Top 50 Best Musicians In Africa 2022 (New To Old Generation)

top 50 best Musicians in Africa 2021
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Top 30 Best Musicians In Africa 2022 


Who are the 30 best African musicians in 2021? The 30 best singers in Africa list includes:


  • Fally Ipupa 


  • Khaligraph Jones 


  • Sauti Sol


  • Patoranking 


  • DJ Black Coffee 


  • Amr Diaz 


  • Salatiel


  • Pierre Bensusan


  • Malika Zarra 


  • Shatta Wale


Fally Ipupa (Congo) 


Fally Ipupa is an icon in modern-day DR Congo with his style of music which have been widely embraced. 


He is no doubt a singer and dancer with an incredible voice to back it up. 


several artists across Africa and he is known for making hit songs. 


I still vibe to Ko Ko Ko Ko and Droit Chemin which were both released in the early last decade. 


Fally Ipupa’s blend of Soukous, Ndombolo, and R&B created a unique angle of Soukous music where he thrived. 


Today, he is no doubt one of the most popular artists in Africa while also remaining the top best in DR Congo. 


Ipupa’s career was given the nudge in the right direction when he joined Koffi Olomide’s Quartier Latin group. 


He help take the group to extra heights and has since gone solo in pursuit of his own career. 


No doubt he is one of the top 50 best musicians in Africa currently with fans all over the continent. 


Khaligraph Jones (Kenya) 


He is nicknamed the O.G of rap music in Kenya. 


While rap looks to be a genre that’s almost going into extinction, artists like Khaligraph are looking to make sure the genre stays. 


South Africa is the home for rap music and the genre is looking strong in the South of Africa. 


Khaligraph on the other hand is doing his best to stay atop his game doing rap and so far things are looking to go his way. 


Jones has been rocked with a couple of controversies but that has not deterred him a bit from his musical career. 


You and I can say that Kenya is lucky to have an artist who has proven himself over and over again. 


I mean I still have not stopped listening to Khaligraph Jones leave me alone, it sounds different every time I pick up my headphone to listen to that song. 


One thing I love about Jones is the fact that he understands showbiz and he rides the waves so well. 


With that said, Khaligraph Jones is among the best modern-day African musicians thanks to his rap skills. 


Khaligraph has won a couple of awards and performed on the international stage while also making the Kenya music industry recognizable around the globe. 


Sauti Sol (Kenya) 


The Kenyan music industry has really grown to absorb modern-day music with the generation of millennials loving how it goes down. 


Right in the middle is the music group Sauti Sol who has been featured all across Africa. 


I mean these guys have been delivering hits after hits thanks to their musical prowess. 


I have to say I enjoyed Davido ft Sauti Sol am on my way, their individual brilliance to blend into songs is just unique. 


You almost cannot distinguish between each of their voices and Kenyans are loving all that they bring to the table. 


The group is made up of Bein Aime Baraza, Savara Mudigi, Willis Shimano, and Polycarp Otieno alias Fancy Fingers. 


Sauti Sol has been amazing and how they have laid the groundwork for the coming generations is commendable. 


At least I know this is why they set up the Sol Generation which will look to discover talents who will take over from them. 


With numerous awards won and incredible live performances, Sauti Sol makes music look effortless. 


Patoranking (Nigeria) 


One of the most amazing and beautiful dancehall musicians on the African continent. 


The way he handles the genre makes me think dancehall is an easy genre of song. 


The only truth to this way of thinking is that it is flawed because I understand the work put in to write a song in this genre. 


Patoranking’s last album shows how he continues to soar in this particular genre of a song that originated from Jamaica. 


Patoranking is a Nigerian reggae-dancehall artist and if you truly want to see his talent then listen to Yo Body mp3 here


Dancehall is becoming the new reggae and with artists like Patrick carrying on the legacy of great names like Lucky Dube, one can be sure to expect the best. 


Nnaemeka has continued to grow in the Nigerian music industry using his style of music to also grow his income


DJ Black Coffee South Africa 


Black Coffee is one of the best musicians in SA right now and it’s not even close when you and I talk about his achievements. 


These are some of the singers from South Africa who have raised the bar for lots of upcoming artists. 


Today, DJ Black Coffee is one of the richest artists in South Africa thanks to his 5 studio albums which have been positively rated in SA. 


When we talk about how music continues to develop in Africa, DJ Black Coffee is among the names that have taken the game to another level. 


He started his musical career in 1994 and his ability to be a record producer, singer and songwriter has kept him relevant for this long. 


Today I am proud to tell you that he made my list of the top 50 best African artists on the continent. 


Amr Diaz (Egypt) 


Yes during my research for the best musicians in Africa, I also took a stroll down to Egypt via the Internet.


This was when I discovered the great things Egyptian Ame Diab has accomplished with his music. 


His style of music blends Western and Egyptian rhymes to create a genre of music known as Mediterranean music. 


In 1992 he became the first Egyptian who produced high-quality music videos using sophisticated techs. 


When he released his album Shoft El Ayam in 2014, it picked at number 1 on the Billboard world album chart. 


He however broke into the international stage beyond Arabic-speaking countries with his album Nour El Ain. 


His achievements are there to speak to anyone that doubts his prowess in songwriting, singing, and composition. 


Pierre Bensusan Algeria 


Bensusan uses a DADGAD tuning system and electronics, such as delays, distortion, and volume pedals.


He particularly took interest in DadGad because it provided him the atmosphere to have an experience of the early centuries. 


These are his words when he was interviewed during an interview in Algeria. 


Pierre is a French Algerian Acoustic Guitarist with his music cutting across genres such as Celtic, folk, new age music, and world music. 


To date, he has written several songs to share his journey in his musical career and how he has climbed to the ranks of becoming one of the best musicians in Algeria. 


At seventeen, he signed a contract for his debut album, Près de Paris, which won the Grand Prix du Disque at the Montreux Festival.


His music has been heavily influenced by a lot of singers some of which include Larry Charlton, Davey Graham, etc. 


Salatiel (Cameroon) 


Chances are if you are living in West Africa you only listen to just a few artists around the world. 


Well, there is nothing wrong with that but if you truly want to rate the best singers in Africa then you ought to be listening to sounds across the continent. 


Cameroonian has the best musician in the person of Salatiel, his records are exceptional. 


Salatiel is a record producer, singer, and songwriter from the city of Kamer. 


He is the founder and CEO of the recording company Alpha Better Record label. 


Salatiel became popular thanks to his song Fab Kollo which was positively received in both English and French-speaking parts of Cameroon. 


By 2019, he released Anita a soul-touching song while telling the world how much he has contributed to the Cameroon music industry. 


He currently has written over 3000 songs that cut across several genres in the continent and he have also helped 300 artists produce songs. 


Malika Zarra (Morocco) 


A lot of people have forgotten that countries like Morocco still exist in the continent of Africa. 


Perhaps it’s because their skin complexion is light and most part of Africa is dark-skinned hence why when I was doing research for this post, nowhere were Moroccan artists mentioned. 


So I decided to take a different approach and bring them on this list because there are lots of beautiful singers from Morocco. 


But since we are only taking a look at the top 50 best musicians in Africa 2021, I have room for only one. 


He is Malika Zarra and this list won’t be complete without his name. 


The genre of music in Morocco cut across Spanish, Saharan touch, Berber and Arabic. 


This is what has made their songs really beautiful and soul-touching. 


Having said that, Zarra studied in France and then decided to settle in New York. 


Zarra is a trained jazz musician which fuses Berber and Gnawa with jazz to create beautiful sounds. 


She is popular in Arab-speaking countries for beautifully using different vocals while combining them with traditional chants and harmony to produce soul-soothing sounds. 


She is one of the best musicians in Morocco and also one of the top 50 best musicians in Africa currently. 


Tekno (Nigeria) 


Tekno has left his mark in music across Africa with his unique style of production. 


His songs explore themes of love and government oppression in Nigeria. 


His last body of work old romance proves his versatility and how he can switch his style of music. 


Tekno has evolved over the years from when he first released Pana that became an instant hit. 


His sounds are beautiful and when making a list of the modern-day best musicians in Nigeria, he easily will have a spot in the top 10.


His wealth continues to grow thanks to being a musical genius and one that can also produce, dance and sing. 


It’s no doubt he is one of the best on this list plus I suggest you really listen to better hope for Africa


That song spoke against everything Nigerians have endured in the hands of the government. 


Shatta Wale Ghana 


Ghana continues to wow the world with its different genres of music cutting across Highlife, rap, and dancehall. 


Shatta Wale is the king of dancehall in Ghana although he has seen a challenge for that spot when Stonebwoy came along. 


I listened to 1 Don by Shatta Wale and his lyrics show you another side of the singer which most people do not know. 


You definitely need to listen to the song not because I say so but because its melodies will get right to you. 


Shatta Wale is easily one of the best musicians in Africa because of how he has helped lots of singers from the continent. 




Making the top 50 best musicians in Africa list is not as easy as it looks. 


This list explored the continent to curate a massive list of the top 50 best singers in Africa right now. 


Countries like Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa all made the list. 


It’s over to you now! 


Who do you expect to see on this list that did not make the cut? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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Top 50 Best Musicians In Africa 2021 (New To Old Generation)
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