Top 50 Most Popular Musicians In UK 2022 (New List)

Top 50 most popular musicians in the UK
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Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 07:43 pm

Top 30 Most Popular Musicians in UK


This top 30 list starts from where the top 20 ended so let’s have a bit more fun, shall we?


30. Louis Tomlinson


Louis Tomlinson is an English songwriter and singer who was a prominent member of OneDirection then. With the band, he gave numerous hits including, Best song ever, You are beautiful, Story of my life, You and I and Drag me down.


The singer was first seen in X factor and there he became a member of the boy band. 


His first solo single Just Hold On debuted at number two on the UK Singles Charts. And later his singles kept his audience spellbound by his soothing voice.


In 2018 Louis became the judge and mentor for the X factor participants giving a winning, Mentee Dalton Harris. His songs include Kill my Mind, We Made it, and Walls. All the songs were a big hit on The UK charts. 


As a group member and a solo artist, Louis made his name not only in the UK but also across many countries. Louis has won a number of awards as a group member and also in his solo career. He has a lot of talent which makes him the Most Popular musician in the UK.


He has an Instagram fan following of 18.5 million.


31. Ella Mai


Ella Mai is a British singer and songwriter who came to prominence by auditioning for the X Factor UK. Though she couldn’t go beyond the initial stages but started working hard by releasing her music on SoundCloud and Instagram.


Her hard work paid off and she got noticed by a producer who gave her a chance to release her songs. Her songs Boo’d up and Trip were instant hits climbing the charts in the UK in 2018 and in other countries too. 


Ella Mai has been nominated for Grammy Awards and she won the best R&B song in 2019.


Her new album is out in 2022 and it seems she has already topped the Charts on Billboard Top 200 albums.


Ella is a talented singer and one of the most popular musicians in the UK in 2022.


32. Ella Henderson


Ella Henderson is an English Singer and songwriter who was a contestant in the reality show The X Factor UK IN 2012. Her voice has a different tone and her handling of the songs make her stand out amongst other artists.


After coming at 6th position on the show she signed with the record company and Released her first single Ghost which made waves all across the UK in 2014. Her other blockbuster songs include Glow and Yours.


Ella Henderson collaborated with many artists and all the songs went to the top of the UK charts. Crazy what Love can do and 21 reasons are still on the charts in 2022 and played many times on the radio stations.


Her second studio album is out now and her single Brave and collaboration song 21 reasons are still on the UK charts 2022.


33. Bring Me The Horizon


They are a British rock band which came to the limelight in 2006. They are alternative rock bands who have kept this genre alive by their rocking performances.


The lead singer is Oli Sykes and the band has become the greatest alternative act of the 21st century. 


Their hit numbers include Drown, die4U, True friends, Mantra and Can you feel my heart? All have successfully rocked the charts and got nods from music critics.


They have won Kerrang Award and Heavy Music Award for being the Best UK band and won nominations for their song Die4U in 2022. 


They have also won Grammy nominations for their song Mantra (2018) and album Amo.


They are the best UK band which has been giving their best in the music industry and that is why they have become the most popular musicians in the UK.


34. Imagine Dragons


Though this is an American Band they are famous in the UK because of their catchy music. The band rose to fame in 2012 by releasing their album named Night Visions.


The album contained chart-topping singles; Radioactive and Demons. After this, they were everywhere, on the radio, on every TV show and their songs were being used by the artists for auditions in reality tv shows.


The band didn’t stop there and started giving hit after hit like Thunder, believer and Whatever It takes. 


Each song started to top the charts in America and the UK as well.


They won Grammy for Radioactive song and have been nominated for many European and American Music Awards.


The band’s recent release Mercury Acts 2 is giving what their audience loved about them. Their latest single Bones is on the charts.


This means they have rocked the UK charts in the year 2022 too.


They have 5.5 million Instagram followers and they are among the 50 most popular musicians in the UK.


35. Dave


Dave Orobosa is a British rapper, singer and songwriter and is one of the most famous British Rappers. He got attention with his grime song Thiago silva. Later he went on to release the Political song Question Time which earned him the Ivor Novello award for the Contemporary Song in 2017.


His debut album Psychodrama was a huge hit. It was number one on the UK Album Chart.


His album got critically acclaimed and went on to win many awards including the Brit AwardAnd the Mercury prize.


In 2021 his album We’re All Alone in this together, got number one in the UK. And his songs from this album including Clash, In the fire, and Verdansk stayed in the top ten UK Single Charts.


He was nominated for Brit Awards in the year2022 and won for the best Hip/hop act. So, there is no doubt that he is one of the most popular musicians in the UK.


36. BTS


BTS is a South Korean band, and at present, they are the coolest pop band. The band’s music went to catch the attention of everyone across the Globe. 


They are famous not only in Asia but in the UK and US too.


They are 6 band members and it is originally a hip hop group. The band rose to fame with their hit Singles Mic Drop and DNA. They toured and started making their mark.


Then came the Grammy-nominated song Dynamite which grabbed the attention of the audience worldwide in 2020. After this came hit after hit including Butter, Permission to dance, and a Collaboration Song with Coldplay.


They have been winning awards for their hit numbers Dynamite and Butter. MTV Video Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and MTV European Music Awards all of them nominated this Korean Band.


 The band’s songs are used in the Reality Tv dance shows like Dancing on the Ice and Dancing with the Stars shows as dance numbers.


 They have rocked the whole world with their dancing style and are still in the UK charts for their hit number; Yet to come.


They have 66.4 million followers on Instagram.


37. Muse


Muse is an English rock band that came to prominence with their hit album Absolution.


The band’s songs include Time is Running out, Hysteria, Butterflies, and Hurricanes which climbed the charts in 2004. After that, they became a hit rock band in the UK.


Their album Resistance won the Grammy for the Best Rock album of the year. The band kept producing good music for their listeners and stayed on the UK charts for Last 20 years.


Their new album, Will of the People was released in January 2022 and they have lived up to the standards of their fans and critics. 


They have ruled the UK rock genre and won MTV European music Awards and Kerrang Awards too.


Muse is Still going strong in the year 2022. So it will be no surprise if the Muse Is included among the most popular musicians in the UK. 


38. JLS


JLS is an English boy band who appeared in the reality tv show The X Factor as a Hip hop band. After becoming a hit on the show, they went on to release their singles Beat again and Everybody In love. 


Both went to number one in the UK singles charts. This earned them a number of nominations and wins. They have captured the hearts of youth and with their hard work they were awarded the BRIT Award for the best single and breakthrough artist.


The band split in 2013 but reunited in 2020.


 They have released their new single Eternal Love which is rocking the UK charts.Waiting for the band to unfold its talent in 2022.


39. Central Cee


Central cee is a British rapper and songwriter. He grew up in a family that was a fan of Hip hop and Reggae music. He started recording his work when he was 14.


Central cee started his career in 2015 and released the single Pull Up which gained him some attention. Then in 2020, his breakout singles Day in the life and Loading reached the top 20 UK charts.


His recent album 23 has a single Obsessed with you reached at number 4 on the UK

Single Charts. 


In the year 2022, the singer got nominated for the best hip/hop act and best 

new artist. So we have listed him as one of the most popular musicians in the UK.


He is the rising star of today and we are waiting for more to come from the 

super talented guy.


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