Taylor Swift Net Worth 2019: Untold Biography

Taylor swift net worth
Taylor Swift net worth in 2019 according to Forbes stands at 430 million US Dollars. Her net worth has the capacity to rise by an even greater margin should her Reputation Tour ends. Taylor Swift is the very definition of good. She spends a huge part of her income giving to those in need.
How much is taylor swift worth

The net worth of Taylor Swift has been used for a lot of good deeds.

It is also recorded by another source People that she helps her friends a lot.

She gave her friend Kesha more than $200000.

The money was used by Kesha as a legal fee when she filed a proceeding against music producer Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald.

Swift was also generous enough to have sent a check of $2000 to her fans. One of the fans used her share to pay for a student loan.

In today’s world, not all can certainly be as giving as the soon to be 30 years old.

Her generous offer and support for education saw her ditch $399 Million out.

This gave more support to the country’s Music Hall of Fame and acted as a fund for her Taylor Swift Education Center.

Kim Kardashian’s income is nowhere close to Taylor Swift income. Almost all of her endorsement deals are worth millions of dollars.

Maybe you try to chalk it down to her knowing what she does. Fact remains that people that give more tend to have more.


How Old is Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was born in the Year 1989 December 13th in Pennsylvania. She was also raised in Pennsylvania but in 2003, she moved to Nashville in pursuit of her musical career. At the age of 15, Taylor Swift became the youngest musician to land a deal with Sony.


Taylor Swift House Inside

Taylor Swift apartment according to Trulia estimation is worth more than $80 million. Taylor is also a real estate guru.

In the US Taylor Swift’s homes is way-way massive. She records 4 houses in the US from California to Newyork City.

The beauty of Taylor Swift House New York City can be spotted from afar.

Though a small portion of her real estate Kingdom, she bought herself a house in New York City.

According to Streeteasy, her first was the Tribeca Penthouse Mansion she bought from Lord of the ring’s director.

Net worth of Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift beautiful Penthouse

Peter Jackson wasted no time selling the house to the female celeb in 2014.

She later became a tenant paying more $34,000 for an apartment all in a bid to modernize her Tribeca Penthouse.

Obviously, the real estate mogul has a taste for beauty. and has since then she’s been the interior decorator for most of her apartments.

She further bought two other houses in the city of New York all very close to each other as she dives deep into Real Estate in New York.

Taylor Swift Beverly Hills Home

Swift Taylor home in Beverly Hills is the talk of time. She so transformed the building back into a 1933 condition.

Samuel Goldwyn sold the house to the fashionista Taylor Swift who petition the town of Beverly Hills.

Her petition geared towards the restoration of the property to its original form hence it was past.

Later that time Swift mounted a gate to add further security to the structure. This means anyone who wants to see the beautiful structure will have to really be connected to the real estate mogul.

Below is a picture detailing how much the value of her real estate business!

Other of her houses include!

  • Nashville Condo
  • Watch Hill Seaside Estate
  • Greek Revival Estate
  • Beverly Hills Ranch

Taylor Swift’s Cars 2019

For the reason of this post, we will look at some of the cars the iconic star has. She is the true lover of exotic rides.

Her lyrics are interwoven with her love for cars. In her reputation album just like every single album she has dropped, all saw a fair mention of her love for cars.

Having said that did you know she bought a Toyota Sequoia? If you are a fan of hers then just maybe you know.


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We will talk about Taylor Swift’s cars shortly. She is was shortlisted in Forbes 100 most influential women in the world.

Her rise to stardom ensures the net worth Taylor Swift has increased on a yearly basis.

Sum of her cars is worth well over $1.4 million. Imagine that, it’s obviously no wonder she loves lyrically mentioning cars all over songs.

The list of her cars includes!

  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Audi R8-Sport
  • Porsche 911

Taylor Swift’s Toyota Sequoia 2019

You can say she’s a lover of good things right?

Well, I quite agree with you on that 100%. Her Toyota Sequoia proves the value she gets when she’s off to shop for a car.

This car costs more than $60,000. and it is currently one of the largest SUV being produced under Toyota according to Gilboz.

It produces a speed of bhp 380 which is approximately 283KW. The DVD navigation that comes with the model makes it super easy to load.

Audi R8-Sport

I call this Taylor Swift’s car a speed monster but this was back in 2007. Fast forward to today the differed is the case.

Taylor Swift Audi R8-Sport
Audi R8

However, the 7-speed S-trunks 2-seater was created for speed and best handling. It costs the star almost $200,000 to add it to her car collections.

European car magazine even named Audi R8 as a car of the year. Running on a speed of 318 km/hr it’s your best bet if you want to go fast.

Her Porsche 911 cost her $250,000. and some other of her cars collection which were all insured includes!

  • Chevrolet Silverado- $40,000
  • Cadillac Escalade- $100,000
  • Hummer H2- $95,000
  • Range Rover- 150,000

Taylor Swift Tour 2019

The self-made millionaire extended her tours into 2019 with regards to her reputation album.

Sometimes late 2018 Taylor Swift news today read that tickets were still being sold.

This gave the opportunity to her fans all over the world to show some love to the December born.

On the 29th of December 2018 are ticket already sold well $100,000 million dollars in 5 days.

The interesting thing though is that this amount of money was made in North America alone.

I bet you can’t Imagine!

Her tour became the best-selling female tour in the UK as at early January 2019. It is still early in the year but my o my, she is quite the game changer.

How Taylor Swift broke Several Grossing Records

Reputation album broke different grossing records along the way. One of such broken records is Metallica’s $5.1 million made in 2017.

Taylor swift net worth

 Source: Forbes

Swift’s on-stage debut at the University of Phoenix Stadium saw her broke Metallica’s record by $2.1 million.

The sold 60,000 tickets for the attendance to the stage performance.

But wait there’s more!

Here are some more records she broke in bullet points.

  • She broke the attendance record set by where we are tour in 2014 with an impressive 2700 seats.
  • She smashed her own gross and attendance records set during the 1989 tour in late 2014
  • She is the first female artist. and a celeb to be front of page for Dublin’s Croke Park on two occasions.

You want to see more awards she has broken right?

Yea me too so you can look up Taylor Swift grossing record on Wikipedia.

Her reputation album currently streams on Netflix. and it’s reportedly made over $250,000.

Newyorker termed Taylor Swift’s Netflix special the end of an era. Even though Caramanica thinks pop is fading with hip-hop topping the charts.

Want to debate?

Use the comment session to drop your thoughts. It is amazing to engage in such discussion considering that everyone has their thoughts.

How Did Taylor Swift Net Worth Rise

Taylor Swift net worth rose to greater heights because she has lots of endorsement deals. She has a contract with Diet Coke, Apple among others. Swift is well loved by her fans and followers and her fan base even called themselves Swifties. The recent lover of Joe Alwyn is quite the figure to behold in 2019
Sometimes last year, the popular songwriter and singer deleted her social accounts. Although this raised lots of eyebrows, her fans were desperate to get inside her head for answers. With all the effort yielding no answers, fans decided to stick to listening to her hit songs to calm their heart.
Taylor Swift Net worth saw her made Forbes list of words richest self-made female celebrities Swift among this list only ranks below Super mega female stars like Beyonce, Celine Dion, etc.
According to the released lists, she even ranks higher than Lady Gaga, any of the Kardashians and many. This again shows her prowess and her ability to bring to the party that which she does best.
Her fame continued to rise until this day. Taylor Swift Album release in 2017 sold 1.2 million copies in the first week. the numbers kept climbing the weeks after that which gave rise to more money in her account. Fame can be the best thing that can ever happen to some but she handles her well.
Taylor swift net worth 2019
Source: Billboard

What Album Increase Taylor Swift Net Worth

Taylor Swift Albums Red, 1989, Fearless and Speak Now together sold 4 million copies in the US alone. Taylor Swift Album Reputation sold over a million copies in the first week of its release. This made Reputation Album the one that sold the most copies.
Swift’s Reputation brought about more fame and endorsement deals. Also with the rise in sales, gave birth to an even more likely increase of Taylor swift net worth. The Album Reputation sold more than 2 million copies in total making it her ever best-sold album.

Taylor Swift Inspirational Success Quotes

Check this video for some of her insane quotes!

What is Taylor Swifts Total Net Worth Then


As for those of you that are still curious to know how much is Taylor Swift net worth. This is a quick answer to your question!
Taylor Swift networth is $430 million and this includes all her assets.
Taylor Swift net worth hit a mouthwatering 430 Million US Dollars. Note that this does not include the rain of cash from her Reputation Album. If you add this to her massive ocean of wealth, she is well underway to hit more.
Her Reputation Album has already raked in 54.1 million dollars and it is will continue climbing. By the time her Reputation tour is over, my guess is this will be a whole new Figure.
Fans continue to show her unimaginable love. At such pace, there is truly no limit to how much the 29-year-old female would grow.
Swift net worth and her reputation album hit millions. Some of the figures here will change most especially because 2019 is still very fresh.
A larger chunk of her wealth comes from Real Estate business. this is to say that music is not the only thing that makes her money.
Pennsylvania must be proud of her daughter shattering stats and breaking records. Many of the fans who bought tickets for the tour were not disappointed.
Giving your fans the best of yourself has always been a smart move for Taylor because above all her fans comes first. Similarly, her love and passion for the world are unlike nothing we have seen.


Taylor Swift’s net worth is very much climbing and with such success comes everything. Good thing though is that she is enjoying all the moment. Her attitude of giving plays second fiddle to her sense of humor.
Her unique nature certainly differentiates her from the world out there. even more, is the love she shows to fans while on stage performing.
It is like living in a world where everyone loves you. I mean what could possibly go wrong right?
Due to this, success can be an attribute of love, giving, caring and being there for people. All these she did so she is actually enjoying the fruit of being a good person.
With the likes of Celine Dion and Madona still topping the chats of the richest female celebs even at such age. How will you predict Taylor Swift net worth in the next 10 years?
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