Top 50 Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2021

Top 50 Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2021

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Today you and I will look at the top 50 most viewed African music videos on YouTube in 2021, so come let’s find out who is number one.


Music in Africa keeps getting better and better no doubt right? 


We have had more than 5 upcoming artists every year for the past 5 years in Africa. 


So what will this post cover?


Well, this post will cover the top 10 most viewed African music videos on YouTube 2021 to the top 50. 


and now, here is a bullet point of the order the subheading will take going forward. 


  • Top 10 most viewed African music videos YouTube 2021


  • Top 20 most viewed African music videos on YouTube 2021 


  • Top 30 most viewed African music videos on YouTube 2021


  • Top 40 most viewed African music videos on YouTube 2021


Now that you are well aware of what this post will cover, come let’s expand on the bullet points. 


Top 10 Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2021


What is the 10 most viewed Africa music video on YouTube? the 10 most watched African song on YouTube are:


  • Aya Nakamura Djadja 686 million 


  • Maitre Gims Bella 466 million 


  • Magic System Magic in the air 303 million 


  • Mohamed Ramadan Ensay 296 million 


  • Die Antwood baby on fire 253 million views 


  • Soolking Liberte 252 million views 


  • Soolking Dalida 251 million views 


  • Mohamed Ramadan 212 million views 


  • Soolking Melegim 196 million views 


  • Davido fall 192 million views 


Now come let’s expand briefly on each of the bullet point points above, shall we? 


Aya Nakamura Djadja 722 Million Views 


Aya Nakamura is a Malian-born French singer with lots of great songs. 


Her rise to fame came about with her breakthrough song of 2018 Djadja. 


She takes the number one spot on this list of most viewed African music videos on YouTube. 

Aya Nakamura Most Viewed YouTube Video

Djadja was released on April 18th, 2018 with the video shot in Mali. 


Aya Nakamura most viewed YouTube is Djadja with more than 700 million views. 


Maitre Gims Bella 466 Million Views 


Maitre Gim is a Congolese rapper, singer, and composer. 


His song Bella is the hit track that showcases his talent to the world. 


At 34 years of age, Maitre Gims occupies the 2nd spot on this list. 


Bella video was released 8 years ago and has since garnered more than 400 million views on YouTube. 


Maitre Gims currently lives in Morocco and sometimes in France. 


Magic System Magic In The Air 313 Million Views 


Magic system a musical group that was formed in 1996 in Ivory Coast.


The group is made up Salif “Asalfo” Traoré, Narcisse “Goude” Sadoua, Étienne “Tino” Boué Bi, and Adama “Manadja” Fanny.

Magic System Most Viewed Song on YouTube

The group released magic in the air in 2014 and it instantly became a hit.


To date, the song has garnered more than 300 million views on YT.


They are also the music group in Ivory Coast with the most YouTube views.


Mohamed Ramadan Ensay 296 Million Views


Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor and singer with more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube.


Mohamed Ramadan ensay video was released on July 19th, 2019 and it was directed by Hossam L. Hossainy Egypt.

Mohamed Ramadan Most Viewed Music Video on YouTube

The song features Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred with whose help, it garnered enough view to make it his most viewed song on YT.


Mohamed Ramadan most viewed song on YouTube is ensay with more than 296 million views.


Die Antwoord Baby On Fire 253 Million Views


Die Antwoord is a South African Hip Hop group that came to the spotlight in 2008.


The group has released several songs and is a very popular name in the SA music industry.

When I wrote about the richest South African musicians, the group very much made my list.


If you have the time to spare, I suggest you read that article, it is very insightful.


With that said, Baby on fire was released in 2014 and the song was loved all around Africa.


Today, Die Antwoord most viewed YouTube video is baby on fire with over 250 million views.


Soolking Liberte 252 Million Views


Soolking is an Algerian rapper, dancer, singer with lots of hit songs on YouTube.


Prior to 2013, he performed under the stage name MC Sool before changing to Soolking.

Soolking North African Most Viewed Star

He joins some of the artists on this list to pick up a spot on the list of the most watched songs on YouTube in Africa.


Soolking is a talented musician and the way he incorporates soul, reggae, hip hop, and Algerian rai is amazing.


If you have never listened to any of his songs before now, I suggest you.


With that out of the way, Soolking Liberte was released on March 14, 2019.


The song was produced by Katakuree and to date, it has garnered more than 251 million views.


This makes it Soolking most viewed songs on Youtube in 2021.


Soolking Dalida 251 Million Views


Algerians must be proud especially because the songs with the most views on YouTube in Africa have Algeria and Egypt occupying the most spot on the top 10.


Soolking yet again picks another spot with his song Dalida.


The song was released on September 12th, 2018, and the video of Dalida was produced by Diias.


To date, Soolking’s 2nd most viewed YouTube video is Dalida with more than 250 million views.


Mohamed Ramadan Mafia 212 Million Views


Ramadan is known for his amazing acting skills but wait, do you know what the magic is?


Well, if you wish to know that then you have to watch some of his songs on his YT channel.

Top Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2021

His videos are unique and the way he weaves storytelling with his songs is just superb.


Mohamed Ramadan Mafia was released on January 1st, 2019, and the video of the song was produced by Hossam. L. Hossainy.


To date, Mohamed Ramadan’s 2nd most viewed YouTube video is Mafia with over 210 million views.


Soolkng Melegim 196 Million Views


You can’t praise him enough for the quality of songs that he releases to put his fans vibing.


I mean you probably listened to his first two songs above right? 


Well, if you did not then you don’t know what you are missing because he is the real deal.


In Melegim the singer decided to feature French singer Dadju who was also recently featured on Yemi Alade I choose you track.


Melegim was released on February 7th, 2020, and the song was produced by Nyadjiko.


Today, Soolking’s 3rd most viewed YouTube video is Melegim with over 195 million views.


Davido Fall 221 Million Views


Davido is arguably one of the best singers from Nigeria with strong competition from Burnaboy and Wizkid.


His name also makes the 50 richest singers in the continent and so is he loved by fans all over the country.

Top 50 Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2021

His kind nature has earned lots of respect from fans and artists alike in the industry.


Davido drops hit track and that has been evident in his most recent A Better Time album.


Having said that Davido fall was released on June 2nd, 2017, and the video was directed by Daps.


Today, Davido most viewed YouTube video is Fall with over 191 million views.




This rounds up the Most viewed song in Africa on YouTube top 10 lists.

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Now come, let’s get into the list of Top 20 most viewed African artists on YouTube.


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Top 50 Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2021
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