Top 20 Highest Paid Instagram Influencers in Africa 2022

top richest African Instagram influencers
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Last updated on July 27th, 2022 at 09:39 pm

Ab De Villiers South Africa (Makes $78,000 Per Post) 


No jokes Villiers making this list didn’t come as a surprise to me because he earned it. 


My only surprise was that he beat Wizkid to claim the 6th spot on this list despite being a retired cricket player. 

Ab De Villiers South Africa (Makes $78,000 Per Post)

Ab De Villiers is popularly known as one of the greatest batsmen of all time in the game of cricket with lots of impressive records. 


Did you know that he is one of the few cricketers with above 50 average with strikes of above 100?


Well, now you know, right? 


So how many Instagram followers does Ab De Villiers have? Ab De Villiers currently has over 14 million followers on Instagram. 


How much does Ab De Villiers make on Instagram per sponsored post? Ab De Villiers makes the $78,000 per Instagram sponsored post. 


Ayodeji Balogun Wizkid 12,500,000 ($ 77,000)


Wizkid Ayo Balogun is no doubt one of the most influential artists on Instagram in Nigeria in 2021. 


He is currently enjoying the success of his most recent album titled Made Lagos. 

Ayodeji Balogun Wizkid 12,500,000 ($ 77,000)

Off Made In Lagos is a hit song Essence featuring fellow country female musician Tems


Heck, his song Joro is one of the most viewed Nigerian songs on YouTube in Nigeria. 


So how many Instagram followers does Wizkid have? Wizkid currently has over 12 million followers on INSTA. 


Now, how much is does Wizkid make per sponsored post on Instagram? Wizkid currently makes the sum of $77,000 on Instagram per sponsored post. 


All this added together help to skyrocket Wizkid net worth 


Mercy Johnson Okorie (Makes $65,300 Per Post)


When you and I talk about a female celeb who can take on any role acting, the first name that comes to mind for me is Mercy Johnson. 


So it didn’t come as a surprise to see her as one of the top 10 highest paid Instagram Influencers in the African continent. 

Mercy Johnson Okojie (Makes $65,300 Per Post)



Mercy Johnson made her movie debut with Legend of Inikpi, a scintillating drama that kicks start her journey in Nollywood. 


So how many Instagram followers does Mercy Johnson have? Mercy Johnson currently has 10 million-plus followers on INSTA. 


And how much does she charge per sponsored post on Instagram? She collects the sum of $65,000 per post. 


This makes her one of the highest paid on INSTA in Africa as well as in Nigeria. 


Mercy Aigbe Nigeria (Makes $61,500 Per Post) 


This list has been majorly dominated by Nigerians and it makes you wonder if they are the only ones out there. 


Although South Africa have also held a sizable spot on this list, we would see how that plays out in the conclusion of this post. 

Mercy Aigbe Nigeria (Makes $61,500 Per Post)

Mercy Aigbe’s career started in Soap Operas and her role in the series Papa Ajasco cannot be forgotten so soon. 


Over the years she has continued to evolve and grow to be a businesswoman and a celeb. 


Mercy Aigbe much like most of the celebs on this list is a Nigerian actress, businesswoman, and a woman that has a strong love for fashion. 


With her 10 million followers on Instagram, she charges the sum of $61,500 per sponsored post. 


Now come let’s see who else is on this list, shall we? 


Candice Swanepoel South Africa (Makes $53,200 Per Post) 


Candice has made quite the name for herself since she began her modeling career. 


Her fashion sense and professionalism are why she is always top of the list when it comes to Victoria’s Secret brand

Candice Swanepoel South Africa (Makes $53,200 Per Post)

A couple of years back she debuted at the number 8th spot of the highest-earning models on Forbes list


She currently has 15 million-plus Instagram followers with which she charges the sum of $53,200


Okay, so you and I have the top 10 list correct? 


Now let’s see who made the top 20 highest paid Instagram influencers in Africa 2021 list, shall we? 


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