Top 50 Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2021
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Today you and I will look at the top 50 most viewed African music videos on YouTube in 2023, so come let’s find out who is number one.


Music in Africa keeps getting better and better no doubt right? 


We have had more than 5 upcoming artists every year for the past 5 years in Africa. 


So what will this post cover?

African most streamed music videos on YT stats

Well, this post will cover the top 10 most viewed African music videos on YouTube 2021 to the top 50. 


and now, here is a bullet point of the order the subheading will take going forward. 


  • Top 10 most viewed African music videos YouTube 2023


  • Top 20 most viewed African music videos on YouTube 2023 


  • Top 30 most viewed African music videos on YouTube 2023


  • Top 40 most viewed African music videos on YouTube 2023


Now that you are well aware of what this post will cover, come let’s expand on the bullet points. 


Top 10 Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2023


What is the 10 most viewed Africa music video on YouTube? the 10 most watched African song on YouTube are:


Now come let’s expand briefly on each of the bullet point points above, shall we? 

Artist Popularity Position Artist Name Country Song Name YouTube Views
No 1 Aya Nakamura Mali Djadja 840 Million
No 2 Maitre Gims Congo Bella 553 Million
No 3 Master KG South Africa Jerusalema 530 Million
No 4 Magic System Ivory Coast Magic 397 Million
No 5 Mohamed Ramadan Egypt Ensay 385 Million
No 6 Soolking Algeria Liberte 344 Million
No 7 Ckay Nigeria Love Nwantiti 336 Million
No 8 Burnaboy Nigeria On The Low 303 Million
No 9 Soolking Algeria Dalida 291 Million
No 10 Die Antwoord South Africa Baby On Fire 260 Million

Aya Nakamura Djadja 840 Million Views 


Aya Nakamura is a Malian-born French singer with lots of great songs. 


Her rise to fame came about with her breakthrough song of 2018 Djadja. 

Aya Nakamura Most Viewed YouTube Video

She takes the number one spot on this list of most viewed African music videos on YouTube. 



Djadja was released on April 18th, 2018 with the video shot in Mali. 


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Aya Nakamura most viewed YouTube is Djadja with more than 700 million views. 


Maitre Gims Bella 553 Million Views 


Maitre Gim is a Congolese rapper, singer, and composer. 


His song Bella is a hit track that showcases his talent to the world. 

Maitre Gim 1

At 34 years of age, Maitre Gims occupies the 2nd spot on this list. 


Bella video was released 8 years ago and has since garnered more than 400 million views on YouTube. 


Maitre Gims currently lives in Morocco and sometimes in France. 


Master KG Jerusalema 530 Million Views

Master KG’s Jerusalema climbs into the top 10 most-watched African music videos on YouTube.
This happened in a space of 3 years since we know that the song was released in 2019.
Master KG 1
It became one of the fastest songs in Africa to reach the 100 million views mark on YT.
The remix featured Burna Boy who is currently one of the most popular stars in the world.
Jerusalema is also one of the top 5 most streamed South African music video on YouTube.


Master KG is a South African singer and record producer who is famous for initiating the bolobedu dance.


His critical acclaim album brought him to the spotlight but it was Jerusalema that sealed that spotlight for the singer.


The song was produced by Master KG and it was released on November 19th, 2019 with a video to follow in December of that same year.


Jerusalema peaked at number 1 in different countries including Belgium, Netherlands, and Romania.

Crazy, right? Well, there are others that also made this list so let’s continue.


Magic System Magic In The Air 397 Million Views 


Magic system a musical group that was formed in 1996 in Ivory Coast.


The group is made up Salif “Asalfo” Traoré, Narcisse “Goude” Sadoua, Étienne “Tino” Boué Bi, and Adama “Manadja” Fanny.

Magic System Most Viewed Song on YouTube

The group released magic in the air in 2014 and it instantly became a hit.


To date, the song has garnered more than 300 million views on YT.


They are also the music group in Ivory Coast with the most YouTube views.

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Mohamed Ramadan Ensay 385 Million Views


Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor and singer with more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube.


Mohamed Ramadan ensay video was released on July 19th, 2019 and it was directed by Hossam L. Hossainy Egypt.

Mohamed Ramadan Most Viewed Music Video on YouTube

The song features Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred with whose help, it garnered enough views to make it his most viewed song on YT.


Mohamed Ramadan most viewed song on YouTube is ensay with more than 296 million views.


Soolking Liberte 344 Million Views


Soolking is an Algerian rapper, dancer, and singer with lots of hit songs on YouTube.


Prior to 2013, he performed under the stage name MC Sool before changing to Soolking.

Soolking North African Most Viewed Star

He joins some of the artists on this list to pick up a spot on the list of the most watched songs on YouTube in Africa.


Soolking is a talented musician and the way he incorporates soul, reggae, hip-hop, and Algerian rai is amazing.


If you have never listened to any of his songs before now, I suggest you.


With that out of the way, Soolking Liberte was released on March 14, 2019.


The song was produced by Katakuree and to date, it has garnered more than 251 million views.


This makes it Soolking most viewed song on Youtube in 2023.


Ckay Love Nwantiti 336 Million Views

Ckay’s love nwantiti was a masterpiece incorporating all elements of Asian-West-Afrobeat.
This is one of the reasons it resonated with people from all walks of life and it was soo successful.
Ckay 1
Music is a universal language. and being able to combine different elements to produce something that’s class is absolute genius.
Ckay did that with love Nwantiti and it paid off because currently, this song is platinum certified.
But don’t take my word for it. You head over to YouTube and watch the video.


Burnaboy On The Low 303 Million Views


Burna is among the top names in the Nigerian music industry and is currently one of the best.


He saw fame in 2018 after tracks like Ye became instant hit songs.

Burna Boy 4

Today, Burna Boy is worth more than 2 million US dollars thanks to the success of his songs.


He is currently nominated for the upcoming Headies Award scheduled to be held virtually.


His most recent body of work “Twice As Tall” is a masterpiece no doubt.


Songs like Monsters You Made and Real Life just clicked and made the rounds.


I am particularly impressed with how he has positioned himself in the industry and on the low sealed it.


Today, Burna boy most viewed YouTube video is on the low with more than 176 million views. You can read this blog post on the most streamed artists in Africa.


The song was released on the 31st of December and the video was directed by Meji Alabi.


Soolking Dalida 291 Million Views


Algerians must be proud especially because the songs with the most views on YouTube in Africa have Algeria and Egypt occupying the most spot in the top 20.


Soolking yet again picks another spot with his song Dalida.


The song was released on September 12th, 2018, and the video of Dalida was produced by Diias.


To date, Soolking’s 2nd most viewed YouTube video is Dalida with more than 250 million views.


Die Antwoord Baby On Fire 260 Million Views


Die Antwoord is a South African Hip Hop group that came to the spotlight in 2008.


The group has released several songs and is a very popular name in the SA music industry.

When I wrote about the richest South African musicians, the group very much made my list.


If you have the time to spare, I suggest you read that article, it is very insightful.


With that said, Baby on fire was released in 2014 and the song was loved all around Africa.


Today, Die Antwoord most viewed YouTube video is baby on fire with over 250 million views.


Top 20 Most Viewed African Music Videos On YouTube 2023


Under this subheading, you will find some of the artists that did not have the views to make the top 10 list.


Hopefully, your favorite artist made this list this time around because I don’t want you thinking this list bias.


After all thorough research was carried out before this list was compiled to make sure it’s up to date with the current views.


Having said that, here is the list of the most-viewed African music videos on YouTube 2023.


Soolkng Melegim 278 Million Views


You can’t praise him enough for the quality of songs that he releases to put his fans vibing.


I mean you probably listened to his first two songs above right? 


Well, if you did not then you don’t know what you are missing because he is the real deal.


In Melegim the singer decided to feature French singer Dadju who was also recently featured on Yemi Alade I Choose You track.


Melegim was released on February 7th, 2020, and the song was produced by Nyadjiko.


Today, Soolking’s 3rd most viewed YouTube video is Melegim with over 195 million views.


Davido Fall 253 Million Views


Davido is arguably one of the best singers in Nigeria with strong competition from Burnaboy and Wizkid. His recent album Timeless is proof and I did an entire article on Davido Timeless album streams.


His name also makes the 50 richest singers in the continent and so is he loved by fans all over the country.


His kind nature has earned lots of respect from fans and artists alike in the industry.


Davido drops a hit track and that has been evident in his most recent A Better Time album.

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Having said that Davido fall was released on June 2nd, 2017, and the video was directed by Daps.


Today, Davido most viewed YouTube video is Fall with over 191 million views.




This rounds up the Most viewed song in Africa on YouTube top 10 lists.


Now come, let’s get into the list of the top 20 most viewed African artists on YouTube.


Mohamed Ramadan Mafia 243 Million Views


Ramadan is known for his amazing acting skills but wait, do you know what the magic is?


Well, if you wish to know that then you have to watch some of his songs on his YT channel.


His videos are unique and the way he weaves storytelling with his songs is just superb.


Mohamed Ramadan Mafia was released on January 1st, 2019, and the video of the song was produced by Hossam. L. Hossainy.


To date, Mohamed Ramadan’s 2nd most viewed YouTube video is Mafia with over 210 million views.


Sinach Way Maker 215 Million Views


This is the second gospel music to have made my list of Most viewed music videos on YouTube in Africa.


The first was Jerusalema which did its best to wow the whole world.


Sinach is a Nigerian singer and one of the only two Christian musicians to make the SMCE list of top 50 most viewed Nigeria music videos on YouTube.


This song was released on August 22 2016 and the video was directed by Ose Iria.


The song has more than 164 million views to date making it her most viewed song on the platform.


Burnaboy Ye 214 Million Views


When Burnaboy released the African giant album, it became clear how he has grown musically.


With Ye, Burnaboy sealed his spot on the list of great artists in the country.


The song was released on August 6th, 2018 with the video directed by Clarence Peters.


To date, Burna boy Ye video has amassed more than 119 million views.


This makes the video his second most viewed song on YouTube.


Wizkid Joro 214 Million Views

Wizkid’s Joro was released in 2019. At the time, it didn’t feel like a song that would amass the above views.
but fast forward 3+ years later, Joro makes it into this list of the most watched music videos on YouTube in Africa.
A couple of days back, I also wrote an article about the most awarded artists in the world.
Surprisingly, he made the list effortlessly which further cements him as one of the top stars in Africa.

Innoss B Yope 199 Million Views

I remember back in the day when my kid brothers and I would dance to Congolese singer Awilo Logomba.
We would wind our waist dancing to Makossa, a sub-genre of the Congolese Soukous.
Gone are those good ol days you know. Today, everything is different with the rise of different sub-genres in Africa.
And Innoss B is one such musician that changed the DRC music industry with the release of Yope.
Yope featured Diamond Platnumz, one of Tanzania’s best musicians of the 21st century.
This song has garnered over 199 million views on YouTube hence making it one of the most viewed on this list.


When you have Diamond Platnumbz featured on a song, you just know it will be a hit.


And Inoss B made no mistake enlisting Diamond for this remix because it was the deal-breaker.


Yope remix quickly went viral thanks to the beauty of the internet today.


I mean it is how you and I continue to learn of new songs that have been released, unlike the old days.


Yope was released on September 7th, 2019, and the video was directed by Kenny.


Diamond on the other hand has been phenomenal too with songs like African Beauty and his most recent ongeza.

Cheba Souad Our Love Is In Danger 197 Million Views


Cheba Souad is an Algerian singer, and songwriter with genres cutting across Algerian Folk, Rock, Country, and Fado.


She was known for her viral song our love is in danger featuring Hichem Smati.


The song became an instant hit in Algeria and was aired on every radio in the country.


It was released on the 3rd of March 2018 and it was produced by Hichem Smati with the video directed by A la Benyahia.


To date, the song has garnered more than 197 million views making it her most-viewed song.


Die Antwoord Ugly Boy 192 Million Views


Okay, I will be honest with you, Die Antwoord are phenomenal artists.
The group’s mastery of art has made it one of the music bands in South Africa that can transfix you.
You just need to see the group play with a mic and you will be like wow, they are good.
Ugly Boy made it into the most viewed African music videos on YT with over 192 million views.


Tekno Pana 188 Million Views


Who has not listened to Tekno one of Nigeria’s finest when it comes to making hits huh?


His song pana secures a spot on my Youtube most watched African music video list.


But before that, Tekno has been amazing and his most recent project was superb.


I mean I can’t stop listening to tracks like Enjoy, Designer, and Dana.


Pana was released in September 2018 and the video was directed by Clarence Peter.


This is also one of the songs for which he became very popular and for which his wealth began to rise.


Tekno Pana’s video currently has more than 144 million views on YouTube right now.


Top 30 Most Viewed African Music Video On YouTube 2022


Chances are, you are still here so let me walk you through the top 30 Youtube most watched African music video.

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I know this is a huge list but not to worry it will soon be over you know.


Now, here are the 30 Most viewed Africa youtube videos:


Die Antwoord I Fink U Freeky 181 Million Views


The South African group once again snatch another spot on the top 50 most viewed African music videos on YouTube.


This time, the group does it with another of their hit singles I fink u freeky which was released off the Tension album.


The song was released in 2012 which is more than 7 years ago.


To date, this song has garnered more than 181 million views on YouTube.


Mohamed Ramadan El Malek 165 Million Views


When you combine singing with acting, what you get is a loyal fan base.


And Ramadan continues to show Africa how to make unique videos that get watched like crazy.


El Malek was released in 2018 and the video was directed by Hossam. L. Hossainy.


To date, Mohamed Ramadan El Malek video has garnered more than 165million views on Youtube.


This is the singer and actor’s 3rd video to have made the list of  Most popular African Youtube videos.


Yemi Alade Johnny 150 Million Views


Yemi Alade no doubt has made his mark in the Nigerian music industry.


Today, it’s difficult to look for the top 10 best female musicians in the country without enlisting her name.


I have listened to her empress album and I have to say she keeps pushing the limit.


This was evident in songs like deceive featuring Rudeboy.


If you didn’t know about that song then I guarantee you want to see it now and here is a link for you.


Yemi Alade Johnny song introduced her as a force to reckon with in the industry and it’s been wild since.


Today, she is one of Nigeria’s richest musicians thanks to the wealth she has amassed over the years.


Yemi Alade Johnny video was released in 2014 and it received a nomination at the MTV Africa music award for song of the year.


Today, the song has more than 125 million views on YT to make it her most viewed song on the platform.


Davido If 158 Million Views


Davido keeps getting better as he ages and while a couple of years from 3 decades on earth, he has been consistent.


Davido If became the national anthem around the globe after the song was released on FEBRUARY 2017.


The video of If went viral and it resonated with lots and lots of people around the world.


Currently If is Davido’s second most viewed song on YouTube with more than 120 million views.


Cheb Djalil Maghoun Wahdi 117 Million Views


Chep Djalil featured Hichem Smati on this monstrous track which made the whole country in North Africa standstill.


Hichem Smati skill has seen him gain features that became hit tracks.


Today, Cheb Djalil Maghoun Wadhi is the singer’s most viewed video.


It was released on August 5th, 2018, and the production was done by Hichem Smati.


Maghoun Wahdi currently has more than 116 million views on YouTube.


Runtown Mad Over You 144 Million Views


Runtown’s debut in the Nigerian music industry with Gallardo made a difference for the artist.


Today, you can’t talk about top singers in Nigeria and not mention the name Runtown.


His reputation precedes him and mad over made a difference in the singer’s career.


I was listening to Kini Issue by Runtown a couple of days back, and the way he manages to stay relevant has been telling.


Mad over you was released on the 18th December 2016 and the video was directed by Clarence Peters.


Runtown mad over made my Highest YouTube views in Africa list and currently has more than 115 million views.


Korede Bello Do Like Dat 110 Million Views


Mavin’s records have really brought several stars to the spotlight.


You can’t really mention the names of producers in the industry and not call Don Jazzy’s name you.


His humility has uplifted several stars in the industry and Korede Bello is among such names.


Do like that was released on November 2nd, 2016 with Konstatin directing the video.


It is one of the singer’s most viewed YouTube videos with more than 110 million views.


Psquare Personally 103 Million Views


We can not forget the name Psquare in the Africa music industry.


At least before they broke up to pursue solo individual careers.


Both are still doing good with a very huge net worth despite their split.


I remember songs like Ifunaya, Temptation, and No One Like You among others.


Heck, I even used No One Like You to ask my first girlfriend out.




Anyway, the memories were good and I still very much visit it every once in a while.


Having said that, though they split up, what they achieved was unmeasurable.


Personally was released in 2013 and the video of the song was directed by Jude Engees Okoye.


To date, the song has more than 100 million views on YouTube.


That’s the final song on this top 50 most viewed Africa music video on YouTube list.


Hopefully, you do enjoy it.


Now let’s take some of the pressing questions you have on the most viewed music video on YouTube in Africa.


Frequently Asked Questions


This part of the post will look to answer some of the pressing questions you have about this post.


So let’s get to just that, shall we?


Who Is The Most Viewed Artist In Africa


Akon is the most viewed artist in Africa with more than 3.5 billion streams on YouTube. He is the founder of the Konvict Music record label under which he released several hit songs like lonely, escape, and put the blame on me.


Although he did not make this list of most viewed songs in Africa 2023, Akon is the most viewed African artist on youtube in 2023.




Making the top 50 most viewed Africa music video on YouTube list is not an easy job you would agree.


Every artist that made this list has been amazing and outstanding in their career.


Nigerians populated this and it did not come as a surprise considering they are the largest African country on the continent.


Now by no means is this a complete list as we made sure that the criteria for coming up with this list are 100 million views, and above.


This means that the more African songs that hit 100 million views, the faster we will be updating this list to reflect those changes.


It’s over to you!


Which other artists would you love to see make the top 50 most viewed African music videos on YouTube list?


Use the comment box to shoot me your thoughts!


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