Taylor Swift Boyfriend Joe Alwyn (13 2019 Taylor Exes)

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Taylor Swift Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn is a British actor. The songstress and Hollywood actor’s relationship is rosy and sunny these past months.

Taylor Swift Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Hello, beautiful ladies and gentlemen, it is Nuel here at shoutmeceleb. Today we will be discussing Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn. and every other of her exes.


I also have my partner in crime here with me today. He is from far Eastern state Nigeria. and together we will tell you all you need to know about Taylor Swift new boyfriend.


But wait that’s not all!


Did you know that Swift has dated more than 7 guys?


I bet you didn’t know this right! So, before we get popping…..


Who is Taylor Swift?


I am sure you guys are dying to know who she is right?


So Xtin please do us the honors!


Thank you very much Nuel, I really am happy you brought me in here today. I love Swift and she is just so much an amazing personality.


Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn is also a wonderful person you know. He manages to stay away from the public eye and only showing his face a couple of times.




In other to quickly answer your question about who is Taylor Swift. She is an American hip hop artist, songwriter and a real estate agent.


Her parents are from Pennsylvania and what this means is that she’s also a Pennsylvanian. At a tender age, she moved to the states in pursuit of her musical career.


I won’t spend much time on this because I believe Nuel already covered this in details. When he wrote about Taylor Swift biography and net worth.


Okay, Xtin thanks for that brief details!


however, guys, you want to know more about our songstress. then check the above link to get every dose of information about Taylor.


So Xtin,


Who is Taylor Swift  Boyfriend Now?


Well, lolz, I know Taylor Swift has had his own fair share of dating misfortune. But hey, they are world celebs and with that comes high expectations.


Swift is currently dating Joe Alwyn and he is a Movie actor. He did the movie “The Favourite”.

Wow, interesting!


Nuel: Xtin, how am I not sure you are stalking Taylor Swift. I mean you know almost every tiny detail about her and her love life.


Xtin: Nah far from it, I only admire her act of giving I swear. Did you know she literally gave $2000 to her fans?


Nuel: Yes I heard, and sources said one of her fans used hers to pay for tuition fees. Well, to be honest, I admire her too because I think she genuinely cares about people.


Let’s keep our Audience more entertained!


So Tell me Xtin!


Who is Taylor Swift Boyfriend Joe Alwyn


Well, I thought you would never ask me that…. Lolz


Joe Alwyn is actually a British actor. He’s become very popular because of the movie role Favourite in 2018.


So remarkable!


Nuel: Honestly Alwyn isn’t the kind of guy that flaunts his relationship. I mean when compared to John Mayer and Taylor Swift.


Wouldn’t you Agree?


Xtin: Obviously, I strongly agree with your observation. It was even rumored that the pair broke up. Because they were both a public figure.


You know that any relationship that’s in the public eye can be a disaster. and there’s was no exception I think.


Sources told Shoutmeceleb that the parents recently gave their blessing to the two love birds.


I mean nothing can be more beautiful having blessings from your parents. I say this because you want to go into a home where you are welcomed.


If you are not welcome then that is trouble because it is going to be hell. Let me tell you a brief story before I jump back to Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn.


I have this friend back in my university days. After we graduated, he got married his High school sweetheart.


Now he did this without seeking the mom’s blessing because he knew she didn’t like her. Give or take the marriage only lasted a year.


This is because the mother was constantly frustrating this girl in all ways possible. She picks a quarrel whenever she visits and my friend’s wife could not take it anymore.


She eventually filed for a divorce and that was it….. EnEnd of story. My point is it’s definitely advisable for you to be loved from both sides and Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn seems to have that.


Judging from his looks!


How old is Taylor Swift Boyfriend Joe Alwyn


Can I do a Google search to get that answer?


Nuel: You are kidding me right!


Xtin, of course, I am kidding you. The English actor was born in North London in the 1991 February 21st. He is 28 years old now.


Joe Alwyn height is 1.82M which makes him a really sexy guy. Well, if he’s sexy then trust me Joe Alwyn brothers Thomas and Patrick Alwyn are something else.


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn news have been at the forefront this past month. You know why right?


Nuel: yea I do but I am the one asking the questions….. Lolz.


I think Taylor Swift Boyfriend Joe Alwyn has been trending. Because he’s dating the real estate agent Swifty.


But do not take my word for it. Other than that I think, they are both stars so a relationship between the two is an epic tale.


Taylor Swift and joe Alwyn pictures during the 2019 globe Award were magical. It just feels like they were meant for each other.


Check some of the pictures below and leave a comment with #shoutmeceleb and #TaylorSwiftBoyfriendJoeAlwyn. I may have a gift for the first person that does that.


But wait there’s more!


Let’s quickly discuss Taylor exes


Taylor Swift Ex-Boyfriends 2019


After dating so many high profile Hollywood actress, it is fair if I say she really is SWIFT. That last name didn’t come by accident.


I mean he has swept through if not more than 13 stars already. Both Movie actors, directors, DJs and singers.


My o my, she is definitely and quite a handful for anyone. She gets you to hook with the #TaylorSwiftHook.


Xtin: Where the hell did you coin that phrase from men…. I Like the way it sounds though #TaylorSwiftHook lolz.


Taylor Swift Boyfriend List 2019


Check out the brief biography of all the guys she has dated till 2019.


  • Taylor Lautner August 2009-Dec 2009


  • Tom Hiddleston June 2016-September


  • Joe Jonas July 2008-October


  • Jake Gyllenhaal October 2010- January 2011


  • Harry Styles Dec 2012-January 2012


  • John Mayer Dec 2009-February 2010


  • Calvin Harris February 2016-June 2016


  • Lucas Till 2009 March to April


  • Cory Monteith April 2010 to May 2010


  • Eddie Redmayne October 2012-January


  • Connor Kennedy July 2012-October 2012


  • Zac Efron Feb 2012-March 2012


  • Joe Alwyn 2018-2019


#1 Taylor Lautner Bio, Age, Net Worth


Lautner Who acted on the 2008 movie Twilight, is among the list. He was Born in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan United State.

Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift Exes

He was born in the month of February 11th, 1992. His birthday was celebrated in Grand Style.


According to Wikipedia, he is currently based in Valencia California. His debut in Sharkboy and Lavagirl brought him to fame.


However, it was Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer that out his quality as a star.


Taylor Lautner age won him the award for Teen Choice Award for Choice Male Hottie. He also won the MTV movie award for best Shirtless performance.


This list just goes on. Taylor Lautner sister is Makena.


For all those awards, am sure Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift could have been wonderful together. Well, you can chalk #TaylorSwiftHook to be one of her key features.


But the two broke is quite a misery. Taylor Lautner height is 1.74M. No wonder Lea Michele quickly wanted him for herself.


By the way, Taylor Swift height is 1.78 which makes her taller than her ex Taylor Lautner.


According to Vanity Fair, Swift had to apologize for having wronged Wolfboy Lautner. Her words read


“After realizing that you have made a mistake and it took you that long. The only remedy is to apologize.


Although Lea Michele tried to guess the song, she failed her on her attempt. “Back to December “ was the Taylor Swift wrote for Lautner.


How Taylor Swift Met Taylor Lautner


You remember Valentine’s day right?…. The two met at Valentine’s eve in a situation where Taylor had to be the awkward girlfriend.


Famed for writing songs for his boyfriends, it is gathered. that she apologized to Jacob Black Wolf for having been immature.


In 2010, the two had started seeing each other. During an interview with MTV, she was so open to discussion about how she felt.


Xtin: The fact is that it’s become too late already because by the time such apology saw days light. The two already called it quits but she admitted #WolfBoy wasn’t faulty.


How Much is Taylor Lautner Net Worth


American actor Taylor Lautner 2019 currently has a net worth of Forty Million US dollars ( $40 Million ).


Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift exes are our #1 on the list of exes she has dated.


Let’s move down to number #2 on the list.


#2 Tom Hiddleston Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio

Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Exes

Popular among the Marvel characters and Thor’s brother also dated Swift Taylor. So, we felt, it would be nice to put in number 2.


That is because Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn needs to be aware. Where he just walked in to. I mean she even dumped Tom Hiddleston Loki, even when he’s a badass Asgardian.


I won’t mess with this girl honestly. Well, Tom was born February 9th 1981. He is an English actor also loves to sing according to Wikipedia.


His debut came when he picked up a role in West End Theatre production Cymbeline back in 2007.


Tom Hiddleston age is 39 years. Well, his role is Marvel Cinematic Universe has garnered him fame all over the world.


I do not know about you. but I find it interesting that Swift loves tall guys. Tom Hiddleston height is 1.88M while she is just 1.74M


I know what you are thinking but he is still way taller than her….. Lolz.


Tom Hiddleston Taylor swift exes have done several movies. Winning award in the process.


One of such award is when he starred at AMC and BBC series as an Executive Producer. He won the Primetime Emmy Award for an outstanding lead actor in a limited series.


But let’s not fill you with too much. since this is a discussion about Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn.


But you can’t talk about Joe who is new to scene without mentioning all these guys. I mean they are high profile guys and she #SwiftThem.


Tom has two sisters Sarah and Emma Hiddleston. Emma is 34 years old and Sarah is the oldest of the 3 siblings 41 years old. She lives in India with her husband.


How Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Romance Started


Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston romance isn’t exactly news. Shortly after Calvin Harris a Tay Tay called quits.


Shoutmeceleb World Celebs gathered that #TaylorSwiftHook was the play again. I mean she is the sauce because You are always hooked.


However, whether the two really had a thing is something for another day. Who knows maybe he used him. but Tom told reporters in his own words.


“Taylor and I are happy together and it is not a publicity stunt”


Pretty big words right!


Kanye West was rumored to have shared a night in his song. In that song, it seems he was talking about doking TayTay. You may find all there is know about that here.


Taylor and Hiddleston’s relationship hit walls. even though Tom wanted to take the big step.


She just was not yet ready for that big step forward. The two were spotted kissing and having fun on outings on different occasions.


In 2016 Taylor swift ex Calvin Harris did a single title Ole. But it is speculated that it was done because of HiddleSwift.


Then in late September, it was over between the two. Tom obviously wanted the relationship to be public and Taylor wasn’t already.


It is a rumor this is the reason for the breakup and in fact, it was Tom that dumped her.


In Reputation album, Taylor lyrics may have suggested he was only using Tom.


The lyrics below!


The Ties were Black, the lies were white. I want to leave him and I needed a reason 


Tom Hiddleston net worth stands at twenty Million US dollars ($20 Million)  and Tom Hiddleston movies include!


  • The Avengers 2012
  • Thor 2011
  • Crimsons Peak 2015
  • Thor Ragnarok 2017

You need more of his movies right? check here now to get the complete list.

#3 Joe Jonas Age, Height, Net Worth and Bio

Joe Jonas Taylor Swift Exes

Speaking of the Jonas Brothers of DNCE. Joe Jonas Taylor Swift relationship only lasted for 3 months.


“Joe Jonas Age is 29 and was born in August 1989”




I guess not because I have seen worse. Joe Jona is an American singer and songwriter.


DNCE studio album was released between 2005 and 2006. and under a Columbian label. It was their debut album and was well received.


In the summer of 2008, Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift started dating. Although it only lasted 3 months MTV claim their relationship was sweet.


Joe Jonas Brothers are Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra last year, Kelvin Jona. and yea brother from another mother Frankie Jona.


The 1.7M tall handsome lad can boost of a mouth-watering net worth. Joe Jonas net worth is Eighteen Million US dollars ( $18 million)


Joe Jonas Movie and TV shows include!


  • Hotel Transylvania 2018
  • Zoolander 2, 2016
  • The Ex-Files 2010
  • Jona Brothers 2009
  • Camp Rock 2 2010


When asked about their breakup, here is what Joe said


“Myself and Taylor are both cool. Being friends to someone that travels a lot is quite tough but we are both cool “


Tay is the one that called her the relationship off. She was tired but what I like the most is joe Jona Taylor Swift exes cool.


He is so matured and even when it was time for reporters to do their thing. He was still cool and supportive of the 30 years old interior decorator.


#4 Jake Gyllenhaal Age, Bio, Height and Net Worth


In our discussion about Taylor Sweet boyfriend Joe Alwyn, Jake is another name.

Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Swift Exes

Adding to the previous 3 is the Prince of Persia actor. Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor swift exes broke up with TaylorSwiftHook.


Shoutmeceleb gathered that Jake was not ready to commit to the relationship. But really age is a number game although it brings experience.


Jake Gyllenhaal Age, puts him around 38 years old. 9 years younger than Taylor Swift. he has a sister by the name Maggie Gyllenhaal.


Why Did Taylor Swift and Jake Broke up


The two broke up because Jake Gyllenhaal was not ready to commit to the relationship. When he was asked, though always look to shrug off the topic he said he could feel the age difference.


As lame as it sounds, you wanna consider the age difference, then you not be in a relationship. I mean it is not for babies and at 30 then Jake couldn’t even realise this.


Nick Swift shared more light on their breakup. So you want to get the full details there. However, after Jake and Taylor broke in just 3 months, she was devastated.


She didn’t do anything and she was being dumped. But in 2011, the two started a off and on dating. But you have to know if its off then it is off.


There’s just no fixing that. The National Enquirer posted on their site. that Jake Gyllenhaal was remorse and that up till date he still has feelings for her.


But wait that is not all!


Like the Indian Movie played by Amitabh Bachan. A boy loved Aishwarya but could not tell until she was getting married.


Only that in this example he actually got her back. but with tears of regret that he had lost her.


Truly we do not realise those things that are precious to us until we lose it. Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift tale is no exception.


Well before we conclude this!


How Much is Jake Gyllenhaal Net Worth


Jake Gyllenhaal net worth is there about sixty-four Million USD ($65 Million). His 2019 movie is Spider-Man Far from Home.


Get the list of Jake Gyllenhaal movies list below!

  • Spider-Man Far From Home 2019
  • Prince of Persia 2010
  • NightCrawler 2014
  • Prisoners 2013
  • SouthPaw 2015 e.t.c


#5 John Mayer Age, Height, Bio & Net Worth

John Mayer Taylor Swift Exes

Does people born in Bridgeport Connecticut always this heartless?


Am sure Taylor must have thought about this when he broke her heart. Taylor Swift and John Mayer dated for 3 months.


I can’t even begin to fathom what the life of World Celebs is like. I mean they just can’t keep a relationship for long can they?


Judging from what we have seen so far, I think that’s next to impossible.


Anyways, John Mayer Taylor Swift exes is 42  years old. He was born in Atlanta October 16th 1977.


Formed a band that didn’t do well with Clay Cook. The name of that band was called Lo-fi Masters but it didn’t last.


John Mayer Height is 1.9M which makes him one of the tallest guys she dated. He has a net worth of Forty Million US dollars($40 Million).


The songwriter and American singer have a few several albums. However, John Mayer songs in some of his songs include!

  • New Light 2018
  • Gravity 2006
  • No such Thing 2001
  • Daughters 2003
  • Heartbreak Warfare 2009
  • Heart of My Heart 2009
  • Stop this Train 2006 e.t.c


#6 Harry Styles Height, Age, Bio, and Net Worth

Taylor Swift Harry Style Exes

Harry Edward Styles is a member of the band one direction. It is a rumor that’s he climb to stardom.


He was born in Redditch UK. Harry Styles Taylor Swift exes only dated the songstress for a month.


He is of Height 1.83 and Harry Styles age is 25 years old. Born in February 1, 1994


Harry Styles net Worth is around $75 million. So far he is the one with the highest net-worth among all Taylor Swift exes.


#7 Calvin Harris Height, Age, Net Worth


He was Born in the Dumfries United Kingdom according to Wikipedia. Calvin Harris age is 35 and was born in the month of January 17th, 1984.


Calvin Harris net worth 2019 is $220 Million and Taylor Swift is $320 Million. Taylor is $100 million richer than her ex Harris.


The two really had it going until a tweet by Harris confirmed their split. They held hands in public. spent most of the larger part of Xmas holiday together.


Harris tweeted on his handle confirming the split. But that the pair respect each others decision.


So here comes the bigger question!


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Together?

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwin Together

Joe Alwyn Taylor Swift relationship looks solid for now. But judging by the number of exes she has had, I won’t be surprised if this equally hits rock bottom.


Celebs probably do know best how to manage a relationship. The fact that the public has a constant eye on them too is a huge problem.


There lives is constantly on the scrutiny. For me, I honestly think every human should be given privacy. Whether you are a celeb or not.




Taylor Swift boyfriend Joel Alwyn is enjoying a blissful relationship with the star. However, we have seen a lot to decide that their might be to break up.


This is not certain because Celebs do no care what happens to their relationships. They get this feeling like another will come.


It’s probably why they care less about it.


So Xtin what advice do you have for Celebs such as Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn?


Xtin: World Celebs should focus on one relationship and nurture it. All the break up in Hollywood happens because of carelessness.


Once they can avoid that and spend quality together understanding each other. I believe a better thing will rise from it.


So there you have it!


Guys it is over to you now, what do you Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn can do to avoid breaking up. Use the comment box to drop your thought.


Remember Shoutmeceleb loves you a lot!



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