Top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria
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Who are the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria today? the number one on my list of wealthy comedians in Nigeria will surprise you. come on let’s find out if your favorite made this list.



Who are the top ten richest comedians in Nigeria is a very popular question in Google Nigeria so today I will give you a list of top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria 2021. the surprising thing though is the fact that Akpororo made this list.


Making a living by being a stand-up comedian in Nigeria can be very hard. but it doesn’t have to be right?


because today I will list quite a number of Nigerian comedians that have done pretty well in the comedy business.


but wait it’s not just listing them even, I will also show you the richest comedian in Nigeria from least richest to highest richest.


So I hope you stay with me till the end of the post because you will definitely enjoy every bit of it.


Also, I have decided to embed funny Nigeria comedy videos so you can laugh till you are satisfied.


Life my friend said is really too short not to be happy and thankfully today with this list of Nigerian stand up comedians, you have a chance to laugh.


Who is on the 10th spot of comedians in Nigeria?


Do you want to take a wild guess?


The number one on this list of comedians in Nigeria is your one and only Akpororo…


So let’s take a look into Akpororo’s net worth in 2019.


10. How Much is Akpororo Net Worth


Akpororo is a talented Nigeria stand up comedian whose success came through the competition hosted by AY Makun.

How Much is Akpororo net worth

The competition is called Open Mic Challenge and Akpororo participated in this competition in 2009.


One of the things that inspired me from his story is the fact that he took part in the competition twice.


He came 2nd on his first try before finally winning the challenge when he tried the second time. to have that breakthrough needed.


Much like the music industry in Nigeria where we have some of the richest musicians in Nigeria like Davido, Wizkid, and Don Jazzy to name a few, there is also a list of richest comedians in Nigeria.


and Akpororo happens to sit at the number 10th spot on this list behind the likes of Seyi Law and Okey Bakassi.


but then you are probably wondering when did is national break came right?


Yes AY Open Mic Challenge announces Akporo to Nigeria. but it was not until 2013 that the magic happened.


I called it the Basketmouth Laff and Jam touch because that was the moment for Akporo that changed his life.


Akporo went on to perform on AY Live and to date, he is one of the only. comedians in Nigeria that perform in churches nationwide.


Akpororo is also a vocalist and by the virtue of this gift. he has always blessed God with his voice everywhere he goes.


The 1989 born was is a native of Ondo which has it’s capital as Akure one of the places in Nigeria where. cost of transportation is very very cheap compared to places like Warri.


The singer and stand up comedian studied Sociology at Lagos State University. and in 2014 hosted his first show Akpororo vs Akpororo which was a huge success.

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In the same year, 2014 Akporo took a short at acting where he landed a role in the movie Headgone and The Antique.


You could say that this further earned him a nomination for several awards. and in the lights of today, this guy is worth millions of Naira.


Having said all of these how much is Akpororo worth?


Akporo is worth the sum of three hundred and fifty million Naira (N350 million). as at when writing this blog post.


Here is everything you need to know in bullet points.


  • Akpororo real name is Jephthah Bowoto


  • Akpororo was born in the 1989 October 30 in Ondo State Nigeria


  • He currently has a net worth of N350 million


  • Akpororo charges between 1 million and 1.2 million to perform on a show


He makes money from endorsement deals, his own self titled show Akpororo vs Akpororo and from performance.


9. How Much is Seyi Law Net Worth


Seyi law may not have made the list Top 5 comedians in Nigeria, but if you are looking at the top 10 list of richest comedian in Nigeria, he is on the 9th spot.

How much is seyi law net worth

beating Akpororo by a measly hundred thousand Naira only(100,000).


Seyi Law has a vast arrear of talents at his disposal thanks to him being a stand up comedian.


Lawrence which is part of his name is a Nigerian stand up comedian, Master of the ceremony(also MC) and an event planner.


Seyi law rise to stardom came when he won AY Open Mic Challenge much like Akpororo. you could say AY challenge did a lot for these two guys right?


Aletile has featured in a countless number of comedy shows internationally and locally.


I could remember back then you couldn’t dare to tell your father you want to be a comedian.


I swear that will be the end of you because back then comedians were seen as poor and low life individuals.


I could remember this one occasion when my older sister was dating comedian. and when he wanted to marry my sister, my father flat end rejected the marriage.


The elders of my family sat him down to ask wh. but all he had to say was I don’t like him for my daughter.


Then one day my sister was upset with him and he mockingly told her that. If I ever see you with a comedian again I will break your legs.

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Long story short my father is dead and my sister is married to the same comedian he didn’t want.


What’s meant to be would be it doesn’t matter who fights it.


Seyi law currently has his own show which is Titled “I Must Laugh” The success of the show each year-end waters his account with more money than he can ever dream of.


The 1983 born also has several endorsement deals with brands like Samsung, PTV e.t.c.

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So how much is Seyi Law worth in 2019?


Seyi Law is worth the sum of Three hundred and fifty-one million Naira(N351 million).


Here is a couple of details for you to get your hands on…


  • Seyi Law real name is Lawrence Oluwaseyitan Aletile


  • Seyi Law was born on the 22nd of June 1983


  • Seyi Law is currently the 9th richest comedian in Nigeria with a net worth of N351 million


  • Seyi Law Charges between N1 million to 1.2 million to performance on shows




8. How Much is Okey Bakassi Net Worth


Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule is a Nigeria comedian and actor. This one of the Top comedians in Nigeria today.

How much is okey bakassi net worth

As a matter of fact, Okey Bakassi is one of the best Nigerian stand-up comedians in the history of Nigeria stand up comedy show. alongside the first-timers like Alibaba.


Here is my opinion on comedy and you absolutely don’t need to agree with me on this. but I think if there isn’t anyone to make us laugh the world would be a mundane place.


Frankly speaking, Psychology did ask us to laugh more right?


I don’t even know how true is that but what I do know is that comedy is an art and how good you become. solely depends on how creative you could get.


Okey Bakassi attended River State University of Science and Technology. but his life long dream was to entertain people.


This drive led to the formation of a group called Theater Kolleagues. the group quickly gained prominence around the University while performing at events.


After graduating from River state university, 1969 born went to Lagos to start a career in acting. while in Lagos Okey Bakassi met Zeb Ejiro.


After Zeb was convinced of the talent he saw in Okey Bakassi, he was offered a role in Fortune. Fortune became Bakassi’s debut movie in 1993.


Today, Okey Bakassi is one of the richest nigerian stand up comedians in the Naija comedy industry.


Just before we move on let’s take a look at how much Okey Bakassi is worth…


So how much is Okey Bakassi’s net worth?


Okey Bakassi is currently worth Four Hundred Million Naira (N400 million).


Also, Okey Bakassi also charges a whopping 2 million for each comedy show he is made to perform on.


Here are a few important notes for you!


  • Okey Bakassi real name is Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule


  • Okey Bakassi was born in the year 1969 October 23


  • Anthony is a comedian and an actor


  • Okey Bakassi is currently worth N400 million


7. How Much is Gbenga Adeyinka Net Worth


Oh, this guy! Gbenga Adeyinka really made me laugh when I watched his first promo shine shine Bobo.

How much is Gbenga Adeyinka net worth

You can’t have enough of Gbenga especially if he is on stage, yes you could argue there are more funny Nigerian comedians now. but for people like myself that appreciate the good old days, Gbenga would definitely be on this list of richest comedians in Nigeria.


Gbenga did not only own his skill in making people laugh, but he is also skilled at being a radio/TV presenter, writer, and master of the ceremony (MC).


51 year Gbenga hail from Ogun state which has its capital as Abeokuta same state. as Nigerian ex-head of state president Olusegun Obasanjo.


Gbenga Adeyinka has been the go-to guy for TV and shows hosted by many important figures in the country.


No wonder he sits as one of the highest-paid comedians in Naija today. despite being 51 years of age, this man has comedy engraved in his bones.


Gbenga Adeyinka has always referred to himself as the Comedian of the Federal Republic. which has it’s acronym as CFR.


Did you know he is the first comedian to publish a comedy magazine known as Laffmattaz?


Men I have to tell you being a master of ceremony to any show or event is not easy.


I remembered the first time I tried to MC my friend’s birthday sometimes in 2017, God! I f**ked pretty bad.

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If I do a joke, I would have this ugly stir from faces and I could feel the heat of their gaze.


Guess what I did?


I quickly saw a friend of mine who I knew was very good at being MC. I ran to him and begged him to please help me because I am going to ruin this night for my friend.


I still remember when one of his twin younger sisters called me Partypuper meaning MC that kills a party vibe.


That came jokingly though but I still didn’t forget…


Anyways now that I have told you that brief story, let’s see how much this guy is worth in the Nigeria currency.


How is Gbenga Adeyinka’s net worth?


Gbenga Adeyinka has an estimated net worth of Six Hundred Million Naira(N600 million) as of when this post goes live on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment.


Adeyinka 51 charges anywhere from 3 million to 4 million Naira to perform on shows within the country. and a negotiable fee for shows outside of the country.


Here is some key takeaway!


  • Gbenga Adeyinka real name is Gbenga Adeyinka


  • He was born in the 1968 May 7th


  • He is currently worth an estimated N600 million


  • He is a writer, TV presenter, and MC


6. How Much is Bovi Net Worth


One of the comedian in Nigeria that has seen a very fine growth in stand up comedy since his debut in 2007. is Bovi, I mean the guy is bagging endorsement deals every day.

How much is bovi net worth


The most recent of such an endorsement deal is the one with Access bank. remember Bovi endorsement with Diamond bank right?


Well, that endorsement carried on to access bank once diamond bank merged with Access bank.


and if you watch DSTV a lot especially during match days, one of the most paramount advert you see. is that of Bovi doing its thing for access bank.


Bovi was born in Benin but his family hail from Delta State, one of the oil-rich states in the country.


Growing up Bovi attended Uniben Staff primary school, then went to college in Ughelli Delta state.


After school sat Bovi gained admission into Delta State University Abraka where he studied theatre art.

Bovi’s career started at the Opa William hosted show night of a thousand laugh and today. Bovi is one of the top 20 richest comedians in Nigeria.


The 39 years old who only completed 39 5 days back host his own comedy show titled “Bovi Man on Fire”.


Man on Fire has gone international hosted in cities in the US, London, Toronto, and Melbourne.


Bovi is also part of the popular series back to school which is uploaded on YouTube every now and then.


Abovi career as an actor started in his debut movie “It’s Her Day” 3 years ago where he played the character role of victor, the newly engaged bachelor who takes it upon himself to give his materialistic fiancée, Nicole (Ini Dima-Okojie) a fairy tale wedding.

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So how much is Bovi net worth to keep on the 6th spot today?


Bovi currently has an estimated net worth of Eight Hundred Million Naira(N800 million)


Here is a bulleted list of some key points…


  • Bovi real name is Abovi Ugboma
  • ABovi was born 1979 September 25th
  • Bovi currently worth 800 million Naira
  • He is an actor and a comedian


So how much does Bovi charge to perform in a show?


Bovi 39 charges between 2 million and 2.5 to perform in any stand-up comedy show or to MC and event.


One such event is the 2018 Headies award on which Davido bagged home several awards with the song Assurance.

5. How Much is Julius Agwu Net Worth


A list of comedians in Nigeria won’t be complete if you don’t mention the name Julius Agwu right?

How much is Julius Agwu net worth

But why is it so? Perhaps let me answer that question with an illustration in an attempt to make understand.


Imagine you are a footballer and you were very good at scoring goals. then your club buys another striker, would the club dump you when it knows you are the best at what you do?


If I guess correctly, your answer is No the club won’t dump but just in case that dump happens. and the striker that the club bought could not perform up to standard then it becomes a thing of regret for the board right?


Well, you can say that about Julius Agwu too, yes there are now lots of comedians who up coming.


But does that displace the likes of Alibaba, Julius Agwu and Gbenga Adeyinka?


The answer is no they can’t be displaced because unlike the upcoming arts these guys have. made a name for themselves in the comedy industry.


Julius Agwu’s face alone is funny even without saying much. It’s the reason he is one of the funniest comedian in Nigeria beating the likes of AY Makun in that regard.


Agwu is one of the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria 2021 with one of the most popular comedy shows in the country.


Respectfully I would say just behind AY and Alibaba. funny Alibaba and AY came first and second with the latter working as an assistant.


Julius Agwu popular show Crack your Ribs and Laugh For Christ Sake is one of the several. ways the 45 years old makes his daily bread to put food on the table.


Agwu is an entertainer, motivational speaker, consultant, and Chief Executive officer of Reellaif Entertainment. a company that’s well known for everything entertainment.


Julius Agwu started his education at Elementary State School and later UBE Primary School both in Choba, Port Harcourt.


Agwu Julius was Born in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State south of Nigeria to Chief Augustine Amadi Agwu and Mrs. Mary Agwu.


45 years old Julius Agwu studied Theater art at the University of Port Harcourt and then further did a Bachelor of Art. at the same University where he studied directing.


Today if you are looking for one of the comedians in Nigeria that are funny naturally and do comedy effortlessly. then, Julius, should the number one go-to guy on this list.


But enough of all of that right?


Let’s see how much this guy is worth in terms of net worth and also where he stands on this list.


How much is Julius Agwu’s net worth?


Yes, I know your question is how much is Julius Agwu worth and let me give you your answer quickly too: Julius Agwu is presently worth One billion five hundred million Naira only(N1.5 billion).


all of this figure includes Julius’s worth in Naira minus all that he owes as debts.


Here is a key takeaway for today…


  • Julius Agwu real name is Julius Agwu


  • He was born on the 7th of April 1973


  • Current Worth in Naira is 1.5 billion Naira


  • Charges 2 million to 3 million to appear on shows


  • Has endorsement deals that run into a couple of millions


  • He is a comedian, actor, motivational speaker, and a CEO


4. How Much is I Go Dye Net Worth


If you are looking for one of the finest Nigeria comedians who is a social crusader then that will be I Go Dye.

How much is I Go Dye net worth

I Go Dye’s name is also spelled as I Go Die and he hails from the heart of Warri one of the most. popular city in Delta State especially for its oil production.


Francis Agoda is a Nigerian comedian born in Abraka but spent half his life growing with his grandmother.


But wait that’s not all!


I go die is also a motivational speaker and being a social crusader he one time wrote to late president Mugabe. to step down for youthful leadership according to Wikipedia.


If you want to count comedians in Nigeria with goal and focus then I probably hint at picking Francis.


I Go lots of lucrative endorsement deals that run into millions. but wait did you know that this guy has performed in lots of big closing events?


Some of such big names that have enlisted the comedic service of I Go Dye include Akon, 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland and Rick Ross among others.


Growing up in Warri could mean that you experience what it’s like to live in the ghetto. which is something I Go Dye owned and mastered.


This, in turn, created more formulated comedy scripts that resonate with a wider audience. and as such winning the heart of many people all over the country.


Mind you Francis Agoda has gone international. what this means is that IGoDye standing international is very well recognized in countries like the US and in London.


One of these days I would be looking to create a post on I Go Dye biography. this way I can touch every aspect needed.


But for now, let’s jump into how much is I Go Dye net worth?


I Go Dye net worth in 2019 is two billion Naira (N2 billion) and this includes his construction company Revamp.


I Go Dye also sits as one of the highest-paid comedians in Nigerian taking home 3 million. on every show, he sets to perform at.


Here is some key take home…


  • I Go Dye Real name is Francis Agoda


  • I go dye was born on the 4th of April 1979


  • He is currently worth 2 billion Naira


  • Charges 3 million on shows


3. How Much is Basket Mouth Net Worth


Bright Okpocha popular known as Basket Mouth is a Nigerian comedian, actor, and MC.

How much is Basket Mouth net worth

Basket mouth studied Sociology and Anthropology Benin University in South-South of Nigeria.


Bright is the organizer of one of the most popular comedy shows in the country known as Basket Mouth Uncensored.


The event is known for it’s quick selling out of tickets before the start of event. and one of the comedians that have rivaled such feet is AY Makun.


You could say Bright Okpocha initially started his life wanting to be a rapper but he found his true calling. making people laugh over the edge.

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While trying to be a rap star Bright Okpocha formed several groups with his brother such as Da Oddz, Da Psychophat.


Finally, quit rapping after realizing that his true gift was centered on making people laugh out loud.


Basket Mouth is the founder and CEO of Baron World Entertainment a company that centers its focus on entertainment.


Today, bright Okpocha is known to have several endorsements deals with Telecommunications giants like Glo.


So here comes the big question you have been waiting for, how much is Basket Mouth net worth?


Much like I Go Dye, Bright Okpocha is worth 2 billion Naira(N2 billion) but slightly edges I Go Dye on approximated figures.


Here is the key take home…


  • Basket Mouth real name is Bright Okpocha


  • Bright Okpocha was born on September 14th, 1978


  • He charges between 2 million and 2.8 million on shows


  • Currently worth 2 billion Naira


2. How Much is AY Net Worth 


I like how comedians call him brother AY aka the wizard of show business according to Gordons.

How much is AY net worth

Gordons is also a Nigerian comedian only that he falls short in this top 10 list of comedians in Naija.


But Maybe in a top 20 list, I am positive he could show his unaging face somewhere in that list.


AY came to the spotlight after being the personal assistant to one of Nigeria’s founding fathers of comedy.


I am talking the person of Alibaba who is among one of the very first comedians in the country. to take comedy as a profession.


AY worked as an event planner for Alibaba after graduating from Delta State University Abraka.


At DELSU AY studied theater art and learned how to make people laugh in the process while organizing. campus events and inviting other schools to graze the event with him.


I have always fancy comedy as an art mostly because it solely depends on how creative you could get.


Having said that, AY is one of the comedians in the country that knows how to use his audience.


Personally I really think he isn’t that funny much but he knows how to entertain people.


He applies the law of using other people’s money, time and brain which is genius if you ask me.


When you ask a question like who is the best comedian in Nigeria then the name of AY Makun. would probably be on a top 10 list most especially because of his popularity.


Ayo Makun has one of the biggest Nigeria stand up comedy show. because of the crowd, it commands from every nuke and cranny of the country.


AY popularity in Naija and the rest of Africa spread as a result of his AY live show and AY comedy skit.


The comedy skit features the likes of Ushe Bebe and some other comedians.


If you are looking for the Nigerian director with one of the highest-grossing movies in Nigeria then AY. is actually the man you are looking for.


because his movie 30 days in Atlanta broke the box off the record before Merry Men broke the record. previously held by its predecessor 30 Days in Atlanta.


I can say Merry Men increase the bank account of Nollywood iconic actors like Richard Mofe Damijo and Jim Iyke.


AY is also a writer, MC, TV, and radio personality and an actor with several endorsement deals that run into millions.


I don’t want to bore with his achievements and award so let’s quickly move to his worth in Naira.


How Much is AY Makun’s net worth in 2019?


AY is the second richest comedian in Nigeria with a net worth of Two billion five hundred thousand approximately(N2.5 billion). this includes 

all of his assets, houses, cars, landed property and more minus how much he owes as debt.


AY 48 currently charges between 2 million to 4 million to perform in a show. but when you are the one with the biggest comedy show in Nigeria then who can afford you.


Here is some key takeaway!


  • AY real name is Ayodeji Richard Makun
  • Ayodeji Richard Makun was born in the 1971 August 19th
  • AY is currently worth N2.5 billion
  • Charges between 2 million to 4 million for a stage performance

1. How Much is Alibaba Net Worth


Alibaba is one of the founding fathers of comedy in Nigeria and all his life’s goal was to become a lawyer.

How much is Alibaba net worth

But it’s funny how you discovered that sometimes your potentials just lie somewhere. you would have never thought.


Alibaba spent the first 8 years of his life in Warri. and being born into a Royal family meant he was Royalty.


but how does Royalty ditch everything Royalty to become someone who finds joy in making people laugh?


It’s just crazy if you ask me but my mother always told me that boy follow your heart.


I guess Alibaba did and today if you want to mention Richest comedians in Nigeria in Nigeria stand up comedy. then Atunyota Alleluya stands number one on this list.


You could say he is the man that gave comedy in Nigeria and Identity and a face that is wildly accepted today.


Alibaba discovered that he is a comedian precisely during his 3rd year at the University. and when he did he just went right along with it it.


Today the 54 years old is a proud owner of a 300 million Naira house in Lekki Lagos.


Alibaba has over 30 years of experience in comedy and this has helped fast track his success. into becoming one of the richest comedian in Nigeria 2019.


So how much is Alibaba net worth 2019?


ALIBABA is currently worth 3 billion Naira as at when this post went live just above his trainee AY.


Alibaba charges 4 million to appear on shows within the country. but this figure doubles for international performance.


Here is a key takeaway….


  • Alibaba real name is Atunyota Alleluya


  • He was born on the 24th of June 1965


  • Currently worth 3 million Naira


  • Charges 4 billion for shows within the country and double the amount for shows in the US and UK


  • Hail from Delta State and born into Royalty


Wrapping Things Up


Comedians in Nigeria over the years have built that safe haven where comedy is now seen as a very. lucrative business unlike in the days where it was never really embraced by people.


This is thanks to people like ALIBABA who is one of the founding fathers of comedy in the country.


Today a Nigerian comedian has the voice to initiate the idea of peace into their audience via comedy shows.


No one would have thought such day was going to come especially someone like my father that hated comedians.


My only regret is that he didn’t live to see the day his beloved daughter ended up with what he hated the most.


It’s your turn now!


What is your opinion on who is the top 10 richest comedian in Nigeria?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and if you feel anyone is missing from this list please do let us know.


Do me a Favour now will you?


Please and please share this post on Facebook and Twitter. this way you will help me a lot to reach more people.


Thanks for reading and cheers!







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