New List: Top 50 Richest Musician in Nigeria 2023 ($151,411,220)

Burna Boy Top Richest Musician in Nigeria
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Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 08:08 am

Top 20 Richest Musician in Nigeria 2021


Let’s look at this list quickly but mind you I will start from the previous top 10 lists for this session.


because I want you to follow the top 50 richest musician in Nigeria in a way that’s easy to understand.


Flavour Net Worth $8.5 Million


In 2018 flavor did secure a comfortable 10th place sport. However, his displacement came at the hands of Olamide Badoo in 2021.


Flavour’s real name is Chinedu Okoli and is also known by his stage name Nabania.


Flavour of Nabania 1


Flavour’s songs have a melody so sweet that it can literally make you feel like you are experiencing his own life.


I like to call him the King of trance because of the melody he brings to his songs.


According to Wikipedia, he is a multi-talented instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, and performer.


That’s like four titles capped in one, Okoli.


Flavour Nabania is an origin of Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria. but his place of birth is in Enugu state.


Since you and I are more concentrated on how much he is worth. I would suggest you head over to Google to learn more about his early beginning.


I mean every artist is got a story right up to when they become popular and it becomes a memory to relish.


Flavour is worth $8.5 million but let’s convert this figure to Naira which is the currency.


$8500000 x 360= N3.060 billion


That’s Flavour’s net worth in Naira when converted from the dollar.


Real Name: Chinedu Okoli


Stage Name: Flavour Nabania


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Anambra


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals.


Flavour Worth: $8.5 million or N3.060 billion.


I will focus more on their worth in Naira for this session so, stay with me okay?


Tiwa Savage Net Worth $7 million


Tiwa is the ex-queen of Mavin records after signing a new record label deal with UMG mid-May. She is currently the richest female musician in Nigeria.


Her real name is Tiwatope Savage, popularly known by her stage name Tiwa Savage. She is an Afro-pop singer with a beautiful daughter.

Tiwa savage UMG

But make no mistake, over the years she has mastered the genre of Soul and RnB combined.


Her bank account boasts of rain of money from brands like Pepsi, MTN, and the likes of Huggies. Eminando shot her above the roof and it’s been fame all the way.


Tiwa has an estimated net worth of $7 million. which when converted to Naira amounts to N2.52 billion Naira.


Her contribution to the Nigerian music industry has earned her several awards. like the MTV Europe Award for Best African Act.


Real Name: Tiwatope Savage


Stage Name: Tiwa Savage


Marital status: Divorcee


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Tiwa’s Worth: N2.52 billion or $7 million


M.I Net Worth N1.00 Billion



Known popularly by his stage name M.I, it is easier to forget that he is the son of the North men.


M.I’s real name is Jude Abaga and he is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter who has been nominated and won several awards in Headies?

M.I Abaga

No one would tip people from the North part of Nigeria to be music lovers. This is because they majorly deal with cattle rearing and farming.


But he is the first of his kind that proved Nigerian’s wrong. You can say he rose and made a name for himself as a showman of Chocolate City.


The parents of M.I and his younger brother Jesse Jagz were Christians. Guess it is not the first time you have heard about a North man being a Christian right?


Just saying his parents are Christian is just putting it mildly. His father and mother are pastors.


At some point, he is the best rapper in Naija dragging such feet with the likes of Olamide.


He has been a Glo ambassador for more than 3 years now with a contract running more. than 3 million Naira.


M.I charges anywhere between 2 to 3 million to appear on your show.


M.I’s current worth puts him firmly on the number 12th spot with a net worth of N1,000,000,000.


Real Name: Jude Abaga


Stage Name: M.I


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Jos


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals, record label.


M.I’s Worth:  N1.00 billion


Tekno Miles Net Worth N900,000,000 



Tekno is the one musician in the country who has been phenomenal right from his debut with Duro.


Enough can not be said about this guy. His recent vocal cord problems kept him offset in 2018.


 Although he bounced back handsomely, I just feel he is yet to bring back that fire that made him one of the tops in the industry.

Tekno Miles
Tekno Miles


So what do we know about Tekno?


He is popular called Alhaji Tekno but his real name is Augustine Miles Kelechukwu. and he is a native of Ebonyi state.


Iyanya and Ubi Franklin are said to be the reason why he moved to Lagos. and it came with a light at the end of the tunnel when Duro hit.


On estimating Tekno’s Worth, I discovered his assets including houses and cars, and every other value. puts him closer to the big names in the industry.


Teknomiles charges anywhere between 1 to 2 million per show. I believe you have played some of his songs, heck I even compared Patoranking and Tekno’s net worth in one of my blog posts.


He is currently worth N900,000,000 as of when writing this post.


Real Name: Augustine Miles Kelechukwu


Stage Name: Tekno


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Ebonyi


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Tekno’s Worth: N900,000,000  


Next on my list of Top 50 richest musician in Nigeria will be…


KCee’s Net Worth N720,000,000


His real name is Chinweike Okonkwo and he is the oldest brother of E-money who is a businessman.


KCee’s early life saw him sing in the choir right to the point when Limpopo brought him fame.



He is currently signed to 5 Star Music and he has a net worth of $2 million.


A quick conversion to Naira gives N720 million. and rumor has it that he charges 1 million to appear on shows. I did not confirm this but once I do I will update this!


Real Name: Chinweike Okonkwo


Stage Name: KCee


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Ebonyi


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


KCEE’S s Worth: N720,000,000


Phyno’s Net Worth $1.6 Million


Have you ever asked someone how old is Phyno? Where and when was Phyno born?


Phyno was born in 1986 in Enugu State. I mean he literally was born and raised there but he is of Anambra state descent.

Phyno Fino
Phyno Fino


A child born in 1986 is like 33 years now right?


Phyno is 33 years old now and he started his musical career as a producer. before gradually start singing.


Phyno is here to stay, I mean he made last 2020 list, and now he is also on the 2021 list


The real name of Phyno is Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike and history has it that the name was given to him by a High school friend.


He is an amazing Nigeria rapper and also among one of the best in the country. The one thing find lovely about Phenomenon is how he raps in Igbo.


If you listen to him, you will find a man that loves his culture so well, that he shows it to the world. and his latest feature of Davido in Ride For You is the magic.


I like how he was described on Wiki’s page. It said Phyno is a bit everything to Eastern Nigeria men of Igbo as Olamide is to the Western Nigeria men of the Yoruba clan.


But wait here is the magic


Did you know that despite him singing in the Igbo dialect, he weaves in a couple of Pidgin English and English into his songs?


Well, if you know anything about Pidgin English then I suggest you read about it here.


This guy hit us with his debut album “No Guts No Glory” and ever since then he hasn’t looked back.


Here are a few details you might want to remember and how much he is worth!


Real Name: Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike


Stage Name: Phyno or Phynofino


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Anambra


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


 Phyno’s Worth: $1.6 million or N576,000,000


Iyanya’s Net Worth $1.5 Million



Fortune smiled upon Iyanya during the first edition of Project Fame West Africa. and since then this guy is just been flying.




Although I didn’t really hear much of him back in 2020. and frankly, I am surprised that he made my list of top fifty richest musicians in Nigeria.


Like they say, an artist that does not perform dies. I hope he drops something welcoming as he did with Kukere which was his hit single.




Let’s dig into some details


If there’s any possibility that you may be asking what is Iyanya’s real name then you are in a bit of luck.


Iyanya’s real name is Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk and he is 33 years old now.


He was born on the 31st of October 1986 which is the month Nigeria had its Independence.


Being born in Palm Street Calabar meant his career started in the church.


Guess what I am thinking?


Why the hell is every single one of their career starting from the church?


Like Omawunmi sang “If you ask me na who I go ask”


His brother died shortly after his mom and dad passed to the world beyond. It must have been devastating for him I imagine.


I remember when my mom died, it was really devastating for me in the first 10 years.


I could not get over it but then I had to master the art of living with it. and making it be my guide to succeed.


Now I am a man that’s so happy but kept the memories alive. My advice if you haven’t been making memories, start now.


Iyanya’s debut studio album My Story came in 2011 with hit singles like Kukere winning him. the Headies award in 2013.


But wait there’s more


He Co-Founded Made Men Music Group with Ubi Franklin but later left to sign for Mavin records.


Under Mavin I have not seen him drop any song… not even a single, I mean what is he even thinking right?


With a younger artist like Rema coming up if he doesn’t drop something soon. He is going to fade away like a bad memory.


So how much is Iyanya worth?


He is worth $1.5 million or N540,000,000


Here is some key takeaway for you!


Real Name: Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk


Stage Name: Iyanya


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Calabar


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Iyanya worth: $1.5 million or N540,000,000


Yemi Alade Worth 1.4 Million Dollars



James Alade is the father’s name who is a commissioner of police.


Yemi Alade was born on March 13th, 1989. She is 30 years old now…


it’s interesting how much like Iyanya, her rise to stardom came after. winning the peak talent show in 2009.

Yemi Alade



But it was Johnny from her debut album that cements her place in the music industry.


and now she’s even compared to the likes of Tiwa Savage…


The Ondo state born real name is Yemi Eberechi Alade. Her mother is of Igbo descent and her father a Yoruba of Ondo state.


Her debut studio album King of Queens sold over 100,000 copies worldwide seeing her going on tour. on some African countries like Kenya as a promotion for the album.


Currently, she is worth 1.4 million dollars or N504,000,000.


Let me summarise for you some key points.


Real Name: Yemi Eberechi Alade


Stage Name: Yemi Alade


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Ondo


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Yemi Alade: $1.4 million or N504,000,000



Duncan Mighty Worth $1.3 Million


Do you know his real name? Well, it’s not strange you hear him mentioning Wene Mighty right?


But I bet you must have wondered at some point what is Duncan Mighty’s real name right?


Duncan mighty
Duncan mighty


Well, his real name is Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu.


But wait How old is Duncan Mighty even?


Wene Mighty is 37 years born on October 1983 m. he is a producer and a singer.


Duncan is famed for singing in the Igbo Ikwerre dialect.


His debut album Koliwater is the fame bringer for the First son of Portharcourt.


Ijeoma was the hit banger in the album and like or not music fame is no stranger to good music. and Duncan delivered just that to his fans.


Ahamefuna which means Legacy contains 15 tracks. It’s good to know that his career began as an instrumentalist. but later became the choir director to the church where he grew in faith.


Duncan was named, the UN ambassador for peacekeeping which added to his Endorsement deal.


I know you are curious about his worth so, here we go.


Duncan Mighty Wene Okechukwu is worth $1.3 million or 468,000,000.


Real Name: Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu


Stage Name: Duncan Mighty


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Portharcourt


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Duncan Mighty Worth: $1.3 million or N468,000,000


Kizz Daniel’s Net Worth $1.34 Million


In Nigeria when you mention the name Kiss Daniels, the first thing that comes to mind is a kiss.


I remember speaking to a guy during Shoutmeceleb TV street talk…


Kizz Daniel
Kizz Daniel

I asked when you heard of Kizz Daniel, what is the one thing you think of?


He answered and said, to be honest, the one thing I can think of is that he likes to kiss a lot.


Hilarious right?


So I added you are kidding me right?


and he said no am not, I really think the guy must love Kiss a lot more than I do. 


Had to tell you that because the follow-up question I asked him was where is Kizz Daniel from?


Kizz Daniel is from Lagos state and his real name is Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anudigbe!


to be honest I didn’t think he was going to get the answer right which he did. the funny thing is he added Jara to it by telling me his real name.


The guy won the N1000 that day and he was very happy…


It was Woju that brought Kiss Daniel to fame and at this time no one knew where he was from…


If there is anything I have come to know it is that success has a way of making a man relevant.


Do you know that Daniel Kizz is from Ogun state?


I bet you don’t!


He was born and raised in Ogun state where he graduated with a degree in Water Engineering.


Kizz Daniels changed his name in 2018 from Kiss Daniel to Kizz Daniel. replacing the double S with a double Z.


Daniel broke up from G-worldwide after a court case in which he emerged victoriously. After the case, he went to form his own record label Fly Boy Inc in 2017.


He released his recent studio album under Flyboy to which One ticket featuring Davido was a hit.


Although an issue broke out to which Kizz Daniel’s manager accused Davido of slapping him.


The next thing we know was a rumor of Kizz deciding to unfollow Davido on IG.


His single one ticket made waves to peak number 1 on the World chart album in 24 hours.


But wait, that’s not all!


The song also ended up in number 55 on iTunes charts.


When we estimated his worth, my team and I found out that Kizz is worth about $1.34 million.


I had to convert it to Naira to get the Kizz Daniel worth in Naira which is 480,240,000.


Real Name: Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anugbe


Stage Name: Kizz Daniel


Marital status: Single


Nationality: Nigerian


State of Origin: Lagos


Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsement deals


Kizz Daniel Worth: $1.3 million or N468,000,000


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