Richest Musicians in Ghana 2020
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Have you ever wondered who are the top 20 richest musicians in Ghana in 2023


I know this is not an easy task trying to determine Ghanaian musician net worth


This is why I decided it’s time to publish this post here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment on the richest musicians in Ghana 2023.


So what will today’s post cover? 


Today you will find out…


  • The top 5 richest musicians in Ghana 2023


  • Top 10 richest musicians in Ghana 2023


  • Top 20 richest musicians in Ghana 2023


  • Top 30 richest musicians in Ghana 2023


  • The top 40 richest musicians in Ghana 2023


  • Top 50 richest musician in Ghana 2023


After analyzing over 50 blog posts within Google search results, our findings revealed that the collective net worth of Ghana’s top 50 wealthiest musicians exceeds $83.2 million.


The Top 50 richest musicians in Ghana after analyzing 50 websites on Google is found to have a combined net worth of more than $83.2 million.


After analyzing the complete list of top 50 richest musicians in Ghana I found out that the lowest ranking Ghanaian musician is worth more than $100,000.


Attention: I am starting from the top ten richest musicians in Ghana down to the top 20 richest Ghanaian artists. 


Here we go! 


Top 10 Richest Musicians in Ghana 2022


I wanted to start from the top 5 richest musicians in Ghana 2022 but I realize starting a top 10 would be a lot better.

So if you are for the top 10 wealthiest Ghanian musicians then you are welcomed.


Daddy Lumba is Worth Between $15 Million to $16 Million


He takes the number one spot on the most richest musicians in Ghana 2021

Richest Ghanaian Musicians
Daddy Lumba

Daddy Lumba is an icon in the Ghana music industry having formerly been a gospel singer. 


After embarking on a journey overseas, the singer underwent a remarkable transformation, embracing the genre of highlife. This shift in musical style was attributed to the influential guidance of Nana Acheampong, who introduced the singer to the captivating world of highlife music.


Daddy Lumba has won several awards with one of the latest being Icon and Legends of the year. 


The award was presented to him in 2018.


Who is he 


Daddy Lumba is a Ghanaian gospel and highlife musician. 


Daddy Lumba’s birth name is Charles Kwadwo Fosu. but popularly known by his stage name Daddy Lumba. 


Charles Kwadwo is among the oldest generation of Ghanaian musicians that are still alive today. 


When was he born 


Charles Kwadwo Fosu was born to Ghanaian father Owoahene Kwadwo Fosu and mother Comfort Gyamfi. 


Comfort Gyamfi passed away in 2001 with was a devastating blow for the singer. 


Kwadwo was born in the year 1964 September 29th.


What school did he attend? 


Growing up as a kid Kwadwo Charles attended Juaben SHS senior high school. 


and after school with the help of his girlfriend left the country for the White man’s land. 


At least that’s how our parents called it back in the days. 


but precisely Daddy Lumba left for Germany to start a life in music. 


How did his career start 


Daddy Lumba’s career started at a very tender age of 16. 


Back then he is the leader of his school choir. 


There he formed a group called the Lumba brothers which performed together. 


but when high school was over, his then-girlfriend Theresa Abebrese. help him secure a visa to Germany where he started his musical career. 


He currently has more than 32 albums for his name with many being back-to-back hit albums. 


Here is the name of some of his albums… 


  • Sesee Wo se released in 1997


  • Awoso released in 2014


  • Poison released in 2001


What is his source of income? 


Daddy Lumba currently makes money from his record sales and going on concerts. and this puts him top of the list of richest musicians in Ghana in 2020.


He also has his own record label where he produces and signs other artists who in turn make him money. 


Estimated net worth 


By the time I published this post, I discovered that Daddy Lumba is worth the sum of $16 million. 


and here are some details you probably may have missed. 


  • Real Name: Charles Kwadwo Fosu


  • Stage Name: Daddy Lumba


  • Date of Birth: September 29th 1964


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: 


  • Source of Income: Music, endorsement deal, business


  • Total Worth: $16 million 


Okyeame Kwame is Worth Between $9 Million to $10 Million


Although my subtitles may not explicitly mention Okyeame’s net worth, rest assured that I will delve into his financial standing shortly.

Top ten Richest Musicians in Ghana 2022
Okyeame Kwame

but first, let’s know a little more about Kwame as this will provide you some level of closure. 


Who is he? 


Okyeame Kwame is a popular and one of the best musicians in Ghana, a songwriter, Philanthropist, and entrepreneur. 


His real name is Kwame Nsiah Apau but popularly known by his stage name Okyeame Kwame. 


Music you could say is one of the numerous ways for musicians to express themselves. 


As a matter of fact, Music is how Okyeame Kwame expressed himself during his days as a group duo. 


Okyeame’s journey to fame began when he and his duo partner at the then band group known as Akyeame hiplife duo. released albums like Nyansapo and in 1997.



In 1998 both super talented artists released Nkonsonkonson which did well to make the singers popular during this time when social media wasn’t the other of the day. 


Sadly the group split in 2004 causing Okyeame to go on his solo mission of conquering Ghana. 


What year was he born? 


Kwame Nsiah Apau was born in the year 1976 on the 16th day of the month of April. 


Kwame was born in the Ashanti region of Ghana and has two brothers who also did the music. 


During an interview with Ghana, TV Kwame revealed that his parent wanted him. to become a physician but he was just into music. 


You can read about who is a physician here or what it means to be a physician. 


School Attended 


Kwame started performing during his days in high school and was wonderful at singing. 


but like most of us, Kwame didn’t feel satisfied and as such decided to further his education. 


Kwame Nsiah Apau gained admission into Kwame Nkrumah university where he studied music. 


Okyeame Kwame later graduated with a degree in linguist but this wasn’t enough. 


as he returned for a master’s program where he studied Marketing strategy according to Wikipedia. 


How did start his music career? 


Kwame’s musical career started in high school at such a tender age where he attended shows. 


but his rise to fame came from joining the Akyeame hiplife duo under which. Most of the group album was released. 


Here is a list of some of his albums and the years it was released. 


  • Nyansapo released in 1997


  • Nkonsonkonson released in 1998


  • Boshe Ba released in 2004


What is his source of income? 


Well, Kwame is a musician and manages his own record label to which artists are signed to. 


but not just that, the singer partnered with his wife to create a communication brand. known as Firm Bridges Communication. 


As a means to device multiple sources of income, the singer also partnered with Horseman shoes. 


His estimated worth? 


As at 2020 Okyeame Kwame’s net worth is estimated to be 10 million US dollars


This is after subtracting everything the 44 years owe as debt according to the definition of net worth. 


Here is a few details you may want to remember… 


  • Real Name: Kwame Nsiah Apau


  • Stage Name: Okyeame Kwame


  • Date of Birth: April 17, 1976


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: Owusek production


  • Source of Income: Music, endorsement deal, business


  • Total Worth: $10 million 


Sarkodie is Worth Between $6.5 Million to $7 Million


Sarkodie might in a few year’s time become one of the most popular musicians in Ghana and richest artists in Ghana

Top 30 richest musicians in Ghana in 2020

This is because the speed at which he has risen since his debut in the industry is alarming. 


but let’s get to know him a little more right? 


I mean the fact that his name is 2nd on the list of the richest musician in Ghana 2021 tells you a lot. 




Who is he? 


Michael Owusu Ado is a Ghanaian rapper-singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.


As a musician, it’s only normal for the world to almost forget your real name right?


The real name of Sarkodie (which is his stage name) is Michael Owusu Ado.


Sarkodie over the years has been constantly considered as the major reason why. Azonto a popular genre in Ghana ever became popular. 


You probably haven’t listened to Sarkodie baby right? 


Well, that’s the song that brought him to the spotlight and the defining moment for the singer. 


When was he born? 


Sarkodie who recently made the list of richest musicians in Africa was born and raised in Tema. 


and slowly walked the difficult path like most Nigerian musicians who had that bit of struggle. before breaking free into the industry proper. 

Sarkodie of Ghana

Sarkodie was born in the year 1989 on the 10th day of July. 


School Attended? 


I could remember my father saying footballers and musicians are touts. 


Fast forward 20 years later, musicians and footballers are one of the richest occupations in the world today. 


That’s the irony of life and contrary to my father Sarkodie did attend IPMC after his secondary. school education where he studied graphics design while committing to his music career. 


Don’t mind me though I just love to call him Sarkology after his 3rd studio album. 


I had to stick with that name because I loved how he combine well with Rudeboy to produce Lucky


If you haven’t listened to it then here is a link for you to the post. 


Sarkology graduated with a degree in graphics design and then made sure his rap skill constantly improved. 


How did he start his career? 


Sarkodie started his music career as an underground rapper in Ghana. 


During FM’s competition, Sarkodie competes for the prize where he was discovered by Duncan Williams. 


Under Dulwiss Entertainment he recorded his first studio album Makye which was a huge success. 


but Baby is the song that really stood him out from quite a number of artists in Ghana. 


Today Sarkodie has more than 3 studio albums to his name. 


As a matter of fact, here are some of his albums…


  • Sarkology released in 2014


  • Makye released in 2009


  • Black Love released in 2019


What is his source of income? 


Michael Owusu Ado is the owner of Sarkcess record label and there is a huge benefit. that comes with that as well. 


As first diving into being an entrepreneur, Sarkodie also has a clothing line known as Sark By Yas. 

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It’s a clothing line for men, kids, and women. 


but wait that’s not all, The 30 years old Ghanaian singer also has major endorsement deals. that fetch him more money. 


Estimated Worth? 


Sarkodie 2020 net worth is currently estimated to be a whopping 7 million US dollars. 


You are probably wondering how we come to this conclusion but you don’t have to. 


You should read this proves of the article to understand how his net worth came about


Meanwhile here are some important details you may have missed.


  • Real Name: Michael Owusu Ado


  • Stage Name: Sarkodie


  • Date of Birth: July 10th, 1988


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: Sarkcess


  • Source of Income: Music, endorsement deal, business 


  • Total Worth: $7 million


Shatta Wale is Worth Between $5 Million to $6.2 Million


Shatta Wale is the number 3 person on the SMCE list of top 10 richest musicians in Ghana 2020.

Ghanaian Richest Musicians 2020
Shatta Wale

I just touched on Okyeame Kwame, Sarkodie now the next person on this list is Shatta Wale. 


Now let’s get to know this guy a big because fortune has been smiling on him since his rebranding. 




Who is he? 


Charles Nii Amarh Mensah Jr is a Ghanaian reggae-dancehall musician, songwriter, and businessman. 


Charles is popularly known by his stage name Shatta Wale after re-branding from Bandana. 

Shatta Wale of Ghana

In 2014 the Singer swoops home the award for artist of the year with his popular song Dancehall King. 


Fast forward to 2020 Shatta Wale is one of the biggest Dancehall singers in Africa. 


When was he born? 


Shatta Wale was worn in 1984 on the 17th day of October. 


Wale is born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mensah Sr. the latter was a politician that travel a lot hence Bandana getting expose to education by travel. 


The singer, however, did not enjoy a motherly love due to what a pastor did. 


Although the 35 years old refuses to tell the story of what transpired. 


Living and growing in Laterbiokorshie Dansonman and Korle Gonno did help him. become the musician he is today. 


School attended? 


Okay, I have to be honest here with you and guess what is am about to say. 


I hate school! 


No one did me wrong but until school starts creating and teaching people what money really is. I don’t think I want to be caught up in that web of lies. 


Which is go to school, get good grades and you will be rich… 


Don’t mind the liars that conjure such criminal lies. 


Anyways, Shatta Wale went to Winneba secondary school. after finishing high school the singer decided not to visit the 4 walls of the university. 


Won the award for artist of the year due to dancehall king that’s widely accepted in the country. 


Became famous in the street due to reviving a genre that’s almost going extinct. 


Achieved fame with Moko Hoo in which he features Tinny under his old name bandWorth


Went missing between 2005 before rebranding to Shatta wale. 


Has 4 albums to his name namely 


  • After the storm 2016


  • Cloud 9 2017


  • Reign 2018


  • Wonder Boy 2019


Business: he sells shatta bitter, real estate, and gold 


Estimated worth: 


As of 2020 shatta has an estimated worth of 6.2 million which takes him on a head-to-head comparison with Sarkodie. 


  • Real Name: Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr


  • Stage Name: Shatta Wale


  • Date of Birth: October 17the 1984


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: Nedjon Media


  • Source of Income: Music, endorsement deal, business 


  • Total Worth: $6.2 million


Becca is Worth Between $5.9  Million to $6.1 Million


Becca Ghanaian musician is one of the most popular female musicians in Ghana. 

Top 40 Richest Musician in Ghana

Especially after her rise to fame saw the actress and songwriter land several awards. 


You could say endorsement deals were flocking around her. but let’s find out more about the singer below. 


Who is she 


Rebecca Akosua Acheampoma Acheampong is a Ghanaian musician, singer, songwriter, and actress. 


However, she is known around the world by her stage name Becca. 


Becca gained more prominence in 2007 after securing 5 spots at the Vodafone Ghana music award. 


This put her number 4 on the top 10 richest Ghanaian musicians and their net worth. 


Having said that let’s find out when this queen was born now, shall we? 


When was she born 


Rebecca Akosua Acheampoma Acheampong was on the 15th day of the month of August 1984.


Her place of birth is Kumasi in Ghana and growing up, you could say Becca is a vibrant church girl. 


She dedicated herself so immensely just as she was equally proactive in school activities. 


Where did she school 


35 years old Becca attended Wesley Girl’s High School where her activeness made her. try her vocals in talent shows. 


Well, after high school the singer-songwriter also attended college precisely Croydon College. 


As soon as she was done with college, actress Becca decided to be a child care and education worker. 


she later put that aside to pursue her dreams as a musician. 


So how did Becca’s career begin you may ask right? 


Let’s find out now, shall we? 


How did she start her Career?


The rise to fame of one of the wealthiest singers in Ghana in 2020 began with her debut studio album. 


The album titled Sugar was released in 2007. but her talent and belief in herself started from high school. 


There she would sing and attend talent shows just to showcase her singing ability. 


Here are some of the albums she has put out since her debut in the music industry. 


  • Sugar released in 2007


  • Time 4 me released in 2013


Becca’s activities have seen her become a brand ambassador to Telecommunications giants like GLO amidst others. 


What is her source of income? 


Becca’s source of income includes her music sales and bagging several record deals. with music giants like Sony music entertainment. 


Furthermore, over the course of her wonderful career, she has had several endorsement deals. that is worth millions of Ghana Cides. 


Estimated net worth 


As of when writing this blog post, Becca 2019 net worth is estimated to be $6.2 million. 


This includes her houses, cars, investments, goods, diamond, silver, or landed properties. 


Quickly here is some details you probably may have missed. 


  • Real Name: Rebecca Akosua Acheampoma Acheampong


  • Stage Name: Becca


  • Date of Birth: August 15, 1984


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: Sunny Music Records


  • Source of Income: Music, endorsement deal, business 


  • Total Worth: $6.1 million


R2Bees is Worth Between $5.9 to $6 Million 


The fifth person on the list of top 10 richest musicians in Ghana 2021 is R2Bees. 

Richest Artists in Ghana

These guys have been dominating every angle of hip hop and hiplife in Ghana. 


It didn’t take me by surprise after I found both duos on SMCE list of wealthiest and famous Ghanaian musicians. 


You probably do not know about him so let’s look to see what interesting things we could find. 


Who are they


R2Bees have been super amazing since their debut in the Ghanaian music industry. 


While R2Bees seems to be the stage name for which you and I know them. their real name isn’t hidden from you and me. 


so what are the names of these two superstars? 


R2Bees real names is Faisal Hakeem and Rashid Mugeez. 


both have been dominating the subgenre of hip hop hip life. a genre that combines rap and Afropop.


When were they born


R2Bees are two brothers that grew up in the same home and practically did everything together. 


I love to call them the Ghanaian Psquare brothers that have refused to break up despite ordeals. 


Although the date of birth of the two rappers remains undisclosed, sources close. say that both cousins not up to 40 years. 


Faisal and Mugeez are two cousins who grew up in the same home. and music did well to tighten that bond while growing Tema East of Africa. 


Where did he school


The school has been the place where many celebs discover their inbuilt potentials. 


You could say R2Bees are no exception to these are the love for music both had was enough to. make them the face of their school during competitions. 


You and I can attribute their success to Kasashare a contest for young talented musicians. 


both won the most part of these competitions which ultimately led to more exposure for the two brothers. 


How did his career start


R2Bees career saw the light of daughter thanks to the active nature of high schools in organizing competitions. 


This competition did showcase the talent of Ghana’s rap stars and cousins R2Bees. 


Their constant development saw the two brothers release their first studio album in 2009.


The 17 track album was widely accepted and comprise of hit songs like Yawa Gal. 


Here is a list of their albums from day one. 


  • Da Revolution released in 2009


  • Site 15 released in 2019


  • Da revolution – Refuse to be broke in 2013


What is their source of income? 


R2Bees can be considered legends in Tema considering both brothers have done well to put the Ghana rap genre on the map much like Sarkodie. 


One of the major sources of income for the two brothers is their Entertainment label. 


Having your own label is a very good way to minimize the cost of music production. and gain more money. 


both brothers have a couple of endorsement deals which has increased their net worth in 2020.


Now, are you wondering what their net worth is? 


Estimated net worth


Prior to 2020 R2Bees climb two-step up on the list of richest celebrities in Ghana and comfortably. placing both brothers in an all-time high. 


Mugeez and Faisal’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million as when I did the research for this blog post in 2020.


  • Real Name: Faisal Hakeem and Rashid Mugeez


  • Stage Name: R2Bees


  • Date of Birth: under review 
  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: R2Bees Entertainment 


  • Source of Income: Music, endorsement deal 


  • Total Worth: $6.1 million


Fuse ODG is Worth Between $4.8 Million to 5.6 Million


Fuse odg is the 6th man on this list and you don’t have to take me by my words but this guy is talented. 

Richeast Ghanaian Singers in 2020
Fuse ODG

If you haven’t listened to Antenna then please do. honestly, that song will blow you away. 


Quickly, I will dive into what I know about Fuse odg and hopefully, you are still very much here. 


Who is he 


Nana Richard Obiona is a Ghanaian English singer and songwriter. 


His 2013 single peaked number 7 on the UK singles chart. and popularly known by his stage name Fuse odg. 


Fuse later has also won the MOBO award for best African in the 18th edition of the award. 


So when was the singer born? 


When was he born


Nana Richard Obiona was born on the 2nd day of December 1988 in Ghana. 


Growing up in Ghana taught fuse odg to blend his English songwriting skills with the local sound of the Ghanaian people. 


This created a unique sound in his second single Azonto which also peaked at number 7 in the London UK chart. 


What school did he attend?


Fuse odg did not complete his secondary education while he was in Ghana. as such when he traveled to UK, he continued his education there. 


While in the UK Fuse odg attended Archbishop Lanfranc School Croydon. while growing up in South London Mitcham. 


How did his career start


Nana Richard’s career saw a bright star and hit stardom thanks to his hit single Antenna. 


Azonto was also widely accepted even in Nigeria back then. 


As a matter of fact, Azonto made my own very father dance as I have never seen before. 


What is his source of income? 


Like most Ghanaian artists, Fuse odg record label is one of his major sources of income. 


The singer also has a couple of endorsement deals running with several brand giants. 


His music sales are where most of his income stems from and it’s no wonder he is the 6the richest artist in Ghana. 

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Estimated net worth 


As at when this post went live Fuse odg is worth more than $4 million. 


As a matter of fact, Forbes estimated his worth to be $5.6 million in 2020.


and these figures have the capacity to keep climbing higher in 2020.


  • Real Name: Nana Richard Obiona


  • Stage Name: Fuse Odg


  • Date of Birth: 2nd December 1988


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: 3Beats


  • Source of Income: Worthless, endorsement deal 


  • Total Worth: $5.6 million


Tinny is Worth Between $4 Million to $5.6 Million Worth


Okay right about now the number 7th richest musician in Ghana 2019 is Tinny. 


Before I get into all we know about him, Tinny is one of the few Ghanaian musicians. with a Channel O nomination. 


and got into the Ghanaian music circle at the tender age of 12 years. 


Now let’s dive a little deeper so you and I ain’t just scratching the surface. 


and the first question you may want to ask is the one right below. 


Who is he 


Nii Addo Quaynor is a Ghanaian musician, rapper star who much like Sarkodie has evolved over the years. 


Tinny has really evolved since his debut even better is the fact that he is one of the top 50 richest musicians in Ghana today. 


You probably wondering what is his real name and his stage name, right? 


Well, the real name of Tinny is Nii Addo Quaynor and his stage name is Tinny. 


When was he born


Quaynor was born on the 19the day of January 1982 to Mr Ricky Tetteh Quaynor. and his adorable wife Naa Badu Quaynor. 


Ultimately Tinny was born in Osu Ghana and growing up in Osu means music. 


Well, your place of growing up means a lot when growing up. 


Thankfully environment helped shaped the last born of six into a quality talented musician. 


What school did he attend?


Being born in Osu also mean that Tinny attended Osu home school and Hepter international school. 


tinny further his secondary school education by gaining admission into Osu Salem JSS. and then Okuapeman secondary school. 


You could say back in the day at such a tender age, he already knew how to organize. and perform in shows to his fellow student. 


How did his career start 


Tinny career started much early and first performed under the stage name Black Nature. 


Taking upstage on entertainment gigs is one of the factors that rose Tinny so quickly. 


This is because his father had to briefly manage Tinny while being part of the group Nature and Agony. 


but however, his rise to fame came in 2003 thanks to Hammer of the Last Two pulling some strings. 


His single Makola Kwakwe lifted him to a good height in the industry. but it was his feature on the remix Oye Ohene that established him as a force to reckon with. 


Here are some of the albums of the rapper. 


  • Makola Kwakwe released in 2003


  • Aletse released in 2005


  • Attention released in 2008


What is his source of income? 


Nii Addo Quaynor after his break into the Ghana music industry has bagged endorsement from Glo. 


His record label has ensured a steady flow of cash from record sales and more. 


Estimated net worth 


When writing this blog post, Tinny has the full support of Mr Quaynor and his wife. 


Currently, the 38 years is worth more than $2.2 million. 


Here are some details you may have missed why brushing through this piece. 


  • Real Name: Nii Addo Quaynor 


  • Stage Name: Tinny


  • Date of Birth: January 19 1982


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: Kankpe records


  • Source of Income: Music and endorsement deal 


  • Total Worth: $5.6 million


Samini Worth is Worth Between $1 Million to $2 Million


Formerly Batman Samini, his 7 studio album has earned him the chieftaincy title of Pebiiii Naa. 


A title which according to Wikipedia means the King of the rocks in Wa. 


Now that’s just a beautiful intro, let’s get into something more interesting, shall we? 


Who is he


Sammini as he is popularly called after the singer rebranded from Batman Sammini. is a Ghanaian reggae dance hall musician and recording artist. 


Sammini self-titled his genre of reggae dance hall as the “African Dance Hall”. 


and why it looks like Shatta Wale might be the only one to rival such a bogus claim. it still makes sense there is an artist out there who can give Shatta Wale a run for his money. 


Sammini birth name is Emmanuel Andrews Sammini. but he is popularly known online and offline as Sammini. 


When was he born 


Emmanuel Andrews’s stage name is Sammini which apparently is the singer’s last name. 


Sammini was born in Accra Ghana in the year 1981 December 22.


My mom use to tell me back then as a kid that children born in December are very special. 


To date, I still wonder why? 


In my head all the birth months are the same, it’s only called different names. 


and now that I know I wish I could tell my mama that everyone born into the world is special. 


How did his career start 


Sammini career started off in the choir of the church he attended back in the day. 


A deliberate step that has led him into the center stage of Vodafone Ghana music awards. on several occasions. 


To which the singer has scooped quite a handful of awards since the award ceremony organizations. 


Today Sammini has more than 7 albums to his name. 


Here are some of the albums the reggae dance hall recording artist has released. 


  • Dankwase 2004


  • Sammini 2007


  • Dagaai 2008


  • Breaking News 2015


  • CEO 2010


  • Next Page 2013


  • Untamed 2018


What is his source of income? 


Andrew’s worth has grown over the years and this has ranked him as one of the famous musicians in Ghana. 


More so, this has also enlisted his name as the top richest musician in Ghana 2020.


With Tinny and quite a few other people usurping him on the list of Forbes richest Ghanaian musicians


Sammini currently earns a large portion of his income from music. 


Estimated net worth 


As of when I am writing this blog post, Sammini current net worth banks at $2,000,000.


Chances are by 2021 this list will change and by then you and I will see who tops. 


Here is a couple of details you may have missed… 


  • Real Name: Emmanuel Andrews Sammini 


  • Stage Name: Sammini


  • Date of Birth: December 22, 1982


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: Sammini Music


  • Source of Income: Music and endorsement deal 


  • Total Worth: $2 million


King Promise is Worth Between $1 Million to $2 Million 


King promise has been in the music game long enough to make this list. 


The singer rose to fame in 4 years ago precisely in 2016.

King Promise

Why many see him as only a musician King Promise loves to be that family man. 


His real name is Gregory Bortey Promise Newman but popularly known by his stage name King Promise. 


He was born on August 16th, 1995 in Ghana and signed to Legacy Life Entertainment. 


King Promise is currently worth a total net worth of $2 Million but this net worth is still under review. 


However, once I and my team is certain, I will further update this post to carry the most recent. 


  • Real Name: Gregory Bortey Promise Newman


  • Stage Name: King Promise 


  • Date of Birth: August 16 1995


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: Legacy Life Entertainment 


  • Source of Income: Music and endorsement deal 


  • Total Worth: $2 million


D-Black is Worth Between $1 Million to $1.6 Million


Desmond has been is the 9th person on this top 10 list of wealthy singers in Ghana. 


In my opinion, he is a very interesting guy because of fusing native Anglophone Andy Afrobeat. 


His song breathe won the best hip hop/hip life award of the year in 2009. 


but like many this guy was just starting, 11 years after D-black is still going really strong. 


Who is he 


D-black is a Ghanaian Anglophone and Afrobeat musician. 


Like others that come before him, D-black is just phenomenal since his debut in the Ghana music market. 


So what is his real name right? 


D-black is known popularly by his stage name D-black but his real name is Desmond Kwesi Blackmore. 


When was he born 


Desmond was born in Accra Ghana to Mr. John Derek Blackmore and Mrs. Adeline Boateng. 


Obviously, Desmond was born in the year 1987 January 12th. 


During an interview in the USA, the singer revealed that growing up with his father and mother. had a huge impact on his career at the time. 


and as such the street teaches me to better person so that I can serve music to my followers raw. 


How did his career start 


Blackmore released his first studio album in 2009. 


He titled the album Target Practice and although this album wasn’t a major hit. 


but you could guess what he learned from the not-so-hit first album. 


Well, he obviously made up for his first album by dropping a second album which was a major hit. 


Here is the album the singer has dropped so far. 


  • Target practice in 2009


  • Revelation in 2013


  • Music, Love & Life


What is his source of income? 


No doubt D-black’s first source of his wealth is the sales and stream of his songs. 


His entrepreneurial spirit has also seen him set up Black Venue Muzik record working with Freda Rhyme and others. 


Estimated net worth 


Currently, the 32 years is worth $1.6 million. 


Here is a complete detail you may have missed… 


  • Real Name: Desmond Kwesi Blackmore 


  • Stage Name: D-black 


  • Date of Birth: January 12, 1987


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label: VP records 


  • Source of Income: Music, record label, and endorsement 


  • Total Worth: $1.6 million


Stonebwoy is Worth Between $1 Million to $1.5 Million


Stonebwoy won the award of the best international act in 2015 of the BET award. 


Today Stone boy is one of the Richest Ghanaian artists in 2021.

Stonebwoy Rich Ghanian Musician

and the number 10 on this list of top ten richest musicians in Ghana 2020.


but let’s have more on Stoneboy now shall we? 


Who is he 


Stonebwoy is a Ghanaian musician of the genre Afro-pop, reggae, and dance Hall. 


all this genre makes me wonder how he managed to fuse each of these genres to create what he has today. 


Makes you wonder about the craziness right? 


Well, his real name is Livingston Etse Satekia but popularly known by his stage name Stoneboy. 


When was he born 


Stonebwoy was born in the better part of Accra Ghana. 


He is currently 31 years old just a single year below D-black who is 9th on this list. 


Stonebwoy was born in the year 1989 on March 5th.


How did his career start


Livingstone’s career started in his primary school days where he first discovered to write scripts. 


Thankfully this discovery soon sees him writing lyrics when he was in year 4 of his primary education. 


Under Samini’s record Stoneboy recorded his first studio single titled Climax. 


He featured Samini in this single before releasing Ghetto love. 


Here is the album he has released since his debut. 


  • Grade 1 album released in 2012


  • Necessary evil release in 2014


  • Epistle of Mama released in 2017


What is his source of income? 


Other than being a philanthropic person Stoneboy is very business-minded. 


His source of income includes his own record label, endorsement deals. 


Estimated net worth 


Stoneboy currently has an estimated net of $1.5 million 


and here is a possible detail you probably missed while surfing through this content. 


  • Real Name: Livingston Etse Satekia 


  • Stage Name: Stonebwoy 


  • Date of Birth: March 5, 1988


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label:  


  • Source of Income: Music, record label, and endorsement 


  • Total Worth: $1.5 million
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That is it for the top 10 richest musician in Ghana in 2021


and now let’s move to the top 20 richest musician in Ghana. 


Are you ready now? 


but before you and I continue how was the first session which details the richest Ghanaian musicians 2020?


If you did have a wonderful time then please leave a comment below. 


Top 20 Richest Musicians in Ghana 2022 


If you choose to continue indulging in this extraordinary blog post, here’s what awaits you.


  • You will get the top 20 richest musician in Ghana 2022 and their net worth 


  • I will give you brief info of their net worth, age, name, album, and more 


Having said that let’s get into this proper but first who is the top 20 richest musician in Ghana? 


Here we go continuing from where the top 10 ended. 


Kwaw Kese is Worth Between $500,000 to $1 Million


Kwaw Kese is the 11th person on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment’s list of richest singers in Ghana. 

Kwaw Kese
Kwaw Kese

Kese won the Vodafone music award for artist of the year award in 2008.


although the singer has been a little quiet as of late, but his worth still ranks him as one of top guys. 


Let’s get into this and find out more about him now. 


Who is he 


Emmanuel Kofi Botchwey is a Ghana hip-life songwriter and singer who rose to fame in 2007.


This was due to the successful album that got him nominated in 4 categories of the Ghana music award. 


The real name of Kwaw Kese is Emmanuel Kofi Botchwey. but popularly called Bodam. 


A name that translates to craziness in English. 


so when was he born? 


What school did he attend


Kwaw Kese was born in Agona Sweddru in the Central Region of Ghana according to Wiki. 


Growing up the hiplife singer attended Happy Home Junior secondary school. 


and after his junior secondary school exam, he was admitted into Winneba Secondary school. 


How did his career start


Kwaw Kese started singing and composing songs at a very tender age. 


but it was after leaving behind his meter reading job in an Electricity company that he saw fame. 


This happened when Emmanuel decided that its time to relocate to Accra Ghana. 


This decision took him to Hammer of the Last Two who signed him to his record label. 


In 2005 the singer released his debut album under newly found Mad Entertainment. 


Here is a list of an album he has released… 


  • Na ya Tai released in 2005


  • Bodam released in 2007


What is his source of income 


Despite having two albums to his name hiplife singer Kwaw lost the chance to go top 10.


and settled for a number 11th spot which his major source of income steaming from his songs. 


Estimated net worth 


While on the research for this post, I found that Kwaw Kese is worth a mouth-watering $1,000,000.


and is a well-formatted detail of his info’s you may have missed. 


  • Real Name: Emmanuel Kofi Botchwey 


  • Stage Name: Kwaw Kese 


  • Date of Birth: 


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label:  MAD Entertainment 


  • Source of Income: Music, record label


  • Total Worth: $1 million


Reggie Rockstone is Worth Between $3 Million to $3.5 Million


Okay, there is still a long way to go but Reggie rockstone sits at number 12 on this list. 

Reggie Rockstone

This list won’t be complete without Reggie Rockstone because he is one of the pioneers of hiplife. 


In 2012 he was the judge at the Malta Guinness Street Guinness competition. 


but you and I can do a little better can’t we? 


Who is He


Reggie Rockstone is a Ghanaian musician, singer, and songwriter of the genre hiplife. 


As a matter of fact this is the pioneer of hiplife in Ghana. 


so you just can’t talk hiplife and not call Reggie. 


In 2004 a year after Psquare won the KORA Award Reggie also won the award. 


and after which he recorded Chukku Chakka with Beenie Man. 


His real name is Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei but popularly known by his stage name Reggie. 


Where was he born 


Reggie was born in 1964 April 11th in London before relocating to Ghana his country. 


According to sources the hiplife founding father established his record label after his fame. 


While in the UK he favored hip hop and was part of the popular group PLZ. which together released several hit songs. 


How did his career start 


Reggie Rockstone career started in the 80s as a dancer and Entertainer. 


However in 1991 the singer picked up the mic to record and sing. 


In 1997 he recorded his first studio album.


Here are some albums he is recorded over the years. 


  • Makaa Maka released in 1997


  • Me Ka released in 2000


What is the source of his income 


Reggie Rockstone major source of income stems from his Kassa record. 


but that’s just one source of income, his entrepreneurial skill in business sees his Rockstone condom bring in some good cash. 


Estimated worth 


Rockstone is currently worth between $3 million and $3.5 million. 


Here is the complete details you might like… 


  • Real Name: Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei


  • Stage Name: Reggie Rockstone


  • Date of Birth: April 11 1964


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label:  Kassa Records


  • Source of Income: Music, record label and business


  • Total Worth: $3 million


Kojo Antwi is Worth Between $800K to $1 Million


Kojo Anywi is the Mr Music Man of Accra Ghana. 


At least that’s how I remember him and by the way, you need to listen to his 2019 song Akyekyedie


That song featuring Stone boy was definitely a blast. 

Kojo Antwi

Who is he 


Kojo Antwi is a Ghanaian Afro-pop, hiplife and Reggae musician. and also one of the top richest musician in Ghana. 


His real name is Julius Kojo Antwi but popularly known by his stage name Kojo Antwi. 


Antwi has been around longer than I can remember you know. 


I still remember his 2009 album Mwaaah, you should definitely check out that album because. mixing reggae, hiplife and Afro-pop can’t be anything short of genius. 


How did his career start 


Kojo Antwi career started after school, his first album was released in 1986.


A time when if you told your parent you wanted to become a musician. you automatically become the black sheep of the family. 


Here is a list of his albums… 


  • All I need is you released in 1986


  • Mwaaah released in 2009


Singing in Ghana popular language which is the Twi is what stands him out. 


because he just so well combines African American RNB with Congolese soukous to produce hit songs. 


What is his source of income 


Julius Kojo Antwi makes money as a record producer, and from his music sales. 


These are his major source of income till date and why he is known as Mr Music Man. saying a lot of his popularity. 


He still, however, manages a number 13th spot on this list of richest musicians in Ghana and listed on the Top 20 richest musician in Ghana. 


Estimated worth 


As at when this post went live, Kojo Antwi is worth $1 million. enlisting him as one of the Ghana richest musicians 2020. 


Here is a complete detail documented for easy understanding. 


  • Real Name: Julius Kojo Antwi 


  • Stage Name: Kojo Antwi


  • Date of Birth: 


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label:  


  • Source of Income: Music, record label


  • Total Worth: $1 million


Kwesi Arthur is Worth Between $100,000 to $1,000,000


Kwesi Arthur is one of the wealthiest artists in Ghana today. 

Kwese Arthur

Although his net worth is significantly low when put on. a head to head comparison with the legends like Daddy Lumba, he however still made this list. 


In 2018 Kwesi won the award for Best International Act at Bet award ceremony. 


Today he is one of the formidable rappers in the country. who is being tipped to be the next generation of rappers in GH. 


Here is more details. 


Who is he 


Kwesi Arthur is a Ghanaian rapper, songwriter and performer. 


He is popularly called by his stage name Kwesi Arthur just in case you did not know. 


but his real name or birth name is Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur who hails from Tema. 


When was he born 


Kwesi was born in a time classified as Millenials and the year for Millenials. ranges from 1980 to 1996.


Kwesi was born in Tema though to his Ghanaian parents who originally hail from Nigeria. 


The singer was born on the 18th of December 1994.


How did is career start


Arthur’s career started while he was listening to Drakes album Thank me Later. 


Then he released his EP which was backed by a social movement known as “ground-up”. 


Arthur has collaborated with some of the Wealthy Ghanaian artists one of which is Sarkodie. which he featured on the remix of “Grind Day”. 


Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior currently has two EPs to his name. 


They are… 


  • Live from Nkrumah Krom released in 2017


  • Live from Nkrumah Krom Vol 2 released in 2019


What is his source of income 


The major source of income of Kwesi Arthur is the rap songs that brought him fame. 


Still early on the game this might change after the singer bags some endorsement deals. 


Estimated worth 


Kwesi Arthur is currently is worth between 100000 dollars to 500000 US dollars. 


This is just a rough estimate because his net worth is still under review. 


Once I have a much more recent and confirmed amount, I will be sure to update this post. 


Here is some things you may have missed… 


Real Name: Emmanuel Kwesi Arthur Junior 


Stage Name: Kwesi Arthur


Date of Birth: December 10th 1994


Nationality: Ghanaian


Record Label:  


Source of Income: Music


Total Worth: $100,000 to $1,000,000


Efya Between $100,000 to $200,000 Worth 


Efya is currently signed to Starboy record label aka Wizkid record label. 


Although I am currently accusing Wizkid of not knowing how to promote artist other than himself. I think Efya is making quite a fortune on her deal with the label. 


She won the award for African Female artist of the year in 2016 for the category of Non-Nigerian. 


More details below… 


Who is she 


Efya is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter and actress from Kumasi. 


She is currently signed to Starboy records where she has been. 


She is popularly known by her stage name Efya but her birth name is Jane Awindor. 


When was she born 


Jane Awindor was in April 10th 1987 to Ghanaian movie maker and celebrity host Nana Adwoa Awindor. 


She was born in Kumasi Ghana being the sister to two brothers and a sister. 


What school did she attend 


Efya attended her secondary living school certificate at Yaa Asantewaa Secondary School. 


After her secondary education, she got admitted to the University of Ghana. where she graduated with a degree in theater art and music. 


So how did her career start? 


Well, after school Efya partook in the Charterhouse star of the future television show. 


While on the show, she became the first runner up and in 2013 she releases Tint a mixtape of 13 tracks. 


Here is a list of her discography… 


  • Unveiled released in 2009


  • TINT released in 2013


  • Janesis released in 2015


What is her source of income 


Jane currently makes a larger part of her income from her record sales under Starboy Entertainment. 


but not just that, she also has a couple of endorsement deals that see her earn a couple of $1000. 


Here is her estimated net worth… 


She is currently worth between $100,000 to $200,000. 


I do not have confirmation of her actual net worth but as soon as that is the case I will update it to reflect the changes. 


  • Real Name: Jane Awindor 


  • Stage Name: Efya 


  • Date of Birth: April 10th 1987


  • Nationality: Ghanaian


  • Record Label:  Starboy Entertainment 


  • Source of Income: Music


  • Total Worth: $100,000 


Top 30 richest Musicians in Ghana 2022


After I and my team reviewed the list of top 30 richest musicians in Ghana 2022, we found that. 


Almost everyone on the top 30 list has a net worth rounded up to the nearest $100,000. 


as a result of this, I have compiled each of the names of the musicians that fall within this $100,000 margin. 


Here are they…. 


  • Eye Judah


  • Abi Deen 


  • Casta Troy 


  • AB Crentsil


  • Amakye Dede


  • Ben Brako


  • Bisa Kdei


  • Ebo Taylor


  • Jerry Hansen


  • Koo Nimo


  • Asumadu 


  • Castro 


  • Ayesem 


  • Akan  


  • Gasmilia 


  • Trigmatic 


  • Joey B




While this is not a complete list of the richest musicians in Ghana 2022 Forbes, I will continue to update this list to reflect the most recent addition. 


Having said that, so there you have it who do you think is missing from this list? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts. and I will be sure to follow up. 


Also please follow us on Facebook to get more updated content like this. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you… 

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