magical. 


Over to you! 


How would you rate Olakira 4play EP? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts, and I will follow up with you. 


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