Top 50 Most Popular Musicians In UK 2022 (New List)

Top 50 most popular musicians in the UK
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Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 07:43 pm

Top 20 Most Popular Musicians in UK


So I just got done with the top 10 most popular British musicians list. Right? 


Well, let’s dive a bit deeper into the top 20 most loved musicians in UK, shall we?


20. Jamie Miller


Jamie appeared on the reality TV show, The Voice UK in 2012. He was in Jennifer Hudson’sTeam and got 3rd position in the program, going through difficult rounds.


He has many followers on Instagram. He has produced many covers of singers on Instagram ranging from Adele to Lewis Calpidi. 


He was offered a contract by Atlantic Records and after that, the artist produced many original Singles like Onto Something ‘Til We’re old, The city that never sleeps and Here’s Your Perfect ‘and a collaborative song Loyal.


His single Here’s Your perfect peaked in the UK charts in 2021 and earned him to a large audience. His current song is on the charts in 2022 called Wishes from his new album Snowdrop.


Way to go for Jamie Miller and best wishes for him as he has made it to the top most popular male singers in UK list.


21. David Guetta


David is a French DJ and music producer. He has been the most famous of the DJs. His creativity and sense of dance pop have won him worldwide fans.


Every time he creates something that becomes a masterpiece no wonder he is also on the famous male UK musicians list.


His hit singles include a long list but we would like to mention a few; When love takes over, titanium, Without you, mad love, and Heartbreak Anthem. 


Guetta’s accolades include 2 Grammy Awards, American Music Award, and a Billboard Music Award. His work is mostly in collaboration with artists including Usher, Kelly Rowland, Sia, Jason Derulo, and many more.


Without a doubt, he is the best international DJ.


His Instagram fans are 9.1 million and his net worth is 37 million dollars. David’s new song Family affair is out to rock the charts.


22. Tom Grennan


Tom is an English singer, and songwriter who appeared as a guest vocalist on a Radio Show. After that Tom has been in the spotlight.


In 2016 his single All Goes Wrong was picked as the hottest single of the year. His work Found What I’ve Been Looking for appears on the FIFA18 soundtrack and is also used as a soundtrack for sky sports.


Tom is the next rising star, and is getting attention in the UK music industry. The singer has won nominations in Brit Awards and MTV Awards. 


This artist is a powerhouse and his voice is an absolute expression of his emotions. So we would highly recommend you to listen to his album and hit singles. 


His new song is already a hit in 2022 called All these nights. Big round of applause for him as the singer has made into most Popular musicians in UK list.


23. Ellie Goulding


Ellie is an English singer and songwriter who has become a renowned name in electronic pop category. Her first album Lights debuted no’1 on the UK Charts. Her second studio album Halcyon debuted number 2 on the UK charts.


Ellie became a successful artist and with her number Burn (2013) she climbed high in UK singles Charts making her one of the famous female UK musicians. 


Her biggest blockbuster Love me like you do the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey in 2015. This song became Her identity across the globe and it earned her first Grammy nomination.


Her new album has brought her back in the game. The song Easy lover is already making big in 2022.


The artist has received 19 awards from 66 nominations, these awards are not only from the UK but also include international applause. 


She has 14.1 million Instagram followers.


24. Elton John


Sir Elton John needs no introduction. He was and is still among the 50 most popular musicians in the UK. He has more than 40 singles on the UK singles chart, and US Billboard Hot 100. 


Some of his best songs that are unforgettable include Your song, Sorry seems to be the Hardest word, Tiny Dancer, Candle in the Wind, and Don’t let the sun Go Down on me.


Elton John’s award list is long, including the Academy Award for Can You Feel The Love Tonight soundtrack of The Lion King Movie plus many Brit Awards.


He has devoted himself to music and it is shown clearly by his excellent work.


Elton john’s songs have been performed by many singers in talent shows and as covers.


This artist is still collaborating with the younger generation to keep us entertained. In 2022 Elton john collaborated with Dua Lipa for the single Cold heart which is a must-listen.


Elton John’s net worth is 500 million dollars.


25. The kid LAROI


The kid Laroi is an Australian singer and songwriter. His name is new to the music industry but his work is already capturing the ears of many listeners.


His early years of work are about exploring new music and collaborating with different producers. 


His hard work didn’t go to waste and his number Stay, a collaboration with Justin Bieber has earned him many awards and nominations in 2022. 


He has become popular not only in his native country but also in the UK. MTV European Music Awards, Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Award, you name it and he has nominations in them.


It is just the beginning for The Kid Laroi and he has a long journey to explore new horizons and create Extraordinary music.


26. Jess Glynne


Jess is an English singer and was considered the most influential people under 30 by Forbes (2019). Her work has earned her fame and critical acclaim.


The artist has given a number of hit UK singles. The first one was Rather Be which was number one at the UK charts followed by My Love, which has also gone to the top of the charts. Her album, I Cry When I Laugh was at number one on the UK back in 2015.


Jess has seven number one singles on the UK Single Charts. Her new album Always in Between Thursday, I’ll be there” is still streaming on the radio.


This artist has won Grammy Award for Rather Be and many other nominations all across the globe. The singer is young, talented and a superstar with increasing followers on Instagram.


27. James Blunt


James Blunt is an English singer and songwriter. His song You’re Beautiful is not hidden from music listeners which has given him worldwide fame in 2004.


Back to bedlam was a great hit album which peaked at number one in the UK. The single You’re Beautiful was number one on the UK single charts. This track was Played on every radio station and in every country and James Blunt became an overnight sensation.


James earned nominations from the UK, America, Australia, and Hong Kong. He won Grammy Award, Brit Award, and many MTV Awards. His new album is called Once Upon A Mind followed by The Greatest Hits is already out.


And in 2022 James Blunt is charming everyone with his voice again. For music Lovers it isn’t a surprise that he has made it to the most popular musicians in UK 2022.


28. Stormzy


Stormzy is a British rapper, singer, and songwriter who has made his name in the industry through hard work. His rapping style was appreciated when he released his video on youtube. His single Shut up peaked on UK Single Charts. 


His genre of music is Grime and hip-hop music. So, his album debuted at number one on UK album charts as well as the first Grime album to hit the top of the charts.


Stormzy has four number one singles including Bridge over Troubled Water, Vossi Bop, Me, and Own it.


The singer has been the winner of the Brit Music Award and BBC music awards. His rapping style has won him the nods of many critics and he is still creating music and touring all across the globe in the year 2022.


This makes him the most popular musician in the UK.


29. Jessie J


Jessie J is a British singer and songwriter. She has a different style of music. Her first album, Who are you debuted at number two in the UK. The singles which made Jessie popular were Do it like a dude and Price Tag. Both climbed high in the UK charts.


Her other hit singles are Flashlight, Domino, and Bang Bang. She has been collaborating with various singers too and giving hit after hit. Jessie has been a vocal coach in the reality tv show The Voice.


She released the first single from her new album in 2021 called I want love which became a hit.


Her nominations are 64 and from which she has won 44 awards. 


She is on her way to releasing her new album in 2022. And we expect a lot from her as she has made the most popular musicians in the UK.


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