Top 100 Tourist Attractions in Usa

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Top 100 Tourist Attractions in Usa

Have you ever been to some of the top 100 tourist attractions in usa? If yes then leave comment with yes. And if no then leave a comment with no.


The truth is a complete list of top 100 tourist attractions in usa is not even enough to show you the beauty it holds. But I will try my best to keep you entertained with this list.


So, feel free to enjoy the ride as we dive right into the top 100 tourist attractions in usa. By the time you  finish this post you will be speechless.


In this post I will show you some very famous places in usa. At least they are among the best in my opinion.


Because not only are they iconic but the feel you get when you see this places is next to everlasting in memories.


Let’s dive in proper now shall we!


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1. Yosemite National Park


It is located among the mountains in the interior of central California, at an altitude of more than 1200 meters.

Top 100 Tourist Attractions in Usa

Yosemite National Park- sight in summer to behold

Photo Credit: aoa Adventures


It is a hollow plain area surrounded by high mountains. So, when thinking of places as vacations to go, I highly recommend Yosemite national park. don’t want to bias but it is one of my Top 100 Tourist attractions that is a must check out.


Yosemite National Park was founded in 1890.


It is famous for its numerous extremely beautiful waterfalls, and its dense pine forests. This is one of the most attractive landmarks in America.


The park is magnificent in all four seasons. In winter everything is hidden under a thick snow cover.


Spring is especially romantic as everything is in blossoming and becomes green. At spring time the air is filled with all sorts of flavours.


Summer is very green and offers nice coolness  – something hard to find in California during the summer months. The park is magnificent in the autumn.


Golden leaves fall into the mirror surface of the ponds.


Here, undisturbed live black bears, deer, squirrels, eagles and many other forest dwellers.


2. Everglades National Park


The southern-most tropical part of Florida is mainly occupied from wetlands and flooded deciduous forests.


Here you will find such iconic species such as Bald eagle, various types of heron, and the largest cat after tiger and lion – the cougar.


But the lord of these areas is undoubtedly the alligator. This is a kind of North American crocodile, which inhabits these areas. My top 100 tourist attraction in USA list won’t be complete if you don’t get to see this place.


People and pets have to be on the lookout of sharp teeth as they can easily become their prey.

In the Everglades, you will see also a strange animal, which, unlike the alligator is known for its meek and peaceful temperament – a water cow, known as a sea cow.


Everglades National Park is in the list of UNESCO World and Cultural Heritage.

The park was founded in 1934.


3. Yellowstone National Park top 100 tourist attractions in USA


Located among the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park is one of the symbols of the United States.


It was founded in 1872, and since 1978 is part of the List of World Heritage by UNESCO.

With its untouched typical North American nature, Yellowstone will make you feel the years when on the continent step the first Europeans.


Pine forests, lakes, open grassy spaces, waterfalls and geysers form the colourful palette of this magical paradise.


The park is home to species such as grizzly bear, black bear, Bald eagle, cougar, deer, bison and many other representatives of the animal kingdom.


In Yellowstone there are hundreds of geysers, but most respectable is the geyser Old Faithful, which at the time of eruption can discharge hot water more than 50 meters above the ground!


4. Rockefeller Center 


In 1930 has began  implementing of a project which envisaged construction of 19 buildings in Art Deco in Manhattan.


Today, this architectural complex is among the finest in New York.It is the work of the Rockefeller family.


Hence the name – Rockefeller Center.


The most respectable of all is the building of General Electric. It rises to a height of 266 meters above the city skyline and has 70 floors.


Today this impressive skyscraper is an obligatory stop for visitors to New York.


This complex is a masterpiece of modern urban architecture and contributes to the cosmopolitan radiation of the global financial capital.


Each year in December at the Rockefeller Center you can find the most beautiful and shiny Christmas tree in America.


5. Time Square is Another top 100 tourist attractions in usa


This is the most famous place in the USA. Here better than anywhere you will feel the spirit of the country of unlimited opportunities.


Shiny skyscrapers with a glass facade, dozens of billboards and video walls, thousands of running passers of all nationalities living on our planet, and invariably yellow New York taxis.


If you visit Time Square can reasonably claim that you are in the center of the world.


Only Las Vegas could compete with its neon lights the crowds and lights of Times Square.

Here life is buzzing 24 hours a day.


Practically no difference whether you see the place at 10 AM, 7 pm or after midnight.


Each year in the night on the 31st of December thousands and even millions of visitors have flocked to Times Square because to count down together the last seconds of the year and to welcome the new one.


6. Universal City


It would be a great omission if one travel to America and does not visit California.


And an even bigger gap would be if you do not visit Universal City. This is a whole film town located in the heart of the second largest U.S. metropolis – Los Angeles.


Here is Universal Studios, which are Mecca of the great illusion. The studios was established here in 1912.


Today, this place offers the opportunity to get in touch with the magic of cinema.


Only here you will be able to stand face to face with the great white shark from the movie “Jaws” and to see the house-motel from the movie “Psycho” (from 1960), where Norman Bates (owner of a declining motel) has  watched through a hole in the wall and later even killed the young secretary Marion Crane.


7. Harvard University is One Iconic top 100 Tourist Attractions in Usa


Boston, Massachusetts can rightfully be called „the world capital of higher education“.

Located next to the small but beautiful park on the north bank of the river Charles, Harvard is considered to be the most elite school in the world and is a symbol of qualitative education.


As befits to a university of a such class, Harvard is situated in an old building which, like the time machine will revert you centuries ago in England.


The University is the oldest in the United States. And it has made my list of top 100 tourist attractions in usa


It was founded in the remote past of the 17th century, in 1636.


Some of the most famous graduates were former U.S. presidents Kennedy and Roosevelt.

In one of the buildings of Harvard University is housed the largest university library in the world.


8. The Great Lakes is Also top 100 Tourist Attractions in Usa


Superior Lake, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario are located on the border between the United States and Canada.


Superior Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the world. So why won’t it make top 100 tourist attractions in usa?


There is more!’


Only the polar ice caps could rival the Great Lakes as a quantity of fresh water!

For the person who sees them for the first time will be difficult to believe that there is a lake in front of him.


Usually people feel like they are standing on the shore of a sea or an ocean.


The opposite bank is not visible, and in windy conditions there are quite huge waves that are atypical for a lake. Check the usa tourist map then you will understand.


In some places there are beaches where you can see huge crowds of visitors during the summer months.


Great Lakes has given a life to the third-largest American city – Chicago.


9. Hotel del Coronado


Located right on the shore of the southernmost city of California – San Diego, Hotel del Coronado is one of the most interesting sights of the U.S. Pacific coast.


When you consider some of the best places to travel with friends in us and you wish to spend a night in a hotel. Then, Hotel del Coronado is a must check out.


It is a subject of interest to all those who for one reason or another visit this beautiful city.


This original and authentic building with a white facade and the red roof was built in 1888.


Besides being visited by many U.S. presidents, here have stayed also and many Hollywood celebrities.


Guest of the hotel was one of the most famous women of all time – the actress Marilyn Monroe.


10. Diamond Head


At the eastern end of Oahu, amidst the beautiful Hawaiian Capital Honolulu is located one of the great American landmarks – Diamond Head. and I had to include it on this list of top 100 tourist attractions in usa.


Because this is a part of the crater of the long-extinct volcano that is now visible from all parts of Honolulu.


From the highest point of Diamond Head, which rises 231 meters reveals a stunning view of the most populated and cosmopolitan city of Hawaii making it one of the coolest tourist attractions.


Well, Diamond Head is far lower from the highest point of the island, but it owes its fame to its location in the city itself.


Dry and devoid of vegetation slopes of the beige, rocky crater contrast from far away with the lush tropical vegetation of the island.


11. Why Sears Tower Made Top 100 Tourist Attractions in USA


Not far from the shores of Lake Michigan, rises the world famous Sears Tower. Imagine the beauty it holds.


With its height of 442 meters and 108 floors, it is the tallest skyscraper in the United States of America.


Honestly theer many places that can I can add to the top 100 tourist attractions in usa but I feel thes ones are Iconic. And it will make you feel good.


The skyscraper was completed in 1974.


The tower is black, covered with dark glass and that makes it to look much newer than it is.

Although already several decades adorns the skyline of Chicago, Sears Tower today remains a symbol of economic strength.


and is still among the highest edifices on the planet, together with Burj Dubai, Taipei 101, Shanghai World Trade Center, Petronas Towers and the Empire State Building.


12. Badlands National Park


In the southwestern parts of the state of South Dakota, there is a unique creation of Mother Nature. and I bet mother nature is loved by all but it should sit right there at the top 100 tourist attractions in the USA. but it manages no12 which is not bad quite frankly.


Badlands National Park has very pronounced and indented relief.


Because of the thousands of rocks and canyons, this area is very difficult to pass.


This creation of nature was formed as a result of continuous action of erosion, which today continues to change and modify the rocks.


Scientists say the rocks each year increase their height by about 2-3 centimetres.


13. Highway 66 is a Must Mention in Top 100 Tourist Attractions in Usa


I-66 is probably the most popular highway in the world.

Known simply as Highway 66, it is usually connected to the innovative spirit of Americans and their desire to travel to the west coast and sunny California.


This is the highway that we’ve seen in dozens of American movies in which young people drive with only few dollars in the pocket, searching better future in California, without even knowing what awaits them around the corner.


This highway is a symbol of American free spirit and aspiration for success.

Highway passes through eight states.


Its beginning is in Chicago, Illinois.


It crosses the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and it finishes in Los Angeles, California.


14. Devil‘s Tower


Devil’s Tower is a rock formation located in northeastern part of Wyoming.

It rises to a height of 265 meters and stands out very sharply against the surrounding wooded plains.


There are specific vertical grooves along its whole height.


This monolith receives tourist attractions across america and rest of the world.

Devil’s Tower, as well as many other bizarre works of nature from all around the world, is sculpted by erosion.


About 50 million years ago the cooled magma of extinct volcano was surrounding by rocks, but because they were brittle in comparison with the magma, wind and water washed them, leaving that much harder than the surrounding rocks.


Devil’s Tower is the most beautiful at sunset when it turns deep orange hues.


15. Olympic National Park


Located in a mountainous area in the north west of Washington, Olympic National Park preserves one of the most beautiful pine forests across North America.


Among the pine forests on steep rocks cry magic waterfalls.


The pleasant coolness in the summer months makes the place perfect for long outings in nature.


The pearl of this lovely park is the Blue Glacier.


Forests of Olympic National Park are home to a huge variety of wildlife – bears, wolves, deer, eagles, owls and so on.


17. Malibu


Malibu is a lovely beach with irresistible Mediterranean charm. It is one of the most beautiful and famous in the United States.


It is located in the northernmost parts of Los Angeles and enjoys the bright sun of California almost all year around.


Yellow cliffs are steeply overhanging the dark blue ocean waters.


Luxury villas for millions of dollars are situated on the edge of the cliffs, and below them you can see only sand and ocean.


This is one of the most attractive places to live in the U.S..


Here live such celebrities as Barbara Streisand, Anthony Hopkins and sultry beauty Pamela Anderson.


Much of the villas of Malibu was built above columns on the sand itself and today they are one of the biggest landmarks in this area.


The columns can help to the luxury villas to avoid damages caused by the ocean waves.


18. Broadway is My  top 100 tourist attractions in usa


Who came to New York for the first time will most likely be astonished by the fact that in spite of all the streets, moving in the direction from east to west and from north to south, Broadway follows its own direction and in no way comply with these rules.


This avenue begins near Battery Park in lower Manhattan.


It crosses Time Square, passes through Columbus Circle near by the Central Park.

Broadway passes through a large part of Manhattan.


After a few light bends Broadway crosses over Manhattan and continues in the Bronx.

After crossing over the Bronx, Broadway finally ends away from the hustle and skyscrapers of the city among a very different place.


Broadway is one of the most famous streets in America.


It is popular with its cinemas and theatres, which are considered to be among the best in the world.


Today is very prestigious for an actor or an actress to play on the scene of some of these theatres.

19. Lahaina


Lahaina is a beautiful historical village that is located on the northwestern coast of the Hawaiian island of Maui.


Here are concentrated numerous architectural monuments and historical landmarks.

Once Leyayna was the center of the Hawaiian Kingdom.


In olden times the settlement was a whaling center, but now times are very different.


Now Leyayna is an important tourist destination and gateway to exquisite Hawaiian resorts.

Today Leyayna has a cultural significance and the role of capital of Hawaii, plays the city of Honolulu.


20. Chrysler Building


One of the most emblematic buildings in the United States of America is Chrysler Building.


The construction of this beautiful skyscraper began in 1928 and finished in 1930 (2 years later).

Today, this monument is one of the tallest buildings in the U.S. and it rises 319 meters.


The building is located not far from the shore of the East River in eastern Manhattan.

Like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building also has a pointed roof and that make it easily recognizable on the silhouette of the Big Apple.


21. The building of United Nations


It would be madness to visit New York without seeing the building of the United Nations.

Strikingly is to imagine how important personalities from all over the world have come here to discuss about the world future.

When you stand in front of the building you should aware that in some ways this is one of the places from which is ruling the world today.


The building itself as a structure is also impressive – it is very beautiful, modern and shiny, lying on the bank of East River.


22. Haleakala National Park


Haleakala National Park is located in the southern part of the beautiful Hawaiian island Maui.

The place was declared for a national park in 1961.


The name of the volcano mean “house of the sun” and it’s not too surprising – the height of a dormant volcano reaches 3055 meters.


In most of the year everything is covered with thick snow cover, which is something unusual for these latitudes.


Not long ago people have realized the benefits of clean air and greater visibility and, therefore, here is one of the largest and most important observatories in the world.


23. Napa Valley


Who does not knows Napa Valley?


It is located in northern part of California, in the north of U.S. metropolitan city of San Francisco.

Napa is for America what Tuscany is for Europe or Barossa for Australia.


Here the warm sun and mild, wet winters make this place the best for growing grapes in North America and offers the opportunity for producing of the highest quality wines in the U.S..

Napa will provide you the best of California – solar, green, peaceful and rich.


The location is great for wine tourism. Here you can stay in one of the famous wineries and to taste the drink of the gods.


24. Memorial of Lincoln


On the east bank of the Potomac River in Washington stands one of the biggest attractions of America. And it is mong some of the oldest tourist attraction in the united states.


Lincoln Memorial is located in the center of the capital of the United States.


Located amidst the beautiful and well maintained West Potomac Park, the memorial building is about 30.5 meters high.


Here you can see the seated on a throne U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. This beautiful statue is made of white marble and is about 6 meters high.


25. Guggenheim Museum


The Museum Guggenheim in New York itself is an work of art. It was designed by the world famous architect Frank Lloyd Reid.


Actually the real name of the museum is Solomon Guggenheim. It is located in one of the most prestigious and luxurious parts of New York, namely the 5th Avenue, opposite the Central Park.


The building itself is very strange and bizarre, and really there is no way to be passed over without being noticed. But the true riches are still kept behind its walls.


Here you will find paintings by Picasso and masterpieces of other famous artists. There are often held exhibitions on various topics and for this purpose, are usually collected works from all around the world.


26. Catalina Island


Santa Catalina Island is located about 44 kilometers from the coast of Long Beach, Los Angeles, California.


Near by the coast of California there are, of course, and other islands, but this is known as the most beautiful and most romantic of all.


The island looks like a typical Mediterranean – sun, ever green vegetation, palm trees, beautiful beaches and yachts around the coast.


The luxury, as it is in most places in California, do not missing.


The place is very peaceful and idyllic, and the sense to walk the streets of Avalon (the biggest town on the island) is more European than American.


27. Aleutian Islands

In the north end of North America where it seems the U.S. try to touch Asia, extends a chain of cold volcanic islands.


These are some of the most detached regions of Alaska, but because of this fact here you will find as pure and pristine nature as you have not even dreamed about.


On the most of the islands grow mainly herbaceous vegetation, but everywhere there is a huge variety of animal species.


Here between the Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean climate is very harsh.

And that has had the blessing of the Aleutian Islands.


Therefore, today the islands are still untouched by modern civilization and nature flourishes here.


In the cold waters surrounding this archipelago has a huge variety of fish and whales.

On the islands occurs Bald eagle, and on some of them (closer to the mainland) you can see even grizzly bear!


28. Rodeo drive


This is one of the most expensive and elegant shopping streets not only in America but also worldwide.


Located in the richest neighborhood of Los Angeles – Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive is among the most elite shopping venues in the world together with 5th Avenue in New York and Champs Elisees in Paris.


In fact the place is very suitable for such expensive shopping street, because here live thousands of celebrities from the world of showbiz, and many prominent and wealthy businessmen.


On this street you will see boutiques from all major brands.

Boulevard itself is very beautiful.


On both sides of the road and between the lanes rise beautiful palm trees, and opposite the boutiques and cafes you will see luxury cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


29. Redwood National Park


In northern California, on the shores of the Pacific is one of the most impressive U.S. national parks – Redwood National Park.


You will see some of the most beautiful forests in temperate latitudes of our planet.

You will be impressed by the sequoias – these are huge trees, which rise to a height of 100 meters.


There are many specimens of this species, reaching 150 meters.

In America there are places where these trees are so huge that roads pass through their trunks, without to do harm of the tree.

30. Golden Gate Bridge


One of the emblems of the United States in the 20 and 21 century is Golden Gate Bridge.

It has become very popular with its bright red colour and silhouette that are well known to anyone who likes and watches American movies.


The bridge crosses the cold waters of San Francisco bay.


Bridge columns are with a height of 230 meters and the height of the arch in the highest part reaches 66 meters. The length of the entire bridge is almost 2740 meters.


Today, Golden Gate is still the bridge with the longest arch in the world.


Sometimes weather conditions in this place make it to look even more beautiful than it is.

In some foggy days happens parts of the bridge to be swallowed by fog and then you can see only parts of it.


31. Sea World


One of the biggest attractions of California is “Sea World” in San Diego. Here, amidst the pleasant atmosphere of the park you can enjoy the incredible animal species.


Killer whales and dolphins perform complex of numbers and entertain visitors of all ages.

Here is the place to say that when you see how intelligent and careful are the whales the people usually ask the question “Why do they call them murderers and killer whales?”.


One is filled with emotion when he sees how these 6-ton giants play like little kids and jumping into the water, sometimes quite a splash viewers with huge amounts of water.


So, you tell me why I do not have to add this sight to the top 100 tourist attractions in usa. It is just magical i tell you.

32. Transamerica Pyramid


This is one of the most impressive skyscrapers in California. Its narrowing to the top shape of a pyramid is a very good solution for such a tall building in a highly seismic area, as San Francisco is for example.


It is no secret to anyone that San Andreas fault passes through the city, which is responsible for sudden and powerful earthquakes.


With its 260 m, the skyscraper is the symbol of San Francisco and stands out clearly on the skyline of the city from afar.


The building was completed in the early 70’s and since then is an important tourist attraction of this beautiful and cultural city.


33. French Quarter


This is the most beautiful neighbourhood in New Orleans. It has very beautiful and original architecture, and buildings are constructed primarily of wood.


This is a unique treasure for America, a place where culture is steeped in both – the architecture and lifestyle.

It is situated in the heart of New Orleans and is the tourist core of this city.


Here are the majority of restaurants, cafes, shops and hotels of the city. But the pearl of the French Quarter are its jazz clubs. And it is why it is part of our  list of most visited cities in the US


Even if you are not fan of the jazz is recommended at least once to visit a jazz club during your stay in the city.


34. Saint Augustin


Today Saint Augustin is a small resort town in northeast Florida.It can boast with beautiful beaches and enjoys a wonderful warm climate and plenty of sunny days.


But the town is known for something much more interesting. Few people know, especially outside the U.S., that it is the oldest city founded by Europeans in the United States, which exists as a settlement to this day.


It was founded by Spanish settlers in the 1565.


The historic part of the town where are the main attractions is located in the north among the dense vegetation, typical for Florida.


35. Montezuma Castle


This is one of the major sights of the United States. It is located in the central parts of the desert state of Arizona.


It represents carved into the limestone cliffs prehistoric landmark. Because of its resemblance to a wall it is known as “Montezuma Castle”.


This monument dates back long before the first Europeans ever to believe that America exists.

36. Chinatown, San Francisco


Chinatown in San Francisco is one of the major attractions of the city and is home to one of the largest Chinese communities in North America after Vancouver, British Colombia.


The neighbourhood is conveniently located into the down town of San Francisco near by the bay.


Here you will find many shops with Chinese goods and restaurants where offer Chinese food.

On the streets you’ll see many of those traditional lanterns that Chinese love to hang in front of their restaurants and shops.


Walking around here for a moment you will forget you’re in the U.S. and you’ll feel like you are in China.


This quarter shows the cultural and ethnic diversity of America.

37. Coca-Cola Museum


On Baker Street in Atlanta, Georgia is located Coca-Cola World. This is a very modern and eccentric museum that tells the story of Coca-Cola – soft drinks, which has earned the love of people from all over the world.


In the 19th century Coca-Cola was created as a remedy for headaches, but soon began favourite for many people who drank this soft drink not for headaches but for pleasure because of its excellent taste.


In Coca-Cola World, you can learn everything you wish for that carbonated beverage.


38. Hana Also One of My


This is one of the most detached settlements on the island of Maui. It is situated at the eastern end of the island.


Hana is surrounded by dense tropical rain forest. In the vicinity of Hana there are beautiful waterfalls, where many locals and tourists going to bathe under the falling water.


Hana beaches are black or dark brown because of the volcanic origin on the island.

Do not miss the small National Park Waianapanapa, which will enchant you with its magnificent scenery.


39. Madison Square Garden


This place is also known as MSA.It is located in Manhattan, New York.


Madison Square Garden is original destined as a sports complex, where during the years have held many important sporting events.


But here are also held many concerts. Many celebrities from the world of show business have sung on that stage.


Sir Elton John is one of them. The building itself is also very attractive. Like the Guggenheim Museum, Madison Square Garden is also an oval and modernist building, which strongly contrasts with the surrounding skyscrapers.


40. Crater Lake


This lake is among the 100 places to visit in USA before you die honestly.


In southern Oregon, near by the border with California is probably the most beautiful lake in the United States – the Crater Lake.


It is located nearly 1900 m altitude in the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky Mountains. As its name suggests, it is situated in the crater of an extinct volcano.


There is a small oval island, located not far from its western coast. The place is definitely the most beautiful in the winter.


Rugged and snowy slopes descend steeply to the lake and reflect into the mirror surface.


41. Dakota Building


On the corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West in Manhattan is located the famous Dakota Building.


This is not very high, old and aristocratic building, which is known for something more than architecture.


Here has lived John Lennon with his wife Yoko Ono to his death on December 8, 1980.

Even today, the apartment building, located opposite the Central Park itself is owned by the wife of John Lennon.


By the way, if you visit this place does not miss the memorial of John Lennon. It is located in the Central Park just few minutes away from the Dakota Building.


42. CNN


In down town of Atlanta, GA is the headquarters of the largest news television in the world – the American giant CNN.


In spite of people’s minds, CNN Center is not located in a huge skyscraper, which is even surprising given that this is America – the country known for its skyscrapers and high buildings.

However the building of television has pretty large area.


It is like a small town – inside houses even a mall. The most prestigious media is owned by media magnate Ted Тurner.


CNN was founded in 1980.


43. Isle Royale National Park


Located amidst the waters of Lake Superior near the U.S. border with Canada, Isle Royale is known for its stunning natural beauty that take the breath of its visitors.


You will have the opportunity to enjoy the classic American scenery with a huge variety of plant and animal species.


Cleanliness of the local nature makes the island equally attractive during the all four seasons.


Here amidst the dense pine forests live also some large animals such as foxes and even elks!

The location is perfect for camping because of the purity of the local nature.


44. Fairmount Park


In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is located Fairmount Park – the largest urban park in the United States.


Well, the truth is that his fame is at the expense of the other two parks – South Mountain Park, Phoenix and Phoenix Mountain Reserve.


In fact, the both are the largest urban parks in America, but in the way you imagine it with lots of trees and paths for walk, Fairmount Park is the one and only.


This is the largest park of its kind in the U.S. and even the notorious Central Park can not competes with it.


45. Wailea Beach


Wailea beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Situated on the west coast of the most tourist island of the Hawaiian archipelago – Maui, the beach is truly magnificent and is a great addition to top us tourist attractions


The sand is very fine with gold nuances.


Lazy coconut palms swaying over the beach, reinforcing the holiday feeling. You may have travelled to many places and have seen gorgeous beaches in your life, but with certainly there is no so romantic and “sweet” beach such as Wailea Beach.


46. Mono Lake


The eastern part of central California, near the Nevada border is located Mono Lake. It is well known with the fact that the level of its waters swiftly declined in the 20th century, because in the early 40’s one of the largest metropolises of the USA – Los Angeles, began to supply with fresh water from here.


This beautiful lake really does not deserve to disappear!

It is situated at more than 1940 meters altitude. It has an oval form and in the middle there is a large island, called Paoha.


Hundreds of rocks that were previously covered by water now protrude above the water surface.

Mono Lake should be preserved because it is a source of life not only for humans but also for many species in this area.


In such an anhydrous state like California it is one real oasis of life.


47. Central Park


With a length of over 4 km and perfectly rectangular form, Central Park is one of the most famous city parks in the world.


It is called “the lungs of New York” because it gives the people of this great city exactly what they most need green space and fresh air


What could be more besutiful than including to our .top 100 tourist attractions in usa. The park was created above drained marshland. For its maintenance set aside a lot of care and means, but with certainly the result is visible.


Millions of residents of the Big Apple like to spend their free time here to run, to walk or take a picnic with friends on the green carpet.


48. Washington Monument


Washington Monument is among the biggest attractions in America. Many people have seen it in American films, but did not know that it is.


This is the highest marble monument in the world. The structure is wider at its lower end and sharpens on the peak.


It rises to a height of almost 170 meters and is located in this same park where you can found and the Lincoln Memorial.


Washington Monument is surrounded by 50 American flags – one for each state.


49. The Pentagon


Situated on the west bank of the Potomac River near the capital of the USA – Washington, the Pentagon is considered to be one of the largest buildings ever built in the world and with certainly the largest administrative building.


The structure is not very high but on the other hand, there is a huge area. Indeed, very few people know that the Pentagon is on the territory of Virginia. The name „Pentagon“ comes from the shaped of the building.


50. Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills is probably the most expensive neighbourhood in the world and a major tourist attraction for anyone who travels across America.


This is a real paradise for rich people, which is located in northern parts Los Angeles, California.

If you come here you will not need much time to notice how luxury and extravagance surround you.


Here you will see some of the most expensive villas and mansions that you can imagine. This is a neighbourhood in which live the majority of Hollywood stars and celebrities.


Here is the Rodeo Drive – one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. On the streets you will see so many expensive cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars as you can see only on the French Riviera.


51. Kodiak Island


Kodiak is one of the largest islands of Alaska. It is famous among lovers of animals and wildlife.

Most of the island is covered with dense coniferous forests.


Here wildlife flourish undisturbed, but unlike most of the Aleutian Islands there are more large animal species such as bears for example.


The reason is that Kodiak offers plenty of fish and other food, which allow the survival of these large predators.


Kodiak will enchant you with its beautiful coast line. As a result of the action of glaciers here have formed numerous fjords, where ocean water is quiet and calm.


52.Top 100 Tourist Attractions in Usa (San Andreas Fault)


Such a geographical phenomenon rare can be seen as obvious as here in California.

Two tectonic plates rub together, and in places can be seen significant furrows, especially in lowland areas.


In the settlements, which get on the way of the fault occur bizarre shifts of roads and side walks, splits up the road surface.


The fault extends from Bahia California on the territory of Mexico to San Francisco. On the way of San Andres usually become some the most terrible and devastating earthquakes.


54. The Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French nation. It was placed at the entrance of the port of New York in 1886.


The statue is made by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and Gustave Eiffel. It was a gift for the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of American independence from Britain.


Today it is visited by millions of tourists. It is a part of the world heritage by UNESCO.

You can reach to it by boat.


Over 46 meters high statue is placed on 55 meter pedestal, making it even more impressive.


58. Ellis Island


Ellis Island is located less than two kilometers from the coast of New Jersey. Today this place is a museum that could offer an amazing experience to its visitors.


The island was used as a place where newcomers to America to spend their quarantine period.

Today this place is a museum and if you are interested about the past you have to visit it.

That place was the first home for millions of Americans.


59. Mount Rushmore


In the southwestern part of the state of South Dakota in the rocks of Mount Rushmore are carved the heads of the four former American presidents – Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.


This landmark was created by Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln Borglum. These U.S. presidents are carved into the rocks because they are the persons who created and developed the idea for the American nation and the American dream.


60. Hoover Dam


Hoover Dam Lake is one of the largest in the world and the largest in the U.S.. It is located near Las Vegas, on the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada.


It is a real engineering marvel that fascinates with its size and dimension. The dam lake supplies fresh drinking water and electricity most of the households in the vicinity.


Hoover is a real oasis, located in the middle of the desert. It was built on the River Mead, and in some places its depth is over 180 meters!


61. Graceland Mansion


Graceland Mansion is the home where lived the mega star Elvis Presley. It is located in Memphis, Tennessee and enjoys a reputation as an important tourist attraction.


Mansion is located in the southern parts of the city. Today 85% of the estate of the King of Rock is owned by his impresario and the remaining 15% of his daughter Lisa Marie Presley.


Here you can have a look of the life of this world celebrity, to feel the atmosphere of his home and to see his personal cars.


62. Empire State Building


Today, many decades after it was built, the Empire State Building remains a jewel in the crown of American architecture.


Completed in 1931, today this skyscraper is still among the highest buildings in the world.

With its 102 floors and a height of 381 meters today, the Empire State Building proudly stands above other buildings in Manhattan.


It is the highest structure in New York and second highest in the U.S.. This architectural icon is now one of the wonders of the modern world.


63. Hollywood


Located in the northern part of the city of angels – Los Angeles – Hollywood is Mecca  to the American film industry.


Today the movie industry is not concentrated only in Hollywood, but its fame remains undeniable.


One of the symbols of this district is the white sign “Hollywood”, erected on the slopes of the surrounding hills.


The inscription stands in its current location since 1923. In the beginning it was “Hollywood land”, but after some of the letters was damaged, they were finally removed.


This occurred during the first half of the 20th century. Since then, the inscription Hollywood, is still the same and it attracts millions of tourists.


64. The Flat Iron


In Manhattan, where Broadway crosses 5th Avenue is one of the oldest skyscrapers in America – The Flat Iron.


It was built in 1902. The strange shape of this skyscraper is not accidental. The architects were forced to fit into a very small and narrow area between the two streets.


Construction of The Flat Iron was a real challenge. To justify the funds invested in construction, the building had to be higher.


At that time high building was something unknown and suddenly appearance of the Flat Iron, amazed the world with its 87 meters.


Interestingly, no one believed in the reliability of the tower, but it still stands proudly on 5th Avenue.

65. St. Patrick Cathedral


Located in New York’s Manhattan district, the Cathedral of Saint Patrick is the most popular Christian church in America.


It is located in one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan parts of New York between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue.


Like all other buildings in Manhattan, St. Patrick’s Cathedral also impresses with its height.

It rises nearly 101 meters above the busy New York streets.


Opened in 1882, the cathedral was built in Neo Gothic style. Forms are pointed and the facade is richly decorated with elements.


66. Atlantic City


This is a resort located on the Atlantic coast in New Jersey. The place is known with its modern casinos, and its beautiful beaches.


Here the active tourist season is summer, although the rest of the year is also interesting to be visited this city.


To visit Atlantic City you do not need to be a fan of gambling. There are many opportunities for entertainment, including shopping for example.


In Atlantic City many foreigners come for seasonal work during the summer.

This makes it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in America.


67. Mauna Loa


This is the highest peak in Hawaii and the highest active volcano on planet Earth.


It soars to the record 4169 meters. In translation from Hawaiian Mauna Loa means “White Mountain”.


The reason is that here sometimes fall very heavy snow, although the location of the tropical islands.


If you consider the height of Mauna Loa from the ocean floor to the peak is considered that this would be the highest mountain in the world with a high of more than 10 kilometers. Today the volcano erupts once every few years.


68. Stanford University


Stanford University is one of the places to visit while you are in the U.S.. It is among the most elite universities in the world.


It is located about half an hour south of San Francisco, California in the small town of Palo Alto.

Anyone who comes in the United States should visit Stanford University, although only as a tourist.


The feeling is amazing. Everything is so clean, tidy and elsewhere has subtropical vegetation.

Approaching the university from both sides of the road there are beautiful palm trees.


Opposite the university there is a garden planted with grass. Its length is approximately 240 meters.


In the center of the garden with flowers is shaped the English letter “S” / from Stanford /.


69. Space Needle


Although this is not the tallest building in Seattle, it is still one of the biggest attractions of Washington.


This structure rises to a height of 184 meters above the city skyline. This tower was built specially for the World Exposition in Seattle in 1962.


The biggest attraction is the rotating restaurant. It rotates 360 degrees, offering the best view of the city.


The most beautiful sights you will see at dusk when city lights light up gradually.


70. Waldorf Astoria


Between 49 Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan is one of the most impressive American hotels – Waldorf Astoria.


The building in Art Deco style was completed back in 1931. This hotel has 47 floors and is 191.5 meters high.


It is favorite for world celebrities. It is said that in the long history of the hotel here stayed personalities such as Queen Elizabeth 2nd, pop queen Madonna, Dan Brown (DaVinci Code) and many others.


Of course, these are rumors, as Waldorf Astoria respect privacy and never make public the names of its guests.


71. Mississippi River


Anyone who has read Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain) had heard about the Mississippi River and knows how important it was for the Central United States in the past.


This fact has not changed even today. Mississippi is the longest river in the United States.

From its source to the Gulf of Mexico it extends over 4,100 km.


A boat trip along the river would be very pleasurable experience and excellent way to absorb part of the old atmosphere that is preserved in this part of America more than anywhere else.


72. Monterey Bay


This is a bay located on the coast of central California, south of San Francisco.

It is recommended to the tourists as an important landmark and this is no accident – this is a place with spectacular ocean life.


Here you will find whales, seals, sharks and many other sea creatures. Cold waters of the bay are full of food for marine life and that’s what makes them hang around.


The biggest attraction here are killer whales, known as Orca. They are the largest and most powerful predators that live on the planet today.


Sometimes tourists become witnesses of the impressive hunting strategies by killer whales and their victims that range from young seals to sharks, or even whole whales!


73. North Cascades National Park


It is located near the Canadian border, in the northern parts of Washington, so, why not add it to list of top 100 tourist attractions in USA to visit. I think the fact that it rests in a border between the united states and Canada says it all.


This is among the most beautiful places in America. Here you will find beautiful deciduous and coniferous forests, valleys surrounded by high mountains, snow-capped mountain peaks and crystal clear mountain lakes.


No matter what time of year you come here because the local scenery is equally beautiful in all four seasons.


Here you can encounter predators such as bears, and because of this reason will be better for you to be cautious.


74. Miami Beach (FL)


Miami Beach is located in southern Florida. This is a narrow strip of land separated from the mainland by a lagoon and connected with it through many bridges.


This is a place where you could see many celebrities. We can describe Miami Beach as the most visited part at one of the best resort cities in the world.


Coconut palms, beautiful beaches, restaurants, clubs and hotels form the notorious street Ocean Drive.


It is preferable to come in the winter months from November to April because in this period you will avoid the hurricane season.


75. Mount Waialeale


Beyond the golden beaches of the island of Kauai, altitude rapidly increases to reach 1598 m at Mt Kawaikini.


But height does not attract tourists and this is not what impresses most. Breath stops of relief forms, which are most impressive of everything you’ve ever seen.


Steep canyons descend vertically down to the dark depths of the rainforest.

Rain clouds are formed just before your eyes.


And this is not accident – Mount Waialeale is the rainiest place on the planet.


76. Museum of Modern Art


This is one of the places in America that would be very interesting, especially for the young and young at heart people, and all who have more imaginative and original thinking.


It is located on West 53rd Street in a building covered with glass. The sign that you will found is “MoMA” (Museum of Modern Art).


There are exhibitions of various themes.

It is important to inquire in advance the schedule of exhibitions and choose what will be most interesting for you.


77. Bronx


This is one of those neighborhoods in America who have a lot of dubious fame, but if you want to know the United States should see it because it is also America.


The district extends north of Manhattan, and its greatest landmark is the New York Yankees stadium. I can certainly say I include this in a giant list of Top 100 Tourist attractions in USA because of what you just read.





The most dangerous places in the northern Bronx. Today the neighborhood is undergoing a certain positive change, but there are still many places that are very dangerous and one should be extremely careful going there.


If you want to see the Bronx it will be better to seek additional information about the places you can visit safely and which is better to avoid!


78. Key West


This is a small and beautiful island located in the southernmost parts of Florida.

It is part of the island chain Florida Keys.


Here you will find the only coral reef in the continental United States (Hawaii does not count).

One of the biggest attractions here is the house of the writer Ernest Hemingway, author of the famous novel “The Old Man and the Sea”.


Key West is connected to other islands of the Florida Keys by a bridge. The place has a warm tropical climate and it is better to visit it during the winter months because to avoid hurricane season.


79. The Gateway Arch, St. Louis


192 meters high, the arch is a symbol of St. Louis. It acts as a gateway between East and West since the strategic location of the city between these two historical parts of the United States.

It was built for 5 years – from 1963 to 1968.


Arch is the tallest monument in the world. It is surrounded by a beautiful park and is situated on the banks of the Mississippi River in the heart of St. Louis. On both sides there are two small ponds.


80. Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is arguably the most beautiful and famous waterfall in the world.

This is a landmark of the U.S. and Canada, as it is situated just on the border.


The waterfall is located between lakes Erie and Ontario. Its height reaches 51 meters, and water go down with an incredible roar, creating huge clouds of spray around.

Of its beauty are admired even the first settlers in these lands, and even in the beginning there were enthusiasts who have descended in a barrel.


This is the case with Annie Taylor, who “flew” with the barrel of the 51-meter high waterfall and survived by a miracle!


81. Arches National Park


Utah is a state that has always been known for its interesting relief forms. In the eastern part of the state there is a very interesting creation of The Mother Nature and especially erosion – arches.


They are thousands and represent the final stage of weathering rock erosion before finally to disintegrate completely.


This is a place that really worth seeing. Orange hues of the rocks can make you feel like you’re in central Australia. The best time for hiking is spring when temperatures are most pleasant.


82. Mammoth Cave National Park


In Kentucky is located the longest cave which now exists on our planet – Mammoth Cave.

Its labyrinths, halls and corridors reach a length of about five hundred and ninety kilometers, making it unbeatable.

Every year it is visited by millions of tourists who could not to crawl through all the cave, of course.


But do not think that the only advantage is its size. It is very beautiful.


Soon after you have ended up inside you will admire by the thousands of stalactites, stalagmites and draperies which are so fine that could shame even and the greatest work of art.


83. Alley of Fame


This is an exceptional place in Los Angeles, California. The famous Walk of Fame is a part of Hollywood Boulevard.


Here, every celebrity from the world of show business has its own star.

This is probably the first place you should visit arriving in this city, because here the movie industry is most important.


Today still many stars are genuine, but others were renovated because they was trampled by the millions of tourists who come here every year.


84. Alcatraz Island


Among the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay is located Alcatrazz Island, became popular with the fact that here was located one of the toughest prisons in the world.

The location was chosen deliberately, because even if a prisoner try to escape he probably could not swim the distance to the city in ocean waters with a temperature of about 10°C.

The prison was established in 1934 and operated as a prison until 1963.


Later it was turned into a protected area and now is a major tourist attraction.


85. Wall Street


This is a street in Manhattan where is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Many people say that here is the heart of global economy and this is not a false.


Here is the financial center of America. On the front facade of this building is stretched huge American flag.


There is always teeming with people – passers by, businessmen, tourists. Stock Exchange was founded in 1792 and to this day is located on the same place.


One of the unforgettable moments that are associated with NYSE and will hardly ever be forgotten is the collapse of October 29, 1929.


86. Metropolitan Opera


Metropolitan Opera is one of the most famous in the world. It is a place that gathers the most sophisticated part of New York high society and elite.


It is located on Ninth Avenue, to the west of Central Park at Lincoln Center. This is its location since 1966.


The building itself is impressive. It is the work of the architect Cleveland Cody. On stage at the Metropolitan Opera was received celebrities of the rank of Luciano Pavarotti.


If you’re not fans of operatic art you could at least enjoy the architecture of the building, whose construction has cost hundreds of millions of dollars even at those times.


87. Casino Center


This is one of the biggest attractions on the planet. It is located in the central part of the world’s gambling capital Las Vegas.


This is where you will find all those casinos and streets bathed in neon light you’ve seen on television.


Casino Center is a place that can not be described. It must be felt. Pageant of lights and colors here can make you swing!


On all sides is lifted buzz, sounds music, run expensive cars and limousines, boiling gambling for millions of dollars.


Las Vegas was called the world capital of entertainment. If you do not want to gamble you can make a bunch of other things.

For example, to marry. All kidding aside, but this city really has hundreds of places which can allow to you to get married. You only have to wait queue.


88. Disneyland


These are the most popular amusement parks in the world. The first park named Disneyland was opened on July 17, 1955 in Anaheim, Los Angeles, California.


Created as a park mainly for children, Disneyland is today perhaps even more attractive to adults.


The reason is that this place can make them feel again children while riding a roller coaster or while admiring the castle of Sleeping Beauty.


The atmosphere here is wonderful. On all sides you can hear laughter and happy voices as well as to see characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy walking among the people.


89. Mount McKinley


In the central part of southern Alaska is located Mount McKinley. It is 6193 meters high and is the highest peak in the United States and North America.


It is covered with snow and ice throughout the year. In most of the year climatic conditions here are extremely harsh and unfavourable.


But the reason for this is not just the high altitude. Very important is also the location close to the Arctic circle.


In winter the sun hardly shows and sunny days are very few. The sun shows timidly over the horizon.


In summer is the opposite. The sun hardly hides, but weather remains very cold.

Summer is the best time of the year in which to visit this magical place.


90. The Capitol Building


The history of the Capitol began in 1793 when the first U.S. president – George Washington – began construction of this great building.


It is one of the most famous in the world and symbolizes the strength of the American nation.

Today this is the building of the U.S. Congress.


The name “Capitol” comes from Capitol Hill in Rome – the place from which ruled the entire Roman Empire.


The first ceremony of inauguration here was the ceremony of the President Thomas Jefferson in 1801.

91. Daytona Beach


Daytona Beach is a small resort town with a population of almost 65,000 people, located in northeast Florida.


It is famous for its beautiful beaches and countless opportunities for fun. Warmer climate and sunny weather during the biggest part of year and the lack of stress that is part of the everyday life into the big cities around the world, finest restaurants and hotels make Daytona Beach one of the most popular places for tourism in the U.S..


The beach is very flat, large, long and wide, so it is an excellent place for motor racing.


92. Monument Valley National Park


There is a place where the nature of America have intended to be majestic. This is the Monument Valley National Park.


It is situated on the border between the states of Arizona and Utah. Here because of erosion have shaped up to 300 meters high red rocks, which are visible from great distance.


And this is not wandering – however the rocks raise amidst flat landscape and there is nothing to mar the view. Monument Valley in no way be next to the Grand Canyon.


93. Waikiki Beach


Hawaii is world famous for its exceptional beaches. One of the most impressive is Waikiki.

Who has not heard about it?


It is located on the coast of Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu. The sand is very fine, with soft golden hues.


Coral Reef breaks the huge ocean waves. Lounging under the tropical sun you can enjoy the cosmopolitan skyline of Honolulu, which is dominated mainly by the high rise luxury hotels.


And all this against the backdrop of the crater, which rises in the southern part of the Hawaiian capital.


94. Fifth Avenue


This is the most expensive shopping street in the United States and with certainly one of the most expensive worldwide.


Fifth Avenue is considered to be the heart of Manhattan. Here is everything – ranging from some of America’s most interesting attractions and get to some of the most expensive and shiny stores in the world.


On Fifth Avenue you will find the Empire State Building, Metropolitan Opera and the famous building called “Flat Iron”.


Fifth Avenue is the scene of many American films, and if one gets here for sure at some moment will acknowledge some place that he has ever seen from television.


95. Kilauea


Kilauea is a volcano located in the mountain Mauna Loa (another major landmark of America) on the island of Hawaii.


It rises to approximately 1247 m. altitude. Today it is the most active volcano on the planet, which makes it especially interesting about science.


Hawaii is among the most picturesque, beautiful and interesting islands in the Pacific Ocean, and its beauty is created entirely by the destructive force of volcanoes.


You can imagine what volcanic power is subdued in this island, provided that it is composed solely of lava in the longest part reaching the impressive 150 km!


Kilauea volcano eruptions began in 1983 and until today the eruption still has not stopped.


96. Grand Canyon National Park


The face of America, classics in tourism, a miracle of mother nature. Who once see Grand Canyon he will not be able to describe it in words.


Forms that the Colorado River has shaped into the red orange rocks are really indescribable, and in some places the canyon reaches record depth of over 1800 meters!


Here summers are blazing and winters – cold. This unique place has always been a subject of interest from scientists who study its formation, age and evolution.


97. Death Valley


This is certainly the most popular wilderness across America. It is located in Southern California.

Death Valley deserves its name.


It can cause a person to shudder with fear. Here was measured the second-highest temperature in the world ever – 56,6 °C measured in July 1913.


One of the biggest attractions of the desert is creeping stones that somehow pass significant distances and leave visible trails behind.


If you want to see this place (trust me it is worth) is best to do it in winter when the weather is pleasantly soft but not unbearable hot.


Mountain that separates the Mojave from Los Angeles stops wet oceanic air masses. This, combined with intense solar radiation causes the formation of the desert.


Well, this place with certainly is different from what most people imagine when they hear the word “desert”.


Here you will not see large sandy dunes, but on behalf of that there are many cacti, thorn bushes and many poisonous snakes.




This is a complete list of top 100 tourist attractions in USA and I believe these are wonderful sights to behold.


If you are thinking about how beautiful the US really is then you must have it at the back of your mind. That it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


So, over to you guys


What is your own list of a top 100 tourist attractions in USA? I would love to see your answers in the comment session.


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