Richest Comedians in the World 2021
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Ever asked who are the richest comedians in the world today? I made a complete list of the top 50 richest comedians in the world for you here.


To be frank, the internet has significantly simplified our lives in the contemporary 21st century.


Today, we have platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram that have made finding information easy.


I have to say I am one of the millions around the world who the internet has made their lives better you know.


Now before you and I get into the current richest comedians list, here is a bullet point of what today’s post will cover.


This list will take you from the top 10 richest comedians in the globe to the top 50 richest comedians in the world right now.


With that said, here are the bullet point listing the order the richest stand up comedians in the world will take.

  • Top 10 richest comedians in the world 2023


  • Top 20 richest comedians in the world 2023


  • Top 30 richest comedians in the world 2023


  • Top 40 richest stand-up comedians in the world 2023


  • Top 50 richest comedians in the world 2023


As listed above, this list is meant to cover every bullet point with regard to this topic so brace yourself.


There is always that joy that we feel whenever we listen to the likes of Dave Chappelle, and Kelvin Harts when they make us laugh right?

Well, you could say happiness is the principal thing when it comes to living the life that you want.


So quickly, let’s nose dive into the richest comedians net worth 2023, shall we?


Top 10 Richest Comedians In The World 2023


Who are the top ten richest stand up comedians in the world? The 10 richest comedians right now are Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Matt Groening, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Ellen Degeneres, Adam Sandler, Bill Cosby, Byron Allen, and David Letterman.

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Now here is their name in bullet points and how much each is worth before I will further expand on each person.

No Names Net worth Country
1 Jerry Seinfeld $950 million US
2 Larry David $950 million US
3 Matt Groening $600 million US
4 Trey Parker $600 million US
5 Matt Stone $600 million US
6 Ellen Degeneres $450 million US
7 Adam Sandler $430 million Russian
8 Bill Cosby $400 million US
9 Byron Allen $400 million US
10 David Letterman $400 million US

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth – $950 Million 


It’s hard not to mention names like Jerome Seinfeld when you want to talk about the comedy in the world. 


This guy brought one of the craziest ugly laughing shows in history from 1988 to 1998. 


And yeah I am talking about the sitcom Seinfeld Chronicles which was later renamed, Seinfeld. 

Top 20 Richest Comedians in the World
Jerry Seinfeld

So who is he right? Well, Jerome Allen is an American actor, stand-up comedian, writer, and producer with the gift of production. 


My o my, it’s hard not to laugh when you have Seinfeld on the mic while he expresses how talented he is with observational comedy.


His career went from a rocky start to one of the A-listers in the world of comedy today. 


So what is his real name right? Well, his real name is Jerome Allen Seinfeld. 


The best project he ever created was with Larry David which is the Sitcom Seinfeld. 


Now I bet you are dying to know how much he is worth right? 


Well, here we: The net worth of Allen Seinfeld is estimated to be $950 million. 


Net Worth: $950 Million 


With that out of the way, come let’s dive further into this list with our second guy being Larry David. 


Larry David Net Worth – $950 Million 


David’s accomplishments are a testament to the significant amount of time and effort he has dedicated to reaching his current position.


You can say, Larry has walked the talk and taken a bit of action every day driving him to his success. 


Heck, did you know he earned the nickname “The Comedians Comedian”?

Wealthiest comedians in the world
Larry David

You can’t get such a nickname without others looking up to you to be their source of inspiration. 


So who is he? Well, Larry David is an American stand-up comedian, writer, and producer. 

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His body of work for which he became popular include Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. 


Larry has received numerous awards in his illustrious career and it’s one any man would be proud of. 


He currently has 26 plus Primetime Emmy award nominations and a whopping 3 times Golden Globe Award nomination. 


So how much is Larry David worth right? When putting this post together, Larry David’s net worth is $950 million. 


Net Worth: $950 million 


So who is 3rd on this list? It’s no other person than Matt Groening. 


Matt Groening Net Worth – $600 Million 


Matt Groening’s career has been nothing short of extraordinary and serves as a shining example for any aspiring comedian to follow.


There are only a very few numbers of comedians that have attained the level of his success. 


Matt has been the brain behind the Simpsons one of the longest-running series on Primetime. 


To be specific, the Simpsons has been running since 1989 to this present day. 


So who is he? Matt Groening is a British actor, comedian writer, and producer. 


He is known for series such as Life in Hell, The Simpsons, and Futurama just to name a few. 

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Groening’s contribution has never gone unnoticed because he has always been remembered for his works. 


Currently, Matt has more than 18 Primetime Emmy Awards and has also been awarded The British comedy award. 


You could say it’s been a life filled with great achievements. 


But then how much is Matt Groening worth right now? Matt estimated net worth puts him at $600 million. 


He sits as the 3rd wealthiest comedian in the world right now. 


Net Worth: $600 Million 


Who is 4th on this list? Well, you will find out shortly so come let’s nose dive again, shall we? 


Trey Parker Net Worth – $600 Million 


I like to call this guy the man with the source especially after his professional relationship with Matt Stone. 


If you are on the lookout for someone who can keep you on the edge of your seat laughing then this is your guy. 


His journey to creating a million-dollar fortune began at the University of Colorado

Top ten richest comedians in the world

There he mastered his craft of bending humor to his will while linking up with his buddy Matt Stone. 


So who is he? Trey Parker is a comedy writer, actor, and producer. 


but then how much is Trey Parker worth today? Trey Parker is currently worth a massive $600 million. 


You could say that’s one hell of a net worth right but then it’s nothing compared to Jerry Seinfeld. 


Net Worth: $600 Million 


I Can’t even imagine the kind of life that I will have with all that kind of wealth you know. 


I am definitely going to own a house by the seashore because that has always been my biggest dream. 


The net worth of Trey Parker ranks him as the 5th richest comedian in the world today. 


Matt Stone Net Worth – $600 Million 


Matt Stone’s walk to fame is a bit of a story that can wake you up if you have been sleeping. 


In the year 2000, I remember sitting through a meal with my friend watching South Park. 

How much is Matt Stone worth
Matt Stone

I believe that was the first time I learned of the sitcom which has now gone to every nuke and cranny of the world. 


I was attracted to the creativity that was put in to make the idea a reality. 


If you fast forward to 2023, one of the craziest years of the modern 21st century then you know South Park is still very much watched around the world. 


So who is Matt Stone? Stone is one of the brains that brought South Park to life but he isn’t essentially your typical comedian. 


I say this because he is an animator, writer, producer, and composer. 


However, he made his wealth through a comedy cartoon series which is why he made this list. 


So how much is Matt Stone worth currently? Matt Stone is currently worth the sum of $600 million. 

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This makes him the 5th most wealthy comedian in the globe right now. 


Net Worth: $600 Million 


Remember this list is for the top 50 richest comedians in the world so we are just getting started. 


Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth – $450 Million 


If you were born in the 90s then you must have grown fond of her humor in the world of comedy. 


She has also raised the bar for a lot of upcoming female comedians who see Ellen as a role model. 


DeGeneres’s career hit the spotlight in 1997 but the big break happened with her own TV show. 

How much is Ellen Degeneres worth
Ellen DeGeneres

She named the show after herself which is the Ellen DeGeneres Show which aired on her own TV network. 


So who is she? Ellen is an American comedian whose first appearance on TV shows came in the 80s.


Her path to fame has been very telling while also maintaining a balance between fame and her personal life. 


No doubt Ellen has been rocked by some scandals most recently to which she apologized publicly. 


So how much is Ellen DeGeneres worth? She is currently worth a mouth-watering sum of $450 million which puts her 6th on Shoutmeceleb top 10 richest comedians in the world list


Net Worth: $450 Million 


Did I forget to mention that the net worth of Ellen DeGeneres makes her one of the top 20 richest female comedians in the world. 


Yeah, I forget but now you know right? 


Next up is Adam Sandler so let’s see what we can find shall we? 


Adam Sandler Net Worth – $430 Million 


Who doesn’t love a good comedian who you can watch make you laugh all day right? 




If you ask me to pick my top 50 funniest comedians in the world, Sandler would be up there. 

Richest Comedians List 2021
Adam Sandler

So who is he? Adam Sandler is an American comedian, writer, producer, and director. 


but I left the word actor out and obviously, he is both an actor and a comedian but so many see him as an actor. 


He has starred in several comedy movies which have made him a powerhouse in the comedy industry today. 


Sandler’s comedic movies have made him a lot of money and can easily make the top 10 richest comedians in the US. 


I have only known a few people who have Adam’s sense of humor and you can say he is unique. 


So how much is Adam Sandler worth in 2021? The net worth of Adam Sandler is summed up to $430 Million. 


This makes him 7th on the richest comedians list. 


Net Worth: $430 Million 


Who takes the number 8th spot huh? 


Bill Cosby Net Worth – $400 Million 


Blacks are very creative and their sense of attachment can be increasingly overwhelming. 


If there is any great pioneer of African American culture then Bill should be named. 


Although his recent scandal of 2018 may have tainted his name his achievements won’t go unnoticed. 


In the mid-80s to late 80s The Bill Cosby Show was rated as one of the best shows in the USA. 


The reason is that his effort to showcase how the rich Blacks lived in the US was greatly appreciated. 


So who is Bill Cosby? Bill is an American comedian, producer, and screenwriter. 


His rise to fame came through The Bill Cosby Show and The Cosby Mysteries. 


Both shows received positive ratings as such reeled a lot of money for Bill Cosby. 


Today Bill Cosby is among some of the richest Black comedians in the world with a powerhouse net worth. 


So how much is Bill Cosby worth right now? The net worth of Bill Cosby is estimated to be $400 million. 


Net Worth: $400 Million 


His net worth makes him the 8th of the top 50 richest comedians in the world. 


Now come, our top 10 list is almost over so let’s keep riding the wave, shall we? 


Byron Allen Net Worth – $400 Million 


Byron’s career is one laden with several awards you know, he has so much that I can only name a few. 


Byron has won the NAPTE award, he has also received the Whitney M. Jr award amongst others. 


If you are on the market looking for one of the most influential comedians, then I have Byron as the man. 


Byron started his career as a stand-up comedian but his entrepreneurial skill stands him out. 


He currently founded the Allen Media Group with several subsidiaries such as Fox Sport. 


In a world that is constantly changing, diversity is the key to maintaining your wealth. 


You have heard of Kickin It with Byron Allen, right? Well if you haven’t then read a little about it here. 


Kickin It shows became one of the longest-running shows in the USA and made the bucks for Allen. 


So who is he? Byron Allen is an American comedian, entrepreneur, and CEO. 


Having said that, how much is Byron Allen worth? The net worth of Byron Allen is estimated to be $400 million. 


Net Worth: $400 Million. 


David Letterman Net Worth – $400 Million 


32 plus years is no small time to have been front and center of the Night with David Letterman show. 


So why his achievements precede him, you and I can settle on one thing and that’s that he is rich. 


Letterman’s consistency and running his show on NBC for 33 years tells you he is the guy you need to press the right button. 

Richest ComediansNet Worth 2021
David Letterman

So who is he right? Well, David Letterman is an American comedian, television, and film producer. 


David’s success has been telling with the founding of Worldwide Pants which houses all his productions. 


So 8g he is this popular around the world, how much is he worth then? 


How much is David Letterman worth? The net worth of David Letterman is estimated to be around $400 million.

Net Worth: $400 Million


His wealth ranks him the 10th richest comedians in Hollywood. 


Quickly let’s transition into the 20 of the top 50 richest comedians in the world, shall we? 


Your answer is yes I bet! 


Top 20 Richest Comedians In The World 2023


Who are the top 20 richest stand up comedians in the world today? The 20 richest comedians right now in the world are Jay Leno, Seth Macfarlane, Jim Carey, Kelvin Hart, Ray Romano, Bill Murray, Sacha Baron Cohen, Steve Harvey, Dan Aykroyd, and Cona O’Brien.


Now here is how much each is worth in bullet points in order to ease your comprehension.


  • Jay Leno net worth – $400 million


  • Seth Macfarlane net worth – $300 million


  • Jim Carey net worth – $210 million


  • Kelvin Hart net worth – $200 million


  • Ray Romano net worth – $200 million


  • Bill Murray net worth – $200 million


  • Sacha Baron Cohen net worth – $185 million


  • Steve Harvey net worth – $180 million


  • Dan Aykroyd net worth – $155 million


  • Cona O’Brien net worth – $150 million


Jay Leno Net Worth – $400 Million 


My father would always tell me that money does not grow on trees that you work for it. 


A man like Leno must have been taught the same lesson on how to be an investor. 


When it comes to investing his money, Leno is one of the smartest people I know in this regard. 


Jay Leno

Having said that Jay Leno has been in the game of comedy for over 20 years. 


He amassed a staggering net worth heading tonight’s show with Jay Leno. 


So who is he? Jay Leno is an American comedian who is very prominent for being the face of The Tonight Show for over 20 years. 


If you have been around for a long time then you know he is a powerhouse in the comedy industry. 


So how much is Jay Leno worth? The net of Jay Leno is estimated to be $400 million exactly. 


Net Worth: $400 Million 


Quickly let’s see who sits in 12th place on this list. 


Seth MacFarlane Net Worth – $300 Million 


A lot of celebs on this list have really had a great career doing comedy. 


Whether it’s stand up, TV series, or movies. 


In the same vein, they have also earned quite the dollar with almost everyone amounting to millions. 

Seth MacFarlane

The 12th addition is Seth, and you can say his reputation precedes him. 


So who is Seth MacFarlane? He is an American comedian, writer, and producer. 


MacFarlane’s career hit the spotlight after he created several TV series that’s been running. 


If you have watched series like Family Guy then you already know how gifted Seth is in writing. 


From the early 2000s to date, he has won 5 Primetime Emmy awards for the series Family Guy. 


I love how he combined being a writer, an actor, a singer, and a comedian all in one. 


He was nominated for the Grammy for his original work on Every Body Needs a Best Friend. 


So how much is Seth MacFarlane worth? The net worth of Seth MacFarlane is estimated to be $300 million. 


Net Worth: $300 Million


Jim Carey Net Worth – $210 Million 


Some of Forbes richest comedians in the world are known for their meek lifestyle. 


Jim is known for his love to make a comedy from anything he is given. 


and this act of making the audience laugh is why he made this list of the top 50 richest comedians in the world. 


Chances are you have watched popular movies such as The Mask right? 


Well, back in the 90s, this used to be one of my favorite movies and he killed every of his act. 


So who is he? Jim Carey is a comedian, actor, and writer. 


Speaking of writing, his first book is Memoir and Misinformation which received positive reviews. 


Liar Liar is also among my favorite comedy movies Jim Carey has appeared on which he nailed by the way. 


Now has he any award? The answer is yes he has two awards to his merits. 

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He won the award for Best Actor in motion picture drama and Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globe award. 


So how much is Jim Carey worth? The net worth of Jim Carey is estimated to be $210 million. 


Net Worth: $210 Million 


His net worth makes him the 13th richest comedian in the world. 


Kelvin Hart Net Worth – $200 Million 


Do not take this seriously because it’s a personal opinion. 


I believe that Kevin Hart acts better when he has Dwayne The Rock Johnson by his side. 


I still remember Jumanji, one of the finest comedy movies both actors have starred in. 

Top 50 Richest Comedians in the World

While Dwayne is one of the top 50 richest actors in the world, Kevin Hart is listed among the richest US comedians


His movie Central Intelligence also got me cracking and it’s why I believe he is a better actor when he stars alongside Dwayne.


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So who is he? He is a comedy actor and a stand-up comedian with a breakthrough in movies such as Undeclared.


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So how much is Kevin Hart worth? The estimated net worth of Kevin Hart is $200 million. 


With several hit movies, it’s hard not to list Hart as one of the richest comedians in the US. 


Net Worth: $200 Million 


So who is next on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment’s richest comedians list huh? 


Ray Romano Net Worth – $200 Million 


Ray Romano also made my list of richest stand up comedians in the world Forbes


His career has been stellar and who knows could go down as one of the richest comedians of all time. 


I trust you have watched Get Shorty which started airing in 2017 right? 


It’s hard not to love a good comedian who can make you tear up with laughter. 


Whenever I watch him hit the stage back when he was more of a frequent guest at The Late Night Show I laugh really hard. 


So who is he? Ray Romano is a stand-up comedian and an actor who has won quite a number of Emmy Awards. 


His CBS show Every Body Loves Raymond made him a star who everyone really loved. 


Thanks to his skillful comedic act from 1989 to date, Ray has amassed quite the wealth. 


So how much is Ray Romano worth? The net worth of Ray Romano is estimated to be $200 million. 


Net Worth: $200 Million 


Bill Murray Net Worth – $200 Million 


Bill went from trying to study to become a medical doctor to a dropout and then a comedian. 


So what is your favorite Bill Murray movie you have ever watched? 


Do leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Having said that, my favorite Bill Murray movie is Lost in Translation, to be honest. 




I know there is a lot to pick from since he has starred in over 50 movies since his rise to stardom. 


So who is Bill Murray? Murray is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and Co-producer. 


Murray’s rise to fame earned him an Emmy award after a couple of outstanding performances on Saturday Night Life. 


So how much is Bill Murray worth? The estimated net worth of Bill Murray is $200 million. 


His worth makes him one of the richest male comedians in the world today. 


Net Worth: $200 Million 


Sacha Baron Cohen Net Worth – $200 Million 


Cohen is listed as one of the 30 best living comedians (what that means is anybody’s guess). 


With that said, his fictional characters in comedy have received lots of mixed reactions you know. 


But I have to say I am one of the millions of fans out there who finds him hilarious. 


Remember King Julian in Madagascar right? Sacha did the voicing for that movie. 


So how would you rate his comedy? Let me guess you hate it or love it right? 


Either one you choose, he is a million already so you can drop your reply. 


Sacha created Who is America after he co-starred in the movie Alice In Wonderland. 


A movie that got pretty much-mixed reactions from viewers. 


Baron has been nominated more than twice for the Golden Globe award but has failed to pick any of the awards. 


However, his wealth is mounting day by day as he is also one of the richest comedians in Hollywood


So how much is Sacha Baron Cohen worth? The net worth of Sacha Baron Cohen is estimated to be $185 million. 


Net Worth: $185 Million 


Steve Harvey Net Worth – $180 Million 


Harvey has been one of the most famous faces in the comedy industry in recent times. 


You can’t talk about the comedy in the USA and not mention Steve Harvey right? 


Steve is an investor and a businessman after he did his last stand-up comedy in 2012.

Top 50 Richest Comedians in Hollywood

I mean he has several companies that were all umbrellaed under Steve Harvey Group. 


Steve has been the host of Family Feud for a long time, while also hosting Celebrity Family feud. 


Today his business-mindedness has risen him up to the stand where he is among some of the most influential figures around the world. 


So how much is Steve Harvey worth? The net worth of Steve Harvey is currently estimated to be $180 million. 


Net Worth: $180 Million 


You can agree with me when I say Steve has done pretty well for himself considering he was homeless at some point in his life. 


So quickly let’s see who else we have on this list, shall we? 


Dan Aykroyd Net Worth – $155 Million 


Nothing can beat that feeling of retirement while looking at your achievements. 


Dan’s career leading up to retirement was filled with turmoil but making it through is what really defines a man. 


So who Dan Aykroyd? Dan Aykroyd is an American comedian, actor, and businessman. 


In 1989, Dan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Academy Award. 


Although he failed to take home the award, that did not stop his drive to achieve more success in the industry. 


Today, when making a listing of the wealthiest comedians in the world, it’s hard not to include the name, Dan Aykroyd. 


So how much is Dan Aykroyd worth? The net worth of Dan Aykroyd is estimated to be $155 million. 


Net Worth: $155 Million


With such massive wealth, Dan makes the list of the top 50 richest comedians in the world and their net worth in 2021. 


So who else is listed on this richest comedians net worth list huh? 


Well, it’s no other person than Rowan Atkinson. 


Rowan Atkinson Net Worth – $130 Million 


When you think about the top funniest richest comedians in the UK, Atkinson’s name is high up on that list. 


Not only did he make the list of richest comedians in 2021. he also made the list of funniest comedians in the UK. 


An electrical engineer turned into one of the world’s most funny people to ever live. 


You probably know Atkinson as Mr. Bean as that’s what he became so popular for around the world. 


After more than 3 decades in the comedy industry, Rowan has amassed quite a wealth for himself. 


So who is he? Rowan Atkinson is a British comedian and actor. The world knew about him after his popular movie Mr. Bean. 


Mr. Bean received positive critics from movie critics all over the world and has since been known around the globe as Mr. Bean. 


So how much is Rowan Atkinson worth? The net worth of Rowan Atkinson is estimated to be $130 million. 


Net Worth: $130 Million 


His wealth makes him the 20th richest comedy star in the world right now. 


Quickly let’s dive into the top 30 of the top 50 richest comedians in the world 2022, shall we? 


Top 30 Richest Comedians In The World 2023


Who are the top 30 richest stand up comedians in the world currently? The 30 richest comedians today are Bob Hope, Johan River, Jeff Dunham, Bill Maher, Rowan Atkinson, Jon Stewart, Mathew Perry, Martin Lawrence, Dennis Miller, and Jeff Foxworthy.


Now, here is a complete list of these 30 comedians and their net worth below.


  • Bob Hope net worth – $150 million


  • Johan River net worth – $150 million


  • Jeff Dunham net worth – $150 million


  • Bill Maher net worth – $140 million


  • Rowan Atkinson net worth – $130 million


  • Jon Stewart net worth – $120 million


  • Mathew Perry net worth – $120 million


  • Martin Lawrence net worth – $120 million


  • Dennis Miller net worth – $100 million


  • Cona O’Brien net worth – $150 million


Now come let’s expand on each of the above bullet points. 


The first on the top 30 richest comedians in the world 2021 is Terry Fator. 


Terry Fator Net Worth – $160 Million 


Terry Fator won the 2nd edition of America’s got talent with his skillful ventriloquism. 


While AGT just concluded its 14th season last year, the pandemic may have put this one to a halt. 


So who is Terry Fator right? Terry Fator is an American ventriloquist impersonation stand up comedian. 


He uses his puppets to crack jokes that will leave you ugly and laughing all day long. 


His career started when he was still in 5th grade and had stumbled upon a book about ventriloquism. 


He started to master his craft as he read from the book and today that one decision has made him a millionaire. 


So how much is Terry Fator worth? The net worth of Terry Fator is estimated to be the sum of $160 million. 


Net Worth: $160 Million 


So who next? It’s Bob Hope, now let’s dig in a bit to see what we can find, shall we? 


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Bob Hope Net Worth – $130 Million 


Making the list of the 22nd richest comedian on earth is Bob Hope. 


So who is he? Bop Hope is a British stand-up comedian, actor, singer, dancer, author, and vaudevillian this is according to Wikipedia. 


You could say Wikipedia does get some description right, but I honestly can’t say it’s all the time. 


He is quite the man with some accolades you know and a man who has hosted the Academy award more than 18 times. 


You could say that’s the most by any comedian in the history of the world. 


Although records are meant to be broken, we just have to live long enough to see that will be. 


Having said that, Hope started his career as a boxer, then graduated into comedy, and has been featured as a star character in more than 53 films. 


His comedic acts and short movie features set him apart from the rest and helped build his empire of wealth. 


So how much is Bob Hope worth? The net worth of Bob Hope is estimated to be $130 million. 


Net Worth: $130 Million 


So who is lined next on my list right? Well, that will be the person of Johan River.


Johan River Net Worth – $130 Million 


Johan Rivers is popularly known for her controversial comedic persona. 


So the question is who is she? Joan Alexandra Molinsky is an American stand-up comedian, actress, writer, producer, and TV host. 


She is one of the richest female comedians in the world thanks to her making a career out of comedy. 


Rivers started her career in Greenwich Village and has since hit stardom at The Tonight’s Show. 


Rise to fame also saw the rise in a bank account so the question becomes how much is Johan Rivers worth? 


The net worth of Johan Rivers is estimated to be $130 million. 


She falls a couple of $100 million short of catching up with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres. 


Net Worth: $130 Million


Joan wrote more than 11 best-selling books and an LP album to skyrocket her net worth to what you can see above. 


So yes hard work pays really well but if you combine that with smart work then you can hit more breakthroughs in a short time. 


Jeff Durham Net Worth – $130 Million 


Durham’s career has been one filled with lots of positive vibes from his fan base who support his works. 


Jeff’s career as a ventriloquist made him not just one of the richest comedians in the US but also in Europe. 


Magazine outlets such as Times had this description of Jeff Dunham: his characters were “politically incorrect, gratuitously insulting and ill-tempered.”


With that said who is he? Jeff Dunham is an American ventriloquist stand up comedian with more than 4 specials running. 


According to top sources, Dunham has been very steadfast in trying to keep ventriloquist comedy going. 


With more than 3 million DVDs sold worldwide, Dunham is listed as one of the top 50 richest comedians in the world 2022. 


but then the question becomes how much is Jeff Dunham worth? Well, according to Celebritynetworth the net worth of Jeff Dunham is estimated to be $130 million. 

Net Worth: $130 Million


So do we have next on this list, come let’s find now shall we? 


Bill Maher Net Worth – $130 Million 


Bill Maher is another household name in the industry who has really made you and I ugly laugh. 


So who is he? William Maher is an American comedian, political commentator, and TV show host. 


Maher is popular for hosting Real Time with Bill Maher which started airing in 2003 till the present. 


No doubt he signed an undisclosed contract with HBO with possible contract negotiations. 


He is another comedian on this list that has raked in quite a fortune going forward.


While this may be a past record, it’s worth noting that, in 2005 Bill Maher was ranked as one of the greatest stand up comedians. 


Speaking of wealth, how much is Bill Maher worth currently? The net worth of Bill Maher is estimated to be $130 million. 


Net Worth: $130 Million


Maher is a huge supporter of legalizing cannabis and he is also a huge supporter of animal rights. 


Jon Stewart Net Worth – $120 Million 


Jon Stewart is one of the most popular comedians in the USA especially after he took the Daily Show to another level. 


Although Trevor Noah is now the current host of the show which has also seemed to prosper under him. 


Jon has been a beautiful force in the face of comedy and his time hosting The Daily Show was characterized by huge successes. 


During his time The Daily Show won more than 20 Primetime Emmy Awards and two Grammy Awards. 


Stewart also hosted the Jon Stewart Show, You Wrote It while also co-authoring a book that became a best seller. 


So who is he? Jon Stewart is an American comedian, writer, producer, TV show host, and director. 


His success as both an actor, comedian, producer and director has helped to skyrocket his worth. 


So how much is Jon Stewart worth? The net worth of Jon Stewart is estimated to be the sum of $120 million. 


The amount of money also makes him one of the richest American comedians today. 


Net Worth: $120 Million 


Mathew Perry Net Worth – $120 Million 


Perry’s career hit all-time popularity between 1995 to 2004 because of his NBC show titled Friends. 


The sitcom ran for 10 years making it one of the longest shows in his career. 


While not the most wealthy on SMCE top 50 richest male comedians in the world list, he certainly made it to the top 30 list. 


So who is he? Mathew Perry is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, producer, screenwriter, and playwright. 


Since Mathew’s rise to fame, he has been one of the best comedians in history if I am to make a top 50 best comedian list. 


Perry has also featured in several Hollywood movies such as Fools Rush In, 17 Again, and The whole Nine Yards just to mention a few. 


With that said, how much is Mathew Perry worth? The net worth of Mathew Perry is estimated to be $120 million. 


Net Worth: $120 Million 


With this amount of wealth, Perry made my top 50 richest comedians in the world 2021 list. 


Quickly let’s find out who else makes this list because so far, my research has unveiled certain names you wouldn’t have imagined. 


Martin Lawrence Net Worth – $120 Million


Fitzgerald Lawrence’s career has been running for quite this long and he still going strong. 


At least we all saw that with his most recent project starring alongside Will Smith. 


Both actors are just mad whenever they star together in a movie and we saw that all through Bad Boys 1, 2, and 3. 

Top 10 Richest Comedians in the Globe
Martin Lawrence

Martin’s career hit the spotlight after his character on What’s Happening Now as Maurice Warfield brought him to love all around the globe. 


So who is Martin Lawrence? Martin Lawrence is a stand-up comedian, actor, producer, talk show host, and Golden Glove boxer. 


Martin has had a lot of good movies out but some of my favorites include Boomerang, Wild Hogs, Blue Streaks, and others. 


The question right about now is how much is Martin Lawrence worth? The net worth of Martin Lawrence is estimated to be $120 million. 


Net Worth: $120 Million 


Martin has had a stellar career both in comedy and acting and with this amount of cash sitting in his bank account, he also made this richest comedian list


Dennis Miller Net Worth – $100 Million 


Dennis Miller also made my list of the richest stand up comedian in the world. 


Now let’s talk a little about Miller’s achievement, shall we? 


The first question becomes who is he? Dennis Miller born Dennis Michael Miller is an American comedian, political commentator, and actor. 


Miller occupied the 21st spot on Comedy Central’s top 100 greatest comedians of all-time list and it’s a position very deserving. 


Although I thought he could have featured higher on this list hey it’s just my opinion. 


Dennis struggled at the beginning of his career dealing with stage fright and anger. 


He has been a fine force on the comedy front line with a few of his talk shows hosted ON HBO and CNBC. 


Miller also has a bi-weekly talk show program that features interviews with several celebrities. 


So how much is Dennis Miller worth? The net worth of Dennis Miller is estimated to be $100 million. 


Net Worth: $100 Million 


Cona O’Brien Net Worth – $150 Million 


Prior to his wealth, O’Brien has been a writer for Saturday Night Life for The Simpsons. 


So who is he? Cona O’Brien is an American talk show host, producer, writer, and comedian. 


He is the man who took over from David Letterman at the Late Night Show and he raked in some millions. 


Cona O’Brien has hosted the Emmy Awards and Christmas In Washington. 


His popularity around the globe has since grown after he did a 32 and 18 city-wide tour. 


So how much is Cona O’Brien worth? The net worth of Cona O’brien is estimated to be the sum of $150 million. 


Net Worth: $150 Million 


Now let’s see who the top 40 richest comedians in the world are, shall we? 


Top 40 Richest Comedians In The World 2023 


Who are the top 40 richest comedians in the world right now? The people that make up this list are Jeff Foxworthy, Kevin James, Larry The Cable Guy, Mel Brooks, Melissa Mccarthy, Danny Boon, Nancy Walls, The Fat Jewish, Carrot Top, Russel Peters, and Stephen Colbert. 


Now here is a bullet point for an easy understanding of the top 40 richest comedians net worth below. 


  • Jeff Foxworthy net worth – $100 million 


  • Kevin James net worth – $100 million 


  • Larry The Cable Guy net worth – $100 million 


  • Mel Brooks net worth – $100 million 


  • Melissa Mccarthy net worth – $90 million 


  • Danny Brooks net worth – $80 million 


  • Nancy Walls net worth – $80 million 


  • The Fat Jewish net worth – $80 million 


  • Carrot Top net worth – $75 million


  • Russell Peters net worth – $75 million 


  • Stephen Colbert net worth – $75 million 


Top 50 Richest Comedians In The World 2023


Who are the top 50 richest comedians in the world today? Tina Fey, Peter Kay, Tracy Morgan, Eric Idle, Jimmy Fallon, Drew Carey, Stefan Raab. 


Now here is the bullet points highlighting their net worth. 


  • Tina Fey net worth – $75 million 


  • Peter Kay net worth – $70 million 


  • Tracy Morgan net worth – $70 million 


  • Eric Idle net worth – $60 million 


  • Jimmy Fallon net worth – $60 million 


  • Drew Carey net worth – $165 million 


  • Stefan Raab net worth – $160 million 


  • Johnny Carson net worth – $300 million 


Wrapping It Up 


I know this is a very gigantic list, and hopefully, you did find it knowledgeable. 


Making this list isn’t always as easy as you think, but everyone deserves to be here. 


It’s over to you now! 


Who else do you think should make this top 50 richest comedian in the world 2023 list? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts, and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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