Top 50 Richest Musician In Africa 2022 ($123,657,361)

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Last updated on December 11th, 2022 at 06:00 pm

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Top 20 Richest Musician in Africa 2022


When I started this Post I said making this list isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible either.


So let’s look at the top 20 Richest artists in Africa and their worth!


I get asked the question below a lot of times. so I intend to give you the answer in this subheading


Who is The Top 20 richest Singers in Africa?


Since you and I already have a top 10 richest Singers in Africa list above, let’s focus on The Top 20 then right?


  • Mr P


  • Rudeboy


  • Timaya


  • Banky W


  • Olamide


  • Flavour


  • Tiwa Savage


  • Sarkodie


  • Tinashe


  • Jose Chameleone


Mr P Worth 16.3 Million US Dollars


If you have been looking for the former richest musician in Africa, I think that will be Psquare.


But guess what!


That ship has long sailed and it happened when they broke up in 2017.


Yeah, the truth is Mr. P and his Twin brother Rudeboy which is their respective stage names. in the journey of their solo careers made us love them.


But in the end, our hearts as die-hard fans were broken.


Having said I think it’s okay to stay apart if that is what brings peace to the family.


So far so good Mr. P is enjoying a stealth solo career with singles like One More Night. clocking 3 plus million views on YouTube.


Read this article it will get you into the reason they broke up. and also this to know more about where the duo came from and how the two started.

Mr P Worth 2019

How does he make his wealth?


Mr P makes his fortune from music, endorsement, and his record label.


Here is how much he is currently worth!


Peter Okoye is worth 16.3 million US dollars as of when writing this post. and he is one of the top 50 richest musician in Africa.


Since a musician’s net worth changes due to certain factors, I will constantly update this article. with their current worth year in and year out.


Here is a quick takeaway!


Real Name: Peter Okoye


Stage Name: Mr P


Date of Birth: November 18th, 1981


Record Label: P Classic Record


Nationality: Nigeria Anambra


Sources of Income: Music, endorsement, business


Net Worth: $16.3 Million


Rudeboy Worth 15.4 Million US Dollars


Much like the older brother Mr. P, he is doing quite fine for himself. His latest song reason with me hit 12 million views on YouTube.


It’s the first time he has achieved such a milestone since their breakup.


Rudeboy is known for his melodic voice and reason with me proves that he got what Nigeria and Africa need to be on the same forefront as the others.


I wrote about Rudeboy’s net worth sometime last month, on that blog post here on SMCE, I touched on his biography in detail including his wife and kids.

Rude boy worth 2019

You should definitely check it out when you can, coz I feel it will give you closure.


The Psquare Superstar is estimated to have a net worth of 15.4 Million US dollars. this includes all of his assets minus debts.


Real Name: Paul Okoye


Stage Name: Rudeboy


Date of Birth: November 18th, 1981


Record Label: Rudeboy Records


Nationality: Anambra State Nigeria


Sources of Income: Music, Businesses


Net Worth: $15.4 Million


Timaya Worth 13 Million US dollars


One of the most amazing things about Timaya is the fact that he knows. What his audience wants is added advantage.


Music is certainly giving your audience the best possible display of craftsmanship.


Alfred Inetimi was born in the year 1980 in Portharcourt. and he is a Nigerian musician of the gene afro hip hop and dance hall.


His rise to fame came after he did Dem mama. He drew inspiration to write the song because of the killing and destruction.  that happened in a village called Odi.


The song won him instant street credibility and cemented and earned a place among icons like 2Face and Dbanj.


One of his most recent songs includes Don Dada and Ebiola Papa.


Timaya worth in 2020

You can read more about his net worth and biography here. thankfully he is one of the top 20 richest musician in Africa.


So how does he make his money?


sources told Shoutmeceleb that the singer makes his money. From his music, business, and going to shows.


He also has Endorsement deals that run into millions of Naira. with different brands like Hennessy.


Alfred Odom is currently worth 13 million US dollars.


also, the Bayelsa-born loves a sleek lifestyle which is more reason he has a 500K US dollar house and several cars.


Here is a quick home:


Real Name: Inetimi Alfred Odom


Stage Name: Timaya


Date of Birth: August 15th, 1980


Record Label: Dem mama records


Nationality: Bayelsa State Nigeria


Sources of Income: Music, Business, record label, endorsement deals


Net Worth: $13 Million


Banky W Worth 9.9 Million US Dollars


Wellington spent a major part of his growing up outside Nigeria. which is even better because you get to mix the style of the Western world and the African style.


Do this and you create a particular style of singing that’s unique to you alone.


Banky W found EME records which is the record label that introduce Wzkid into the Nigerian music industry.


His record label was founded in 2002 while he was still in school.


His real name is Olubankole Wellington. a singer, songwriter, and producer.


Banky W was born in the United States of America in the year 1981 to Nigeria father and mother, at the age of 5 the parent of Banky relocated to Nigeria.


Singing at a very early age helped Wellington discover more of his talent. before going to New York to further his education.


The actor and politician’s major sources of income include business and music. and other endorsement deals.

How much is Banky W worth 2019

In 2019 the singer is estimated to have a net worth of 9.9 million which puts him in. the top 20 richest musicians in Africa.


Here is all the facts you need to know…


Real Name: Olubankole Wellington


Stage Name: Banky W


Date of Birth: March 27th, 1981


Record Label: EME records


Nationality: Lagos Nigeria


Sources of Income: Music, business, and endorsement


Net Worth: $9.9 Million


Olamide Worth 8.8 Million US Dollars


Olamide has been one of the hottest Nigerian musicians with the death of Dagrin following. a car accident, Olamide is a man tipped to step into the shoes of the famous rapper.


But who is Olamide?


He is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and rapper. One of his favorite dialects is the Yoruba.


So, how old is he?


Baddo was born in the year 1989 in Lagos and as a result of this. prefers rapping in his mother’s tongue.


Do you know that His rise to fame came with his first studio album Rapsodi?


Rapsodi’s album was released under Coded Tunes owned by ID Cabasa. but he later parted ways with his first record label and formed YBNL.

Olamide Worth in 2019

YBNL has been responsible for the rest of his albums. he became the first Nigeria with the most album to record in a decade with a total of 7.


So how does he make his money?


Olamide currently makes his money from endorsement deals, music, and record label.


and in 2019 he displaced Flavour from the year list of top richest artists in the country with an estimated worth of 8.8 million US dollars.


Quick takeaways;


Real Name: Olamide Adedeji


Stage Name: Olamide


Date of Birth: March 15th, 1989


Record Label: YBNL


Nationality: Nigeria Lagos State


Sources of Income: Music endorsement and record label


Net Worth: $8.8Million


Flavour Worth 8.5 Million US Dollars


Flavour has been fairly quiet in 2019 but his recent song Mercy is on 200K views on YouTube.


Flavour was born in Enugu state but he is an origin of Anambra State much like Nigeria duo Psquare.


Chinedu Okoli was born in the year 1983 and he is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and multi-talented instrumentalist.


Flavour’s rise to fame came when he released his self-titled album Nabania in 2005.

top 10 richest musician in Africa Forbes

4 years later he released his second studio album Uplifted.


In 2010 the singer is estimated to be worth 8.5 million US dollars. and securing a comfortable 11 spot on Nigeria’s ranking of the richest artist in the country.


Here is the complete facts!


Real Name: Chinedu Okoli


Stage Name: Flavour Nabania


Record Label: 2nite music group


Date of Birth: November 23rd, 1983


Nationality: Anambra State Nigeria


Sources of Income: Music, endorsement, and record label


Net Worth: $8.5 Million


Tiwa Savage Worth 7 Million US Dollars


Popularly known as the Queen of Mavin records or should I say ex-Queen?


Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter, and composer.


Her time in the US and participating in fear factor 2005 helped the Yoruba born grow a lot.


She is currently the best female musician in the country according to Forbes ratings.


Tiwa signed a new deal with Universal Music Group a few months back. which certainly led to her exiting Mavin records.

Tiwa savage worth in 2019
Tiwa Savage

Furthermore, Tiwa has been compared with the likes of Yemi Alade and Niniola. but a wider audience prefers the Lagos State-born star to the aforementioned two.


Tiwa Savage was born in the year 1980 and signed a record deal with Mavin in 2012. before exiting the label after a 7 years spell.


Lova Lova and Allover make the female singer one of the finest in the country and Africa as a whole beating Sarkodie to the number 16 spot on the list of richest musician in Africa.


She is currently has a Net worth of 7 Million US dollars. and earns her money from music.


Quick take-home:


Real Name: Tiwatope Savage


Stage Name: Tiwa Savage


Date of Birth: February 5th, 1980


Record Label: Universal Music Group


Nationality: Nigeria Lagos State


Sources of Income: Music, endorsement deals


Net Worth: $7 Million


Sarkodie Worth 7 Million US Dollars


Sarkodie is a Ghanian rapper, hip-hop artist, and entrepreneur and one of the top 20 richest musician in Africa.


He won the award for artist of the decade in the Vodafone Ghana Music award back in 2015. To date, Addo is still one of the best musicians in Ghana.


The rapper has won several awards since his debut in 2009. and he is one of the richest Ghanian musicians in the 21st century.


Sarkodie worth in 2020

The singer has shared a stage with the likes of popular US singer Busta Rhymes.


Sarkodie was born in Tema and was the fourth born of 5 kids.


I am not going to dwell much on his biography but you can read more on that on it here.


So what are the singer’s sources of income?


Sarkodie makes a larger chunk of his money from music. and several endorsement deals. His heart-troubling music over the years also put him top and centre on the top 50 most popular musicians in Ghana list.


As of when writing this blog post, Sarkodie has an estimated worth of 7 Million US dollars.


Here is a quick recap for you!


Real Name: Michael Owusu Addo


Stage Name: Sarkodie


Nationality: Ghanian Tema


Sources of Income: Music, endorsement, and business


Net Worth: $7 Million


Tinashe Worth 6 Million US Dollars


Tinashe is an African American singer, actress, songwriter.


She was born in 1993 and has more than 3 albums to her name.

Tinashe worth 2019

Her father is a first-generation immigrant and married to a Norwegian woman who teaches. physical therapy at California State University Northridge.


She recurs her role in Two and a half man before playing picking a role in Avatar “The Last Airbender”


After the disbanded group which Tinashe joined in 2007, she released her first mixtape. which received a positive review.


The singer was born in Lexington Kentucky before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment.


So what are her sources of Income?


Tinashe was estimated to have a worth of 6 million US dollars after subtracting any debt she owed.


She makes a larger chunk of her money from music and acting.


Here is a quick take-home:


Real Name: Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe


Stage Name: Tinashe


Date of Birth: February 6th, 1993


Nationality: Zimbabwe and US


Sources of Income: Music and Acting


Net Worth: $6 Million


Jose Chameleone Worth 5 Million US Dollars


Uganda’s most celebrated musician in this present generation is Jose Chameleone.


Jose Chameleone’s career began in 1996 as a DJ and his ride to Fame came with his single titled Bageya


Joseph Mayanja was born in the year 1979 and. he is a Ugandan artist, singer, songwriter


He sings majorly in Swahili, Luganda, and English.

Jose Chameleone Worth

While Swahili is the largest spoken language in Africa. it makes sense for Chameleone to adopt singing in more than one tongue.


It’s an added advantage and all the reason he broke the record. of East Africa’s largest performer with an estimated 40K fans in attendance.


Jose is the CEO of Leone island a record which he formed for. the purpose of signing Musician around East and Central Africa.


So what is his source of wealth?


If your occupation is music, then your first source of income is the sales of sings.


Also, Chameleone has endorsement deals with quite a number of big. Brands in Uganda and in Central Africa.


In 2019 the Afrobeat singer and record producer is estimated to have. a net worth of 5 Million dollars.


This puts him firmly on the number 20th of the richest musician in Africa 2021.


Here is a quick take-home:


Real Name: Joseph Mayanja


Stage Name: Jose Chameleone


Date of Birth: April 30th, 1979


Record Label: Leone Island


Nationality: Uganda


Source of Income: Music, Endorsement, and Record Label


Net Worth: $5 Million


That ends the list of top 20 musicians in Africa…


and begins the top 30 list of the incredibly rich artist we have on the Continent.


Let’s dive in now, shall we?


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