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Last updated on December 12th, 2023 at 08:18 pm

Who are the top 20 richest musicians in East Africa 2024 right now? 


In today’s post, you and I will find out everything about the richest musicians in East Africa and their net worth in 2024. 


Are you interested in knowing the net worth of the richest musical artists in East Africa? Great news! This article has all the information you’re looking for. Stay tuned and discover the answers you seek!


Wait, there is more! 


Prior to delving into the specifics, it is important for you to understand that the basis for compiling this list is that each musician from East Africa must possess a minimum of $1 million.

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Now, come, let’s get right into the details, shall we? 


Top 10 Richest East African Musicians In 2023


Who are the top ten richest musicians in East Africa currently? The 10 richest East African musicians in 2021 are:

No on list Artist Country of origin
1 Diamond Platnumz Tanzanian
2 Bobi Wine Uganda
3 Jose Chameleone Uganda
4 Akothee Kenyan
5 Ali Kiba Tanzanian
6 Ragga Dee Uganda
7 Sauti Sol Kenyan
8 Jaguar Kenya
9 Professor Jay Tanzanian
10 Bebe Cool Uganda

Now that you know the top richest singers in East Africa, let’s find out how much each is worth, shall we?


1. Diamond Platnumz Net Worth $7 Million (Tanzania)


Who is the richest musician in East Africa today? The richest singer in East Africa currently is Diamond Platnumz. He currently boasts a net worth of 7,000,000 US dollars ($7 million). His source of income is mostly music, endorsements, and owning a record label called the Wasafi Records. 


Having said that, let’s talk briefly about Diamond Platnumz, shall we? 



Diamond Platnumz fine lyrics

During a 2021 interview, Diamond Platnumz said that he took a risk to build his career. 


He mentioned that his encounter with Nigerian superstar Davido nearly drained his finances but emphasized that a single decision altered the course of his life indefinitely.


This is because the song Number One remix introduced him to the Nigerian music market and its population. 


Diamond fit in so well because Nigerians consume all genres of songs and are comfortable exploring.


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Having said that, Diamond was born on October 2nd, 1989, in Tindale Dar Es Salaam. 


He is a Tanzania singer-songwriter, dancer, philanthropist, record label executive, and the founder of WCB Wasafi Records. 


Platnumz is currently one of the richest musicians in Tanzania and also the most richest singers in East Africa. 


So what is the net worth of Diamond Platnumz? Diamond Platnumz’s net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 7,000,000 US dollars ($7 million). His net worth makes him one of the top richest musicians in Africa as well as the richest musician in East Africa. 


Net Worth: $7 Million 


2. Bobi Wine Net Worth $7 Million (Uganda)


Bobi Wine has risen to become one of the most renowned musicians in East Africa due to the overwhelming support he received for his political aspirations.


I remember African musicians coming together, voicing their opinions about the ill-treatment Bobi Wine was getting at the hands of his government. 

top richest musical artists in East Africa

So who is he right? Bobi Wine was born on February 12th, 1982 in Uganda. He is a musician, politician, actor, and businessman who is the leader of the National Unity Platform Political party. 


But since you and I aren’t here to talk about his political party, we might as well go straight to his worth, right? 


So how much is the net worth of Bobi Wine? Bobi Wine’s net worth is estimated to be 7,000,000 US dollars ($7 million). His wealth sources comprise music, a political office, and being a businessman. He is the 2nd richest musician in East Africa. 


Net Worth: $7 Million 


3. Jose Chameleone Net Worth $6 Million (Uganda)


During my research in trying to piece this article together, I discovered that Ugandan musicians have made serious waves across the continent. 


One such name is Jose Chameleone which is his stage name, but he was born as Joseph Mayanja. 

richest musicians in East Africa and their net worth

So who is he? Joseph Mayanja is a Ugandan musician and singer-songwriter who sings in 3 different languages: Swahili, English, and Luganda. 


Jose’s career started in the early 90s when his talent began to unveil him to the rest of the African continent. 


He was born in the year 1979, precisely on the 30th of April. He started his career with the Kenyan Record label Ogopa Deejays. 


Jose Chameleone has also won several awards during this time in the spotlight (20 awards, to be exact), sitting on his award archive. 


So how much is the net worth of Jose Chameleone? Jose Chameleone’s net worth in 2023 Forbes is currently estimated to be the sum of 6,000,000 ($6 million). His sources of income stem from his amazing music career and many endorsement deals from brands across East Africa. He is the 3rd richest East African musician today. 

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Net Worth: $6 Million 


4. Akothee Net Worth $5.5 Million (Kenya)


She is among the few East African musicians I admire so much because her story is inspiring, and she is one of the top 10 richest musicians in Kenya right now.


She came from nothing and had it all after picking up the mantle to make it at any cost because of the bad treatment she got from her husband’s mother. 

Top 10 Richest East African Musicians In 2021

So who is Akothee? Esther Akoth is popularly known by her stage name Akothee. She is a Kenyan singer-songwriter and businesswoman.


Akothee’s success teaches women that whoever they are, they can make it if they are willing to do the work. 


She debuted in the Kenyan music industry sometime in 2008 while dropping several hit singles. 


Her songs not only brought her fame but also enriched her with a well-deserving net worth while also scooping lots of awards. 


One such award is the African Musik Magazine award, abbreviated as AFRIMMA. 


So how much is the net worth of Akothee? Akothee’s net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 5,500,000 US dollars ($5.5 million). Her major source of income is music, and her businesses, such as the Aknotela Akothee Homes, which is a real estate business. She is the 4th richest singer in East Africa right now. 


Net Worth: $5.5 Million 


5. Ali Kiba Net Worth $4.5 Million (Tanzania)


Ali Kiba has been slowing down, in my opinion, when you and I talk about music. 


He is very famous for his song Aje which became an instant hit song across East Africa. 

Ali Kiba

So who is he? Ali Kiba is a Tanzania recording artist, singer-songwriter, footballer, and the founder of Kings Music Label. 


Tanzania is blessed with lots of amazing talent, and Ali Kiba is one of the many you will find in Tanzania. 


He was born on 26th November 1986, and he is currently married to his beautiful wife, Amina Khaleef, who has been very supportive of his career. 


Ali Kiba’s fame spread across Africa after the Cinderella album became a best-selling album in 3 East African countries: Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. 


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After taking a 3 years hiatus, Ali Kiba returned to the music scene in 2015 with a hit single titled Mwana which helped him to scoop 5 awards at the Tanzania Music Award. 


So how much is the net worth of Ali Kiba? Ali Kiba’s total net worth is estimated to be 4,500,000 US dollars ($4.5 million). His source of income is mostly from his illustrious career as a musician and from having lots of endorsement deals. 


Net Worth: $4.5 Million 


6. Ragga Dee Net Worth $4 Million (Uganda)


Ragga Dee is one of the oldest singers in Kenya since he came from a time different from this time. 


However, his music has continued to age well with this current generation despite finding fame in the 80s.

Ragga Dee

Daniel Kazibwe was born in the late 60s, precisely 1968. He is a Ugandan musician and politician. 


His rise to fame came after his talent was announced to the world while being part of the group Da Homies. 


Da Homies released hit songs like Bamusakata, which became a national hit song at the time. 


Ragga Dee decided to pursue a solo career where he won several awards, one of which is the Pearl Of Africa Music Award. He scooped the award in 2004 and then again in 2005.


So how much is the net worth of Ragga Dee? Ragga Dee’s net worth is estimated to be the sum of 4,000,000 US dollars ($4 million). He made a huge part of his money from music while also venturing into politics. 


Net Worth: $4 Million 


Ragga Dee also made this list of the top 10 richest singers in East Africa today.


7. Sauti Sol Net Worth $3.7 Million (Kenya)


Sauti Sol has been gaining lots of attention across Africa after their features on several projects in 2020. 

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol was featured in the Davido star-studded album A Better Time, which has many streams on Audiomack. 


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Sauti Sol was also featured on the Patoranking 2020 project titled Three, meaning his 3rd studio album. 


Since its formation in 2005, the group comprising Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, and Polycarp Otieno has found local and international success. 


The group has won awards such as the Channel O Music Award, MTV Europe Music Award, and BET award. 


So how much is the net worth of Sauti Sol? Sauti Sol’s net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 3,700,000 US dollars ($3.7 million). 


Net Worth: $3.7 Million 


8. Jaguar Net Worth $3.2 Million (Kenya)


The richest musicians in East Africa net worth list will not be complete if I did not toss in Jaguar’s name. 


Don’t worry! 


It is not the popular animal Jaguar that you know; this one is a human being and does not have four legs. 


Having said that, Jaguar also made the top 10 richest artists in East Africa with a very fine net worth. 


But before you and I get into that, let’s see some small details about him first, yeah? 


So who is Jaguar? Jaguar is a Kenyan recording artist, singer-songwriter, and politician who rose to fame after his hit single Kigeugeu. 


Kigeugeu was widely accepted, and critics made it even more pleasing to the ears with their reviews. 


Over the course of Jaguar’s career, he has been signed to lots of labels, but he is currently with Main Switch Studio, owned by Philip Makanda. 

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Under this Main Switch Studio, he has worked with high-profile artists across Africa, including Iyanya and Mafikizolo. 


Jaguar has successfully merged his music career and his political career while serving as a mayor in Kampala. 


So how much is Jaguar’s net worth now? Jaguar’s current net worth is estimated to be 3,200,00 US dollars ($3.2 million). His major source of wealth creation is through music and, most recently, through being a politician and businessman. 


Net Worth: $3.2 Million 


9. Professor Jay Worth $3 Million (Tanzania)


Professor Jay’s career has been one riddled with successes, oh! You thought I was going to say failure? 


Well, if you have more than 2 million dollars in assets, you are wealthy, especially from Africa. 

Professor Jay

So who is he? Joseph Haule was born on 29th December 1975 in Tanzania. He is a Tanzania musician, rapper, and politician. 


His sounds keep you hooked and make you want to hit the replay button continuously. 


He is popularly known by his stage name, Professor Jay, with whom he attained fame and released several albums. 


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Jay Sound favors Tanzania hip hop genre Bongo Flava which is the sound that has made the Tanzanian music industry stand out from other East African countries. 


So how much is the net worth of Professor Jay? Professor Jay’s net value is currently estimated to be 3,000,000 US dollars ($3 million). He acquired a major part of his wealth through his outstanding musical career


This net worth makes Professor Jay one of the top 10 richest musicians in East Africa 2024. 


Net Worth: $3 Million 


10. Bebe Cool Net Worth $2.6 Million (Uganda)


Bebe Cool’s career has been what anyone would describe in one word as “Prosperous,” right? 


Perfection. That’s the sole word that comes to mind when I reflect upon it, and I can confidently affirm that it is absolutely flawless.

Bebe Cool

So who is he? Bebe Cool is a Tanzania singer-songwriter and recording artist who rose to fame after his singles, such as Fitina and Mambo Mingi. 


The record was widely accepted, and he is no doubt enjoying life in Kenya, where he began his amazing career under the Agopa Deejay label. 


He decided to move back home and do things in his own way, and it has since been amazing, featuring Rudeboy, one of the Psquare Brothers. 


Bebe Cool has won several awards, including the Pearl of Africa Music Award, and got himself a nomination for the Kora Awards in 2003. 


His wealth has continued to grow to make him one of the top 10 richest musical artists in East Africa. 


So how much is the net worth of Bebe Cool? Bebe Cool’s net worth is estimated to be the sum of 2,600,000 US dollars ($2.6 Million). Bebe Cool’s source of income comes mainly from music. 


Net Worth: $2.6 Million 


Now that you and I are done with the richest musicians in East Africa top 10 lists, come, let’s get into the top 20, shall we? 


Top 20 Richest Singers In East Africa 2024


Who are the top 20 most wealthy musicians in East Africa right now? The top 20 richest musicians in East Africa 2023 are:


11. Lady Jaydee Net Worth $2.4 Million (Tanzania)


Lady Jaydee did succeed under Taurus Musik, one of the biggest labels at the time. 


Today, there are several labels that are bigger than Taurus Musik, but that does not mean it is no longer one of the best in the continent. 


Lady Jaydee became one of the best in her genre after she won the Best R&B Album at the Tanzania Music Award ceremony. 


She was born Judith Wambura Mbibo but is popular for her craftsmanship which in this case is music. 


Jaydee is a Tanzania musician, a singer-songwriter who rose to fame after her R&B songs were widely accepted in Tanzania. 


She is currently the Queen of Bongo Flava, and it doesn’t look like this title is going anywhere soon. 


So how much is the net worth of Lady Jaydee? Lady Jaydee’s is estimated to be worth 2,400,000 US dollars ($2.4 Million). Jaydee’s source of income strictly came from her profession as a musician. 


Net Worth: $2.4 Million 


12. Nahreel Net Worth $2 Million (Tanzania)


Tanzania musicians populate this list, and it almost looks like they are the wealthiest in East African music scene. 


The defining moment in Nahreel’s career came after Pah One broke up, which led to the formation of a duo group called Navy Kenzo. 


The group was made up of himself and his long-time girlfriend, and together both released the album titled AIM, which featured stars across Africa. 


One of the names on this album is Patoranking, a Nigerian musician and countryman, Ali Kiba. 


So who is Nahreel? Nahreel is a Tanzania singer-songwriter, music producer, and the founder of Industry Studios. 


So how much is the net worth of Nahreel? Nahreel’s worth is estimated to be 2,000,000 US dollars ($2 million). A lot of his wealth comes from music and being an entrepreneur. 


Net Worth: $2 Million 


13. Jah Prayzah Net Worth $2 Million (Zimbabwe)


Jah Prayzah has been a big star in Zimbabwe for a long time. He’s the lead singer of the famous band Third Generation.


He’s one of two musicians from Zimbabwe who are on the list of the top 20 richest musicians in East Africa in 2023.


He’s ranked the 13th richest in East Africa, meaning he has a lot of money.


Prayzah started making music in high school, where he and his friend made mostly dancehall songs.


Initially, he wasn’t super famous, but his last album, “Ngwarira Kuparara,” changed everything.


This album was a big hit and helped him become well-known in music.


He’s also won 2 NAMA awards and a ZIMA award for his music. Plus, he got the South African award for Best Artist in Southern Africa.

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So how much is the net worth of Jah Prayzah? Jah Prayzah’s net worth is currently estimated to be 2,000,000 US dollars ($2 million). 


Net Worth: $2 Million 


14. Sulumani Chimbetu Net Worth $2 Million (Zimbabwe)


Sulumani Chimbetu has had a really successful music career, especially after he won the NAMA award in 2013.


He brought out his first album in 2007, but his biggest hit came in 2012. His 2012 album, called “Syllabus,” was a big success, partly because he worked with famous artists like Jah Prayzah.


Before he became famous, Sulumani was in the Air Force. But after his dad passed away, he left to continue his dad’s music legacy with the band Orchestra Dendera Kings.


This band was led by his dad, and after his uncle, it was Sulumani’s turn to take over.


He worked hard to make the band successful before starting his own solo music career. So far, he’s released more than three albums, and they’ve all been pretty good.


So how much is he worth? Sulumani Chimbetu is currently worth the sum of 2,000,000 US dollars ($2 Million). 


Net Worth: $2 Million 


15. Juma Nature Net Worth $1.5 Million (Tanzania)


Juma Nature has worked hard to succeed in the Tanzanian music scene.


So, who is he? Juma Nature is a hip-hop artist and producer from Tanzania.


He started the music group Wanaume and is also a member of it.


His latest album, “Bongo Flava,” talks about some big problems that people in Tanzania face.


He used this album to really make people think, and in his song “Umoja Wa Tanzania,” he sings about love and unity.


Juma Nature has used his music to ask important questions about how wealth is shared in his country.


So how much is the net worth of Juma Nature? Juma Nature’s net worth is currently estimated to be 1,500,00 US dollars ($1.5 million). 


Net Worth: $1.5 Million


16. Dully Sykes Net Worth $1.5 Million (Tanzania)


Dully Sykes is a fantastic singer, and his songs often tell stories about real life.


He’s also famous for writing songs and creating catchy hooks for other artists in the music industry.


So, who is he? Dully Sykes is a musician, producer, singer-songwriter, and record label executive from Tanzania.


He became really popular in East Africa after his album “Historia Ya Kweli” won over a lot of fans.


Then, he released another hit song called “Handsome,” which really made him one of the big names in Tanzanian music.


So how much is the net worth of Dully Sykes? The net worth of Dully Sykes is currently estimated to be 1,500,000 US dollars ($1.5 million). 


Net Worth: $1.5 Million 


17. Nameless Net Worth $1.3 Million (Kenya)


Looking back, it’s clear that without Kenya’s urban music talent search program, “Changes,” many of us might not have discovered Nameless.


During the competition, which he won with an original song, he really showed off his amazing talent.


After his win, he got signed to Agopa Deejay, which was a big music label in Kenya at the time.


Once he joined the label, he released another hit song with Amani, which stayed at the top of the charts for three months.


But who is he, really? Nameless is a Kenyan singer-songwriter, and he’s known as the first artist to start modern-day Kenyan music.


So how much is the net worth of Nameless? Nameless net worth is currently estimated to be 1,300,000 US dollars ($1.3 million). 


Net Worth: $1.3 Million 


18. AY Net Worth $1.3 Million (Tanzania)


Tanzanian musicians are a big part of this list, and there are reasons for that, but we won’t get into those details here.


African music is always changing, and leading the way are countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


These countries have done a great job representing Africa on the world stage. Now, let’s talk about A.Y.


He’s a Tanzanian artist known for Bongo Flava and hip-hop music. He was born on July 5, 1982.


He started his career at S.O.G, where he really worked on his music skills and slowly became a well-known figure in Tanzania’s music world.


He won the MTV Africa Music award for best hip-hop artist. Today, he’s worth over a million dollars, thanks to his amazing career in the music industry.


So how much is the net worth of A.Y? A.Y net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 1,300,000 US dollars ($1.3 million). 


Net Worth: $1.3 Million 


19. Yaba Angelosi Net Worth $1.3 Million (South Sudan)


Yaba Angelosi is a South Sudanese musician and one of the top 20 richest singers in East Africa today. 


He was born in South Sudan but spent all his life in the USA before making a return to South Sudan. 


His trip back saw the singer explore the music and movie industry as a singer, producer, and filmmaker. 


So far, his craft has seen him rise to be one of the richest singers in South Sudan while also being one of the wealthiest musicians in East Africa. 


So how much is Yaba Angelosi’s net worth? Yaba Angelosi’s net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 1,300,000 US dollars ($1.3 million). He makes money from music, movies, and endorsement deals. 


Net Worth: $1.3 Million 


20. Emmanuel Jal Net Worth $1.2 Million (South Sudan) 


Emmanuel Jal is also one of the richest musicians in East Africa according to Forbes. 


He is a Sudanese Canadian musician, actor, and political activist. 


Growing up in South Sudan meant that Emmanuel Jal experienced unrest in his country. 


He picked up arms at a tender age to fight as a rebel especially knowing that his father died fighting for what was right. 


But when death came knocking at his door, he had to flee his country to settle in Kenya. 


Life in Kenya wasn’t exactly easy either, as he struggled for survival. 


However, he connected with people who shared his experience, and together they worked on hip-hop music. 


It was hip-hop that helped heal his trauma of witnessing war firsthand as a child. 


Today Emmanuel Jal is one of the richest musicians in East Africa 2021 Forbes. 


But then, how much is Emmanuel Jal worth? Emmanuel Jal’s net worth is estimated to be the sum of 1,200,000 US dollars ($1.2 million). 




There you have the richest musicians in East Africa 2024. 


I hope you find this list useful and that it satisfies the reason why you landed here. 


But wait, there is something I want you to do for me right now. 


Over to you now! 


Who else should be on this list of the richest musicians in East Africa? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts, and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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