Top 50 Richest Musicians in South Africa
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Did you know that the total net worth of the top 50 richest musicians in South Africa is less than $503,245,679?


Today I will be showing you the net worth of the wealthiest musicians in South Africa. 


As a matter of fact, this is the same layout I followed when I published this post on the richest musicians in the world

Top 50 Richest Musicians in South Africa

So make sure you stay with me on this one because I have made the text in a way that it will be easy for you to read step by step. 


Now come on, let’s dive in! 


Who are the Top 10 Richest Musicians in South Africa 2023


Who are the top richest musicians in South Africa? The top ten richest musicians in South Africa in 2023 include Yvonne Chaka, DJ Black Coffee, and Casper. Here is the complete list below… 


No Artists Net Worth State of origin
1 Vyonne Chaka Chaka $68 million Dobsonville, Soweto
2 DJ Black Coffee $60 million Umlazi, Kwa-Zulu Nata
3 Steve Hofmey $15.8 million Pretoria
4 DJ SbuDJ Sbu $11 million  Tembisa
5 AKA $8.9 million Cape Town
6 Somizi Mhlongo $5 million Soweto, Gauteng
7 Rebecca Malope $3.9 million Nelspruit
8 Die Antwoord $3.2 million Cape Town
9 Cassper Nyovest $3 million Mahikeng
10 DJ Euphonik $1.9 million  Mpumalanga


Now let’s start from number one on this list of the top 10 richest musicians in South Africa, shall we? 


How Much is Yvonne Chaka Chaka Worth ($68 million)


Yvonne Chaka Chaka is among the topmost revered artists in South Africa today. 


Thanks to her music, she touched everyone listening to South African songs’ quality and beauty. 

Yvonne Chaka Chaka Net Worth 2020(Richest Musicians in South Africa)

but the question remains who is she, right? 


I will tell you because I know the world is filled with Millenials now. who only know about musicians from this era. 


Her name is so big that she literally has shared stages with big names in African music and the rest of the world. 


If I want to list names, then I will obviously start with names like Angelique Kidjo. 


She won the 2020 Grammy award for best African act, beating self-proclaimed African Giant Burnaboy. 


Another name that comes to mind is Youssou Ndour who is currently the second-richest musician in Africa today. 


And finally, another legendary name she has shared the stage with is Hugh Masekela. 


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As a young performer, Yvonne was the first Black child to appear on South African television in 1981.


Who is Yvonne Chaka Chaka


Personally, I have to say I love how Wikipedia titled her as an internationally recognized South African musician.


Because she is by far one of the most popular musicians in South Africa.


That shows you the weight of who she is, at least for the Millenials that did not know who she is. 


Chaka Chaka’s real name is Yvonne Machaka, but her music career has seen the name Vyonne Chaka take the front stage. 


And that’s not strange for me, considering the fact that the world will always address you by the name that’s most popular. 


Chaka is an Entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and heck, a teacher. 


I grew up falling in love with her songs like “Thank You Mr Dj”. 



How Did Her Career Start


She is popularly known as the Princess of Africa, and her career started at the tender age of 19.


I mean who would have thought that a time when Apartheid was at its all-time high, a voice that touches the soul with melodies will spring upright? 


Well chalk it to fortune but if there is anything I most confident about it will be that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even in the worst of times. 


Yvonne was discovered by Phil Hollis but then Chaka Chaka was just a Gospel musician then. 


Although her first album titled I am in love with a DJ shot her to stardom, it was only the beginning of a great 30 years career to come. 


Today she is the number richest South African musician in 2020 on SMCE’s list of the top 50 richest artists in South Africa.


Albums and songs


Chaka Chaka has been in the music scene since the early 1980s and today her illuminating career has seen a great number of albums ditched out. 


Among some of these albums are… 


  • I’m Burning Up (1986)
  • Sangoma (1987)
  • Thank You Mr. DJ (1987)
  • I Cry For Freedom (1988)
  • The Power of Afrika (1996)
  • Back On My Feet (1997)
  • Bombani (Tiko Rahina) (1997)
  • Princess Of Africa: The Best of Yvonne Chaka Chaka (1999)
  • Yvonne and Friends (2000)
  • Yvonne and Friends (2001)
  • Kwenzenjani (2002)
  • Princess of Africa, Vol. 2 (2002)
  • Celebrate Life (2006)


What is Yvonne Chaka Chaka Source of Income


Unlike many musicians in the South African music industry whose source of income stems only from music, Machaka is different. 


She has multiple sources of income as a musician, a teacher, and an Entrepreneur. 


I know you probably want to ask me how much is she worth… 




When putting this post together, she currently has a net worth of $68,000,000.


Net Worth: $68 Million


How Much is DJ Black Coffee Worth ($60 million) 


Each time I write about musicians in different countries in Africa, I have always noticed one trait one can attribute to each one of them. 


Guess what it is? 

Dj Black Coffee Net Worth 2020 (Richest Musician in South Africa)

Technically you won’t be able to guess because you are not in mind. 


I know, I know! 


So let me tell you one of the characteristics I have noticed. 


They are consistent, persevere and they do not give up on their goal. 


With that said the 2nd richest musician in SA music industry goes to Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo. 


and he has been phenomenal, since coming to the music scene of South Africa. 


So who is he?.


Who is DJ Black Coffee


DJ Black Coffee is a South African musician, producer, singer/songwriter. He is currently one of the best musicians in South Africa.


I know you probably know him by his stage name Black Coffee, but has it ever occurred to you that he has a real name? 


and this is where you answer yes but I can almost bet you don’t know his real name right? 


No worries I will tell you! 


The real name of DJ Black Coffee is Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo. 


Black Coffee the shinning bololo as l love to nickname him was born in Umlazi. 


but like everyone else whose quest for survival outweighs their pain of being poor, Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo moves to Umtata. 


Umtata is a very famous place in South Africa because that’s where legends like Nelson Mandela hailed from. 


No doubt Black Coffee has seen his own fair share of struggles like every other musician in the quest to glory. 


but then how did he start music right? 


How Did His Career Start


For one I know you don’t just wake up one morning and success is just kissing you on the head. 


You must have put in some form of work to get to the heights you have always dreamed about right?


Well, his rise to fame came after taking part in the 2004 Red Bull Music Academy held in Cape Town.


and in 2005 he officially started his career by doing a remix of Hugh Masekela song Skimela. 


but one of the major keynotes that really propelled Black Coffee is when the song Happiness got featured on DJ’s at work album. 


If you ask him to tell his story, I am sure he does look back to that time and give a huge smile.


Albums and songs


I don’t know what it is with Musicians loving to start their career with a self-titled album. 


but I can tell you I was in love with Black Coffee’s idea when he did his self titled album. 


Having said that, here is a couple of his albums you may want to check out… 


  • Black Coffee (2005)
  • Have Another One (2007)
  • Home Brewed (2009)
  • Africa Rising DVD (2012)
  • Africa Rising CD (2012)
  • Pieces of Me (2015)
  • The Journey Continues EP (2016)
  • Music is King EP (2018)


What is DJ Black Coffee Source of Income


DJ Black Coffee is known for his charismatic songs and no doubt this is one of the ways he earns his living. 


but wait that’s not all! 


Did you know that he is a record producer? 


This means he makes money by producing songs for people and that’s an entrepreneurial skillset. 


So here is where you are tempted to ask me what is DJ Black Coffe’s worth? 


DJ Black Coffee is currently worth $60,000,000 by the time of piecing this content together. 


Net Worth: $60 Million


How Much is Steve Hofmeyr Worth ($15.8 million) 


Steve Hofmeyr has been very popular for major controversies all through his illustrious career. 


but hey there are just some people who no matter what they do or you do, you can’t them down. 


and on the 3rd spot of the richest musicians in South Africa sits Steve Hofmeyr. 

Steve Hofmeyr Net Worth 2020

You will just love to hate him but come on no matter how bad a person gets there is still an atom of good in them. 


The only way you can ever find out that part is if you look close enough. 


Having said that who is he then?


Who is Steve Hofmeyr 


Do you need a shorter version of the answer or a longer version of it? 


The shortest version will be he is a musician… 


The longest version is Steve Hofmeyr is a South African musician, TV presenter, a singer-songwriter. 


Steve was born in 1964 precisely August 29th in Pretoria.


and he is currently a father and a husband to his beautiful children and an amazing wife. 


So how did his career start? 


How Did His Career Start


Steve Hofmeyr however controversial you and I think he is, he is got some pretty story behind his beginnings. 


Steve started his career as a musician at a very tender age. 


His love for music could be seen when he dropped his 1988 Desertbound album. 


However, his acting skills have also earned various roles in the South African movie industry. 


Quickly let’s look at some of his albums, shall we?


Albums and songs


Steve Hofmeyr has quite a number of albums in his illustrious career and among such albums are… 


  • Desertbound (1989)
  • Only Me (1990)
  • Steve (1991)
  • No Hero (1992)
  • Tribute (1993)
  • Tribute Volume 2 (1994)
  • The Hits/Die Treffers (1994)
  • Decade (1996)
  • Die Bloubul (1997)
  • True to You (1997)
  • Close to You (1997)
  • Southern Cross (1999)
  • Die Bok Kom Weer (1999)
  • Beautiful Noise (2000)


What is Steve Hofmeyr Source of Income


Steve joins the likes of Yvonne Chaka Chaka on the list of people with multiple streams of income. 


As a TV presenter, Steve has earned quite a good amount of money starring in major TV presentations in SA. 


Also, his ability to act is another way the singer and songwriter earn money. 


I believe you have a burning question to ask me… 


Here it comes, how much is Steve Hofmeyr worth? 


Steve Hofmeyr is currently worth a mouth-watering $15,800,000 as of when putting this post together. 


Net Worth: $15.8 million 


How Much is DJ Sbu Worth ($11 million) 


DJ Sbu is Popular for his days well spent with Metro MF. 


If you are looking for a musician who is so loved by people then you want to point fingers to this guy. 

DJ Sbu Net Worth 2020

The world always treasures and cherishes those that are willing to share their knowledge. 


and Sbu is one of such benevolent artist in South Africa. 


If that didn’t get your attention then his work with YFM hosting beauty and the beast should. 


Having said that it leaves you and me with the big question who is he? 


Who is DJ Sbu 


His real name Sbusiso Leope but hey you know him by one different. 


I believe it is DJ Sbu right? 


DJ Sbu is a South African musician, TV, and radio host. 


but not just these he is also a record producer and an Entrepreneur. 


Speaking on entrepreneurs did you know he often offers advice to the public and youth to make meaningful the life that they have. 


It is hard not to love such a man especially if you grew up in South Africa. 


What is Sbu of Income


DJ Sbu may be popular as a radio host but his time as a record producer and TV host has thought him more of living a life that appreciates Creation itself. 

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Today his wealth stems from music, radio hosting and record producing. 


Now how much is Sbu worth? 


DJ Sbu is currently worth the sum of 11,000,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $11 Million 


How Much is AKA Worth ($8.9 Million) 


AKA take the number 4 position on this list of richest musicians in SA. 


but this did not come as a surprise did it? 


You and I know how much AKA has achieved in his illustrious career. 


The only time you could see AKA not happy is when this world ends. 




Okay, that’s some sick humor because I know you are not praying for that. 


Anyways AKA has received several hip hop awards for his time in the South African music industry. 


Hopefully, there are still more to come and I know the Richest musicians in south Africa 2020 list won’t be complete without this guy. 


So who is he? 

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Who is AKA


AKA has had some pretty share of his own life’s ordeal. 


Whether it is in his relationship to work, you name it man is tried every now and then you know. 


but your trials don’t define you right?


At least my mom use to tell me that! 


He would end it with how you respond to those trials is what truly defines you. 


AKA is one of several other musicians in South Africa… 


but it’s good to know that not only is he a South African rapper, but also an Entrepreneur, record producer, and songwriter. 


His vast set of skills have propelled him to heights where he has become one of the household names in SA. 


He is Popular known by his stage name but his real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. 


How Did His Career Start


Forbes’s rise to fame started with his hit song Over Lap which came off his debut studio album in 2011.


but his career can be dated back to the early 2000s when he and his merry band of friends formed Entity. 


Entity was later nominated for the KORA awards but hey the group went their separate ways in 2006.


AKA has been fighting for space for his impact to be felt in SA and that came when he formed the I.V league. 


He and other members took production credits for artists like Khuli Chana. 


but wait I know you wondering about some of his songs right? 


Well, here we go! 


Albums and songs


AKA has released four studio album since debuting on the SA music industry. 


and some of his albums you definitely want to check out are:


  • Altar Ego (2011)
  • Levels (2014)
  • Be Careful What You Wish For (with Anatii) (2017)
  • Touch My Blood (2018)


What is AKA Source of Income


AKA makes a lot of money from his music over the years. 


but this is not the only way he makes his money. 


As an Entrepreneur, Kiernan also makes money from producing songs. 


Okay, here is where you ask me how much is he worth right? 


As when putting this list together, AKA is worth 8,900,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $8.9 Million 


How Much is Somizi Worth ($5 million) 


Somizi has always been an interesting figure to South Africans. 


I mean this guy is dubbed the face of South Africa you know. 


From appearing on several TV shows and having his own reality TV show, you can say he deserves a place on richest musicians in SA list right? 


but hey it didn’t start all rosy for Somizi, as a matter of fact, his attempt at music was a total disaster. 


but you know, failure is part of success as you quickly learn your mistakes and grow. 


Well, Mhlongo is one such person that quickly learned from his mistakes and grew really fast. 


Okay, it didn’t happen overnight because I don’t want you having all the quick money Syndrome out there today. 


A hustle that’s going to pay you real good money will take all the work and effort on your part. 


Sometimes this can even be physically draining you. 


For example, I have been working on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment for about a year 2 years now. 


While the dream is to become one of the most visited sites in the country its certainly not going to be easy right? 


Well, I know this which is why I am doing it because in the long run it will be totally worth all the effort I put in trying to write articles. 


So who is he? 


Somizi I mean!


Who is Somizi


Somizi is a South African musician who is also a radio host, TV presenter, actor, and singer. 


In 1992 Somizi appeared in Sarafina, and yeah if you haven’t watched that movie, you definitely missed a lot. 


You and I know him by his stage name Somizi but his birth name is Somizi Buyani Mhlongo. 


He was born in South Africa and has lived the majority of his life in the country. 


His most iconic TV role came when he choreographed the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 2010 World Cup. 


So how did his career start? 


How Did His Career Start


Somizi career began as a choreographer in 1991 movie Sarafina.


but it was Scavenger of 1987 that introduced him to the world. 


and since then he has grown exponentially after several musical failures in the late 2000s.


However his big break came after his single Ngibonile in 2017. 


The song was widely received and resurrected what seem like a dying musical career at the time. 


but you and I can agree that it was his role as Judge on South African Idol that really was the turning point to his illustrious career. 


being a kid that started acting at the tender age of 13, so many things were learned along the way to success the singer said. 


but wait let’s see some of his movies and song shall we? 


Movie & songs


It was a movie that brought Somizi to the fame he now enjoys in SA so it’s only fair to mention a few below. 


For someone whose music has been a massive failure, you could say he sure did find other ways to succeed. 


Movies include 


  • Scavenger 


  • Sarafina 


  • Black Beulahs


Songs includes:


  • Ngibonile 2017


What is Somizi Source of Income


Somizi is one of those celebrities that enjoys multiple streams of income thanks to his versatile nature. 


Today you can say he makes money from music, TV shows and acting. 


but how much is he worth currently? 


Well, Somizi is currently worth 5,000,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $5 Million 


How Much is Rebecca Malope Worth ($3.9 million) 


Rebecca Malope saw his own fair share of struggles during her rise to fame. 


Her fame came at a time when Gospel music was just off-limits and no record label would risk its neck for you. 


Thankfully today that’s not the case because you can see that the world has changed from the 80s through the 90s and the 2000s.


According to Wikipedia, she was signed by MFM record label but was told she can’t do gospel songs. 


Guess what? 


Gospel songs were her strongest suit during a time when household names like Brenda Frasier were in her peak. 


You can only imagine, right? 


Well as the universe may have she got to record an album but added one gospel song. 


The gospel song she added changed her entire life. 


So who is she right? 


Who is Rebecca Malope 


Batsogile Lovederia Malope is her real name and her rise to fame came when she was signed to MFM and released her debut studio album. 


Rebecca Malope is a multi-award-winning gospel singer and songwriter. 


and while I feel it’s not fair ranking her among household names

she does deserve the highest spot on this list right? 


Well, her achievements are pretty notable for someone who has recorded multiple platinum albums as a gospel musician. 


She is known as one of the world’s biggest-selling gospel musicians of all time. 


Selling more than 10 million copies of her album worldwide. 


but how did her career start? 


How Did Her Career Start


At the tender age of 18, she and her sister Cynthia hiked a total distance of 400km to Johannesburg in 1984.


Then in 1985, she entered the competition shell Road to fame television contest. 


Although she could not proceed through the first round her determination kept Rebecca going and pushing to gain more heights. 


Eventually, her failed audition could mean that Zako finds her just in time for some grooming. 


Eventually, she did win Shell Road to Fame but still struggled until MFM signed her. 


Her journey was further characterized by a successful debut studio album. 


and speaking of albums, here we go. 


Albums and songs


Here is a couple of albums she has released so far in a career that spans decades. 


Her first album Rebecca was released in 1987 and below are others. 


  • Rebecca (1987)
  • “Woza Lovey” (1988)
  • “Thank You Very Much” (1989)
  • Six of the best (1989)
  • Saturday Nite (1991)
  • Buyani (1990)
  • Rebecca Sings Gospel (1992)
  • Ngiyikeleni (1993)
  • Umoya Wam (1994)
  • Shwele Baba (1995)
  • Uzube Nam (1996)
  • Live at the State Theatre (1996)
  • Angingedwa (1997)


What is Rebecca Source of Income


The majority of her money has been made from her over 3-decade career (30 years). 


and the good news is her music will continue to rake in cash. 


So how much is she worth? 


As when putting this content together, Malope is worth a whooping 3,900,000 US dollars. 


This puts her on the list of top 50 riches SA musicians in 2020.


Net Worth: $3 Million 


How Much is Die Antwoord Worth ($3.2 million) 


Die Antwood is a musical group in South Africa that have been popular for their counter-culture known as Zef. 


According to Ninja of Die Antwood he describes Zef as a style of music that is a subculture of hip hop. 

Die Antwoord

and it literally means that you should only care about yourself, your music and forget what the world thinks. 


This group was formed in Cape Town in South Africa and it is made up of… 


  • Ninja


  • Yolandi


  • HITEK5000 (producer) 


  • Lil2hood (producer) 


Albums and songs


Some albums released by this group include the following… 


and here is the kicker, if you love music and listen to lyrics then you should definitely pay attention to these guys. 


  • Donker Mag


  • Ten$ion


  • $O$


What is Die Antwood Source of Income


The major source of Die Antwood is their Zef musical style which some still think is racist. 


It incorporates works from other artists and it does still have a fan base in South African. 


What this means is so long there is an audience for it then the money will keep coming right? 


Yeah, I guess! 


So how much are they worth? 


Die Antwood is worth 3,200,000 US dollars as of 2020. 


and this is just a group net worth! 


but if you wish to see their individual net worth then let me know in the comment section so I can schedule that for a later future post. 


Net Worth: $3.2 Million 


How Much is Cassper Nyovest Worth ($3 million) 


Okay I know some of you will say this guy disrespected his parents to chase his dreams as a musician right? 


but the big question becomes did he turn out okay? 

Cassper Nyovest Net Worth 2020

Well if being listed as one of the richest musicians in South Africa is not an achievement then please tell me what is. 


I have learned one thing all my life, and it is making money, make a huge chunk of it. 


This way so many insults will have to be silent. 


Having said that Cassper moved to Johannesburg after dropping from high-school to pursue a career in music. 


However, his parents were not happy with his decision… 


but hey if it puts food on my table then I don’t care what mom and dad think. 


At least this is the thought running through Cassper Nyovest mind as he made his journey to Johannesburg. 


Success only comes to those who try right? 


True and absolutely true… 


So who is he?


Who is Cassper Nyovest


Refiloe Maele Phoolo is the real name but you probably know him by his stage name Cassper Nyovest. 


Not strange at all right! 


After all everyone on planet earth whether fame or not mostly gets called by his or her most popular name. 


Nyovest is a South African rapper, dancer, singer-songwriter, and Entrepreneur. 


Honestly, I love the sound of entrepreneurs whenever I hear one… 


but do you know what that word even means? 


Well, I usually define it as someone who solves people’s problems for money. 


His part to success wasn’t always smooth like every single musician on this list. 


but you and I are no stranger to the work one must put in to attain success. 


So how did his career start? 


How Did His Career Start


Cassper Nyovest rise to fame came in the form of discovery by hip hop pantsula. 


Pantsula then featured the rapper in one of his singles. 


At this time, Impact Sounds signed Cassper Nyovest but things didn’t go as planned. 

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This is basically due to the difference in idealism and as such the relationship went sour really quick. 


Cassper then moves back home formed his own record label Family Tree records in 2014. 


There released his debut studio album which was a hit… 


Since then it’s been climbing one height to the other for the singer. 


Now let’s talk albums of Nyovest shall we? 


Albums and songs


Cassper Nyovest has released a total of 5 studio albums. 


This includes his first which came out under his own record label in 2014. 


To get a sense of this here are the albums… 


  • Tsholofelo (2014)
  • Refiloe (2015)
  • Thuto (2017)
  • Sweet and Short (2018)


What is Cassper Nyovest Source of Income


Cassper Nyovest makes money from endorsement deals with several big brands in SA. 


but hey not just that of course! 


He also makes money from his music and as a music producer. 


and as at when writing this blog post, he is one of the richest musicians in South Africa today with a net worth of 3,000,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $3 Million 


How Much is DJ Euphonik Worth ($1.9 million)


In 2017 DJ Euphonik started performing the Pseudonym Themba whilst combining Techno and house music. 


Euphonik received his first-ever award when he nominated for the best compilation album by Metro FM in 2014. 

DJ Euphonik

and then in 2015, he was nominated for best remix of the year categories in SA music award.


Today you and can say this guy has left his mark in the industry just by being an awesome DJ. 


but hey let’s dive deeper into more details about DJ Euphonik should you care to know more. 


Who is he is the right question to ask right? 


Who is DJ Euphonik


Themba Nbongeni Nkosi is the real name of Veteran South African Euphonik. 


but hey I know he is Popularly known by his stage name DJ Euphonik. 


Euphonik is among the Millenials of this generation and by Millenials I simply mean people born between the 80s up to 1996.


DJ Euphonik is a record producer, a radio host who is popular for playing household music. 


However, it was cool and deadly that) which features artists like Nyanda that really made the mark. 


I mean that song topped 5FM chart for so long and even peaking at the number one spot. 


and I know you are beginning to wonder how his career started… 


Don’t worry I will tell you shortly… 


How Did His Career Start


DJ Euphonik’s career ultimately started as a DJ remixing song in 2003. 


and in the year 2004, he and DJ Kent produced a joint album titled Kentphonik. 


After releasing Kentphonik, he decided to start his radio host career at YFM before leaving for 5FM. 


There he had 2 shows a week playing songs from DJ all around the world. 


and much like his amazing radio career, he kept doing compilations which won him an award at Metro FM. 


Speaking of compilations here is some for you… 


Albums and songs


  • For The Love of House Volume 
  • For The Love of House Volume 1
  • For The Love of House Volume 2
  • For The Love of House Volume 3
  • For The Love of House Volume 4
  • For The Love of House Volume 5
  • For The Love of House Volume 6


What is DJ Euphonik Source of Income


His major sources of income stem from music and his radio host shows. 


and today, he is one of the most renowned figures in South African music. 


but hey his net worth also compliments his status in the industry.


So how much is he worth? 


Well prior to putting together this piece, DJ Euphonik is worth 2,000,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $2 Million 


Who are the Top 20 Richest Musicians in South Africa


I know i can tell you that Oskido is one of them but hey, it would not hurt to get complete list of top 20 richest musicians in South Africa below would it?


Here is the list of the top 20 wealthiest South African musicians!


  • Oskido


  • Da L.E.S


  • K.O


  • Tumi Molekane


  • Juanita Du Plessis


  • Jack Parow


  • Emtee


  • Nasty C


  • Khuli Chana


  • J.R


How Much is Oskido Worth ($2 Million) 


When you want to mention names that have popularised the genre kwaito then you definitely want to mention this gentle man’s name. 


Oskido has been the major pioneer of other genres that rising fast in SA and this includes the Afro House. 

Oskido net worth

Having said that, it may also interest you to know that his record label Kalawa Jazmee record is home to music duo Mafikizolo. 


So many genres are surfacing outside South African townships and this guy is the man been attributed to the popularity of these genres. 


In the early days, I remember when he would reminisce of how he would sneak into Hillbrow Nightclub. 


There he would spin the closing section of the night to finally put everyone to rest. 


but wait if that’s a half-cooked story then who is he? 


Who is Oskido 


Oscar Sibonginkosi Mdlongwa is the real name of this SA singer. 


but you wouldn’t know this considering he is more popular for his stage name Oskido. 


Oskido is has had his name on the stages of South African music for 25 years. 


During this times, he has become very popular among the youth for his genre of songs. 


You can say he is a South African musician and one of the top 50 richest musicians in South Africa today. 


No doubt being a record producer and a businessman truly broadens your view on music and life in general. 


So how did his career start? 


How Did His Career Start


For those of you that love partying to the sound of DJ spin and mixes well Oskido is your guy. 


His career hit the spotlight thanks to the crazy DJ that refuse to show up to spin the sets. 



and in life, there is always a guardian angel for anyone in the world today. 



and Oskido would be forever grateful to Ian Sigola for all his guidance during is big break. 


After reworking songs and formulating his own sound in the studio, he went on to release the cassette compilations ‘Mixmaster’ and ‘Big Jam’, thus boosting his popularity outside of Johannesburg according to Wikipedia. 


Oskido in his journey to fame met Bruce Sebitlo who together they formed the group Brothers of Peace. 



It seems like a good partnership because from 1994 to 2004 these guys released more than 7 albums… 


Speaking of albums here is a few you may have missed… 


Albums and songs


During the 10 years in brothers of peace Oskido and Bruce released several albums. 


and the most amazing thing is all this albums were major success.


Here are some of it! 


  • Brothers of Peace: King of Kwaito Uyagawula (1996)
  • Oscar Warona: Mother Paka (1997)
  • Brothers of Peace: Sphithiphithi (2000)
  • Brothers of Peace: Project A (2001
  • Oscar Warona: Godzilla (2001)
  • Church Grooves Vol. 1–10 (2001–2010)
  • Brothers of Peace: Project B (2003)
  • Brothers of Peace: Project C (Zabalaza – The Struggle) (2003)


What is Oskido Source of Income


Okay I told you earlier that he is a record producer right? 


Well that should tell you that there is money to be made right? 


Yes right! 


but wait Oskido also made money from his music and also as a businessman owning several ventures. 


but how much is he really worth then? 


During my research for this post, I found out that Oskido is worth 2,000,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $2 Million 


How Much is Da L.E.S Worth ($1.2 MILLION)


Okay, this is one of the South African musician that wasn’t born in SA. 


He instead was born in the golden city of Washington DC in the United States. 

Da L.E.S net worth

His parents are Leslie Jonathan Mpampe and Pricilla. 


His parents literally work at IBM and that’s like saying Microsoft right? 


Well let’s get to the meat of the details and it will start with questions. 


Here we go! 


Who is Da L.E.S


Leslie was born in the year 1985 in DC and you probably know him as Da LES but he goes by the real name Leslie Jonathan Mampe, JR. 


and much like many musicians on this list, he created fame in his country. 


but it was after hosting parties and collecting LPs that he noticed he has a talent that can be explored. 


Music is about discovering yourself and if you don’t, you just might be left floating. 


and speaking of floating, let’s see how he started his career, shall we? 


How Did His Career Start


Mpampe experienced early success when he was with his band Jozi. 


Mpampe discovered his unique talent in the United States 


but these discoveries only led him home where he’s hit single featuring AKA and Maggz announce him as a force in the SA music industry. 


In 2014 he starred in the TV series The Real Jozi A-listers playing his imaginative self. 


but wait during these times, albums were released? 


Of course, albums were released or is there a musician without an EP or album ever? 


Oh! there is one I can remember and it’s Nigerian musician Tekno. 


Anyways here are his albums! 


Albums and songs


He currently has more than 3 albums to his career and among these albums include… 


  • Fresh 2 Def


  • Mandela Money[5]


  • North God


  • Diamond in Africa



What is Da L.E.S Source of Income


Da les is a producer and as a producer, it is only natural you make money this way. 


He is also a singer and this means he also makes money from this. 


but how much is he worth today? 


Da LES is worth 1,200,000 US dollars in 2020. 


Note I am just leaving these figures in US dollars rather than Rands which is the SA currency. 


Net Worth: $1.2 Million 


How Much is K.O Worth ($1.1 Million) 


K.O is another on this list that rings a lot of bell right? 


Well, that’s because he does ring a bell as the ex group of Teargas a group which was formed in 2006. 

K.O net worth

With Teargas and K.O working together as friends and family, they release their debut studio album. 


This album received positive reviews in the country and announces K.O as an artist to reckon within the industry. 


Today K.O ranks as one of the top 20 richest musicians in South Africa 2020. 


but hey let’s find out more shall we? 


Who is K.O


Ntokozo Mdluli is a South African musician, rapper, songwriter and businessman. 


He hails from Soweto and played a huge part in the success of the group Teargas. 


Although Teargas disbanded which took K.O out of the equation. 


However, K.O decided to pursue his solo career which obviously was also a huge success thanks to the dedication and hard work. 


 How Did His Career Start


K.O career stared in Teargas but after Teargas disbanded, his solo career saw his album Skhanda Republic received a positive review. 


Whilst with teargas the group released several successful albums such as… 


  • K’shubile K’bovu


  • Wafa Wafa


As a solo artist K.O bagged a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment where he did Skhanda Republic 2 in 2017. 


Albums and songs


  • Skhanda Republic – 2014


  • Skhanda Republic 2 – 2017


What is K.O Source of Income


K.O source of income stems from his music majorly and from endorsement deals. 


As at when writing this blog post, he is worth 1,100,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $1.1 Million 


How Much is Tumi Molekane Worth ($1 million)


Tumi’s parent was forced to live in exile and Tanzania was where they seek shelter. 


but in the early 1990s, Tumi went back to SA his country and lived there. 

Tumi Molekane net worth

I personally haven’t experienced what it is like to be exiled but those with the experience don’t tell good stories about it. 


Tumi album that was produced under his record label Motif is named the greatest album of all time. 


but hey the truth is a success doesn’t just come in the blink of an eye. 


If you work for it’s definitely going to show it’s face and once it does Tumi was left smiling with great joy. 


At least, in my opinion, he no longer remembers the hard times when his parent was exiled. 


but the biggest question is who is he? 



Who is Tumi Molekwane


Tumi is a South African rapper and Poet and the lead vocalist to Tumi and the Volume. 


Tumi Molekane is the real name of the Tanzania born South African. 


but of course, you know him by his stage name Tumi or Stogie T. 


Tumi and the volume got disbanded in 2012 and the birth of a new name followed. 


Today Tumi has rebranded as Stogie T releasing an album under the new alias. 


Tumi Molekane is a South African rapper and poet. He was the lead vocalist of Tumi and the Volume, which was officially disbanded in 2012. In 2016 Tumi relaunched himself as Stogie T and released an album called Stogie T which featured Da L.E.S, Lastee, Emtee, Nasty C, Nadia Nakai & Yanga


How Did His Career Start


Tumi debut studio album came in 2006 titled music from my good eye. 


This is the album that has been listened to and thus revered as one of the greatest albums from the country. 


Tumi was later published in the American Library Journal in 2006. 

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His career started in the early 1990s but it was not until the 2000s that he made that big break of his career. 


As a solo artist Tumi only has one album which he titled the alias of rebranded name Stogie T. 


What is Tumi Molekane Source of Income


Stogie T source of income comes solely from his music. 


I did not record any endorsement deals while making this post so money from endorsement wasn’t added to his worth. 


If this is added then this figure may be skewed a bit. 


and right up to moments leading here, he is worth 1,000,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $1 Million 


How Much is Juanita Du Plessis Worth ($1 million) 


Juanita Du Plessis in 2018 celebrated her 20 years career in style. 


And to mark that celebration she released the album Jaar Treffers. 

Juanita Du Plessis net worth

An album that was well received by the larger majority of the South African population. 


Today Juanita is listed as one of the richest musicians in South Africa. 


Thanks to an illustrious career which has witness broken through time itself. 


but then you are wondering who is she right? 


Who is Juanita Du Plessis 


Juanita may be Namibian but her roots are deeply seethed in South Africa. 


Her real name is Juanita Du Plessis and this is also her stage name with which she graces the stage. 


She is an Afrikaan country singer and songwriter who has been nominated as the most popular female artist by Huisgenoot’s Tempo Awards ceremony. 


and she has been in the spotlight after receiving many awards for her country in music.


How Did His Career Start


Juanita used to work for a transport company before deciding to try out music. 


Music became the saving grace for a job that could most likely have turned out to life-wrecking. 


Her musical career began in 1998 with her self titled studio album Juanita. 


The album quickly got recognition in Namibia racking a couple of awards. 


Today you can’t make Africa top 100 most popular women without naming her. 


Her wonderful career has seen the production and release of several studio albums.


Albums and songs


Juanita has recorded over 6 studio albums in her musical career. 


They include her self titled studio album Juanita and others. 


Here they are…. 

  • Young Hearts (platinum)
  • Ek en Jy (Ska-rumba) (3x platinum)
  • Dis waar ek wil wees (2x platinum)
  • Jy is… (3 x platinum)
  • Altyd Daar (3x platinum)
  • Bly by my (2x platinum)
  • Jou Skaduwee (2x platinum)
  • Vlieg Hoog (5x platinum)
  • Volmaakte Kring (3x platinum)


What is Juanita Source of Income


Juanita Du Plessis makes money from her songs. 


but it is not just that! 


She is also a very dedicated businesswoman who has also ventured into entrepreneurship. 


She also makes money from her business and as of when this post goes life she is worth 1,000,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $1 Million 


How Much is Jack Parow Worth ($900,000) 


Jack Parrow has always wanted to become a musician from the early stages of his life. 


I would remember when my mom would ask me what do you want to become growing up? 

Jack Parow net worth

I would say a footballer and my father would sigh because he felt footballers are losers then. 


Well, at least they were always seen as unserious people. 


If you fast forward about 2 decades later, Football is one of the sport in the world. today generating the killer amount of money. 


I wish I could just look at my father and smile a mischievous smile. 




but literally I am dying to tell him that he was wrong about football but if anything, African fathers only know one thing that’s been right always. 


The parow dream was clear from the very beginning without having a second thought. 


and that was becoming a rapper! 


fast forward from the time he was a kid then you see that so many years have passed by. 


and his dream was achieved but wait let’s find out more details, shall we? 


Who is Jack Parow


The real name of Jack Parow is Zander Tyler and he is a South African rapper, singer and songwriter. 


Jack Parow began his career rapping with English but later changed into Afrikaan. 


and his mentors are Snoop Dogg and the likes of T-pain. 


but how did his career start?


How Did His Career Start


His first hit came with the single Cooler as Ekke and jeffalingaling, which was promoted by friends in Die Heuwels Fantasies. 


He collaborated with them on their song Die Vraagstuk. He has since released four studio albums and toured around the world.


Today Parow is one of the top 50 richest musicians in South Africa and makes SMCE richest list. 


Parow started rapping with his friend Keagan Cloete but knew he was destined for more big things. 


Albums and songs


Here are some of the albums Jack Parow has released in his blazing career. 


It includes… 


  • Jack Parow (2010)
  • Eksie Ou (2011)
  • Nag Van Die Lang Pette (2014)
  • Dis Hoe Ons Rol (2016) [15]
  • Afrika 4 Beginners (2017)[16]


What is Jack Parow Source of Income


Jack Parow is both an actor and a musician. 


He makes a larger chunk of his money from his record sales. 


and as of when publishing this post, he is worth almost a million dollars. 


Precisely he has a net worth of $900,000.


Net Worth: $900,000 


How Much is Emtee Worth ($300,000) 


Emtee also makes SA richest musicians list in 2020 and his career did get to a flying start. 


Emtee Roll Up is the leeway to his success after Ruff recorded the track in 2015. 

Emtee Net worth

Emtee also went on to claim that his entire roll up track didn’t take more than two hours to put together. 


Due to the success of the song he recorded a remix of the track with Nigeria Afrobeat star Wizkid. 


Only this time he decided to opt for a more stylized name which was Roll Up Re-Up. 


but the biggest question is who is he? 


Who is Emtee


Mthembeni Ndevu is the real name of this South African superstar. 



but you know him by his stage name Emtee which has been popular all over the continent of Africa. 



He is a South African songwriter and singer and rapper and his fame built up after releasing Roll UP. 



but how did it all start?



How Did His Career Start


Emtee musical career started when he was still in high school. 


Being not much of a scholar, he decided to put his best in his music. 


Emtee scored a poor grade in his transition exam that was suppose to take into the four walls to the university. 


However, his career and focus was in music and has such pursued the career as part of music trio. 


He was then signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment where he released his debut album. 


Speaking of album let’s see some, shall we?


Albums and songs


Emtee has a couple of albums to his illustrious career and below you will find some of these albums. 


  • Manando


  • DIY


  • Avery


What is Emtee Source of Income


Emtee has been phenomenal since his debut in the South African music industry. 


and with this, he makes the List of richest south African musicians. 


So what is his major source of income? 


Emtee major source of income stems from his music. 


and I know you will ask how much is he worth? 


Well as of when putting this post together, this guy is worth 300,000 thousand US dollars. 


Net Worth: $300,000


How Much is Nasty C Net Worth ($250,000)


Nasty C has just been amazing since his debut in the industry. 


I still very much remember his feature on Davido Coolest Kid in Africa. 

Nasty C net worth

Nasty C totally murdered that song with all his flows and lyrical lines. 


Today when ranking the top 50 richest musicians in South Africa, you just can’t forget his name. 


To tell how popular he is in Nigeria, during the 2018 Headies Award held in Lagos, he won the award for the best international act. 


but who is he? 


Who is Nasty C


Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo is the real name of the South African songster, record producer and singer/songwriter. 



You probably know him by his stage name Nasty C right? 



Well, in 2015 he was named the Best Freshman an award which he won at the South African Hip Hop Award. 



Today he is undeniably one of the fastest-growing talents in the industry with his net worth also constantly climbing. 


How Did His Career Start


He has seen his own fair share of ordeal after his mother died in a car crash. 


Leaving with his father, Nasty C learned how to produce when he was 9 years old. 


A skill which has proved to be more valuable to the young singer. 


Price City Mixtape shot him and earned him a place among some of the great musical talents in South Africa. 


but how many albums does the singer have? 


Albums and songs


Well, Nasty C has been up up and up since coming on the music scene. 


No doubt one of the brightest talents in the industry today. 


Nasty C currently has a few albums and here are some of it… 


  • Bad Hair (2016)
  • Strings And Bling (2018)
  • Zulu Man with some Power (2020)


What is Nasty C Source of Income


Nasty C source of income stems majorly from his music and ability to produce records. 


Today one can say all of these have helped increase his worth in 2020.


So what is his net worth? 


Well, as of when I hit the publish button, Nasty C is currently worth 250,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $250,000


How Much is Khuli Chana Worth ($173,200) 


Khuli Chana makes richest musicians in South Africa 2020 list because he has been wonderful like every other singer and DJ on this list. 

Khuli Chana net worth

If you wish to name some of the bright talents of SA music industry today, no doubt Khuli’s will be on this list. 


and in my opinion, he totally deserves a spot on this list after his success in the industry. 


So who is he? 


Who is Khuli Chana


Khuli Chana is a South African musician, songwriter, and rapper. 


Khulane Morule is the real name of the artist who was born in 1982. 


These days it is very common to only remember the stage name of celebrities all over the world. 


and I am sure you know him by his stage name Khuli Chana. 


How Did His Career Start


Khuli Chana rose to fame after releasing his major successful album Motswakoriginator. 



The album immediately shot his career to a major height which today has earned a spot on the top 20 richest musicians in south Africa. 


Khuli Chana has shared the stage with popular Canadian singer Drake.



and his Motswacko mixes Setswana and English language to produce an album that’s by far loved by his fans. 



Khuli Chana has released a couple of albums in his a decade career.


Albums and songs


Here are some of the albums that Khuli Chana has released and you would do well to check them out. 


Here we go! 


  • Motswakoriginator (2009)
  • Lost in Time (2012)
  • ‘’Planet of The Have Nots’’ (2019)


What is Khuli Chana Source of Income


Khuli Chana makes money majorly from his music and by the time of writing this post he is worth $173,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $173,000


How Much is J.R Worth ($100,000)


J.R has been an inspiration for so many of his fans. 


and the way he combines Setswana and English is just beyond commendable. 

JR net worth

A combination of these two languages at some point earn him two hip hop number one spot on SA charts. 


but wait is that all? 


Definitely not, did you know that two of his pop songs also peaked at number one on South Africa Chart? 


I bet you did not know this right? 


but who is he? 


Who is J.R


Tabure Thabo Bogopa Junior is the real name of the South African. 


but he is popularly known by his stage name J.R…


J.R was born in the year 1987 and has since pursued a career in music. 


and his career has been remarkable, so much so that this list of Forbes top 10 richest south African musicians won’t be complete if his name is not in it. 


How Did His Career Start


J.R rise to fame began when he released his debut studio album the Main Event. 


and this was done under Electromode music. 


Renault SA quickly picked up his signature for an endorsement after a successful 2008 and 2009. 


He won the award for Best Hip Hop album in 2008 while his single Ga le Nna topped Metro FM and YFM charts for total of 6 weeks. 


J.R currently has some well-received album to his name.


Albums and songs


Here are some pretty cool albums 1987 born has released so far… 


  • The Main Event (2008)
  • Colourfull (2009)
  • Kool Forever (2012)
  • What a life (2017)
  • Love Me Now (2018)


What is J.R Source of Income


J.R is one of the Millenials on this list who has left his mark on SA music industry. 


Although his net worth may not be as fat as the likes of Yvonne chaka, he is however still one of the richest musicians in South Africa today. 


His major source of income stems from music. 


and as of when putting this piece together, he is worth 100,000 US dollars. 


Net Worth: $100,000


Wrapping Things Up 


I know I titled these top 50 richest musicians in South Africa but so far I have only been able to give you a top 20 list. 


The truth is I will continue to update this list over the course of years once I come up with more names. 


Now it is over to you! 


Who is your favorite on this list of the richest musicians in South Africa? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this list then please share it on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. 


If you want a more updated list like this then subscribe to the SMCE YouTube channel here. 


Thanks for reading and I will see you next time.



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