Top 50 Most Popular Musicians In The World 2023 (New List)

Adele Most Popular Artist In The World
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Last updated on January 27th, 2023 at 11:35 am

Top 30 Most Popular Musicians In The World 2022 


Who are the top 30 most popular musicians in the world right now? The top 30 most famous musicians in the world today include Beyonce, Katy Perry, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes, Olivia Rodrigo, Chris Brown, John Legend, and Future.


These are the 30 most famous music stars in the world in bullet points.


  • Beyonce


  • Katy Perry


  • Leigh-Anne Pinnock


  • Jesy Nelson


  • Miley Cyrus


  • Shawn Mendes


  • Olivia Rodrigo


  • Chris Brown


  • John Legend


  • Future


  • Beyoncé

Beyoncé has been a superstar since her days in Destiny’s Child, and her solo career has confirmed that. However, Beyoncé makes art with her innovative means of presenting entertainment, not simply music.


She won six Grammys in a single night, was the first black woman to anchor Coachella (and what a show! ), and the first female artist to chart 12 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 with her visual album, Lemonade.


Beyonce and Rihanna’s net worth is as competitive as their careers and both made SMCE’s top 50 most popular artists In the world 2022 list. 


  • Katy Perry

Katy is known for her eccentric costumes, bright demeanor, and catchy pop singles, so it’s simple to see why she was named the highest-paid woman in music in 2018.


Despite her musical prowess, Katy also discovered her destiny as a judge on the panel of American Idol has twice been named Billboard’s Woman of the Year and has two clips that are among the most-watched music videos of all time.


Katy’s romances with Russell Brand and Orlando Bloom have frequently made headlines, but her support for the LGBT community and feminism has earned her a standing ovation.


  • Leigh-Anne Pinnock

This Little Mix singer has been a hot topic the previous year, from announcing her sudden pregnancy to producing a contentious documentary chronicling her experiences with racism. 


In the documentary, Leigh-Anne discusses how she felt “ignored” in the band and believes it was because of her skin color.


She made headlines after declaring that she will “keep coming until she [I] sees that change” and will continue to fight racism.


Leigh-Anne Pinnock is a member of Little Mix, one of the world’s best-selling girl groups.


  • Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson rose to prominence in the music industry as a former member of one of the world’s most successful girl bands, Little Mix.


This star has stood out among her other band members due to her outstanding singing voice and amazing talent, but it wasn’t until the last few years that people saw past her pop star façade and looked into her troubles.


Jesy made headlines after releasing a documentary on B.B.C. Three detailing her online abuse experiences and revealing dark secrets such as wanting to terminate her life.


After eight years with the band, Jesy announced at the end of 2020 that she would be leaving to pursue solo projects due to overwhelming stress and mental health issues.


  • Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus followed in her father’s footsteps and rose to fame.


But, in contrast to her pristine childhood image, Miley stunned the public with her fondness for twerking, exhibitionism, and drugs.


Despite her mouth antics, Miley has had several hit singles, like Wrecking Ball, and successful albums, including Plastic Hearts.


While her music is still the reason many people like her, Miley’s dating history has also been a highlight of her popularity.


Miley’s wild activities subsided when she married Liam Hemsworth, but their storybook romance ended when she asked for a divorce in 2019.


  • Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes, one of our generation’s most popular male musicians in the world, is always on the radio or releasing new music videos on VEVO.


The singer of smash singles like Treat You Better and There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back not only has one of the most pleasing vocals in music, but he’s also the youngest male musician ever to have four studio albums chart at number one on the Billboard 200.


Shawn Mendes has won 13 SOCAN awards, two American Music Awards, and 10 MTV Europe Music Awards since his debut in 2014.


While his music is the major reason for his popularity, Shawn’s love life piqued people’s curiosity, especially after he dated but broke up with Camila Cabello.


  • Olivia Rodrigo

She’s the youngest celeb on this list, but she’s certainly one of the most popular. 


Olivia Rodrigo, 19, released her latest single, Driver’s License, in 2021 and quickly rose to prominence in the music industry, competing with rivals such as Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.


Olivia’s first single, Driver’s License, was the highest weekly streaming debut for any song internationally in Spotify history, with over 127 million global streams in the first week of release. The love song also reached number one in more than ten countries.


She has played roles in Bizaardvark and High School Musical. She has already won three Grammys.


  • Chris Brown 

Although it has been several years since he burst onto the music industry with Run It, this artist is still going strong.


Chris Brown’s career has had some fantastic ups and extremely horrible downs, but it hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his love – he’s still releasing songs years later.


With over 140 million albums sold globally, ‘Breezy’ is one of the world’s best-selling musicians. He has 106 Billboard Hot 100 entries and has bagged a Grammy Award, four Billboard Music Awards, and 15 B.E.T. Awards.


  • John Legend

Rarely do we get to hear one-of-a-kind vocals like those of John Legend. The musician rewarded his fans with music that will most likely live on perpetually. Yes, songs like All of Me are still a hit.


Since his meteoric climb to fame, the piano-playing vocalist has recorded seven studio albums and won an incredible 11 Grammy Awards. John also won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the film Selma.


The actor is notably married to model Chrissy Tiegen, with whom he has two gorgeous children, Luna and Miles.


  •  Future

Future, an Atlanta native, began his music career as a part of The Dungeon Family, owned by his cousin, Rico Wade, back in Georgia.


His years in the group inspired his aesthetic and helped him prepare for his solo debut years later.


Following the release of multiple mixtapes in his early career, the Grammy Award-winning rapper released Pluto, his first album, in 2012, rocketing to the eighth position on the Billboard 200 in the United States.


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