Top 50 Most Viewed Nigeria Music Video On YouTube 2023

Top 30 Most Viewed Nigerian Music Videos on YouTube
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Last updated on February 2nd, 2023 at 07:39 am

most viewed Nigeria music video on youtube? Who tops the list?


It’s a beautiful new day with lots of promising thoughts about how the day will end in your head right? 


Well, I bet it’s more than perfect because down here, I can see the sun rising from the East. 


I particularly take keen notice of the serenity of the day despite the madness that ravaged the world (pandemic). 


I am writing this in 2021, hopefully, when you see these first few lines, it brings you closer to the beauty of nature. 


Having said that, whether you are a Davido, Wizkid, or Burnaboy fan, I am positive this post will cut across all of your favorites. 


Because after all, it’s about the top 50 most viewed Nigeria music video on YouTube.


So, you can be sure it will most likely talk about some of the great names in Nigeria’s music industry currently. 


With that out of the way, who are the artists with the most viewed Nigeria music video on YouTube


Well, the best part of this post will focus on this as I take you from the top 10 most viewed Nigeria music video on YouTube right up to the top 50. 


but before I do that, here is a bullet point highlighting what you will get from this post step by step. 


  • Top 10 most viewed YouTube video in Nigeria 


  • Top 20 most Viewed Nigeria music video on YouTube 2021


  • Top 30 YouTube most watched Nigeria music video 


  • Top 40 Highest YouTube video views in Nigeria 


  • Top 50 most viewed Nigerian music video on YouTube 


Now let’s take each of these bullet points and expand on it shall we? 


Top 10 Most Viewed Nigeria Music Video On YouTube 


When it comes to music there is a list of names that comes to mind who has made you dance all day right? 


Well, I bet that is the case because right up to this day, I still play some of the songs from oldies who made me vibe. 


Today, the music platform is changing and as it does so also is the rise of newer artists. 


Today I bring you the top 10 most viewed artists on YouTube in Nigeria


Here we go! 


  • Davido Fall 231 million views 


  • Burna boy on the low 251 million views 


  • Sinach way maker 165 million views 


  • Tekno Pana 145 million views 


  • Yemi Alade Johnny 127 million views 


  • Davido If 121 million views 


  • Burna boy Ye 189 million views


  • Runtown mad over you 116 million views 


  • Korede Bello do like that 110 million views 


  • Psquare personally 103 million views 


It’s such an amazing list of artists with the most video views right? 


From the looks of it, Davido and Burnaboy have two songs with more than 100 million views on YouTube. 


Davido Fall 231 Million Views 


OBO aka baddest is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria currently and seeing him top this list didn’t come as a surprise. 


I mean today, no doubt he is also one of the most popular artists from Nigeria right now. 


When I wrote about his net worth, I knew right then and there he going to be one of the names revered in the music industry. 

Most Viewed Nigeria Music Video On YouTube

Although other great names will come just like we have witnessed in history, but this name will stay around long enough. 


Especially because he and Wizkid alongside Burnaboy, Tiwa Savage took Afrobeat to the international stage. 


Davido Fall mp3 is the breakthrough single used to enter the international stage and right to this moment, fans abroad love this track. 


It’s easily why he is among the best musicians in the country right now.


If you have not watched the Davido fall video, then I suggest you do that here or click on this link to stream and download it to your mobile device. 


Fall was released on the 2nd June 2017 and the video was directed by Daps and to date, it’s garnered more than 192 million views on YouTube. 


With that said Davido most viewed YouTube video is Fall and the numbers don’t lie. 


So who took the second spot on this top list, let’s find that out shall we? 


Burnaboy On The Low 251 Million Views 


Oluwa Burnaboy is also one of the great names in the entertainment industry today. 


I mean it’s no news that he and Davido are quite at loggerheads for quite some time now. but he is no doubt one of the most streamed artists in Africa.

Top 10 Most Viewed Nigeria Musicians On YouTube NG

The cause of their beef is anybody’s guess since fans have decided that Wizkid is the bigger artist in the country. 


Well, you can read about Davido and Burnaboy beef here because I did my best to walk you through everything step by step. 


Burna Boy on the low brought him fame despite coming on the scene late. 


On the low resonated with lots of fans around the globe and it didn’t take long for this to help shoot his net worth to what it is right now. 


The video of on the low was released on the 31st December 2015 and the video was directed by Meji Alabi.


The video has currently done more than 177 million views on YouTube as of when this post was published. 


So, therefore, it’s important for you to know that Burnaboy most viewed YouTube video is “on the low”. 


Watch the complete video of this track here and enjoy every bit of it while I drag you to the 3rd person on this list. 


Sinach Way Maker 165 Million Views 


It is probably strange for you to see her on this list because she is a gospel musician right? 


Well, since this post is about YouTube most viewed Nigeria artists, it is why she made the list. 


I mean look at the numbers she did and the fact that she came 3rd on this list is as shocking as it gets. 

It’s 2021, and Sinach way maker has gathered more than 165 million views which is incredible for a gospel musician. 


Sinach way maker video was released on 22nd August 2016 and the video was directed by Ose Iria. 


Sinach most viewed YouTube videos remain way maker right up to this day. 


Finally, watch the complete video of this song here and let me know what you think in the comment section below. 


Tekno Pana 145 Million Views 


Alhaji Tekno aka Slim Daddy isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon especially with his most recent project. 


Old Romance is the first album released by Tekno and this is after spending more than 5 years in the spotlight. 


You most probably have not listened to that album and I suggest you follow this link to check it out, will you. 

With that said, Pana has made him quite some money on YouTube which is the second most used search engine in the world today. 


Also with a net worth of more than 1 million dollars, Tekno is easily one of the richest celebs in the country today. 


So how many views does this song have already? 


Well, Tekno Pana has done more than 145 million views on YT and the video was directed by Clarence Peter while the video was released in September 2018.


So right now I hope you now know that Tekno most viewed YouTube video is Pana. 


Yemi Alade Johnny 127 Million Views 


Yemi Alade is seriously on the competing stage with Tiwa Savage and she is also looking to break into the international audience. 


Right now she is the only Nigerian top female artist who hasn’t had that break into the international audience.


I mean the likes of Tiwa, Burna, David, Wizkid have already gone international, and just like these ones, she is a superstar in Naija. 

Alade also made the SMCE list of artists with the highest YouTube views in Nigeria and she comes 5th on this list. 


Johnny was released on 14th March 2014 and the video was her breakthrough song at least in my opinion. 


Johnny also helps to get her net worth to what it is right now but after that, she has done some really incredible songs. 


I mean take a look at her recent project Empress especially the track with Rudeboy titled deceive. 


Yemi Alade most viewed YouTube video is Johnny with more than 127 million views to date. She  has one of the most viewed Nigeria music video on youtube


Davido If 121 Million Views 


While you and I still enjoying Davido jowo, from his most recent album ABT, it’s important before this hit song there were others. 


I remember listening to songs like Assurance, Gobe, Aye, Wonder Woman, I Milli among others. 


The crazy thing no one is telling you is that David Adeleke makes hit songs and sitting on number 6th is one of his hit tracks. 

Davido released If in February 2017, and the video was directed by Q. 


Today, Davido if video has been streamed more than 121 million times on YouTube. 


So when NEXT you are looking for the top most viewed videos on YouTube Nigeria, know Shoutmeceleb Entertainment have your back. 




Who do we have here? 


It’s no other person than Burnaboy… 


Burna boy Ye 189 Million Views 


If you are a fan of Burna then you know this guy is a lyrical genius right? 


Now, if you do not believe my claim then I suggest you listen to songs like Real Life


Once you are done with it so you know am serious then you also should try out Way Too Big or heck even Monsters You Made. 

With that said, Burnaboy Ye was released on August 6th, 2018, and the video was directed by Clarence Peters. 


Burna’s artistry stands him apart from the rest and this has even earned him names such as the next Fela. 


Although that will be overreaching because there only ever could be one Fela and be is the king of Afrobeat. 


To date, Burna Boy Ye YouTube video has received more than 120 million views on YouTube making it one of the most viewed Nigeria music video on youtube.


Runtown Mad Over You 116 Million Views 


Runtown was fairly quiet for the most part of 2020 until he dropped Kini Issue which like most of his songs was a hit. 


As I type, that song alone has done more than 3 million views on YouTube. 


Runtown breakthrough came with Gallardo on which he featured Davido. 

He is the 8th person on my list of top 10 most viewed Nigerian artists on YouTube today. 


He is one artist in the country with a unique style and it’s why he can go out for a very long time and still remain relevant. 


Although an artist that does not perform dies he is looking to have defiled that logic. 


RUNTOWN mad over you was released on December 8th, 2016, and the video was directed by Clarence Peters. 


To date Runtown mad over you YouTube video has more than 116 million views. 


So who else do I have on my list of most viewed videos on YouTube in Nigeria huh? 


Well, Korede Bello I believe is the next name on my list so hop let’s take a look, shall we? 


Korede Bello Do Like Dat 110 Million Views 


While not as popular as some of the names on the top 10, Bello has have left his mark on the industry. 


If you do a Google search for Nigerian music videos with the most views, no surprise to see him up there. 

Korede uniqueness has kept him relevant for a long time and you could see just that on his last year’s project like Micasa Sucasa


Also, the success of his songs is how he has managed to gain thousands of dollars that make up his net worth


Korede Bello Do Like That video was released on November 22nd, 2016, and Konstantin directed it. 


While doing a simple search, I discovered that Korede Bello most viewed YouTube video has garnered more than 110 million views.


You can watch the video for Korede Bello do like that on YT assuming this is your first time hearing about it. Surprisingly, he has one of the most viewed Nigeria music video on youtube too.


Psquare Personally 103 Million Views 


At some point, I was thinking Youtube most watched Nigerian music video would go to Psquare. 


Imagine my surprise when I found out that they have only managed the 10th spot of the most viewed Nigerian music video on YouTube 2021


You and I are still filled with the memories of the old Psquare right? 


I mean how can we forget what those times were like since they gave back to back hit songs. 

We danced to songs like Temptation, beautiful onyinye, bank alert, asampokoto, game over, miss you die, omoge mi, and more. 


Although they have since gone on the road of solo careers, the magic both artists brought was unusual. 


Under their individual names Mr P and Rudeboy respectively, both have done some really good songs. 


If you can take the time then make sure you check out Rudeboy Woman or heck even Mr P Follow My Lead


Psquare amassed a lot of wealth during their time together and both artists are still very much one of the richest in Africa


Each artist has more than 10 million dollars sitting in assets and you can read all about that here


Psquare personally was released on June 22nd, 2013 and the video was shot by Jude Okoye and Clarence Peters. 


Right now Psquare most viewed YouTube videos remains personally with more than 103 million views. 


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