Tekno Miles who recently lost his voice as a result of too much strain like Trevor Noah has decided to rest till his vocals get restored. The manager of the Naija superstar Tweeted a post about this. He also expressed how trying the sudden challenge have been.

Tekno Miles

The worst thing that could happen to any musician is to lose his voice. Our sympathies to superstar Tekno, we hope you recover from your voice box damage soon.

Tekno Miles Manager Laments on Ordeal

A statement from the management of Tekno Miles has confirmed rumors that the musician has severely damaged his voice box. The statement said, “The past few months have been really trying times for your favorite boy Tekno Miles … his vocal cords is temporarily damaged due to strain from overtime performances and cannot sing or perform for a while. Please put Tekno in your prayers.”

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It is known that people who use their voices frequently are at a higher risk for straining their vocal cords. Symptoms may include a breathy voice, hoarseness, malaise an even pain when talking. Sometimes strained vocal cords regain their elasticity after adequate rest and relaxation. In very severe situations, surgery may be required.

Once again, we wish Tekno Miles speedy recovery. We can’t wait to have him back on our airwaves.


Tekno Miles has been brilliant in the Nigeria music industry. He manages to go shoulder to shoulder after releasing his single Jogodo. The song made quite a hit because of the popular Danfo Drivers hit song released between 2004 and 2005.

Tekno Miles has enjoyed years in the spotlight alongside Davido, Wizkid, Flavour Ex Psquare to mention a few. So, what do you think will happen when the popular star fully recovers? Use the comment box to drop your thoughts.

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