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Last updated on December 14th, 2023 at 01:14 pm

Oftentimes I get asked who are the top 20 best Nigeria musicians 2024? I am left stuttering em-em-em-em.


Today, I have done my research and concluded who makes this list of best Nigeria musicians in 2024. They are also some of the most awarded musicians in Nigeria today.


Best Music Artists In Nigeria Stats
Best Music Artists In Nigeria Stats

In this post, you will get the top 5 best Nigerian musicians as well as:


  • A complete list of the top 10 best Nigeria musicians in 2024


  • A complete list of the top 20 best Nigeria musicians 


  • And finally, you will also get a complete list of the top 30 best Nigeria musicians 2024.


Attention: If you prefer watching videos, I have created the best musicians in Nigeria video; click the play button to watch it now! 

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Let’s dive into the SMCE list of the most talented Nigerian musicians. 


Top 10 Best Nigeria Musicians in 2024


The best artists in Nigeria list is going to be a huge write-up but I made it for you…


Who are the top 10 best musicians in Nigeria today? The top 10 best musicians in Nigeria today are: 

Artist Name State Origin Deceased or Alive
Burna Boy Portharcourt Alive
Wizkid Lagos State Alive
2face Benue State Alive
Davido Osun State Alive
PSquare Anambra State Alive
Olamide Lagos State Alive
Dbanj Ogun State Alive
Don Jazzy Delta State Alive
Tiwa Savage Lagos State Alive
Timaya Bayelsa State Alive

Burna Boy 


Burna Boy was born on the 2nd of July 1991, and his real name is Damini Ogulu. 


Damini is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and singer. 


Burna Boy8765678

In January 2020 Damini lost the Grammy award to Benin Republic Angelique Kidjo


In addition to losing the Brits award, he finally achieved his first international recognition when his collaboration on Stormzy’s hit song “Own It” reached the Platinum milestone.


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Burnaboy also took the 2019 BET award held in California. 

Burna Boy Sold Out Show

Burna Boy’s net worth has grown substantially since 2018. His hit song “Ye” had more than 100 million views on YouTube.


His most recent Love Damini album has the hit song Last Last, which has garnered over 200 million views on YouTube.


Today, Burna Boy is undoubtedly one of the best Nigeria musicians in 2024. 


Damini Ogulu has been very vocal and critical of the bad government that continues to hinder the economic growth of Nigeria.


His voice has been a tool that the younger generation needs to stand up to career bureaucrats. Thankfully, some of the things he sang about have inspired a lot of youth to vote for the right candidate who can take Nigeria forward.
Burna Boy Shopify and Apple Music stream stats
Burna Boy Shopify and Apple Music stream stats

Today, Burna Boy has more than 4 studio albums since his debut in the music industry. He keeps selling out Arenas worldwide, thus making him one of the top 10 best Nigerian musicians.


And here are some of his albums…. 


  • African Giant


  •  Love Damini


  • L. I. F. E


  • I told them


  • On a Spaceship


In addition, here are Damini Ogulu’s full details in bullet points… 


  • Real Name: Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu


  • Stage Name: Burna Boy 


  • Date of Birth: 1991 July 2nd


  • Occupation: Music


  • Nationality: Nigeria


Wizkid Aka Starboy 


The list of best musicians in Nigeria can’t start without Afrobeat star Wizkid. Starboy was born on 16th July 1989 in Lagos, and he is one of the top 50 best musician in Nigeria.


His music gained prominence in 2009 when he released the hit single Hola at your boy


But the true credit would be given to Banky W, who discovered Starboy’s talent and brought him the fame he enjoys today. 


Although Wizkid had to quit the label due to some disagreement, I am sure he greatly respects the man who made him. 


Wizkid formed Starboy Records after departing from EME Records to sign artists from every nook and cranny of Africa. 


Today, you and I listen to some of his songs like… 


  • Blow 


  • Joro 


  • Ghetto love 


He is the first Nigerian who took Afrobeat mainstream. No wonder he is currently on SMCE’s list of most popular musicians in the world.

Wizkid 02 Sold Out Show

This is important because Wizkid is one of the reasons the outside world now takes Afrobeat seriously. 


But all of this achievement would not have been possible if not for the work of Fela one of the best Nigerian singers of all time. 


Here are a couple of albums he has made over the years. 


  • Ayo


  • Superstar


  • Made In Lagos


  • More Love Less Ego


Here are some of the details you should not miss… 


  • Real Name: Ayo Deji Balogun 


  • Stage Name: Wizkid or Starboy 


  • Date of Birth: 1989


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


2Face Idibia


2Face was born in the year 1975, precisely September 17th, in Jos. 


And 2baba is an iconic Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer who has been in the industry for 20 years. 

rise up lyrics by 2face

2Face rose to fame after he decided to go on a solo career after splitting from the Platashun Boyz. 


A group that was formed in the 1990s consisted of Blackface, Faze, and 2Face.


The group split around 2003 to 2004, and immediately Innocent Uja Idibia began his solo career. 


His solo career saw the release of African Queen, an instant hit song. 


In 2020, 2baba released his Warrior album with promotional singles such as Amaka and Important. 


Both tracks made waves and got plenty of streams on music streaming platforms. 


Naija singers and songwriters all see 2Face as an icon and a legend in the industry due to his long-lasting career. 


His ability to switch between trends has earned him the legendary status he is known for today among the best Nigeria artist in 2024. 


Here is some album 2face has released in the course of his career. 


  • Grass to Grace 


  • Warrior 2020


  • Ascension


Here are some details you may have missed… 


  • Real Name: Innocent Uja Idibia 


  • Stage Name: 2Face or 2baba


  • Date of Birth: 1975


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Davido aka OBO


David is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria today, breaking record after record. 


OBO was born in 1992 on November 22nd, in Georgia, United States. 


His rise to fame came about when the singer released Skelewu, which he followed with a Skelewu challenge. 


David is a Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and. the number 4 best on this list of musicians. 


Davido currently has several records broken, including breaking the YouTube Naija record for most views in a 24-hour period. 


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His 2019 album went platinum, and Risky and Blow My Mind all got double platinum


David Adedeji Adekele currently has 3 studio albums in his illustrious career. 


In 2019, Davido took Afrobeat mainstream after Wizkid made that accomplishment in 2016 when he featured Canadian superstar Drake. 


Here are some Davido albums you may not have known about. 


  • A Good Time 2019 


  • A Better Time 2020


  • OBO


  • Timeless


Davido’s exploits, from setting up the DMW record labels to signing major artists, can’t go without notice. And today his hard work currently makes him one of the top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria. 


Now, here are some details you may have missed… 


Real Name: David Adedeji Adeleke 


Stage Name: Davido or OBO


Date of Birth: November 22nd, 1992


Occupation: Music and business 


Nationality: Nigeria 




Psquare is a group formed by two Identical twins called Peter and Paul. 


The group split in 2017, causing both artists to pursue solo careers under the alias Mr. P and Rudeboy. 


But for the sake of this post, you and I will be looking at the time before their split. 


Psquare was born in the year 1980 in the city of Jos and danced its way to fame in the early 2000s.

top 20 best nigeria musicians

Today, Psquare remains one of Nigeria’s top 10 best musicians. 


This is because, during their time together, both were the richest African musicians


Psquare features lots of international artists. The duo are among the singers in the country that opened the door for international collaborations with foreign musicians. 


One of their most notable songs features Rick Ross on the track Beautiful Onyinye


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Here is some of the amazing album the group released before their split… 


  • Get Squared 


  • Invasion 


  • Game Over 

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Here are some of the details you probably did not know about the twins… 


  • Real Name: Paul and Peter Okoye 


  • Stage Name: Mr and Rudeboy 


  • Date of Birth: 1980


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 




Olamide was born in the year 1989, precisely March 15th, in the city of Lagos. 


Precisely Bariga is the hometown of Baddosneh, whose rise to fame came in 2012. 


Olamide became one of the Nigerian artists whose street songs have earned him the title of Street King. 


Although the rise of the likes of Zlatan and Naira Marley threatened his title as street king. 


But the singer’s most recent album shut down critics who may have thought he could only sing in Yoruba. 


Olamide’s net worth over the years has constantly improved due to dropping hit album after hit album. 


As a matter of fact, he is the only artist who rose after 2010 with more than 8 studio albums. 


Baddo sits on top of this list alongside the likes of Psquare, Fela, Davido, and 2baba.


Here are some albums Olamide has released over the years of his career. 


  • 999 EP


  • Rapsodi


  • YBNL


  • Carpe Diem


  • UY Scuti


Ever wondered what is the real name of this guy? 


Here we go… 


  • Real Name: Olamide Adewale Adedeji


  • Stage Name: Olamide 


  • Date of Birth: 1989


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 




D Banj was born in the year 1980, precisely June 19th, in Lagos state. 


Dbanj’s rise to fame came about after the release of his hit track Tungolo which became an instant hit. 

best musician in nigeria 2020

During this time, Don Jazzy and Dbanj formed Mohits Records which were house to the likes of Wande Coal. 


Mohits’ record later split in 2012, which led Dbanj to a solo career. 


His sounds are still very much remembered all over the country today as one of the tunes that can get you shaking your body nonstop. 


Dbanj is known all over Africa and part of the US and UK as his distinct sound sounds Why Me remains one of his all-time best tracks. 


Here are a couple of albums released by Dbanj… 


  • No Long Thing


  • Rundown Funk U up


And here is some detail you probably didn’t know… 


  • Real Name: Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo


  • Stage Name: D banj 


  • Date of Birth: June 19th, 1980


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Don Jazzy 


Don Jazzy was born in year 1982 precisely November 22nd. 


Jazzy is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and record producer who has worked with the likes of Jay Z and Kanye West. 

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Michael Collins Ajereh rose to fame there about the same time as Dbanj. 


The two prominent singers came together in 2004 to establish the record label Mohits but eventually went their separate ways in 2011.


By 2012, Don Jazzy formed Mavin Records, which are houses for the likes of Tiwa Savage. 


Don Jazzy’s production skills have seen him establish successful artists like Reekardo Banks. 


Don Jazzy is also an entrepreneur with his business skill search for younger talent he can sign to his label to help them grow. 


This is how he has continued to grow his worth to more than $20 million. 


He does not have an album, but his production can be felt around his artists who have been successful due to his Midas touch. 


Among such artists are upcoming singers and songwriters Rema, who did the current hit song, Beamer. 


Don Jazzy is one of the best Nigeria male musicians in 2024, and this is the reason. He sits on the top 10 list of best musicians in Nigeria. 


Here is some detail you may have forgotten… 


  • Real Name: Michael Collins Ajereh 


  • Stage Name: Don Jazzy 


  • Date of Birth: November 22nd, 1982


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Tiwa Savage 


Tiwa Savage was born in the year 1980, precisely February 5th in Isale Lagos. 


She is one of the best Nigeria female musician of her time. Tiwatope Savage is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer. 


Her rise to fame came after she released her hit song of 2012, Eminado, which came off her debut album, Once Upon a Time. 


Once Upon a Time was released under Mavin Records, and upon release, the album quickly racked upstreams and awards. 

Top 10 best Nigeria Musicians

Tiwa Savage is popularly known as the Queen of Mavin despite exiting the label for Universal Music Group. 


UMG is one of the world’s largest music production companies, with branches in 65 countries worldwide. 


Tiwa Savage’s most recent song is Attention, for which the singer performed at Coke Studio. 


Attention was distributed worldwide by UMG in accordance to the deal that was signed. 


Today Tiwas net worth continues to grow due to endorsement deals with big brands such as Pepsi. 


Here are a couple of albums Tiwa has released in her 8 years of musical career. 


  • Once upon a time 


  • R. E. D


And there are some tiny details you probably did not know about the singer. 


  • Real Name: Tiwatope Savage 


  • Stage Name: Tiwa Savage 


  • Date of Birth: February 5th, 1980


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 
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Timaya was born in the year 1977, precisely in the city of Port Harcourt. 


Inetimi Odom is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer. 


Timaya founded the Dem Mama Record Limited in 2005 after he released the hit single Dem Mama. 


Dem mama quickly introduced Timaya as a promising act and voice of the. People spoke out on the killing that went down in Odi. 


Fast forward to 2024, Timaya has been a figure of hope for the likes of Patoranking. 


Alfred has released more than 3 studio albums, which have all been well-received by Nigerians. 


Balance is one track that can get you dancing and shaking your body nonstop. 


While some even claim that Egbere Papa, one of Bayelsa, loves vulgar songs. His fan base continues to grow due to his consistency. 


While Davido and Wizkid have achieved international success, Timaya is still striving to reach the same level of recognition globally. However, this fact has never deterred him from consistently releasing chart-topping tracks.


He is one of the best Nigeria artists in the country with enough stage performance and swagger. 


Timaya’s albums have all helped increase his net worth to one that puts him among the richest musicians in the country today. 


Here is some of his albums from 2005 to date… 


  • Chulo Vibes 2019


  • Dem Mama 2005


And here are a couple of details of one of the Top Nigeria musicians in 2024 you may have missed without knowing. 


  • Real Name: Alfred Inetimi Odom


  • Stage Name: Timaya 


  • Date of Birth: 1977


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


This ends the List of best Nigerian musicians top 10…

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and now let’s transition into the top 20 best Nigeria musicians for the year 2022.


Note: This takes off immediately from where the top 10 ended… 


Top 20 Best Nigeria Musicians 2024


I believe the first question you need to ask me is who are the top 20 best musicians in Nigeria? 


Here is a complete list of the top 20 best artists in Nigeria


  • Flavour 


  • Banky W


  • Asa 


  • Fela Anikulapo Kuti


  • Yemi Alade 


  • Tekno 


  • 9ice


  • Simi


  • Teni


  • M.I


Flavour Nnabania


Flavour was born on the 23rd of December 1983.


You and I both know Chinedu Okoli as a multi-instrumentalist but he is not only skilled with the instrument but also with his voice. 

Flavour Nabania

Flavour has been awfully loud this with back-to-back hits.


And this has kept him on the list of best singers in Nigeria. 


Flavour is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer. 


His rise to fame came with the release of Nnabania. But it was his album Uplifted that cemented his place in the industry. 


Flavour’s ability to use the Ibo language to sing distinguishes him from other artists. 

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Although the likes of Phyno could easily rival the singer. 


Today, Flavour has more than 4 studio albums credited to his name, and here are some of the albums… 


  • Nnabania 2005


  • Uplifted 


Just in case you missed some details, you can read about Flavour’s net worth here now. 


And here are some of the most important details you probably didn’t take note of… 


  • Real Name: Chinedu Okoli


  • Stage Name: Flavour Nnabania


  • Date of Birth: 1983 November 23rd


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Banky W


Banky W was born in the year 1981 precisely on the 27th of March. 


Olubankole Wellington is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, politician, and record producer. 


His fame rose more after he discovered Wizkid, aka Starboy. 

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However, Banky W schooled abroad and failed to break into the US music industry. 


After several trials, he decided to return home to pursue music and formed his record label, EME, here. 


EME record is an acronym for Empire Music but later dissolve the label after the exit of Wizkid. 


On the 11 of November, Banky stated his interest in running for office in the House of Representatives. 


Today, Banky W has more than 3 studio albums, all of which were hits. 


Here is a couple of Banky’s albums…. 


  • Back in the building 2006


  • Mr Cappable 2008 


Here are some details you probably didn’t know about him. 


  • Real Name: Olubankole Wellington 


  • Stage Name: Banky W


  • Date of Birth: 1981 March 27th


  • Occupation: Music and politics 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 




Asa is another very famous Nigerian musician born in 1982, precisely September 17th.


She is a Nigerian-French singer-songwriter and recording artist. 


Be My Man from her Beautiful Imperfection album is the song that drove Asa’s popularity. 


Asa went to study in Paris but was told to become a recording artist as she didn’t need schooling. 


Soon, she came in contact with Cobham Asuquo, who helped produce her first studio album. 


Asa went platinum worldwide, and her second studio album hit the gold plaque. 


After the success of her first studio album, she won the French Constantine Award in 2008. 


Asa drew inspiration from the likes of King Sunny Ade, Diana Ross, Bob Marley, and more. 


Today she has more than 2 studio albums, her most recent work coming in 2019. 


Here are some of the albums… 


  • Asa 


  • Beautiful Imperfection 2010


Get yourself acquainted with these below… 


  • Real Name: Bukola Elemide


  • Stage Name: Asa


  • Date of Birth: 1982 September 17


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Fela Anikulapo Kuti


Fela was born in the year 1938, precisely October 15th in Abeokuta of Ogun State. 


Kuti’s history is one that’s been told all through the 90s to date.

Fela Kuti performing live

The most interesting thing is that it’s still fresh because of his music which still echoes through time. 


Fela is a Nigerian musician, activist, and the founder of Afrobeat you and I both enjoy today. 


Why you may want to put Davido or Wizkid first on this list, I think Fela did more than both artists combined. 


Fela’s education was geared toward raising the consciousness of Nigerians about the corrupt nature of government entities in politics. 


And for this, he was persecuted severely for speaking out. 


Fela died in 1997, but in today’s world, you and I still dance to Afrobeat, a genre he created. 


Afrobeat is a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Ghanaian highlife, salsa, calypso, and traditional Nigerian Yoruba music. 


I didn’t think twice when piecing this article together to name him the best Nigeria musician of all time. 


Here are a couple of Fela albums you did not know about…


  • Zombie 1977


  • Sorrow Tears and Blood 


  • Afrodisiac 1973


  • Unknown Soldier 1981


Here are some useful details for you! 


  • Real Name: Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome Kuti


  • Stage Name: Fela Kuti or Fela 


  • Date of Birth: October 15th, 1938


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 



Simi, born Simisola on April 19, 1988, is a talented Nigerian singer-songwriter and actress.


She began her career in music as a Christian artist. Her journey to success in the music industry is a story of hard work and perseverance.

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Simi - best musician in nigeria

In 2016, Simi’s talent was recognized when she won the Nigerian Entertainment Award as the best act to watch out for.


Then, at the Headies in 2018, she really shone by winning three awards, thanks to her hit single “Joromi.”


Simi is married to Adekunle Gold, and just last year, she released a single titled “By You.”


Up to now, Simi has released three studio albums and one EP, showcasing her impressive musical talent.


Here are some of her albums… 


  • Ogaju


  • Simisola


  • Omo Charlie Champagne Vol 1


And here is her real name…


  • Real Name: Simisola Simi Ogunleye


  • Stage Name: Simi 


  • Date of Birth: 1988 April 19th


  • Occupation: Music


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Yemi Alade 


Yemi Alade, born on March 15, 1981, is widely recognized by her stage name, though her real name is Yemi Eberechi Alade.


Her journey to stardom began with the release of her hit single “Johnny,” which skyrocketed her career. Yemi Alade is often compared to another Nigerian superstar, Tiwa Savage, regarding who is the best.

Yemi Alade - Best Naija  Musicians

In 2019, this comparison sparked a heated debate on Instagram about who was the best between Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage.


Yemi put an end to the debate by stating that she and Tiwa Savage were on good terms and both were excelling in their careers.


Her latest work includes the song “Bubble It,” featuring Jamaican singer SPICE OFFICIAL.


The music video for “Bubble It” has already garnered over 5 million views on YouTube.


Known affectionately as the “Mama of Africa,” Yemi Alade has released more than two studio albums, marking her as a significant figure in the music industry.


Here are some of her albums…. 


  • Woman of Steel 2019


  • Black Magic 


  • Mama Africa 


Here are some details you may have missed… 


  • Real Name: Yemi Eberechi Alade 


  • Stage Name: Yemi Alade 


  • Date of Birth: 1989 March 13


  • Occupation: Music


  • Nationality: Nigeria 




Tekno, born on December 17, 1992, is known by his real name Augustine Miles Kelechukwu, and his stage name Tekno.


He shot to fame with the release of his hit single “Duro,” which quickly became a favorite in Nigeria and was streamed widely across the country.

Tekno - Best Musicians In Naija Today

Interestingly, Tekno’s net worth saw a significant increase after he signed a deal with UMG.


However, in 2018, following the release of another hit single, “Jogodo,” Tekno had to take a forced break.


This was due to a damaged vocal cord, which nearly jeopardized his singing career. After recovering from surgery, Tekno made a strong comeback with several hit songs, including “Beh Beh.”


He also released “Better Hope for Africa,” which stands out as his best song in 2019. Today, Tekno is unique in the Nigerian music scene as one of the top artists who has yet to release a studio album, yet he has more than three number-one hit songs.


His music videos on YouTube have collectively amassed over 100 million views, showcasing his widespread popularity.


Here is the real name of Slim Daddy in bullet points…. 


  • Real Name: Augustine Miles Kelechukwu


  • Stage Name: Tekno Miles 


  • Date of Birth: 1991 December 17th


  • Occupation: Music


  • Nationality: Nigeria 




9ice, born on January 17, 1980, into a polygamous family in Oyo State, is a renowned Nigerian musician and singer-songwriter known for his Afro hip hop style.


Even though he was away from the music scene for some years, and some upcoming artists are trying to take the spotlight, 9ice made a strong comeback.

9ice - Best nigerian Musicians

His recent track “Gbasgbos,” released in December 2019, has been streaming hot. While many know him by his stage name, 9ice, his real name is Alexander Abolore Adegbola.


His rise to fame was fueled by his second studio album, “Gongo Aso,” which was a hit when it was released in 2008.


Throughout his career, 9ice has released a total of nine studio albums. In 2008, he was recognized as the best hip-hop artist of the year at the MTV Africa Music Awards.


While he may not have the same level of fame as artists like Wizkid, 9ice is undoubtedly one of the most original and talented artists on this list.


Here are some of the studio albums of this artist. 


  • Certificate 2007


  • Gong Aso 2008 


  • G. O. A. T 2018 


and here is a neat summary for only you…


  • Real Name: Alexander Abolore Adegbola


  • Stage Name: 9ice


  • Date of Birth: 1980 January 17th


  • Occupation: Music


  • Nationality: Nigeria




M.I., the microphone magician, is a name that’s hard to forget and is essential in any top 30 list of the best Nigerian musicians.


Abaga is a Nigerian Afro-hip-hop musician, singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur. He’s also part of the generation known as Millennials.


For those unfamiliar with what a Millennial is, plenty of reading material is available on the topic.


Born on October 4, 1981, M.I. is the founder of Chocolate City, a record label that has significantly contributed to his rising fortune.


One of the artists he signed is Ice Prince. Although M.I has been quiet in the music scene for a while, he was recently involved in a beef that created quite a stir online.


It might be an exaggeration to say it almost broke the Internet, but it’s definitely a topic worth reading about.


His stage name is M.I Abaga, but he was born Jude Abaga. Now 38 years old, he initially started his career as a stand-up comedian before gradually transitioning to music.


Today, M.I. is undoubtedly one of the top Nigerian musicians and one of his era’s most famous Nigerian musicians.


Here is some of the album he has recorded in his amazing career… 


  • M.I 2: The Movie 2010


  • The Chairman 2014


  • Talk About It 2008


I have done this shot summary for you… 


Here it is.. 


  • Real Name: Jude Abaga


  • Stage Name: M.I


  • Date of Birth: 1981 October 4th


  • Occupation: Music and entrepreneur


  • Nationality: Nigeria




I decided to include Teni on this list because shockingly for a new act she. has been super duper amazing if you ask me. 


and to be Frank I think Joeboy and Fireboy are all good artists but none got the fire Teni is got. 


She was born on the 12th of December 1992 in Lagos State. 


Teni currently has just an EP which she released in 2019.


Teni case and Uyo Meyo racked up lots of awards at the Headies 2018 and 2019 respectively. 


Here is the EP… 


  • Billionaire 2019


Selected hit singles include her hit track Case, Billionaire, Uyo Meyo, and Power Rangers. 


and here is a nice summary below… 


  • Real Name: Teniola Apata


  • Stage Name: Teni 


  • Date of Birth: 1992 December 12th


  • Occupation: Music


  • Nationality: Nigeria


Top 30 Best Nigeria Musicians in 2024


Okay, this is the final list so here we go and I hope you enjoy this… 


So who are the top 30 best musicians in Nigeria 2024… 


Here we go! 


  • Omawunmi


  • Patoranking


  • Phyno 


  • Adekunle Gold 


  • Ice Prince 


  • Duncan Mighty 


  • Mayorkun 


  • Iyanya 


  • Harrysong 


  • Peruzzi




I know this may not exactly be the list you hoped for because many of the old generation were left out. 


However, I will continue to update this post, remove and add it to this list. 


But for now, I would love to hear from you 


Leave me a comment below with your list of the best Nigeria musicians below. 


I will be sure to take a look, review it, and add it to this list. 


Thanks for reading, and please share on Facebook. 


Also, follow us on Instagram here for more updates

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