Tekno Miles Net Worth
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In this article, I will present a comparison of Tekno’s net worth with that of other notable Nigerian musicians such as Wizkid, Davido, Patoranking, Olamide, and more.

How much is tekno net worth
Alhaji Tekno on Vacation in the United State


There’s always that big fuzz about who is the richest musician in Nigeria.


But today you and will just look more into the net worth of Tekno…


I will compare him with some big names in the music industry.


What is the best side to all of this?


The best part would be that you will know more about Alhaji Tekno as he is popularly called.


But first here is a quick question for you!


If you want to name one of your finest singers in Nigeria who would that be?


Leave a comment below with the comment box.


Okay, let’s dive into this topic properly now!


How Much is Tekno Worth in 2020


Tekno popularly called in Nigeria by the nickname Alhaji Tekno is worth an estimated 2.5 million US dollars. The Holiday crooner rose to stardom with the release of Duro which received a positive review all over Africa and some parts of the united state of America.


Tekno has been amazing since his debut in the music industry.


He has collaborated with the likes of Wizkid and other prominent musicians in the country.


Thus this has helped establish him as a notable voice in the music industry.


Having said, let’s find out how Tekno’s net worth in 2019 stack against other musicians.


For the sake of this comparison, I will briefly analyze his worth against others. and tell you who is richer.


Sounds good yes?


I believe your answer should be yes to that…


I want to start with Wizkid, then followed by Davido for the reasons that the two are the biggest.


Tekno and Wizkid who is the richest


Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known by his stage name Wizkid is richer than Tekno Miles. Starboy currently has a net worth totaling 22 million US dollars making him one of the top 10 richest musicians in Africa.  Tekno, on the other hand, has a meager 2.5 million US dollars.


Wizkid net worth after a performance in India puts him on the list of the highest-paid musicians in the world.


On the ground of achievement which centers on Tekno and Wizkid net worth. Wizkid emerges the richest between the two Stars.


In truth, I won’t want to bother to even compare Wizkid and Tekno worth.


This is not because I want to demean Tekno but it’s born of purely statistics and achievements.


So if you are Tekno’s fans do not be offended by these statistics.


But wait there is more!


What is next!


Since I am strictly comparing him to some popular musician in Nigeria, let’s take Davido next.




To cap this subheading let me ask a quick question and then answer it for you…


How old is Tekno and Wizkid


Tekno is 26 years old now while Wizkid is 29 years old. Starboy is 3 years older than Tekno. but perhaps let me precise with each of their date of birth. Wizkid was born on the 16th of July 1990 in Surulere while Tekno was born on the 17th of December 1992.


Tekno and Davido Who is the richest


Davido is the richest of the two musicians. because in the list of richest Nigeria musicians Davido occupies the number one spot. David has an estimated 24 million US dollars while Tekno Miles has a worth of 2.5 Million US dollars.


As at 2019 Davido charges between the random figure of 4 to 5 million Naira for local appearance.


This is more compared to what Tekno charges per show.


But in my own opinion, Tekno is way talented than Davido.

I decided to do this post because I often get asked about Tekno and Davido net worth.


I didn’t want to start doing a post covering that topic individually.


Hence I am doing this gigantic comparison between him and some of the industry’s big names.



Also, there is a huge disparity between Davido and Tekno net worth.


Perhaps let me specify this disparity quickly for you…


To get the exact amount with which David Adedeji Adeleke is richer than Tekno, let’s subtract Davids from Tekno’s.


Makes sense yes?


David’s worth= $24 million


Tekno’s worth= $2.5 million


On subtracting one from the other which in this case David’s, you and I will have something like this:


David’s worth – Tekno’s worth


Now replace the names with the amount of money each is worth currently…


24, 000, 000 – 2, 500, 000= 21, 500, 000



So, in conclusion, Davido is currently worth 21.5 Million US dollars more than Tekno.


So, when next you get asked Davido and Tekno who is richer?


Here is what you will say:


Davido is richer than Tekno with a net worth averaging 21.5 million dollars.


Tekno and Don Jazzy who is the richest


According to Forbes’s latest ranking, Don Jazzy is richer than Tekno. The producer and singer Collins Michael Ajereh has a net worth of 20.8 million US dollars. Tekno, on the other hand, is worth 2.5 million US dollars which signals a huge difference between Tekno and Don Jazzy’s net worth.


Don Jazzy is one of the top 20 richest musicians in Africa.


He sit at the number 6th spot as African rich singers alongside Davido and Wizkid.


In one of my blog posts here on Shoutmeceleb, I covered Collins Ajereh’s biography and net worth.


You should check it out for some of the details that I may have left out here.

Tekno Net Worth and Biography

Don Jazzy is currently the head of Mavin records after his split with Dbanj sometimes in 2012.


He signed Tiwa Savage before she later left the label mid-2019 to join Universal Music Group.

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Also, Mavin recently released a new track all is in other which Features all of Mavin crew members.


So when next you are faced with a question like Don Jazzy and Tekno net worth, just refer to this post.


Let me summarize who is the richest between Tekno and Don Jazzy for you.


  • Don Jazzy is the richest between the two producer and singers


  • Tekno may be a producer but he doesn’t have the experience of Don Jazzy


  • Don Jazzy has been in production long before Tekno Miles came to be


While I will cover some of the big Naija music celebrities further down this post, let’s look at Patoranking.


Tekno and Patoranking who is the richest


In a comparison of Tekno and Patoranking net worth, Kelechukwu is the richest of the two. Tekno currently has a net worth of over 2 million US dollars while Patoranking has 1 million US dollars. the source of Income of these two is music, shows, and several endorsement deals.


Patoranking recently dropped is an anticipated album in June 2019.


Tekno has been absent from music for quite a while now due to his vocal cord problem.


But one of his most recent appearances was in Beyonce Lion King album. 


An album which featured several Nigeria artist with the artist from East Africa being the only exclusion.


Having said that when next you are perplexed. about who is the richest between Patoranking and Tekno just know that Tekno is richer than Patoranking.


It makes sense to compare Patoranking and Tekno net worth because the two are almost on the same level.


Tekno and Olamide Who is the Richest


Olamide is the richest between the two of them with a net worth of 8.8 million US dollars. Olamide is also one of the top richest musicians in Nigeria. He currently holds the 10th spot of richest artists in the country.


Baddo has been hot since his debut with his Rapsodi album. he became the first Nigeria to consistently drop an album within 7 years.


I have left you a link below just in case you wish to find out more about him. I strongly suggest you check out that post on my blog.


It will help you piece some of the details that have been left out. but just know the post I am referring you touch more of his biography as well as his worth.


I will keep updating this post especially because Olamide and Tekno’s net worth might change. over the coming years and good thing I will be up to date to better keep you current.


I know you probably have questions like who is Tekno so the next chapter you and I will look into that…


Sounds good yes?




Tekno and Rudeboy Net Worth Who is The Richest



In a comparison of Rudeboy and Tekno’s net worth, Kingrudy is the richest between the two with a net worth of $15.4 million. Slim Daddy, on the other hand, is worth $2.5 million.



The one thing that’s surprising though is the fact that Rudeboy and Mr P split did not strip. them completely from the top 10 list of richest musicians in Naija.



now that you have an idea how much Tekno is worth on a head to head comparison. with some of the top dogs in the food, let’s deeper into his biography and net worth.


Tekno Net worth and biography


I will use a bullet point to break this into another subheading which I will touch on too.


This is because I can’t discuss the net worth of Tekno without touching on his biography.


What’s even better is that there is more…


  • Who is Tekno Miles


  • Where was Tekno born


  • What is the real name of Tekno


  • How old is Tekno now


  • Kelechukwu Miles Edgar Career


  • How much is Tekno net worth


  • Tekno endorsement deals


  • Tekno Miles Award


  • Conclusion


You and I will discuss Tekno net worth 2020 further down this post.


But for now, it’s best I give you a hint into the biography of Tekno Miles.


I will start with…


Is Tekno a Nigerian?


Here is a short answer to that question:


Yes, Tekno is a Nigerian but wait let’s expand on this in the next subheading to clear your doubt.


Who is Tekno Miles


Tekno Miles is a Nigerian artist, songwriter, producer, singer, and dancer.


The father of Augustine is a soldier and he moved from place to place because of his duty.


When you are military personnel then you know serving your country is the most important job you have.


If you have never listened to any of his songs before, here is one for you.


Personally, I love how this guy blends dancing with singing so well that you marvel at his steps.


But wait there is more


Where Was Tekno Born


Tekno was born in Bauchi State, he spent a larger portion of his life on the move.


Especially because of the occupation of his father regards being a military man.


Tekno’s has always wanted to sing right from when he was a child.


I mean getting enrolled in music school at age 6 is just amazing right?


The one thing I really like about Tekno’s parent is the fact that they kept keen ears. to what he (Miles) needed.


You can say Tekino is among one of the fans favorite in the country.


After doing several songs featuring many iconic Nigeria stars. it’s become glaring his talent is vast both in production and in singing.

Tekno Miles Net Worth

Also, did you know that he wrote David’s song IF? 


You really IF right?


Men that song was more like a blockbuster only that is a line used for movies right?


Up till date, that song has garnered more than 30 million views on YouTube.


What is the Real Name of Tekno


Tekno’s real name is Augustine Miles Kelechukwu Edgar. but he is popular called by his stage name Alhaji or Tekno or you can simply combine the two to get Alhaji Tekno. The songwriter and singer rose to fame after he did the song Holiday.


Yeah, I know you Google queries like this so I thought it would be okay to provide you answers.


Often because the more I help you get the answers you are looking for, the better Google rewards me.


I hope I made sense yeah?


For this next subheading would look briefly into how old the singer is.


After that, I will transition into combining all of the above subheadings into a summary.


Don’t worry it’s going to be nice sweet and short…


How Old is Tekno Now?


Tekno Miles is 26 years old now as when this post went live. to be more specific, Tekno was born on the 17th of December 1992 into a family of 5 boys and a girl. His father is a Nigerian army.


To be honest, this guy has had a really blistering career before damaging his vocals cord.

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Although his current feature on the Lion King album shows he has done a lot to get better.


Okay so, let’s summarize everything now shall we right?


Summarize of Tekno’s Biography


Augustine Miles Kelechukwu Edgar was born in Bauchi but a native of Ivo in Ebonyi State.


So what do we know from the above subheading?


Here is what you and I Know:


  • Tekno is 26 years old now born precise 1992


  • He is a native of Ivo community in Ebonyi State


  • Tekno has 4 brothers and a sister


  • The singer’s father is a military man


Tekno Early Life and Career


The one downside of being a military man is the fact that you can’t settle in a place for long.


This is mostly because of how demanding the job is.


I remember many years back when I was younger, I had this friend Wasiu, he is a Muslim.


One of the reasons I remember him so well is because he and I fought before becoming friends.


Guess sometimes life can be stranger but even more strangest is the path it leads us.


Long story short…


Wasiu and I became the best of friends in primary school.


While we were in primary 6, the father who is a soldier was transferred to the Western part of my country.


Guess what happened!


It took another 9 years before he was transferred back to the state where we became best friends.


If I have to be honest I really don’t like the job because it often takes a man far from home.


Well, Tekno’s dad was no exception hence his children grow in different parts of the country.


He grew up in Nasaeawa, Abuja, Bauchi, Kaduna amongst other places in the country.


At age 6 he was enrolled in music school by which he learned how to play instruments. like the guitar and the piano.


Tekno Miles Career and Albums


Miles first spotlight show came in Abuja one of the many places he grew up in.


When it’s your time, trust me there is no one stopping you honestly.

Tekno House and Cars

That faithful day Edgar was performing on stage one of the very songs. that shot ice prince through the stars which is Oleku.


Only this time he decided to title his version of the song Onye Ne Kwu.


Fortunately, Nigeria’s popular comedian graced the occasion with his presence.


I am talking About Julius Agwu and if you don’t know him. then please feel free to look him up here.


After this guy finishes singing, the standing ovation he got Was just out of this world.


There and then Julius Agwu noticed him…


The father of Skye became an artist to look out for when he did Holiday under K-Money as a single.


Again this one was a hit and it resonated with Naija fans. 


The one simple way to do so well in music is to be consistent and sing something good with nice beats.


This guy understands how to make the crowd shake Bodies to his mad insane beats.


Here are 3 of his songs that I had on repeat since morning while writing this piece of content for you.


I have played Tekno Duro and followed the lyrics word for word, I also played Tekno Pana audio.


Lastly, I played one of my all-time favorite which is Tekno’s Jogodo video.


If you want you can even download the songs from the link above.


This way you know I wasn’t joking when I said he’s good.


After leaving K-money, Tekno signed with Made Men Music Group. where he released singles like Dance and Anything.


But this was made possible by Ubi Franklin and Iyanya who were partners at Triple MG.


Like many musicians before him, Tekno’s presence was felt which lead to the release of Duro.


Duro was a big hit in the country and established Tekno as a force to contend with in Naija music.


List Of Tekno Songs And Albums


Here is a complete list of tekno songs:

  • Go
  • Rara


  • Jogodo


  • Choko


  • Woman


  • Pana


  • Diana


  • Wash


  • Yur Luv


  • Holiday


  • Anything



Tekno Personal Life


In 2017, Tekno met the young talented singer and dancer Lola Rae.


But who is Lola Rae?


 Rachel Akosua Funmilola Garton (born 1991), professionally known as Lola Rae, is a Nigerian-born singer and dancer of Ghanaian and British descent. She gained recognition following the release of her debut single “Watch My Ting Go”, which received critical acclaim and thus earned her a nomination for Most Promising Female Act to Watch at the 2013 Nigeria Entertainment Awards.


That’s according to Wikipedia…


Tekno and Lola Rae made their relationship public in 2017 and by 2018 she got pregnant.


Rae has since then delivered a baby girl named Skye.

Tekno Biography and net worth

That’s one hell of a choice right and it’s a pretty name too in all sense.


Legit ng previously Naij.xom posted pictures of Tekno carrying his daughter.


If you have ever had a baby then you know the joy that comes with it right?


It’s inexplicably amazing, that feeling of love you feel and the joy that comes with it.


Let me answer a few questions I think you might have right now!


Who is Tekno Girlfriend


Tekno’s girlfriend is Rachel Akosua Funmilola Garton (born 1991), professionally known as Lola Rae, is a Nigerian-born singer and dancer of Ghanaian and British descent. She gained recognition following the release of her debut single “Watch My Ting Go” which received critical acclaim.


Lola Rae schooled in England where she studied Fashion and design.


Her love for singing and dancing saw her become part of the dance group Mystikal.


Lola and Mystikal Group perform at Britain Got Talent show making their way all through. to the Semi-finals which saw Simon one BGT and AGT head judges single the group for praise.


Unfortunately, the group didn’t win the talent show but that did not stop Syco from signing. the Group on a one year contract.


What is the name of Tekno Daughter


The name of Augustine Miles Kelechukwu Edgar (Tekno) daughter is Skye mKelechukwu. born to a Nigerian father and a British Ghanian singer Rachel Akosua Funmilola Garton popularly known as Lola Rae. Lola and Tekno’s love story formed Skye who is a year old now.


I can only imagine that Tekno and Lola Rae’s daughter Skye may follow in Mommy and Daddy’s footsteps.


Which is totally a good thing. but you never can tell because growing up can also mean she might not want any part of it.


Only time will tell but the chances that she will become a musician too is pretty high.


That’s if you and I consider the fact that her father and mother are both singers and performers.


Thankfully you and I are done with his personal life, now, let’s dive a little deeper.


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For this session, you do be seeing things like Tekno house and cars, charges per show.


How Much is Tekno Net Worth


In 2019, the estimated net worth of Tekno was well above 2.4 million US dollars. Augustine Miles Kelechukwu Edgar, known as Tekno, held a prominent position among the top 50 wealthiest musicians in Nigeria. While he didn’t secure the top 12 spots, which were dominated by artists like Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Davido, Timaya, and Don Jazzy, Tekno still boasted an impressive financial standing.


Here is a quick definition of what is Tekno net worth?


Here is your answer:


Tekno net worth in 2019 is defined as all of his assets, cars, houses, business value, precious stones Minus what Tekno owes. The simplification of the above statement can be written mathematically as Net worth – Debt. this thus resulted to Tekno having a total net worth of 2.5 million US dollars.


But wait there is more!


Tekno Cars and House


I don’t know if it’s just me but I think celebs love showing their cars and houses right?


Well, don’t me but if I have to say the truth, it will be that I love the rich life celebs live.


I mean one of these days I am definitely be having all of that so I really do admire the lifestyle.


You don’t have to worry about what anyone says, live your life and just doing your thing.


I mean what would you do with all that money if you can’t enjoy it right?


Hence the expensive life you see on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.


Having said all of this, let’s take a plunge into Tekno house and cars.


Tekno has a very beautiful, well-decorated house in Lekki precisely Villa Estates.


Tekno Miles Lekki home is estimated to be worth more than 50 million according to sources.


Although Tukool.com said no official price was revealed, however, sources told Tukool. that it should fall within the price range of 45 million to 60 million Naira.


It’s a price that can’t be disputed because Lagos is one of the States in Naija with a near stable economy.


As such price of houses might be valued 2 times the prices it may cost elsewhere.


It makes sense as a stable economy attracts investors far and wide.


Apart from having a luxurious home which for me is cash well spent. after all, there’s nothing that beats comfort at least in my own head I guess.


The singer and producer also have some really cool cars that are pricy you know.


Here is The list of Tekno cars:


  • Acura MDX 17.6 million Naira


  • Mercedes Benz CLS 550 30 million Naira


  • BMW X6 25 Million Naira


As for this list of cars, I will be updating frequently once new cars are added to the singer’s garage.


I hope that sounds good yes?


How Does Much Tekno Charge Per Show


Tekno charges between 1 million Naira to 2 million for shows within the country. but this price would double for places outside of Nigeria. E.g if Tekno is to perform in places like the United States of America or the United kingdom, this price will double.


This may, however, be a small amount of money if you want to go toe to toe with the likes Davido.


Tekno charges per show, his houses, and cars landed properties when summed up, gives 2.5 million dollars.


As much as I would like to say this is good money, it doesn’t compare to the net worth of Wizkid.


But honestly, that’s good money!


If you are wondering how much is Tekno net worth in Naira?


Here is your answer:


Tekno is worth N900,000,000 if you convert from Dollar to Naira.


I came about this figure by using Naija’s current rate of dollar to Naira.


You simply multiply the current rate of 9ja Naira which is N360 as at when this post went live.


Here is an example for you…


Tekno net worth in dollars= 2.5 million dollars


Price of Nigeria Naira= N360


Conversion from dollar to Naira= dollar x Naira


Total amount in Naira= 2.5 million x 360= 900,000,000 million Naira


Hope you got it yeah?


Tekno Miles Endorsement Deals


Okay, have you noticed that once you become popular, you get multi-million dollars endorsement?.  

Tekno Girlfriend Lola Rae and daughter Skye

Remind me to be a musician in my next life lolz…


Just kidding though, I don’t even know how to combine those lyrics into anything.


But I enjoyed it when someone else does this with so much ease you.


Enough already right?


Here is a list of Tekno miles endorsement deals:


  • 2017 Cirov endorsement deal for an undisclosed amount


  • 2018 UMG Endorsement deal


  • 2017 Sony Endorsement deal


Tekno Ciroc endorsement Deal


Tekno is one of the popular Nigeria musicians that bagged an endorsement deal with Ciroc.


After the major success of Pana in 2016 with more than 16 million views on Tekno YouTube Vevo. Ciroc decided to endorse the Ebonyi State-born on a one year deal.


Although currently an ex-ambassador of Ciroc company. It’s one of his major Endorsement deal and it’s worth the mention.


Ciroc is an American Vodka company with lots of artists who are also the brand’s ambassador.


Tekno UMG Endorsement Deal


Universal music group recently signed Tiwa Savage to its label. but before she landed such deal, Tekno is the first man to have worked with UMG.


Universal Music Group is one of the largest music company in the world.


It has branches all over the world in over 60 countries worldwide.


If you think of it that’s huge, according to Premium Times NG Urban Island Record Alex Boateng. reveals the interest of the company willing to push Tekno’s career global.


Island Record is a British Jamaican record Label that operates as a division of UMG.


There are basically 3 Island Record Label that exists all over the world…


Here is the names according to regions:


  • Island Record UK


  • US Island Record


  • Island Record Australia


The amount of the deal was never disclosed but you and I can be sure that it runs into millions.


Tekno Sony Endorsement Deal


Sony Music signed Kelechukwu on a 3 years deal for just 3 singles. after Pana took everyone by storm in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.


The contract is recorded to be worth more than 15 million Naira.


the contract included a possible deal of extension and contract review. but only if the singles do better than expected.


If the singles perform below expectations then there would be no further talk of an extension.


Awards of Tekno Miles


It is kind of surprising considering this guy does not even have one album.

Here is a list of Tekno Miles award:

  • 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards- 2015


  •  Nigeria Entertainment Awards- 2016




While this post centers more on Tekno biography and net worth, I have also made sure. to answer any lingering question you may have.


Comparing his net worth with other musicians is simply my attempt to elaborate.


Thankfully I did so this way every question you have is addressed.


Over to you guys!


What is your prediction of Tekno’s net worth come 2020?


Will it rise or will it fall?


Use the comment box to leave a comment. and I will debate with statistics on my own prediction.


Please be kind enough to share this post on Facebook and Twitter. with the share button hanging on your screen.


Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful ahead.


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