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Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 02:32 pm

Who are the top 10 richest musicians in Kenya in 2023?


In today’s post, you and I will be able to find out the top 10 richest musicians in Kenya and their net worth without any stress. 


As a matter of fact, this list comprises the richest Kenyan musicians today and the criteria for making this list is that you have to be worth at least $150,000.


Music is a very lucrative business especially in a world that is now accessible through the internet. 


Having said that let’s dive right into this top 10 richest musicians in Kenya 2023 list, shall we? 


Top 10 Richest Artists In Kenya 2023 Today 


Who are the richest Kenyan artists today? The top ten richest musicians in Kenya today, according to Forbes, includes:


NO Artist State Origin
1 Akothee kisumu
2 Ringtone Nairobi
3 Sauti Sol Nairobi
4 Jaguar Nairobi
5 Nameless  Nairobi

Now that you have a complete list, come let’s dive right into the richest musicians in Kenya net worth, shall we? 


Akothee Net Worth 2023 $6 Million 


Akothee has been one of the most popular musicians in Kenya, and you really can’t talk about the richest artists in Kenya and not bring up her name. 


Her story to greatness is one that is inspiring and lots of this young generation could stand to learn a thing or two. 

top 10 richest musicians in Kenya

but who is she? You are probably wondering, right? I will tell you shortly, but please stay with me because this article is packed with goodies. 


Before I tell you a little about her, here is her real name “Esther Akoth”. 


Akothee was born Esther Akoth in Migori Kenya on April 8th, 1980 to Mr. and Mrs. Akoth. 


According to stories available online, Akoth went to school in Migori and decided to elope with her high school sweetheart. 


More on that later… 

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She is a Kenya businesswoman, singer/Songwriter, and owns her own record label under which she now releases her songs. 


Prior to fame, she eloped with her high school boyfriend and faced lots of trials and tribulations before fame. 


However, the big moment came when Akothee decided that trials make a man strong and, as such, decided to pursue a career in music. 


Her musical career began in 2008, and she went on to work with lots of  African musicians including Diamond Platnumz. 


Her success made it possible for women like her to believe that music this thing is possible so long you put in the work. 


If you have not listened to any of her songs, then it is time you listen to Give It to Me featuring Nigeria superstar Flavour


But then, how much is she worth today? Akothee’s net wealth is currently estimated to be the sum of 6,000,00 US dollars ($6 million). Her major sources of income stem from her magnificent career as a musician and also as a businesswoman who has invested in real estate. 


Net Worth: $6 Million 


But wait, I believe I am leaving one popular question out, right? 


Who is the richest musician in Kenya right now? The richest musician in Kenya today is Esther Akoth, aka Akothee. She is currently worth the massive sum of $6 million, with the majority of her income generated from music and business investments. 


Her wealth makes her one of the richest musicians in East Africa while also leading this list in her country of origin. 


Ringtone Net Worth 2024 $5 Million 


The first I knew about his name, I was like, whoa, this dude really picked one of a name for himself there, you know. 


I mean Ringtone? 


That’s one hell of a name you can’t brand when you want to talk about branding, right? 

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top 10 richest musicians in Kenya and their net worth

But then again, he made his choice, even though I think he was a bit out of line choosing such an unbranded name. 


Having said that, Ringtone is one of Kenya’s most popular names in contemporary music. 


So the right question becomes who he is, where he was born, how much he is worth, and so on. 

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I will do my best to bring you a little bit of closure to who he is and what he does for a living. 


He is popularly known as Ringtone but was born Alex Apoko in the year 1994. He is a Kenyan Gospel musician. 


He is also known for always making the headlines due to the fact that he is very vocal on several issues. 


Ringtone is another inspiring story that anyone can choose to learn a thing or two from. 


The reason is that he was a homeless kid, abandoned by his parents and forced to live in the street and survive. 


His musical career announced him to the world after songs like Tenda Wema and Jubilation became national hits. 


So, how much is he worth today? Ringtone’s net wealth is currently estimated to be the sum of 5,000,000 US dollars ($5 million). He generates a majority of his income from his outstanding career as a singer-songwriter. 


He is no doubt one of the top 10 wealthiest musicians in Kenya today. 


Net Worth: $5 Million 


Sauti Sol Net Worth 2024 $3.7 Million 


Africa is a land blessed with several music talents, and as the world waits to embrace the continent, lots of stars are doing their best to rewrite how the continent is perceived using music as a tool. 


Well, Sauti Sol has been one of the names on this list of superstars who are reshaping how the continent is received today with their sound. 

richest Kenyan musicians

So who are the Sauti Sols, you may wonder, right? Well, Sauti Sol is a Kenya music band that initially started as an Acappella group but later evolved into this Afro-pop band you and I enjoy listening to. 


The group started in the early 2000s and released their debut studio album, Nwanzo, independent of any label. 


So far, the music band is made up of:


  • Bien-Aimé Baraza – Songwriter, Guitar, Piano


  • Willis Chimano – Baritone, Performer, Keytar


  • Savara Mudigi – Vocalist, Producer, Drums, Bass guitar


  • Polycarp Otieno – Guitarist, Producer, Composer, Guitarist


  • David Francis- guitarist, composer, musician


Together, the band has received recognition locally and internationally, with such international notice being the BET award and MTV Europe Music award. 


The group released its 3rd studio album in 2015, which was made available for download for 48 hours. 

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It was done as a kind gesture to fans who have supported their work all these years and also a Xmas gift. 


Today these guys are some of the most richest musicians in Kenya. 


So how much is Sauti Sol worth? Sauti Sol’s net value is currently estimated to be the sum of 3,700,000 US dollars ($3.7 million). Their major source of income has been music from the very beginning. 


Jaguar Net Worth 2024 ($3.5 Million)


Another name on this list of the most wealthy musicians in Kenya is Jaguar. 


Is it just me, or do I think Ringtone and Jaguar are not very branded names for musicians to go by? 

Jaguar Net Worth

Anyway, it is not like my opinion matters because these guys have achieved fame and are popular in their professions. 


So who is he (Jaguar)? Well, on first thinking, you would be like Jaguar is that animal that belongs to the family of wild cats, right? 


Well, that is very far from it. Actually, Jaguar is a Kenyan politician, musician, businessman, and philanthropist. 


Jaguar hit the spotlight in the early 2000s and has since gone on to make a name for himself in the industry. 


His career soared which saw him pen a record deal with Ogopa Deejays and then later left and started doing his own thing. 


The song that brought him fame is Utaweza Kweli, and since this track dropped, Jaguar has won several awards. 


One such award is in the Best Male East Africa category at the East Africa Music Award. 

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So the question is, how much is Jaguar currently worth? Jaguar’s current net worth is estimated to be the sum of 3,500,000 US dollars ($3.5 million). Jaguar has several sources of income, with real estate investment and music being one of the major sources of his wealth. 


Net Worth: $3.5 Million 


Nameless Net Worth 2024 ($1.5 Million)


The list of richest artists in Kenya 2024 would never be complete if you and I don’t throw the nameless to the list. 


Since coming on the music screen, Nameless has been more than phenomenal, to put it mildly. 

Nameless Net Worth

His songs have received lots of airplay while also winning quite a number of awards, including the 2009 MTV Africa for Best Male and Listeners Choice. 


He also won the Tanzania Music Award for best East Africa single with his song Sinzia.


So who is he? Nameless is a Kenyan superstar musician and singer-songwriter who became famous after participating in the 98.4 Capital FM talent hunt. 


His song Megarider became an instant hit while winning the competition and registering his footprint in the industry. 


He also released November Ninanoki, a local hit song featuring Amani. 


Ninanoki topped the charts for 4 months, which sealed his spot as one of the longest-charting songs in the history of the country. 


He was born August 1st, 1976, as David Mathenge but is now popularly known as Nameless. 


So how much is Nameless worth right now? Nameless current net value is estimated to be the sum of 1,500,000 US dollars ($1.5 million). His only source of income has been music according to different articles online. 


Net Worth: $1.5 Million 


Lady Wanja Net Worth 2024 ($800,000)


Lady Wanja also made this list of the top ten richest musicians in Kenya while holding her spot firmly. 


I decided to include this name because of the memory she left you and me with before passing on in 2010. 


Jane Nyambura was born in 1964 and died in 2010; her legacy of being one of the great composers in the industry wouldn’t go unnoticed. 


She began her music as a backup vocalist, after which she decided to found her own group, Queenja Les Les. 


She dropped her debut studio album Ndorogonye which received positive acclaim in 1991. 


The success of the single Mwendwa KK sealed her rise to fame, winning several awards before passing on. 


So how much is Lady Wanja worth? Lady Wanja’s net worth is estimated to be the sum of 800,000 US dollars ($800K). Her source of income was mainly from her music career. 


Net Worth: $800,000


Wyre Net Worth 2024 ($500,000)


Wire has been entertaining you and me for years. As a matter of fact, he has been in the industry for over 15 years. 


His consistency can be emulated by many upcoming acts today because consistency is key to any singer’s success. 


So who is he right? Well, Wyre is a Kenya R&B and Reggae musician, the love child record label founder, and entrepreneur. 


He has remained relevant for this long due to his unique strategy of collaborating with local and international artists. 


Do you remember African superstars like Psquare? Wyre worked with the duo. 


He has also collaborated with 2Face Idibia, one of the biggest names in Nigerian music, and other national artists from Kenya, including Kiddiz and Prezzo.


Wyre dropped his first study album in 2006, titled Definition Of a Love Child, and it was well-received. 


It was then followed by his 2nd studio album, 10 Years Wiser, which was released in 2009 to mark his longevity in the music industry. 


Today, Wyre is one of the wealthy Kenyan musicians with a net worth of more than $400K.


So how much is Wyre worth? Wyre’s net worth is estimated to be the sum of 500,000 US dollars ($500K). His main source of income includes music and endorsement deals. 


Net Worth: $500,000


Khaligraph Jones Net Worth 2024 ($400,000)


One of the best rappers in Africa today is Kaligraph Jones because of his mad bars whenever he is rapping. 


While he may not be the best on a top 50 list, he is certainly one of the real OGs left in the rap game today. 

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So who is he, you may ask, right? Well, Kaligraph Jones is a Kenyan hip-hop artist who said his older brother is the reason why he became a musician. 


During an interview, he narrated his brother’s impact on his music career. 


Jones was born on the 12th of June 1990, and released his debut studio album, Testimony 1990, in 2018. 


The album was his first after so many mixtapes. Kaligraph has also worked with big names in the African music industry. 


This includes names from the list of some of the richest musicians in the continent of Africa. 


He has worked with Rudeboy of the now-defunct group Psquare, Sauti Sol among other names. 


So how much is Kaligraph Jones worth right now? Kaligraph Jones’s net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 400,000 US dollars ($400K). His sources of income are mainly from endorsement deals and music. 


Net Worth: $400,000


Size 8 Net Worth 2024 ($400,000)


Linet Munyali’s success in the industry has also been very telling, especially because she used to be in a space dominated by males. 


Although she is no longer a secular musician, her time as one made sure her mark would forever be on the industry. 


She made the Shoutmeceleb.com list of the top 10 richest musicians in Kenya 2021 Forbes. 


She holds on to the 9th spot with the help of her successful career as a once-secular musician. 


The founder of Calif Records discovered her during a local audition, and she was later signed to the label under which she released several hit songs. 


One such hit song is Shamba Boy and Moto before releasing her first Gospel single titled Mateke. 


She has also had a brief stint as an actress, making appearances in the comedy film Mashtaka. 


She scooped up the award for video of the year at the 2014 Groove Award with the song Mateke. 


So, how much is she worth right now? Size 8 is currently estimated to be worth the sum of 400,000 US dollars ($400K). Her source of money is mainly her career as a musician. 


Net Worth: $400,000


Nonini Net Worth 2024 ($300,000)


Nonini also made the list of the top 10 richest Kenyan musicians thanks to her net worth, which fell into the range of figures allowed to make this list. 


So who is he right? Well, he is popularly known as the Godfather in Kenya. 


He is a hip hop singer, Radio host, entrepreneur, and businessman who expressed himself through his songs. 


Nonini was born Hubert Mbuku in the year 1982, precisely on the 2nd of October in Kamukunji Constituency, Kenya. 


His music career reached the spotlight with his hit single titled Manzi Wa Nairobi, which talked about the beauty of Kenyan women. 


The success of this song was followed by others such as Keroro, which was also well-received in Kenya and other East African countries. 


Here are a couple of awards Nonini has won. 


  • 2004 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards – Best Male Artist


  • 2007 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards – Best Song (“Si Lazima”) & Best Collaboration (“Si Lazima”) & Best Group (P-Unit)


  • 2007 Kisima Music Awards Boomba Group (P-Unit)


  • 2008 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards – Best Music Video (“Mtoto Mzuri”) & Best Group (P-Unit)


  • 2008 Kisima Music Awards Boomba Group (P-Unit), Best Collaboration (P-Unit & DNA – “Una”)


Nonini has also worked with international stars like Juma Nature. Together both dropped a hit song titled Nani Nwemza. 


Nani Nwemza was a national hit song both in Tanzania and Kenya, further cementing his place as one of the Kenyan hitmakers. 


All his songs have made him quite the fortune. So, how much is he worth today? 


Nonini is currently estimated to be worth the sum of 300,000 US dollars ($300K). A greater portion of his fortune came from music which helped him cement a place on Forbes richest musicians in Kenya list. 


Net Worth: $300,000


He is the 10th richest on our top 10 richest musicians in Kenya and their net worth list. 




Music in the modern world is fast making people millionaires and billionaires today thanks to the Internet of Things. 


My advice is if you want to become a great musician and a wealthy one at the same time, have a mentor and mirror their successes. 


That said, there you have the complete list of the richest Kenyan artists today. 


So here is a quick question for you! 


Which other person should make this top 10 richest musicians in Kenya list? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts, and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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