Top 30 Best Nigeria Musicians in 2022 (Updated List)

Top 30 Best Nigeria Musicians

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Often times I get asked who is the top 20 best Nigeria musicians 2022? and. then I am left muttering em em em em.


Top 30 Best Nigeria Musicians
Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Banky W, Olamide, Mr P, Rudeboy, Davido, and Burna Boy.

This is always embarrassing for me because. I am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to getting things right. 


So today I have done my research and concluded on who makes this list of best Nigeria musicians in 2020. 


So what will you benefit from reading this in-depth post I have created for you? 


In this post, you will get not just the top 5 best Nigerian musicians but more than just a top 5.


Here we go… 


  • You will get a complete list of the top 10 best Nigeria musicians in 2020 


  • You will also get a complete list of the top 20 best Nigeria musicians 


  • and finally, you will also get a complete list of top 30 best Nigeria musicians 2020


Attention: Each selected person that makes up this list is either dead or alive. 


Now that you know what you are expecting let’s dive into the SMCE list of most talented Nigeria musicians. 


Top 10 Best Nigeria Musicians in 2022


This is going to be a huge write-up but hey I made it for you…


Having said that who are the top 10 best musicians in Nigeria today


Here are the top 30 best Nigeria musicians and you won’t believe who took the number one spot on this list of best musicians in Nigeria.


  • Fela Anikulapo Kuti


  • Wizkid 


  • 2Face 


  • Davido 


  • Psquare 


  • Olamide 


  • D’banj


  • Don Jazzy 


  • Tiwa Savage 


  • Timaya


Fela Anikulapo Kuti


Fela was born in the year 1938 precisely October 15th in Abeokuta of Ogun State. 


Kuti’s history is one that’s been told all through the 90s to date.


and the most interesting thing is that it’s still fresh because of his music which still echoes through time. 


Fela is a Nigerian musician, activist and the founder of Afrobeat you and I both enjoy today. 


Why you may want to put Davido or Wizkid first on this list, I think Fela did more than both artists combined. 


Fela’s education was geared towards raising the consciousness of Nigerians to the. corrupt nature of government entities in politics. 


and for this, he was persecuted severally for speaking out. 


Fela died in the year 1997 but in the world of today, you and I still dance to Afrobeat which. is a genre he created. 


Afrobeat is a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Ghanaian highlife, salsa, calypso, and traditional Nigeria Yoruba music. 


I didn’t think twice when piecing this article together to name him the best Nigeria musician of all time. 


Here are a couple of Fela albums you did not know about…


  • Zombie 1977


  • Sorrow Tears and Blood 


  • Afrodisiac 1973


  • Unknown Soldier 1981


Here are some useful details for you! 


  • Real Name: Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome Kuti


  • Stage Name: Fela Kuti or Fela 


  • Date of Birth: October 15th, 1938


  • Occupation: Music 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Wizkid Aka Starboy 


Wizkid was born in the year 1989 precisely July 16th in Lagos. 


His music gained prominence in 2009 when he released the hit single Hola at your boy


but the true credit would be given to Banky W who discovered Starboy’s talent. and brought him the fame he enjoys today. 


Although Wizkid had to quit the label due to a little disagreement, I am sure he holds a lot of respect for the man who made him. 

best musician in nigeria

Wizkid formed Starboy records after departing from EME records in other to. sign artist from every nook and cranny of Africa. 


Today you and I listen to some of his songs like… 


  • Blow 


  • Joro 


  • Ghetto love 


to remind us of his achievements as the first Nigerian that took Afrobeat mainstream. 


This is important because Wizkid is one of the reasons the. outside world now takes Afrobeat seriously. 


but all of this achievement would not have been possible if not the work of Fela. 


Here is a couple of albums he has made over the years. 


  • Ayo


  • Superstar


Here is some of the details you should not miss… 


  • Real Name: Ayo Deji Balogun 


  • Stage Name: Wizkid or Starboy 


  • Date of Birth: 1989


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


2Face Idibia


2Face was born in the year 1975 precisely September 17th in Jo’s. 


and 2baba is an iconic Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter and. record producer who has been in the industry for 20 years. 


2Face rose to fame after he decided to go on a solo career after splitting from then Platashun Boyz. 


A group that was formed in the 1990s consisted of Blackface, Faze and 2Face.


The group split around 2003 to 2004 and immediately Innocent Uja Idibia began his solo career. 


His solo career saw the release of African Queen a song that was an instant hit. 


In 2020 2baba released his Warrior album with promotional singles such as Amaka and Important


both tracks made waves and got plenty of streams on music streaming platforms. 


Naija singers and songwriters all see 2Face as an icon and a legend in the industry. due to his long-lasting career. 


His ability to switch between trends has earned him the legendary status he is known for today. 


Here is some album 2face has released in the course of his career. 


  • Grass to Grace 


  • Warrior 2020


  • Ascension


Here are some details you may have missed… 


  • Real Name: Innocent Uja Idibia 


  • Stage Name: 2Face or 2baba


  • Date of Birth: 1975


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


Davido aka OBO


Davido is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria today breaking record after record. 


OBO was born in 1992 precisely on November 22nd in Georgia United States. 


His rise to fame came about when the singer released skelewu. which he followed by a Skelewu challenge. 


David is a Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and. the number 4 best on this list of musicians. 

Davido currently has several records broken including breaking the YouTube Naija record for most views on a 24 hour period. 


His 2019 album went platinum and Risky and blow my mind all got double platinum. 


David Adedeji Adekele currently has 3 studio albums to his illustrious career. 


In 2019 Davido took Afrobeat mainstream after Wizkid made that accomplishment in 2016 when. he featured Canadian superstar Drake. 


Here are some Davido albums you may not have known about. 


  • A Good Time 2019 


  • OBO



Davido’s exploits from setting up DMW record label to signing major artists can’t go without notice. 


and today his hard work currently makes him one of the top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria. 


Now here are some details you may have missed… 


Real Name: David Adedeji Adeleke 


Stage Name: Davido or OBO


Date of Birth: November 22nd, 1992


Occupation: Music and business 


Nationality: Nigeria 




Psquare is a group formed by two Identical twins called Peter and Paul. 


The group split in 2017 causing both artists to pursue a solo career under the alias Mr. P and Rudeboy. 


but for the sake of this post, you and I will be looking at the time before their split. 


Psquare was born in the year 1980 in the city of Jos and danced its way to fame in the early 2000s.

top 20 best nigeria musicians

Today no doubt Psquare remains one of the top 10 best musicians in Nigeria. 


This is because during their time together both were the African richest musicians


Although after their split both still manage a spot in the top 50 African richest musicians. 


As Psquare the group featured lots of international artists and are part of singers. in the country that opened the door for international collaborations with foreign musicians. 


One of their most notable songs features Rick Ross on the track beautiful Onyinye


Here is some of the amazing album the group released before their split… 


  • Get Squared 


  • Invasion 


  • Game Over 

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Here are some of the details you probably did not know about the twins… 


  • Real Name: Paul and Peter Okoye 


  • Stage Name: Mr and Rudeboy 


  • Date of Birth: 1980


  • Occupation: Music and business 


  • Nationality: Nigeria 


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