Massive List: Top 20 Most Popular Musicians In Nigeria 2022

Top 20 Most Popular Musicians In Nigeria

Who are the top 20 most popular musicians in Nigeria 2022 or better still who are the most loved musicians in Nigeria in 2022?


In today’s post, you will be able to discover Shoutmeceleb Entertainment’s list of the most famous musicians in Nigeria in 2022.


Now without further ado, here is everything this post will cover in bullet points so stay with me.


  • Top 10 most popular Nigerian musicians 2022


  • Top 20 most popular Nigerian musicians 2022


  • Frequently asked questions


  • Wrapping it up


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Top 10 Most Popular Nigerian Musicians 2022

Who made the list of the top ten most popular musicians in Nigeria in 2022? Well, Psquare made the list, Wizkid made the list, and Olamide made the list. Finally, here is a list of the most popular musicians in Naija in 2022. Wizkid Davido Burnaboy Psquare Olamide 2baba Dbanj Don Jazzy Tiwa Savage Flavour


Quickly, let’s talk about each artist that made this list in a bid to elaborate briefly on their career, years active, and much more.


Wizkid (From Lagos State)


First, I have to say it is hard not to love Starboy as everything about him screams professionalism.


Wizkid is one of the top biggest and wealthiest stars from the African continent and it all started in Lagos.

Wizkid (From Lagos State)

I usually give credit to Banky W for his keen eyes for spotting talent. His keen eyes for talent saw the rise of one of the most loved Nigerian musicians of all time in the person of Wizkid.


Wizkid’s popularity continues to grow as he continues to shatter records upon records thanks to his 2022 album Made In Lagos.


He also has several endorsement deals that are making him the money every now and then. I also feel credit ought to be given to his loyal fan base Wizkid FC who have been very supportive overall.


Wizkid first gain prominence in 2009 and became popular in the country thanks to his hit single Holla At Your Boy which was released in 2010.


Fast forward a decade later, he remains relevant with a Grammy award and gained massive international fame with his latest project MIL. Lest I forget, his net worth also continues to soar.


Real Name: Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun


Stage Name: Wizkid (aka Big Wiz aka Starboy)


Age: 32 Years


Place of Birth: Lagos 


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 70+

Davido (From Osun State)


Oh Davido, when you mention that name on Twitter, the platform goes crazy. The reason is because of the strong rivalry between 3OBG and Wizkid FC.


But hey, let’s not dwell on that because that is a topic for another day as it is a very controversial one.

Most Popular Musicians In Nigeria

Davido is one of the most popular stars on the African continent thanks to staying consistent for a decade-plus.


His popularity and success have mostly been attributed to the wealth of his family. I mean if you are the son of a billionaire, people will always think that’s how you made it.


But I beg to differ in this way of thinking as he has shown time and time again that he worked hard for his success.


Davido much like Wizkid has lots of endorsement deals and you can find all that in this article about Davido endorsement deals.


He first came into the spotlight in 2011, thanks to the hit song Dami Duro which was a monster hit track that propelled his career onward.


The only thing he is yet to win is the Grammy award and this has led to trolling on social media whenever there is a discussion of the best musicians in the African continent.


Agree or not Davido is one of the most popular music stars in Nigeria and also one of the richest celebrities in Nigeria with a very huge net worth.


Real Name: David Adedeji Adeleke


Stage Name: Davido (aka OBO aka Baddest)


Age: 29 Years


Place of Birth: Atlanta, US 


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 70+


 While still on the most popular singers in Nigeria 2022, the next person on this list is, guess?


Burna Boy (From Rivers Portharcourt)


Popularly known for being rude and prideful even though I think that’s not the case.


Burna Boy has really entered the most popular singers in Naija debate no doubt.

Burna Boy (From Rivers Portharcourt)

I mean consistent Grammy nominations will give you that especially if it is done consecutively. Heck, his wealth much like Wizkid and Davido has continued to skyrocket since finding fame in 2018.


When put in a conversation with the previous two, his fan argues that he is in fact the best of the trio.


Anyways, the Nigerian music industry is a very controversy-driven industry and I will do my best to stay away.


Having said that, Burna Boy’s biggest song is YE and this one song has done over 100 million views on YouTube.


In this decade, he is arguably the best-selling musician from Nigeria because his audience is mostly international.


Also, a big shout out to Burna Boy fans “Outsiders” for holding it down for the singer.


Finally, Burna Boy endorsement deals will continue to reel in lots of cash because he is a sellable superstar and brands love that.


Real Name: Damini Ogulu


Stage Name: Burna Boy 


Age: 30 Years


Place of Birth: Portharcourt 


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 20+


Next on our list is Psquare and YES, P Square made the list of most popular male singers in Nigeria.


The reason? Well, they are Psquare and are one of the biggest music forces in Africa.


So quickly, let’s take a deep dive into the details, shall we?


Psquare (From Anambra State)


I have always been a huge Psquare fan from the very first day I found these guys existed.


I was thrilled by the dance routine, the singing and all of it you know. It was just electrifying watching them dance their lungs out, honestly.

Psquare (From Anambra State)

Well, P Square much like 2baba is untouchable when it is a debate of the best musicians in Nigeria.


These guys are legends. Although their breakup almost destroyed their career, I am glad something beautiful came out of it.


Peter and Paul much like the Wizzy, Baddest, and Burna Boy have made quite the name for themselves.


Heck when I wrote about Mr. P and Rudeboy’s net worth, I was shocked to see how both are worth in dollars.


Other than the Grammy, these ones have won every award in Africa since finding the spotlight in 2003 with Get Squared.


So are both deserving of a top 4 spot on the famous male Nigerian musicians list?


Well, every stats supports their position, and here are a few details you may have missed.


Real Name: Peter and Paul Okoye


Stage Name: P Square


Age: 41 Years


Place of Birth: Jos


Numbers of Albums: 6


Awards Won: 20+


Next Up?


It’s no other than Baddo himself…


Olamide (From Lagos State)


Olamide has been an amazing addition to the Nigerian music industry since debuting in 2012. Today, he is no doubt top ten most popular musicians in Nigeria.


His career soared like the Eagles and his level of consistency is unmatched by any in the industry.

Olamide (From Lagos State)

Yes, you heard that right and his last album UY Scuti proves what makes him relevant even in a competitive market today.


He is born and raised in Bariga and became the replacement for Dagrin after the singer passed on.


Since gracing the limelight, he produced over 7 studio albums and bagged lots of endorsement deals.


Olamide’s net worth also continues to soar as a result of this consistency and eye for spotting talents.


His signees are currently giving other upcoming musicians a run for their money which is thrilling to watch.


Baddo has over 23 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined. This is how he continues to touch his fan base with amazing music.


Real Name: Olamide Adedeji


Stage Name: Olamide (aka Baddoo)


Age: 31 Years


Place of Birth: Lagos


Numbers of Albums: 7


Awards Won: 20+


2Baba (From Benue State)


The name 2baba is synonymous with good music no doubt. It is why he is a legend in the Nigerian music industry.


2Baba started his music career in 1994 as part of the boy band Plantashun Boyz. The group left its footprint in our hearts until disbanding in the 2000s.

2Baba (From Benue State)

This led 2Face to start his solo music career which was a success thanks to classics like African Queen and If Love Is A Crime.


2Baba is also one of the legends without a Grammy award. but you can chalk it to a time when African music hasn’t gained the popularity it has today.


The crazy part though is that in the times of 2face Idibia, there wasn’t the popularity of social media to market their songs.


Fast forward to 2022, he is still dropping songs and holding down his fort as one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria.


Real Name: Innocent Ujah Idibia


Stage Name: 2Baba (aka 2face)


Age: 46 Years


Place of Birth: Jos 


Numbers of Albums: 5


Awards Won: 30+


Dbanj (From Ogun State)


Kokolet and mamalet. Dbanj has been fairly quiet in the music scene but his popularity has never dwindled.


His ability to dazzle with his performance is why he is rated as the best performing artist in Nigeria, one of the best and most popular musicians in Nigeria

Dbanj (From Ogun State)

Dbanj began his music career in Mohit Records which is a label formed by him and Don Jazzy.


Although the label hit rock bottom, the success of tracks like Why Me will be felt for another 10 years.


Charismatic and charming, he continues to release songs that have not really stuck in the head of fans.


This is partly due to the fact that the next generation of stars has been working with the old generations.


Today, competition is very steep with so much variety unlike when it was just him, Psquare, and 2baba dominating in the 2000s.


So is it biased for Dbanj to make the list of most popular music artist in Nigeria? The answer is certainly not because even with the popularity of the younger generations, non is touching these guys anytime soon.


Real Name: Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo


Stage Name: Dbanj (aka Koko master)


Age: 42 Years


Place of Birth: Zaria 


Numbers of Albums: 5


Awards Won: 25+


Don Jazzy (From Delta State)


Don Baba Jay as he is popularly called on social media today is one of the most influential stars in Nigeria.


He knows how to play, produce, sing and influence whatever outcome he desires.

Don Jazzy (From Delta State)

You could say he is the Kylie Jenner of the entertainment industry except he is not Kylie.


Don Jazzy began his music career in Mohits Record same as Dbanj but later went on to form the biggest label in the country called Mavin Records.


Mavin Records produced stars like Wande Coal, Tiwa Savage, and Reekado Banks amongst others.


Today Don Jazzy has the likes of Rema, Ayra Starr, and Crayon under his wings taking the industry by storm.


He continues to double if not triple his wealth by discovering young stars and giving them a platform to shine their lights.


He is a genius when it comes to influencing and marketing his brand using social media as the go-to tool.


Real Name: Michael Collins Ajereh


Stage Name: Don Jazzy


Age: 39 Years


Place of Birth: Umuahia 


Numbers of Albums: 2


Awards Won: 10+


Tiwa Savage (From Lagos State)


There is no most popular artist in Nigeria 2022 list that will be correct without the queen of Afrobeat.


I mean, yes, it is been a list mostly dominated by male musicians but it is obvious you can’t keep Tiwa out from this list.

Tiwa Savage Most Popular Musicians In Nigeria

When you and I are talking about the most popular female singers in Nigeria, she is right up there.


Tiwa came to the spotlight after getting signed by Mavin in 2012.


She released several bodies of work which were all beautifully accepted.


But the one that will etch in memory forever is Somebody’s Son featuring Brandy.


This one song from the Water and Garri EP has over 20 million views on YouTube.


Although there were a lot of controversies prior to the EP coming out, it was however one of the finest projects that dropped in 2021.


Fast forward years later, Tiwa Savage is making a very healthy amount of money and still competing for top spots on a list dominated by men.


Truly the queen of Afrobeat many would say, right?


Real Name: Tiwatope Savage


Stage Name: Tiwa Savage


Age: 41 Years


Place of Birth: Lagos State


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 15+


Flavour (From Anambra State)


Flavour is the king of Highlife melody and a top 10 spot is befitting of an artist of his caliber.


But this is not a favoritism list, it is one that is earned based on merits, social media buzz, word of mouth and number of streams.

Burna Boy Most Popular Musicians In Nigeria

When I wrote about Flavour and Phyno net worth a while ago, I was shocked to discover he has that much wealth. At some point, it got me thinking that I need to be a musician but I have neither the voice nor the charisma like Flavour.


Okay, that’s about as far as I go with that.


Flavour began his music career in the 2000s and dropped a few albums that have done good numbers.


He became very prominent for hit songs like Nnabania featuring Mr Raw and since then he has been unstoppable.


Although he has not won any major awards that’s because the award system in the country is rigged like the government.


You didn’t hear that from me though.


Here are a few details you may have missed:


Real Name: Chinedu Okoli


Stage Name: Flavour Nnabania


Age: 38 Years


Place of Birth: Enugu


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 4+


Flavour ends the list of artists that made it into the SMCE top 10 most famous musicians in Nigeria.


But wait!


There is more, now come let’s dive right into the top 20 most famous musicians in Nigeria for 2022, shall we?


Top 21 Most Popular Musicians In Nigeria 2022


Who are the top 20 most popular musicians in the Nigerian music industry? Well, I can tell you that Timaya made the list, and so did Banky W, Yemi Alade, and Simi.


Finally, here is a complete list of the most popular Nigerian musicians 2022 top 20.


  • Timaya
  • Banky W
  • Yemi Alade
  • Simi
  • Tekno
  • Patoranking
  • Adekunle Gold
  • Fireboy DML
  • Rema
  • Omah Lay


Now let’s talk about these guys, right?


Timaya (From Bayelsa State)


While we have a couple of musicians from the Niger Delta region that made this list, Timaya is the top 2 most popular from the region.


Timaya became popular in the mid-2000s thanks to hit songs like Dem Mama which became a national anthem in the South.


Since then, it’s been one hit song to another with one of the most recent being I Can’t Kill Myself.


A song that was meme all over the world because of how it resonated with people.


The award system also has not been fair to Timaya despite his consistency and craft.


He is one of the few from the 2000s that has remained really consistent with his music career. Heck, I would even dare to say he is in a league of his own.


But that would be polishing the whole thing a bit too much so I will just add that he is talented and provides quite the humor when he wants to on social media.


With that said, much like other stars in the top 10, he has made quite a fortune for himself. And below, you will find some more details about the singer.


Real Name: Inetimi Odom


Stage Name: Timaya


Age: 41 Years


Place of Birth: Portharcourt


Numbers of Albums: 5


Awards Won: 2


Banky W (From Lagos State)


Wellington has been an amazing phenomenon as a result of everything that he has done for the culture.


He is currently a politician but that has not stopped him from marrying his musical career with his political career. His popularity is the reason he made the top most popular musicians in Nigeria in 2022


He has spoken against bad governance and was a musical voice during the Endsars Movement.


Banky W first came to the spotlight with the hit song Capable which was a huge track back in the day.


He is also popular for putting Wizkid on a path that made him the biggest artist from Nigeria at the moment.


With that said, here are some details on Banky W you may have missed while reading this post.


Real Name: Olubankole Wellington


Stage Name: Banky W


Age: 41 Years


Place of Birth: New York, US


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 4+


Yemi Alade (From Lagos State)


Female artists in the country have struggled a lot due to the dominance of male artists in the industry.


But stars like Yemi Alade have been amazing in shifting the tide in their favor.


Yemi Alade became a sensation with her hit song Johnny, a song that has done over 100 million views on YouTube.


Actually, I had no idea it has amassed such an amount of views until I wrote an article on the top 50 most viewed African music videos on YouTube.


Her popularity is all over the continent because I feel she is really undercelebrated in the country.


However, outside Nigeria, she is the superstar who put smiles on the faces of people from those regions.


Yemi Alade takes the 13th spot as famous female Nigerian musicians 2022.


Meanwhile, if you have not listened to Yemi Alade My Man, you are missing a cool song.


Real Name: Yemi Eberechi Alade


Stage Name: Yemi Alade


Age: 33 Years


Place of Birth: Abia


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 7+


Simi (From Lagos State)


Simi’s vocals will literally give you the chills whenever you listen to her and she is a sensation.


Today, she is one of the most popular female musicians in Nigeria thanks to a number of hit songs.


Simi first came to the spotlight with the hit song Thief, it was immediately accepted nationwide because of its appeal.


Shortly after, she and Falz collaborated on the hit song Soldier and that too was a bop.


However, 2017 JOROMI was the magic for Simi because this one song won her several awards at the Headies.


Fast forward to today, she is still giving me chills with every song that she drops.


You have to check out her latest project TBH which is an acronym for, To Be Honest.


Real Name: Simisola Bolatito Kosoko


Stage Name: Simi


Age: 34 Years


Place of Birth: Lagos


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 7+


Tekno (From Anambra State)


Alhaji Tekno is one Nigerian musician that has been overshadowed by the success of Wizkid and Davido but make no mistake he is still one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria.


Don’t get me wrong, Tekno is a beautiful singer and he has the numbers on his side.


Despite his vocal cord challenge in 2017 which saw him take some time out of music, he came back stronger.


Every single he dropped after his vocal cord challenge was an instant hit with over 5 million views on YouTube.


Tekno first came to the spotlight with the hit song Pana and Diana which were all beautiful songs.


Then there was Jogodo, Choko, Enjoy e.t.c. if you didn’t listen to all these songs then you are missing a lot.


Having said that, he has also been able to make quite the wealth for himself and relocated to the US where he is now based.


Real Name: Augustine Miles Kelechi


Stage Name: Tekno


Age: 29 Years


Place of Birth: Bauchi


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 7+


Patoranking (From Ebonyi State)


Patoranking also made the most popular musicians in Nigeria 2022 list at number 16 which I feel is pretty low but given the talents on this list, it is hard to place him above the others.


Patoranking came to the spotlight with the hit song Alubarika featuring ex-Mavin star Tiwa Savage.


This one song has over 40 million views on YouTube. Patoranking has not gone a year without a hit song since then amidst steep competition.


His latest was Celebrate Me and Abule, two songs with over 23 million views on YouTube.


Since his debut in the music industry, Patoranking has not failed to keep us on our feet whenever he drops a song.


This was evident in the song Confirm featuring Davido. It is my all-time best from the singer to date.


Patoranking has also been making the bags quietly without all the social media fuzz that surrounds celebrities.


Real Name: Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie


Stage Name: Patoranking


Age: 32 Years


Place of Birth: Lagos


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 7+


Adekunle Gold (From Lagos State)


Adekunle Gold had to make the list of most popular musicians in Nigeria but I had a time swapping him for Teni and Niniola.


If this list is based on the current form then most musicians won’t make this list and that’s the fact.


But since the criteria favor current and past achievements, Adekunle had to make it.


I mean if the Headies was not biased, Adekunle Gold could have easily picked the Headies award this year.


But then again, you see why I say it is as corrupt as the government of a certain country that the name starts with “NI”. you can make of that what you will.


Adekunle Gold first came to the limelight after his success on the voice. Since that monstrous change, he has been amazing.


But the marriage to Simi brought a new Adekunle Gold no one knew existed and that was evident in his new album.


High featuring Davido, Selah, and Mercy was all product of the album Catch Me If You can which was all beautiful.


So go stream that album on Apple Music if you haven’t already but It Is What It Is is a song you should never miss.


Real Name: Adekunle Kosoko


Stage Name: Adekunle Gold


Age: 35 Years


Place of Birth: Lagos


Numbers of Albums: 4


Awards Won: 3+


Fireboy DML (From Ogun State)


YES, the new generation also made this list and deservingly so because they have been absolutely phenomenal.


Fireboy DML is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria today thanks to his growth over the last 3 years.


He debuted with the hit song Jealous which has over 18 million views on YouTube.


Fast forward to 2022, he has one of the biggest songs in the world in the remix of Peru featuring Ed Sheeran.


I also wrote about Fireboy net worth comparing it with the likes of Omah Lay, Rema, and Joeboy. It should make for an interesting read in your spare time.


As a side note, if you have not listened to Fireboy Playboy, you are missing a vibee song.


Real Name: Adedamola Adefolahan


Stage Name: Fireboy DML


Age: 26 Years


Place of Birth: Ogun State


Numbers of Albums: 2


Awards Won: 3+


Rema (From Edo State)


Edo state has a singer on this list and he has been an inspiration for the new generation of artists.


Rema first came to the spotlight with Dumebi, a hit song that announced him to the nation as the feature of afrobeat.


Rema is currently signed to Mavin Record, a label that is known for the allure of talents.


Each generation has been amazing and this new generation of the Mavins is just scintillating.


Rema released his first studio album Rave and Roses featuring hit songs like Calm Down. This one song has over 10 million views on YouTube which is crazy.


The current generation of music streamers tilt towards generation Z and Rema falls into that category which is why his songs resonate.


Having said, make sure you stream Rave and Roses on Apple Music or Spotify.


Real Name: Divine Ikubor


Stage Name: Rema


Age: 22 Years


Place of Birth: Benin


Numbers of Albums: 1


Awards Won: 3+


Frequently Asked Questions


Now come let me answer the most burning question that you have about this topic.


Don’t worry because I will make it as concise as possible without the fluffs.

Who Is The Most Popular Musician In Nigeria Right Now

Who is the most popular musician in Naija right now? The most popular musician in Nigeria currently is Davido. His real name is David Adedeji Adeleke. Furthermore, the statistic is reached based on his number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Who Is The Most Popular Nigerian Singer In The US & UK

Who is the most well-known Nigerian singer in the US & UK? Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy are currently the 3 most popular Nigerian artists in the USA as well as the United Kingdom. Davido, Burna Boy, and Wizkid have all sold-out shows at the O2 Arena.

Who Is The Billboard No 1 Nigerian Singer?

Who is the number Nigerian artist in Billboard history? Wizkid holds the most entry in Billboard history with 3 music. One of those is Essence which made Billboard's top 10 and the other is One Dance. Burna Boy has 2 entry on the chart and Davido manages 1 entry on the chart.

Who Is The Most Loved Musician In Nigeria?

Who is the most loved music star in Nigeria? The most loved music star in Nigeria is 2baba, Wizkid, Davido, Psquare, Dbanj, Burna Boy, and Don Jazzy.

Who Is The Biggest Pop Star In Nigeria

Who is the biggest Afropop musician in Nigeria? The biggest Afropop stars in Naija today is Psquare. It comprises of Peter and Paul, twin brothers who first came to the spotlight in 2003 with the hit song Get Squared which is also the title of their first album as a group.


Wrapping It Up


So there you have it, the top 20 most popular musicians in Nigeria 2022.


This list takes musicians from 3 decades and combines them together based on relevancy, consistency, streams, and social media following.


It is over to you now!


Who were you expecting to see on the most popular musicians in Nigeria list that did not make this list?


Leave a comment and on our next update, I will be sure to review and add him or her.


Finally, follow us here on Instagram for everything entertainment.

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