Tekno Nigerian Musician, New Song & Hairstyle

Tekno Nigerian Musician

Last updated on July 5th, 2019 at 05:06 pm

Tekno Nigerian musician had a damaged vocal in 2018. Famed for his songs and the love from fans, he called it a break.

Tekno Nigerian Musician

Shoutmeceleb gathered that Alhaji Tekno left the country for treatment. Which is due to the stress on his voice.


[bctt tweet=”Tekno Nigerian musician returned to the country after he recovered. Trevor Noah is the African who is most noteworthy to have suffered the same fate in 2018.” username=”valeriewhite775″]


Similarly like Tekno he also took some time off the job. Like it or not, for someone who is a stand-up comedian, his voice is the most essential tool.


But wait!


Who is Tekno Miles and How Old is He?


Tekno Nigerian musician is a songwriter, actor, model, and a producer. Tekno was born in Bauchi, But a native of Ebony state in Nigeria.


Tekno father is a Nigerian military man. I guess you know what that means right?


But if not!


This means the Tekno family did not settle in one place for long. and it is because of the job of serving his country.


I know you are certainly thinking that the father maybe has more than a wife. Well sorry to burst your bubbles but he only had one wife.


Despite being constantly on the move, Tekno parents did a fine job providing for their kids.


Tekno mother is the one to be most especially thanked for being there always.


You and I know how difficult it is to train a child. But this does not say the father did not do his part to cater to the family.


Tekno brother and sisters were all happy. even though their father was on the move constantly.


Slim Daddy is one of the nicknames Tekno Nigerian musician is usually called. I tried to fathom why but maybe it is because he is slim.


So, how old is Tekno?


Do you want to guess! Lol, I bet not. Tekno miles is 27 years old and was born in the 12th month of 1992.


Yea there you have!


[bctt tweet=”He was born on the 12th of December  1992 making Tekno miles age 27.” username=”valeriewhite775″]


Enough of it Tekno bio already!


Tekno Miles Story and His Songs


Techno Nigerian artist got into music school at the age of 8. Now take a moment and imagine that you will see his parents written all over it.


These days as a Nigerian, we forget to help our kids discover their God-given talent.


It is bad enough not to discover their talent. but then worse is when parents won’t let kids decide their choice of what to study.


Sorry for digressing a little, I will tell you a story some other about my uncle’s son. But for now, let’s continue.


Teknomiles listened to advice from Iyanya and Ubi Franklyn and then moved to Lagos City. and in 2015 Tekno miles song hit.


Duro made a way to the heart of the fans. Just like that, his fame began and today you and I love singing his songs.


At 21 he is already a star. You can chalk it down to hard work, focus, perseverance.


Tekno Nigerian Musician Genre of Song


His genre of music put him on the center stage with other Nigerian artists like Davido and Wizkid. Famous for RnB and Afrobeat, he is has done quite well for himself.


I love to call him Teknojet above all his other nicknames. I mean it is just crazy how he is so good.


Let me catch my Breath!


Well, my brother was chasing me as I am writing you this and am hiding in a corner.




I have eluded him so let us continue. Shoutmeceleb loves to write about Tekno miles songs most especially because it’s sounds are nice.


Do not get me wrong there are nicer artists in Nigeria. But Tekno Nigerian musician is among the best for us.


Tekno miles music has this sweet melody that gets you to start shaking your body. and for me, it takes a whole new dimension when he did jogodo.


Nigerian Musician Tekno New Single


Nigerian musician Tekno recently dropped a single. He is had some time off to recover from his vocal cord problems.


Tekno new song “woman” is trending on YouTube but so also did other songs before it.


Talking about other songs, Tekno miles Duro lyrics and Wash Lyrics came out fine. I mean the YouTube views are off the charts.


But Tekno pana did a lot better reaching 93 million views on YouTube. The views is bound to climb higher than what it is now years to come.


Woman is Alhaji Tekno latest video on YouTube. But I won’t be surprised if he decides to do a remix of the song.


Tekno latest song “woman” lyrics will be made available on our lyrically Naija category. So if you want to download Tekno miles music, go there.


Tekno Hairstyle Vs Flavour Hairstyle


Finally, since this is all about Tekno let us take a look at his hairstyle.


Tekno hairstyle is one of the things that differentiate him from other Naija singers. I mean Flavour hairstyle is good but Teknos is better.


Don’t ask me why!


You know how you just can’t understand why you like a person much, my brother is a die hard fan of his.


I like him but my brother is crazy about the guy. so, as a result, I really don’t advice anyone to debate Tekno hairstyle with him.


Actually, his hair is the one thing he loves way more than his voice. Maybe because he carries the same kind of hair.


So, one day I ask him between Tekno Phyno and Flavour whose hairstyle is better.


He didn’t even think twice about it. and he said I would Always pick Tekno miles so why do you both asking. I smiled because I was really looking for something trouble. One that if it starts, I may not be able to finish.


Check out Tekno hairstyle photos below.

Tekno Miles Hairstyle

Tekno new hairstyle in Woman is way better now. so if you have not seen Tekno official video then do a YouTube search for it.


Flavour hairstyle for many looks more natural compared to Techno miles hair color but…… Don’t say it to my brothers face…lol hair is the one thing he loves most about the guy.





Tekno Nigerian musician is famous for his RnB and Afrobeat. but like others, his genre generally resonates with Naija fans more.


You may also download music by Tekno from our Lyrically Naija category.


If you want your music to be loved in Nigeria, win the heart of the fans. This includes your voice, looks, styles and what have you.


So, till I see you again, I want to use the restroom. Bye but not for long.

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