Top 50 richest men in Nigeria
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Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 03:55 am

Top 30 Richest Men in Nigeria 


Who are the top 30 richest persons in Nigeria 2020? The top 30 richest men in Nigeria 2020 includes;


  • Prince Arthur Eze 


Prince Arthur Eze $600 Million


Who is Prince Arthur Eze? Arthur Eze is a Nigerian oil mogul, philanthropist and CEO of Atlas Oranto Petroleum. 


Atlas Oranto is one of the largest private oil exploration and production company in Nigeria. 


So what is his full name? The full name of Eze is Prince Arthur Eze. 


He was born in Ukpo village in the state of Anambra which is among the Eastern States in the country. 


Eze was born in the year 1948 on November 27th and he is very revered among the Igbo people. 


Arthur studied mechanical and chemical engineering at the Califonia State University long beach. 


So how much is the net worth of Prince Arthur Eze? Prince Arthur’s net worth is currently estimated to be $600 million. 


The net worth Prince Arthur Eze has makes him one of top 50 richest men in Nigeria currently. 


Prince Arthur Eze networth: $600 million 


Andy Uba $600 Million


Who is Andy Uba? Andy Uba is a Nigerian politician and a one time senator of Republic of Nigeria. 


So what is the full name of Uba? The full name of Andy is Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba. 


He was born in the year 1956 on December 14th in the Eastern part of Nigeria precisely Enugu


Uba comes from Anambra state and attended Boys High School in Awkunanaw. 


Andy Uba once ruled under PDP an acronym for people Democratic Party. 


Although he later switch sides to APC in 2017 due to several problems that befell his previous party. 


So how much is the net worth of Andy Uba? Andy Uba net worth is currently estimated to be $600 million. 


He made a lot of his money from playing the politics in Nigeria. 


Andy Uba networth: $600 million 


Cletus M Ibeto $600 Million


Who is Cletus M Ibeto? Cletus Ibeto is a Nigerian businessman and the founder of Ibeto Group. 


Ibeto Group is one of the largest industrial group in Nnewi. 


The community experienced a potential development trend after oil prices collapsed in Nigeria. 


Ibeto Group was formed after Cletus finished learning how to trade spare parts. 


After finishing his training as an apprentice he started importing spare parts from overseas. 


by 1995 he formed Ibeto Group which became one of the largest spare part company in the country. 


Cletus further diversity his sources of income venturing into the oil industry. 


His risk came back as successful making him one of the richest men in Nigeria top 30


So how much is the net worth of Cletus M Ibeto? Cletus Ibeto net worth makes is $600 million. 


A larger part of his net worth comes from his Ibeto Group to which he is the largest stakeholder. 


Cletus M Ibeto networth: $600 million 


Benedict Peters $600 Million


Who is benedict Peters? Benedict Peters is a Nigerian oil mogul and the founder of Aiteo Group. 


Aiteo Group has several subsidiary companies that dive into power. 


Currently some of the subsidiaries have acquired permit to build power generating companies in Nigeria. 


This has helped to diversify the income of Aiteo Group which has been more centric on Oil over the decade. 


Aiteo Group was founded in 2008 as a successor of Sigmund Communecci. 


So what is the full name of Benedict? Benedict’s full name is Benedict Peters. 


Benedict hails from Onitsha in Delta State but was born in Ebonyi State. 


Peters graduated from the University of Benin with a BSC degree in Geography and Town Planning. 


So how much is the net worth of Benedict Peters? Benedict Peters’s net worth is currently estimated to be $600 million. 


A larger part of his income comes from his Aiteo Group which is a conglomerate. 


Benedict Peters networth: $600 million


Igho Sanomi $600 Million


The right question to ask right about now is who is Igho Sanomi? 


Igho Sanomi is a Nigerian businessman and public speaker and a geologist. 


Sanomi’s business interest centers on oil, power, and real estate among other interests. 


He was born in Agbor Delta State in the year 1975 May 17th and his full name is Igho Charles Sanomi. 


Wealth found the Niger Delta born when he became the executive director of Cosmos oil. 


Cosmos oil is an international oil exploration company that operated in Nigeria in the 1990s.


Igho also established Taleveras Group which is an energy trading company to merge with Zug. 


Sanomi Igho graduated with a degree in Geology and Mining from the University of Jos. 


So how much is the net worth of Igho Sanomi? Igho Sanomi net worth is estimated to be $600 million. 


A major part of his income comes from the millionaire diversifying his income source. 


Igho Sanomi networth: $600 million 


Dr ABC Orjiakor $580 Million


Who is Dr ABC Orjiakor? Doctor Orjiakor is a Nigerian doctor and Co-founder of SEPLAT. 


Seplat is an oil and gas company founded for the purpose of oil exploration and production. 


If you have notice anything from this post so far it should be that everyone seems hell-bent on crude oil. 


It’s the country’s major source of income and everyone wants their own share of the pie. 


Dr ABC Orjiakor has managed several companies in the upstream and downstream of Nigeria crude oil exploration companies. 


You must be wondering why I keep calling him a doctor right? 


Well that’s because he is a doctor who practiced as a surgeon in Lagos University teaching hospital. 


So how much is the net worth of Dr ABC Orjiakor? Dr Orjiakor net worth is estimated to be $580 million. 


The net worth Dr ABC Orjiakor has comes from several of his companies like SEPLAT. 


Dr ABC Orjiakor networth: $580 million 


Bode Akindele $560 Million


Are you looking for one of the oldest businessmen in Nigeria? 


Well, one of such people will be Bode Akande… 


So who is Bode Akande? Bode Akande is a Nigerian businessman and the founder of Mondondola Group of Companies. 


His company is a conglomerate with a diverse focus on manufacturing, real estate, agriculture, and more. 


His popularity has spread across Africa and the rest of Europe as one of the biggest producers of match. 


His match business started in Sweden when he bought a Swedish match producing company. 


Chief Bode Akande is also the founder of Fairegate Group which is a real estate company. 


So how much is Bode Akande net worth? Bode Akande’s net worth is estimated to be $560 million. 


His sources of income come majorly from different sources which include real estate in the UK, Agriculture, and more. 


Bode Akande networth: $560 million 


Emmanuel Ojei $560 Million


Who is Emmanuel Ojei? Emmanuel Ojei is a Nigerian businessman. 


He was born in the city of Lagos in 1951. 


Emmanuel Ojei study at iIssele-Uku Technical College, Issele-Uku, Delta State where he acquired his secondary school certificate. 


He then gained admission into Abraka University in Delta State where he graduated with an honorary doctorate degree. 


His career began when he worked with Rutam Motors which was a company under late Felix Ibru. 


He however he resigned from the company to establish his own business. 


Today Emmanuel Ojei ranks as one of the richest businessmen in Nigeria


So how much is the net worth of Emmanuel Ojei? Emmanuel Ojei net worth is estimated to be $550 million. 


Emmanuel Ojei networth: $550 million 


Alhaji Sayyu Dantata $540 Million


Who is Sayyu Dantata? Alhaji Sayyyu Dantata is a Nigerian billionaire and the founder of MRS Holding Group.


Although his company’s name is now changed to MRS Holdings ltd, it still functions the same.


Sayyu Dantata has been the managing director of several mega-billion businesses in Nigeria.


Among these are Dangote Transport and engineering division.


Dantata graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Morris Brown College Atlanta- Georgia, USA.


Sayyu Dantata MRS Holdings group is involved in oil exploration and production.


So how much is the net worth of Sayyu Dantata? Sayyu Dantata net worth is estimated to be $540 million. A lot of his income comes from being the director of several billion-dollar companies in Nigeria.


An example of these companies is the Nigerian telecommunication service limited.


The net worth Sayyu Dantata has grown substantially over the decade thanks to a constant effort from the several managers and workers in the company.


Sayyu Dantata neworth: $540 million


His net worth puts him in a rare view of Nigeria richest billionaire lists of 2020.


Having said let’s take a look at Harry Akande’s worth, shall we?


Harry Akande $534 Million


The list of richest men in Nigeria won’t come to an end if you and I don’t mention names like Harry Akande.


So who is Harry Akande? In simple words, he is a Nigerian millionaire and the founder of AIC. which is the acronym for Akande International corporation.


His company is a conglomerate cutting through several business sectors such as Aviation, oil, and telecommunications.


Akande has held key positions in Nigeria and bodies built around development in Africa.


His exploits have helped him raked in a lot of money to his bank account.


I am not exaggerating when I say he currently has done contracts worth more than $2 billion in Africa.


Harry Akande was born in the year 1943 precisely on 3rd march in the oldest city in Nigeria Ibadan.


he gained admission into Hampton University, Hampton Virginia USA on a scholastic bursary from abroad, graduating in 1967 in Accounting and Finance with highest honors.


So how much is the net worth of Harry Akande? Harry Akande net worth is estimated to be $534 million.



The net worth he has amassed in more than 2 decades makes him one of the richest men in Nigeria top 3o list.


Harry Akande networth: $534 million


Now let’s get on to the top 40 richest men in Nigeria 2020 list, shall we?


Top 40 Richest Men in Nigeria


Who are the top 40 richest men in Nigeria today? The top 40 richest people in Nigeria are;


  • Ifeanyi Ubah


  • Chief Ade Ojo


  • Tony Ezenna


  • Alhaji Sani Dangote


  • Rochas Okorocha


  • Wale Babalakin


  • Sir Emeka Offor


  • Chief Molade Okoya Thoma


  • Umaru Dikko


  • Buba Marwa




Yeah, I know this is more than you probably bargained for but hey I hope it was worth all the time.


So there you have it top 50 richest men in Nigeria 2020 all covered in details.


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