Top 20 Richest Musicians In East Africa 2023 ($31,253,791 Plus Cash)

top 20 richest musicians in East Africa
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Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 09:51 am

16. Dully Sykes Net Worth $1.5 Million (Tanzania)


Dully Sykes is an amazing singer and his songs have been based on real-life stories. 


He is also known for writing songs and delivering hooks for other artists in the music business. 


So who is he? Dully Sykes is a Tanzania musician, producer, singer-songwriter, and record label executive. 

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His fame struck East Africa after his album Historia Ya Kweli made its way to fan’s hearts. 


He followed it up with another hit song titled Handsome which sealed his place as one of the great names in Tanzania music. 


So how much is the net worth of Dully Sykes? The net worth of Dully Sykes is currently estimated to be 1,500,000 US dollars ($1.5 million). 


Net Worth: $1.5 Million 


17. Nameless Net Worth $1.3 Million (Kenya)


Looking back, if it wasn’t for Kenya’s urban music talent hunt program changes you, and I may never have known about Nameless. 


During the competition which he won with an original song, he displayed the gift that he has and that gift shone really bright. 


After winning the competition, he was signed to Agopa Deejay which was one of the biggest labels in Kenya back then. 


After signing with the label he went on to drop another monster hit the track with Amani which topped charts for 3 months plus. 


But who is he? He is a Kenyan singer-songwriter and the very first singer that started modern-day Kenyan music. 


So how much is the net worth of Nameless? Nameless net worth is currently estimated to be 1,300,000 US dollars ($1.3 million). 


Net Worth: $1.3 Million 


18. AY Net Worth $1.3 Million (Tanzania)


This list has been mostly populated by Tanzania musicians and there are factors for this which this post won’t permit us to go into. 

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African music continues to evolve and at the hem of it all is Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, and DRC Congo. 


All these countries have continued to represent Africa well on the international stage. 


With that said, A.Y is a Tanzania Bongo Flava and hip hop artist. He was born on 5th July 1982. 


He embarked on his career at S.O.G, honing his skills and steadily emerging as a prominent figure in the Tanzanian music scene.


He was the MTV Africa Music award for best hip hop artist and today he is worth a million-plus thanks to having one of the finest careers in the industry. 


So how much is the net worth of A.Y? A.Y net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 1,300,000 US dollars ($1.3 million). 


Net Worth: $1.3 Million 


19. Yaba Angelosi Net Worth $1.3 Million (South Sudan)


Yaba Angelosi is a South Sudanese musician and one of the top 20 richest singers in East Africa today. 


He was born in Juba-South Sudan but spent all his life in the USA before making a return to South Sudan. 


His trip back saw the singer explore the music and movie industry as a singer, producer, and filmmaker. 


So far his craft has seen him rise to be one of the richest singers in South Sudan while aslo being one of the wealthiest musicians in East Africa. 


So how much is Yaba Angelosi’s net worth? Yaba Angelosi’s net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of 1,300,000 US dollars ($1.3 million). He makes money from music, making movies, and also from endorsement deals. 

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Net Worth: $1.3 Million 


20. Emmanuel Jal Net Worth $1.2 Million (South Sudan) 


Emmanuel Jal is also one of the richest musicians in East Africa according to Forbes. 


He is a Sudanese Canadian musician, actor, and political activist. 


Growing up in South Sudan meant that Emmanuel Jal experienced unrest in his country. 


He picked up arms at a tender age to fight as a rebel especially knowing that his father died fighting for what is right. 


but when death came knocking at his door, he had to flee his country to settle in Kenya. 


Life in Kenya wasn’t exactly easy either as he struggled for survival. 


However, he connected with people that have shared his same experience, and together they worked on hip hop music. 


It was hip hop that helped healed his trauma of witnessing war firsthand as a child. 


Today Emmanuel Jal is one of the richest musicians in East Africa 2021 Forbes. 


but then how much is Emmanuel Jal worth? Emmanuel Jal’s net worth is estimated to be the sum of 1,200,000 US dollars ($1.2 million). 




There you have the richest musicians in East Africa 2021. 


I hope you find this list useful and that it satisfies the reason why you landed here. 


but wait there is something I want you to do for me right now. 


Over to you now! 


Who else should be on this list of the richest musicians in East Africa? 


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