Top 20 Richest Musicians In East Africa 2023 ($31,253,791 Plus Cash)

top 20 richest musicians in East Africa
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Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 09:51 am

Who are the top 20 richest musicians in East Africa 2023 right now? 


In today’s post, you and I will find out everything about the richest musicians in East Africa and their net worth in 2023. 


Are you interested in knowing the net worth of the richest musical artists in East Africa? Great news! This article has all the information you’re looking for. Stay tuned and discover the answers you seek!


Wait there is more! 


Prior to delving into the specifics, it is important for you to understand that the basis for compiling this list is that each musician from East Africa must possess a minimum of $1 million.

Now, come let’s get right into the details, shall we? 


Top 10 Richest East African Musicians In 2023


Who are the top ten richest musicians in East Africa currently? The 10 richest East African musicians in 2021 are:

No on list Artist Country of origin
1 Diamond Platnumz Tanzanian
2 Bobi Wine Uganda
3 Jose Chameleone Uganda
4 Akothee Kenyan
5 Ali Kiba Tanzanian
6 Ragga Dee Uganda
7 Sauti Sol Kenyan
8 Jaguar Kenya
9 Professor Jay Tanzanian
10 Bebe Cool Uganda
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Now that you know the top richest singers in East Africa, come let’s find out how much each is worth shall we?


1. Diamond Platnumz Net Worth $7 Million (Tanzania)


Who is the richest musician in East Africa today? The richest singer in East Africa currently is Diamond Platnumz. He currently boasts a net worth of 7,000,000 US dollars ($7 million). His source of income is mostly music, endorsements, and owning a record label called the Wasafi Records. 


Having said that, let’s talk briefly about Diamond Platnumz shall we? 



Diamond Platnumz fine lyrics

During a 2021 interview, Diamond Platnumz said that he took a risk to build his career. 


He mentioned that his encounter with Nigerian superstar Davido nearly drained his finances, but emphasized that a single decision altered the course of his life indefinitely.


This is because the song Number One remix introduced him to the Nigerian music market and its population. 


Diamond fit in so well because Nigerians consume all genre of songs and are comfortable exploring.


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Having said that Diamond was born on October 2nd, 1989 in Tindale Dar Es Salaam. 


He is a Tanzania singer-songwriter, dancer, philanthropist, record label executive, and the founder of WCB Wasafi Records. 


Platnumz is currently not just one of the richest musicians in Tanzania but also the most richest singers in East Africa. 


So how is the net worth of Diamond Platnumz? Diamond Platnumz’s net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 7,000,000 US dollars ($7 million). His net worth makes him one of the top richest musicians in Africa as well as the richest musician in East Africa. 


Net Worth: $7 Million 

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2. Bobi Wine Net Worth $7 Million (Uganda)


Bobi Wine has risen to become one of the most renowned musicians in East Africa due to the overwhelming support he received for his political aspirations.


I remember African musicians coming together, voicing their opinion about the ill-treatment Bobi Wine was getting at the hands of his government. 

top richest musical artists in East Africa

So who is he right? Bobi Wine was born on February 12th, 1982 in Uganda. He is a musician, politician, actor, and businessman who is the leader of the National Unity Platform Political party. 


but since you and I aren’t here to talk about his political party, we might as well go straight to how much he is worth right? 


So how much is the net worth of Bobi Wine? Bobi Wine’s net worth currently is estimated to be the sum of 7,000,000 US dollars ($7 million). His sources of wealth comprise music, holding a political office, and being a businessman. He is the 2nd richest musician in East Africa. 


Net Worth: $7 Million 


3. Jose Chameleone Net Worth $6 Million (Uganda)


During my research in trying to piece this article together, I discovered that Uganda musicians have made serious waves across the continent. 


and one of such names is Jose Chameleone which is his stage name but born as Joseph Mayanja. 

richest musicians in East Africa and their net worth

So who is he? Joseph Mayanja is a Ugandan musician, a singer-songwriter who sings in 3 different languages namely Swahili, English, and Luganda. 


Jose’s career started in the early 90s where his talent began to unveil him to the rest of the African continent. 


He was born in the year 1979 precisely on the 30th of April. He started his career with the Kenyan Record label Ogopa Deejays. 


Jose Chameleone has also won several awards during this time on the spotlight (20 awards to be exact) sitting on his award archive. 


So how much is the net worth of Jose Chameleone? Jose Chameleone’s net worth of 2021 Forbes is currently estimated to be the sum of 6,000,000 ($6 million). His sources of income stem from his amazing music career while also having lots of endorsement deals from brands across East Africa. He is the 3rd richest East African musician today. 

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Net Worth: $6 Million 


4. Akothee Net Worth $5.5 Million (Kenya)


She is one of the few East African musicians that I admire so much because her story is inspiring and she is one of the top 10 richest musicians in Kenya right now.


She came from nothing and had it all after picking up the mantle to make it at any cost because of the bad treatment she got from her husband’s mother. 

Top 10 Richest East African Musicians In 2021

So who is Akothee right? Esther Akoth is popularly known by her stage name Akothee. She is a Kenyan singer-songwriter and businesswoman.


Akothee success teaches women that whoever they are, you can make it provided that you are willing to put in the work. 


She debuted in the Kenyan music industry sometime in 2008 while dropping several hit singles. 


Her songs did not only bring her fame but also enriched her with a well-deserving net worth while also scooping lots of awards. 


One very such award is the African Musik Magazine award abbreviated as AFRIMMA. 


So how much is the net worth of Akothee? Akothee net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 5,500,000 US dollars ($5.5 million). Her major source of income is music, her businesses such as the Aknotela Akothee Homes which is a real estate business. She is the 4th richest singer in East Africa right now. 


Net Worth: $5.5 Million 


5. Ali Kiba Net Worth $4.5 Million (Tanzania)


Ali Kiba has been slowing down in my opinion when you and I talk about music. 


He is very famous for his song Aje which became an instant hit song across East Africa. 

Ali Kiba

So who is he? Ali Kiba is a Tanzania recording artist, singer-songwriter, footballer, and the founder of Kings Music Label. 


Tanzania is blessed with lots of amazing talent and Ali Kiba is one of the many you will find in Tanzania. 


He was born on 26th November 1986 and he is currently married to his beautiful wife Amina Khaleef who has been very supportive of his career. 


Ali Kiba’s fame spread across Africa after the Cinderella album became a best-selling album in 3 East African countries namely Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. 


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After taking a 3 years hiatus, Ali Kiba returned to the music scene in 2015 with a hit single titled Mwana which helped him to scoop 5 awards at the Tanzania music award. 


So how much is the net worth of Ali Kiba? Ali Kiba’s total net worth is estimated to be 4,500,000 US dollars ($4.5 million). His source of income is mostly from his illustrious career as a musician, and from having lots of endorsement deals. 


Net Worth: $4.5 Million 


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