Top 20 Richest Musicians In Tanzania 2022 (Over $51,325,897)

Top 10 Wealthy Musicians In Tanzania
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Last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 08:37 am

Top 20 Richest Artists In Tanzania 2022


Who are the top 20 wealthiest artists in Tanzania right now? The 20 richest Tanzania artists right now include:


  • Tumi Molekane 


  • Vanessa Mdee 


  • Rayvanny 


  • Juma Jux 



Now, come let’s dive right into this list and find out how much each of these guys are worth, shall we? 


Tumi Molekane Worth $1 Million 


 Tumi Molekane is binational and what this means is that he comes from two different countries. 


He hails from South Africa and Tanzania and he is often considered a South African rapper. 

richest musicians in Tanzania Forbes

However, I am taking a different approach because he is from two countries as such should be identified with his two countries of origin. 


He is was the lead vocalist of Tumi and the Volume until the group disbanded in 2012.


Since then he has rebranded and released an album titled Stoogie T. 


The album featured Nasty C who is currently one of the most popular young rappers from SA. 


So how much is Tumi Molekane worth? Tumi Molekane is currently worth the sum of 1,000,000 US dollars ($1 million). 


Net Worth: $1 Million


Vanessa Mdee Worth $1 Million


Vanessa has been one of the role models for many upcoming female musicians in Tanzania. 


She was born in 1988 precisely in the month of June. 

Vanessa Mdee Worth $1 Million

She is a Tanzanian rapper, singer-songwriter, TV personality, and radio host. 


Her rise to fame came with her debut single Closer under BHITs Music Group. 


Closer in its first week received more than 25,000 downloads making her the first female to achieve such feat in the Tanzania music industry. 


She is currently signed to Universal Music Group under which she has been doing just fine. 


So how much is she worth today? Vanessa Mdee’s net worth is currently worth the sum of 1,000,000 US dollars ($1 million). Her source of money comes from being a TV personality, music, and brand endorsements. 


Net Worth: $1 Million 


Rayvanny Worth $600,000


Rayvanny growth in the Tanzania music industry has been beautiful so to speak. 


Since his debut back in 2016 after penning a deal with Diamond Platnumz record label, his success has been telling. 

Rayvanny Worth $600,000

I love his sounds especially when I began listening to his songs such as number one and marry me. 


So who is this guy right? Rayvanny is a Tanzanian singer-songwriter whose genre of music is the traditional Bongo Flava. 


A genre so beautiful that you could literally listen to his sounds all day. 


Chances are you have not listened to some of his body of work. 


A good place to start would be one of his songs Nyamaza which means shut up. 


Just as he has continued to grow musically so also has Rayvanny net worth grown exponentially. 


So how much is he worth today? Rayvanny is currently worth the sum of 500,000 ($600,000). A lot of his income comes from music and he is currently the 2nd most subscribed musician on YouTube from East Africa. 


Net Worth: $600K


Juma Jux Worth $600K


Juma was born in the year 1989 on September 1 in the city of Dar es Salaam. 


Just like Diamond Platnumz, Jux started his career from the very bottom at a very tender age. 

Juma Jux Worth $600K

He started rapping and singing but ultimately it was his ability to navigate these two styles that brought him fame. 


After securing a record label deal, Jux began recording songs as an R&B artist and this was evident in his feature on Rayvanny’s album teamo. 


Juma Jux is a Tanzania singer-songwriter and rapper signed under A.M records. 


In 2015 he picked up the award for best R&B song at the Kilimanjaro music award. 


He continues to evolve and make his sounds heard all over Africa. 


So how much is he worth? Juma Jux’s net worth is currently estimated to be $600K. His source of income comes majorly from music. 


Net Worth: $600K


Nandy Worth $600K 


Music is an art and it connects the world to a very large extent, you know. 


Music is what makes you relatable to someone who comes from a different country, has cultural diversity, and still feels like you got them. 


Mandy’s career shot up to a beautiful height after she became a runner-up at the TECNO Own The Stage talent hunt. 


She received mentorship under the likes of M.I Abaga and Yemi Alade among other judges of the show. 


This was the defining moment in her career because coming up as runner-up meant more open doors and more possibilities. 


In 2017 she released a single titled One Day which reinforced the belief she had in herself and her sound. 


One Day became a hit song gaining major airplay on several radio channels across Tanzania. 


Since then, she hasn’t thought about looking back. 


So the question becomes how much is she worth today? Nandy’s net worth is currently estimated to be the sum of $600K and her primary source of money is music. 


Net Worth: $600K


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