Timaya Biography and Net Worth
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Today I will wander you through Timaya net worth in 2024, all of his investments, houses, cars, biography, controversies, awards, and endorsement.


so, come on let’s find out all the hidden secrets of this poor Nigerian celebrity now.

Timaya Net Worth and Biography
Timaya at Lagos state airport

But how he fought his way to become one of the 10 richest musicians in the country is totally beyond me. 


  • Full Name: Inetimi Alfred Odon


  • Date of Birth: Born 15 August 1980


  • Marital Status: Single


  • Children: Emma, Gracey, and Emmanuel


  • Nationality: Nigeria (Bayelsa State)


  • Genres: Dancehall, Reggae, Afro Hip hop, Afro-Beat


  • Net Worth: $13 million


  • Source of income: Business, Endorsements, Music.


The Net Worth of Timaya 2024 and his biography will drop your Jaw because he is one of the most underrated performers in the Nigerian music industry.


So, I need you to sit upright and ride with me on this but before I take this journey with you. let me introduce myself a little bit this way you do know me better. 


Since this post will center on Timaya’s net worth and biography I think it is safe to say you are in for a treat. 


Now please hop in and let’s take this cool ride together. I bet you are gonna be thrilled. 


So here is a quick question for you guys… 


What is the one thing you know about Timaya? 


Leave a comment below in the comment box and I will be sure to engage with you because. I love an interactive sessions on this website. 


Where is Timaya From and Where is Timaya’s State of Origin 


Timaya is from Nigeria and he hails from Bayelsa State in Niger Delta. A state that’s located in the south-south of Nigeria. and he is also one of the top richest singers in Africa.


So what tribe inhabits Bayelsa where Papi chulo hails from? 


The inhabitants of Bayelsa State are the Ijaws and the language of this group of people. speak is called the Izon language. 


Do you know that the Ijaw’s major occupation is fishing? 


Yeah, you heard me right fishing is how these people survive majorly because they live in the riverine areas. 


I won’t really dwell on this much because this is not a history of the Ijaws but rather. about Timaya net worth in 2023


Having said this, follow this link if you wish to read more about the origin of the Ijaws. you should find it very elaborative


How old is Timaya Now and Where was he born? 


Timaya is 39 years old and he was born in Porth Harcourt River state.


The capital of Rivers, Porth Harcourt, is home to musicians like Damini Ogulu and I recently wrote about his net worth


You can check it out too in your leisure time…


Port Harcourt is also the home of Duncan Mighty popularly refer to as Port Harcourt’s first son. 


Do you know that PH is known for its massive oil production ability? 


Well, it is one of the states in Nigeria that produces a massive barrel of oil. and one of the country’s largest oil-producing states. 


Here is a link for you to knock yourself out on the place where Timaya grew up before leaving for Lagos


One of the beautiful things about Timaya is the fact that he is a kid that identified with his roots. 


I will cover that shortly but for now, just know that if I have to write about Timaya’s biography and net worth. then I also have to touch on his humble beginning. 


So here is one of the most common questions I have seen you ask Google. 


It is who is Timaya?


Who is Timaya 

Timaya is a Nigerian musician singer and songwriter. He excels on the genre Afro hip hop and Dance hall. 

But what is Timaya’s real name? 


Timaya’s real name is Initimi Alfred Odom and he is among the top 10 richest artists in the country


Growing up in the 80s can mean something for each person and for someone like me. the memories I grew up with i just can’t forget especially because it echoes in time. 

For someone like Odom, it must be music if it wasn’t music then what else, I mean he practically. dropped out of school because that wasn’t where he wanted to be. 


Some years back I told a friend you must not go to school to become successful and I am a living example. 


Then his father would reign abuse on him, calling him a wayward child. but can you guess what happened? 


Just kidding I know you can’t! 


But here’s what happened, 4 years after I asked him to learn a skill so that he’s valuable in the marketplace. he’s a millionaire with his own house and 3 cars. 


I have tested the four walls of education and don’t let anybody tell you it’s a criterion for securing a job. 


It isn’t my friend if I am to be honest with you. but you don’t have to take my word for it because it’s just my own opinion and experience.


The last time I visited my friend at his mansion I happened to meet his dad there feeling very comfortable. on the chair and somewhere in my mind I said if only you had a little faith in him then.


Sometimes even the elders can be wrong but in the end, you are the one that decides your life. and how it is going to end, don’t let anybody make you feel bad for not getting a tertiary certificate.


If getting that certification is gonna put food on your table then I see no reason why there. are so many unemployed graduates in my country.


Listen guys education is the best thing that could happen to a man because it exposes the. mind to the reality of how the world actually works. 


but please make no mistake. it ain’t criteria that you will have a white-collar job. because for many of you, you have limited your mind to only work for someone. 


Take this home today, will you?


“You will never become rich working for someone” 


Quickly let’s brush up on Timaya’s history and career now shall we? 


Don’t worry, I am taking my time so that you learn every tiny little detail about him. at least this way you can even be the smartest guy in the room should such issues arise. 


Timaya Early Beginning 


It is easier to forget Timaya’s early life after all when you become a well-known celebrity. few people care about the life you had before fame. 


It’s people like me who really cares because we are publishers and as such interested in every detail. 


The reason is that I have to provide you with those details to make you aware of the lives of such. a celebrity whenever you do a Google Search like What is the net worth of Timaya


Chances are if I ranked on the first page of SERPs and my headline and meta tag entice you. the possibility of you clicking to my site is comparatively larger. 


So when was Timaya born? 


Initimi Alfred Odom’s stage name is Timaya and the latter is his real name born to a banker and a trader. 


Well just in case you are curious about what is Timayas father’s occupation!


The Father of Initimi is a banker and his beautiful and precious mother is a trader. 


I don’t know if you remember his track “Plantain Boy” a single promotional track off his 3rd album. 


The song tells the story of how he is the son of a plantain seller. and the magic about originality is the fact that the world loves when you are original. 


Did you know that he grew up in a family of 15 kids? 


Yeah, he did and the funny thing he is the youngest of the children of Alfred Odom. 


When you grow up in a place like Agio’s estate as he did then you know it’s either you. take your future by your hand or you become someone forgotten in the hems of history. 

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I still have memories of my primary school and honestly, do you? 


I mean those are one of the best memories I have because. I can remember being bullied by this one kid. 


I don’t look for troubles right, always quiet just doing my thing but the asshoIe won’t let me be.


He constantly bullied me and one day I just couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to stand up for myself. 


I look him in the eye and told him that if he touches me again I was going to fight him. 


You the whole class looked at me like is this guy crazy? 


You know that feeling you get when the world doesn’t believe you can do shit right? 


Yeah, that was how stern they looked where the boy quickly dragged. me outside and the next thing I knew was a very hot slap landing on my face. 


Dammit, this guy really wants to shit me in public, should I run? I swear my head was saying boy please run for your dear life. 


The second slap landed again and it was at that moment, I realize that I can’t just let someone bully me and I will do nothing about it. 


I quickly took off my school uniform, by the way, I was in primary 3 and I was the dullest in my class. 


I made a fist to which he smiled like what kind of a dumb ass fist is this. 

Timaya Biography and Net Worth

He came for me again and this time I landed a killer punch on his face that sent him down instantly. 


I mean the crowd watching went crazy and started chanting my name and as it echoes. It felt like there was this sudden strength growing inside me and by the time he got up. 


Damn just one punch had done damage to his eyes and he’s got this black eye I couldn’t help but laugh. 


He furiously came at me like a lion but I was the little tackle monkey swaying to a different direction. in other to avoid his fist, it felt like something was moving me I swear. 


Then I remember this one Jackie Chan movie I watched back then. You know that movie where Jackie was drunk right?


Yea… YeYea drunken master 


That’s the movie, I found myself doing some of the crazy moves and the next thing I knew. was my classmates all shouting my name, and my confidence grew exponentially. 


and this time I went for him with everything I had and landed the second punch which ended the fight. 


The reason why it was memorable is that my classmates didn’t believe in me the world didn’t believe in me. 


But I pulled it off and guess what same people. that didn’t believe in me were the same once chanting my name.


Over the course of my life, I learned that success attracts people like a magnet. 


Story short I became very popular and I started to focus more on my studies which upped my grades. 


Guess nothing is impossible right? 


So why did I tell that brief story, well, it is because our next subheading is going to be about his primary and secondary school? 


Where did Timaya School?


Timaya’s primary school education was in Port Harcourt at the Assemblies of God Nursery and primary school. 


Once he wrote his primary six leaving certificate exam, the following year he was admitted into Nkolu Oroworukwo secondary school. 


But due to his stubbornness and breaking family rules to go partying with friends. his grades didn’t do good and you know mother na. 


Mrs. Alfred Odom didn’t want to be the mother of a wayward child and as such quickly. made arrangements for him and his elder sister to go to Lagos. 


Arriving in Lagos where he stayed with his older brother, do you know that he got admitted into a secondary school again? 


This time he was admitted into Lagos Ikeja secondary school where he finished his Higher school education. 


Prior to finishing his secondary education, arrangement. was already being made for him to return to his place of birth. 


I want to recap some important points for you in the just concluded subheading. 


So what primary and secondary school did Timaya attend? 


What University did Timaya Attend?


On getting to Port Harcourt his place of birth Alfred Enitimi Odom gained admission into a tertiary institution in PH 


There he studied banking and finance for two years before dropping out due to a lack of seriousness. 


and poor performance, I guess you can say that there are some people that hate school right? 


Well, I belong to that category of people because I never really liked school. but I was a bit of an average student. 


Career and Timaya’s first album Release 


His career began in Lagos when he decided to drop down from school and move to Lagos. 


Being his second visit in Lagos Timaya already knew that music was what he needed to do. to break through and become what he is today. 


While in Lagos Alfred Odom’s son worked under Eedris Abdulkareem’s hip hop group as a backup singer. 


But due to some flimsy misunderstanding between the two, the window for bonding got thrown out the window leaving bad blood between the two. 


As soon as Timaya left Eedris Abdulkareemn’s rap group to forge a path for himself, he welcomed the collaboration. from his fellow upcoming artists. 


This is how he recorded collaborations with these artists and made his first appearance in the cameo. 


But the video was never released. A few months later while still trying to put his shits together. Papi Chulo of Chulo vibes met Mafoluku a badass producer at Oshodi. 


Both talked as usual but the producer got convinced of Timaya’s talent after listening. to him sing the Acapella version of “Dem mama” 


Dem mama was released as a single in the singer’s album True Story. 


Timaya’s first Album True Story 


Dem mama quickly made a hit as a single because of the message encoded within the song. 


So what was the single Dem Mama about? 


The song told a story of how a community in Portharcourt named Odi sunk into dust. 


The federal government of Nigeria killed anything flying in the community.


It was a dark time that characterized one of the dreadful reigns of ex-head-state president Olusegun Obasanjo.


Although it was a decision meant to cob militancy by force and did that work, yea maybe it did. but it was at the expense of lives. 


When he dropped the single, it was widely accepted because. the lyrics addressed the pain inhabitants went through. 


The song won him street credibility and instantly became one of the guys people want to listen to… 


True Story Album 


One of the successful strategies I have seen musicians use over the years is dropping. an album once a single hit the mile Stone anticipated. 


In 2007, his first-ever studio album True Story was released to the public under abaksolo. 


Remember earlier on I said the strategy is important to succeed in the industry. it’s not limited to the music industry alone. 


Life in general needs a strategy for you to really succeed and achieve your goals and the truth is. it’s just that easy if you can plan well. 


Following the success of his debut album, work commences on his second album Gift and Grace.


Here is the list of the 7 tracks from True story…


  • True story


  • Timaya 


  • Honey Na Money 


  • Dem Mama


  • Bayelsa 


  • Wayo People


  • Ogologomma


  • Pomporo 


Gift and Grace Timaya second Studio album 


In 2008 Gift and Grace was released which was the 2nd album of the veteran singer. 


The success of the album depended largely on his work with various producers like 


  • Phyno


  • Obaksolo


  • Terry G


  • Jay Sleek 


  • Jesse Jagz 


  • Akeem D beat 


Working with people that know their craft can make life a whole lot easy. 


His work with each of these producers paid off or should I say yielded dividends in 2008 and 2009. he was already basking on a couple of awards. 


In 2008, True story brought him two awards at the headies. 


Here is a list of the two awards he won in Headies award 2008…


  • .Album of the year 


  • Best reggae and dance Hall 


This achievement further stretched hands into 2009 following the success of Gift and Grace. and his scintillating collaboration with J Martins on Good or Bad. 


Here is the list of tracks from his second studio album Gift and Grace… 


  • I don Blow Ft Shayo Pisanta


  • God I beg


  • Dem mama anthem


  • If To Say


  • Kai kai love


  • God you are 2 much


  • Chinekemeh


  • Iyawo Mi


  • Yankulu Ya


  • Na Mistake


  • Ogologonma remix


De Rebirth 3rd Studio Album 


Show me one of the richest musicians in Nigeria that have recorded back-to-back successful albums.


and I will point you to Timaya who has equaled such feet. 


His 3rd studio album was titled De Rebirth and it was released into the market nationwide in 2011.


On November 2011 he gathered his record label signee Dem mama soldiers for a collaboration album. 


An album was titled Long Life and Prosperity with the acronym LLNP. 


Perhaps I forget to mention did you know that the 3rd studio album featured lots of guest appearances from some high-profile Naija musicians like…

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  • 2Face


  • M.I


  • TJ2Solo


  • Lanre


  • Wrecoba


  • Konga


His collaboration also featured a guest appearances from Raski Mono one of the legends. in Nigeria music after Fela and King Sunny Ade. 


Here is a complete list of the tracks from his 3rd studio album and Collaboration album with Dem mama soldiers. 


  • Thank you 


  • Watta Bambam


  • Its about time Ft 2face


  • Who born you ft Recoba


  • E no matter


  • Love over me


  • Money money money


  • Press


  • Feeling so fly Ft Allenisn


  • Happy Birthday


  • Freestyle


  • Life Anagagag ft M.I


  • Ruler


  • Peke Peke


  • Plantain Boy


Timaya’s Fourth Studio Album Upgrade 


This probably didn’t look its suppose to come as an album but damn…


What some of the tracks did to people that love to party and be merry is just out of this world. 

Timaya Net Worth
Inside Initim Alfred Odom’s house

I still remember one of the days when my friends and I held a little get-together on a beach. 


Precisely the beach could be found in Delta State, and we decided to cook some meals. 


Our girlfriends handled the cooking and we organized challenges but one of the challenges that stuck with me was “carry your girlfriend across the finish line.” 


There was also a contest like wrestling between us friends. 


It’s more of the local type where you just need to look for a way to make your challengers back touch the ground. 


Honestly, I lost that match to a very good friend Linus. 


He is an MC master of Ceremony, plus a guy with a nice personality too. 


So why did I just tell you that brief story? 


Well, it is because on that very occasion one of the songs that were played. was Timaya’s bum bum and sexy Ladies. 


I swear in less than an hour of gathering as very looking to have fun, we had attracted. more than 50 other persons that partied with us. 




We didn’t invite them if I am going, to be honest here, but they flow with the beat of Timaya songs. 


and naturally, they just made it to where 14 of us were gathered.


I really think life is a collection of memories and the more good memories you have. the more blessed you feel and the more abundance of memories you have to hold on to.


The album featured 14 tracks with the likes of Malonogede really resonating with a vast majority. of the population in the country. 


To further spice the album, he featured the likes of Duncan Mighty, well you know Wene Mighty right? 


There is this uniqueness he brings to you whenever you feature him that is just out of this world.


but honestly, this is my opinion because I understand you may have a different taste. and that’s totally okay. 


No wonder in 2018 he had a whole lot of features from the likes of Tiwa Savage, Davido, Reekardo Banks, Wizkid and more. 


Timaya Upgrade further saw collaborations from Vector, Terry G which worked for him. 


The success of all his albums means he gets to play and party with the big boys club(richest Naija musicians) 


List of Tracks from his Upgrade album


  • Sexy Ladies


  • Malonogede


  • Go down now


  • Bobby 


  • I am sorry


  • Bum Bum 


  • Bolanle


  • Love & Friends


  • I have it


  • Illuminati


  • Club on fire


  • Be my Honey


Timaya Fifth Studio Album Chulo Vibes 


After months of teasing and anticipation, Papi Chulo of Chulo vibes dropped his long-awaited album. 


The album was made available on iTunes and then dropped on February 2019.


The album production was handled by a couple of producers including… 


  • Orbeat


  • Bobby


  • Frank


  • Chillz


  • Chrisstringz


  • Da Piano 


  • Milon Beatz


  • Kel P


I gotta tell you the only song on the album that didn’t make sense to me was “2 Stoopid” 


The lyrics felt kinda off for me but other than that, I think Timaya Balance and I can’t kill myself. more than enough made up for Stoopid. 


Timaya’s 5th studio album features Trinidadian soca singer Machel Montano, Burna Boy of Anybody, and Tanzanian Alikiba. 


Here is a list of all the songs from the Chulo vibes album below 


  • Balance


  • I Can’t Kill Myself


  • Akuna


  • Number One Ft Alikiba


  • The Mood


  • Obrigado 


  • Pull Up ft Burna Boy


  • Happy ft Machel Montano


So how many studio albums does Timaya have? 


Well, the answer is so far so good from his debut with True Story to Chulo Vibes. Timaya has 5 studio albums and one collaboration album with Dem mama soldiers. 


Below is the list of Timaya albums


  • True Story


  • Gift And Grace


  • De Rebirth


  • LLNP Long Life N Prosperity


  • Upgrade


  • Chulo Vibes


Timaya Controversies and IIFW


One of the biggest controversies involved in by Alfred Odom was during his relationship with. Nollywood actress Njamah whom he dated for a couple of years.


Pulse reported that there was a time when the two love birds had an issue before finally breaking up.


Sources told Shoutmeceleb that Timaya had given Njamah some millions to buy him a car.


but the actress refused to buy the car and during their breakup, she used the money to buy herself a ride.


On the day of dedicating the car to Church, Timaya stormed in with thugs and took back his car.


It didn’t take long for the news to make headline judging by how celebrity news trends.


After the dust between him and Njamah settled, he was also accused of rape.


A claim to which he responded not knowing what Atlanta base Nigerian speak about.


Sheila did not press further charges and the case died down.


Another controversy involving the Bayelsa-born star was his involvement with Eedris Abdulkareem.


On social media, Eedris had attacked Timaya and called his songs vulgar.

Timaya houses and Cars

the singer replied to Eedris by telling him that Nigerians loved vulgar music.


Which totally makes sense, I mean business is giving your customers what they want.


So he wasn’t totally far from the truth.


He also shamed Abdulkareem for talking shit about other musicians. because he was also a musician.


Timaya IIWF Honorary 


Tim became the Peace ambassador for the Interreligious and International Federation for World peace. 


At this time Dr. Hak Ja Haan Moon, Co-founder of IIFWP said Timaya is one of the individuals. his life exemplifies the ideal of living for d sake of others.


Also that he dedicates himself to practice which promotes the founding ideas of the body.


To be honored like that is just impeccable although I now think that his style of songs nowadays isn’t what earned him such recognition by IIWF…



Timaya Kids and Personal Life


The first girl I ever dated was Olajumoke Olajuwon Yoruba by the tribe. She was so brilliant that she literally was the best in my class then.


Don’t feel offended by this but I was like 14 years old when I had my first relationship.


I know that is crazy but I am telling you because it is my life and it happened.


While she and I were in the same class before we were hit by this long Strike in. the school that eventually saw her move back to Lagos.


As an adolescent, she and I probably didn’t know what we had meant anything. but I fell sick after the strike was called off and I didn’t see her back in school.


I was pained for weeks and weeks turned into months, there wasn’t any way to contact her.


Can you believe that I even searched for her in 2018 while I was in Lagos and yeah I tried Facebook too but nothing came up.


Months later I fell in love with Esther, she was smart and beautiful too. you know she and I had our thing going through high school before she got pregnant.


As someone who was just 20 at the time, I panicked and told her to get rid of the baby. but it was mostly because her dad was very strict and loved her a lot.


I didn’t want her dad to feel her daughter had disappointed her, so we both agreed. and she got rid of the baby


Although she is now happily married, I felt a little bit of regret asking her to get rid of the baby. even though I know she and I weren’t ready for that stage of our lives


The One Thing Timaya Did I Could Have Done


Timaya is the proud father of 3 children from two baby mamas.


Truth is being a celebrity makes it a little difficult not to father children outside wedlock. this is because as a celebrity every girl wants you.


If you are not very careful you will find yourself having more than one kid outside. I can’t judge anyone because intercourse is unavoidable if you are very famous.


Timaya’s Children are Emma, Gracey, and Emmanuel. Two of his kids are girls and one a boy.


The singer tries to keep his personal and professional life as two separate entities. but when you have people like us writing about celebs then it becomes hard to keep secrets.


Our Job as writers and publishers mandates us to give our audience quality information.

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His first girlfriend was Barbara and prior to having his two daughters, Barbara had told Tims that:


Hope he is not going to be like other celebs who have kids outside with more than one woman. according to Legit.ng which said the singer had promised not to have babies with more than one woman.


Although his 3rd child may mean that he broke his promise. however, the one thing he did that I could have done was be honest with my girlfriend then.


At least I could have easily told her to keep the baby but that I was not yet ready for marriage. I mean my age would have justified that right?


I don’t know either!

Timaya Kids and baby mamas


but I love the fact that he told Barbara he was not yet ready to be committed to marriage. and they both had an understanding.


Here is a list of Timaya children according to their age.


  • Emma – daughter


  • Gracey – Daughter


  • Emmanuel – Son


What is Timaya’s Net Worth In 2023?


Timaya’s networth runs into millions of dollars but before you and I get to that part. I would love to get to some Small details first.


I believe every single detail I will be touching on below, plays a role in why he is ranked. among top musician net worth of the country Nigeria.


Timaya Houses and Cars


The life of a celebrity is usually one of tastes and I tell you that Timaya has a taste that I can not explain…


His five hundred million Naira house in Lekki phase one just about confirms his high taste.


Have you ever been to Paradise?




Who knows Paradise might just be Timaya’s house you know.


probably not but I could settle for it as the gateway…


The interior of the house is like what you see in Burj Dubai which is one of the most expensive hotels in the world.


Inside the house is a Cinema room for his leisure time and viewing of movies.


The kitchen of the house is just magnificently built to give you comfort while cooking.


But one thing that caught my eye was his curtain, I mean the damn thing slides just by pressing a remote…


I only see those in American movies dammit…




Overall I think every inch of the house was crafted for to produce a feeling of magic. like those, you experience while you are on a beach and the sun sets on you.


Have you seen a sunset by the beach before?


Well, you need to see Timaya’s home before you can comprehend what I speak of.


Overall it was money well spent and money that achieved the purpose for which it was spent.


Timaya cars 


No one needs to spell it right? I mean if he could own a house worth half a billion Naira.


then his cars would inexplicably run into half a billion, considering his taste for flashy things.


But how many cars does Timaya own?


Timaya 6 cars all run into millions of Naira.


 For a guy with an incredible taste for beautiful things, it wouldn’t be strange if he owns more than twenty.




Let’s look at Timaya’s list of cars


  • Mercedes Benz G55 AMG


  • Bentley Continental GT 70 million Naira


  • Range Rover Sport 2013 17 million Naira


  • Range Rover Sport 2016 N19 Million


  • Mercedes Benz GLE N25 Million 


  • Lexus SUV 2015 13 Million Naira


Timaya Charges Per Shows


Timaya net worth Forbes listing shows that the singer charges a near 3 million Naira per show.


But that’s the charges for shows done within the country.


If you want to hire him to perform outside Nigeria then you will be looking at a higher price.


I mean anywhere from 4 million Naira to 5 million Naira.


I can only imagine that if I consider him going on shows just once a month on average.


That’s 3 million in his bank account and if you multiply this by a year then he is making anywhere. from 36 million to 70 million every year.


I mean that’s just from one of his many sources of income.


Timaya’s songs also make him a larger chunk of money as the owner of Dem mama records.


Timaya Endorsement Deals 


Egberi papa is the ex-ambassador of MTN Nigeria a South African telecommunication company. that operates in Nigeria and many other African companies.


However, after the deal ran out the singer and songwriter refused to sit for another deal.


Why he refused to pen another deal was unknown but if there is anything obvious, it is that. Glo quickly swoops in to land him an offer that the price was never revealed.


According to The Nation Newspaper, Globacom sighted diligence, creativity, and success. in the music industry for being the reason he is the brand’s ambassador.


The singer also bagged an endorsement deal with Cognac liquor.


Here is a list of his endorsement deals…


  • Has an endorsement deal with Hennessy cognac 


  • Have a running brand ambassadorship deal with GlobaCom


  • He is an ex-MTN ambassador


Having looked at Timaya’s properties, assets, and investments it is time to draw a conclusion. on how much he is worth in Naira and dollars.




How Much is Timaya Net Worth In 2023


Timaya net worth in dollars is Thirteen million US dollars. and after converting his worth to Naira here is what we got.


Four billion six hundred million eighty thousand Naira is Timaya net worth in Naira.


But let me write those figures in Numbers for your easy understanding of Timaya current net worth.


  • 13 million dollars


  • 4.680 billion Naira


Permit me to take this a step further by seeing how he stacks among other musicians.


Know that this will be on just who is richer between Timaya and some other Nigerian musicians.


Let’s go, please…


Flavour and Timaya net Worth who is richer


As of 2019, Timaya is richer than flavour while flavour is worth 8.5 million US dollars, and Timaya is worth 13 million US dollars.


Remember I told you about the controversial 50-man list right?

How much is Timaya net worth

Well, the list is going to play out in some of these comparisons.


Timaya and Olamide Net worth who is richer


In the 50-man list, Timaya ranks higher making him richer than Olamide in 2019.


Unfortunately for Olamide, his net worth can’t also be compared to Timaya’s because. while Baddosneh occupied the No12 position Timaya sat comfortably at the number 8 spot.


Timaya and Shatta Wale Net Worth Who is richer


Shatta Wale has a net worth grossing 6 million to 8 million US dollars and Timaya 13 million dollars. Hence Timaya is richer than the Ghanaian superstar.


Wale is a Ghanian and one of his best tracks played worldwide is the one in which. he featured Nigeria superstar Davido in the song titled “Wine Your Waist”.


Timaya and Burma Boy Net Worth Who is the richest


Burna Boy net worth put him between 31 to 41 in our ranking while Timaya occupies No8 spot with a net worth of 13 million dollars. Burma Boy, on the other hand, has one million dollars.


I  knew that you were going to ask the question who is the richest between Timaya and Burna Boy?


which is why I want to put in bullet points below…


  • Burma boy net worth is 1 million dollars


  • Timaya worth is 13 million dollars


I hope that was clear enough.


Timaya and Don Jazzy Net Worth Who is the richest?


Don is one of the 7 musicians in Nigeria that’s richer than Timaya with a net worth of 20.8 million US dollars. while tim has 13 million US dollars.


Don jazzy the boss of Mavin records after the disbandment of Mohit’s records.


So, Who is the richest between Timaya and Don Jazzy?


Well, Don baba J carries the day, and here is their net worth in bullet points…


  • Don Jazzy is worth 20.8 million US dollars


  • Well you already know Timayas


Quickly let’s look at a comparison between Tiwa Savage and Timaya…


So Timaya and Tiwa Savage’s net worth who is the richest?


Well, Timaya is richer than Tiwa Savage in 2023. Tiwa Savage has a net worth of $7 million, and Timaya has $13 million. 


Timaya and Wizkid net worth who is richer? 


Wizkid is the richest of the two of them and he has a net worth of $22 million whereas Initimi has $13 million. 


This sums up all the comparisons between Tim and other musicians in the country. 


Timaya Awards 


Over the years since his debut in 2005, this guy has been awesome but in my opinion. he isn’t given his dues to be honest. 


I remember Tiwa said something in this regard in 2015… 


Her words were…


I don’t think Timaya is often given the credit that he deserves in my own opinion. 


He has been very consistent from his debut right up till now. He deserves the best… 


These were pretty touching words from the queen of Main records.


Here is a list of Timaya awards from day 1 till now. 


Afrotainment-Museke Online African Music Awards


2011: Best Afro-Dancehall song, ” Plantain Boy” (Won)


Nigeria Music Awards


2008: Album of the Year, True Story (Won)


The Headies


2008: Best Reggae/Dancehall Album, True Story (Won)


… 2009: Best Reggae/Dancehall Album, Gift and Grace (Won)


  • 2010: Best Collaboration, “Kokoroko” (with Kefee) (Won)


Nigeria Entertainment Awards

2014: Indigenous Artist of the Year (Nominated)


2009: Best Collaboration, “Good or Bad” (with J. Martins and P-Square ) (Won)




Being a musician is one thing but staying consistent as Alfred has done over the years. Well, that takes character and focus to achieve. 


Staying true and his versatile nature is what sets him apart from others that came before him. 


Thankfully I come from a time when music could be the voice to reach out to the world. 


Over to you guys! 


How would you predict Initimi Alfred Odom’s net worth come 2020?


Will it continue to rise or it will fall? 


Leave your comment because I need to hear your thoughts on this. 


Please share on Facebook and Twitter with the button floating on your screen. 


Thanks for reading and cheers…

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