Top 50 Richest Musicians inThe UK
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Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 03:51 am

11. Robbie Williams 


Robbie Williams is a super-talented artist and member of the band Take that with a net worth of £264m ($300 million).


He has performed many hits with Take that but his solo career gave him a major break. “Angels” is his signature song which has broken many records. Following this track, Robbie gave many hits like “She’s the one” and “Millennium”.


After staying away from Taking that, Robbie rejoined the band for their Album Progress but later left again for his career.


Robbie has earned this fortune by selling millions of records and his albums are included among the best albums of all time. His 14 studio albums were number one on the UK charts.


This star is the winner of many accolades including Ivor Novello awards for his songwriting, MTV awards and Brit awards.


Robbie is a role model for the coming generations and he has made his mark as the richest musician in the UK. 


Instagram followers of Robbie are about 2.5 million.


12. Eric Clapton


This British singer-songwriter had a successful career in rock music and was graded as 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Eric has a net worth of about £264m ($300 million).


After becoming part of many bands finally Eric started his solo career in 1970.

His signature song “Layla” is considered the greatest rock song of all time. 


Then came the Grammy award-winning song “My Father’s Eyes”. Followed by 3 Grammy awards winners “Tears in heaven”, which is also hailed as 500 greatest songs of all time.


Eric is a superb representation of hard work and talent. All of his net worth is because of the sale of more than 100 million albums and as a best-selling artist in the world.


That is the reason he is in our top 50 richest musicians in the UK list in 2022.


On Instagram, he has 558K followers. 


13. Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart is an English musician and songwriter with more than a million albums sold worldwide.He has worked in the band Faces as a solo artist and earned a net worth of £264m ($300 million).


This artist has 10 number-one albums and 31 top-ten singles in the UK. His work includes “You wear it well”, “Maggie May”, “You are in my heart”, “All for Love” and many hot ballads which are still played on radio and tv.


Rod has received accolades for his work in the form of a Grammy and a Brit Award.

He has earned all the fortune by working hard on every project and giving his best.


Rod Stewart has Instagram followers of 1.2 million and that is why he is the richest musician in the UK.


14. Dhani Harrison


Dhani Harrison, well if you don’t know him he has a fortune of £220m ($275 million). Let me introduce him to you. He is the son of Olivia Harrison and George Harrison. He came into the limelight by assisting his father, a former The Beatles bandmate in recording his last album.


Dhani has created beautiful masterpieces like “All about waiting”, “Motorways”, “Downtown tigers” and the “Light under the door”.


Dhani won Grammy for best boxed and Best pop instrumental in “Marwa Blues” and a nomination for best musical score for the documentary


This artist has earned so much through his hard work and out-of-the-box thinking. So in my opinion a well-deserved place with Instagram followers of 181K.


15. Tim Rice


Tim Rice is an English lyricist and author who is well known for his collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber. His net worth is £193.6m ($250 million).


His success in earning hundreds of millions of dollars is due to his talent as a lyric writer and author. And that’s why he is considered one of the most successful celebrities and the top 50 richest musicians in the UK in 2023.


The most memorable works done by Tim are “Musicals of Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Evita”, “Festival” of the “Lion King” and many more. He has earned many nominations and awards including Oscars for “The Lion King” and “Aladdin” soundtracks.


His work is impressive and has many Instagram followers.


16. Ozzy Osbourne


John Micheal Ozzy is an English singer and songwriter and a reality tv star with a fortune worth £193.6m ($220 million). This superstar was the lead vocalist of heavy metal called Black Sabbath.


After 1979 Ozzy went on to have a solo career, and became successful and received multi-platinum certification for selling over 100 million albums becoming one of the 50 richest musicians in the UK.


The songs which Ozzy made memorably are “Shake your head”, “Bark at the moon”, “Close my eyes forever” and “I don’t wanna change the world”.


He earned much of his fortune from Ozzfest which became a big hit. Ozzy’s impressive and out-of-the-box work has won him Grammy awards and a Walk of fame too.


His Instagram following is about 5 million. And I wish him good luck in his future work.


17. Adele


Adele, a name that cannot be erased from the music industry. This lady has sold millions of albums worldwide and her net worth is about £193.6m ($220 million).


Adele gave us extraordinary hits in such a small time like “Rolling in the deep”, “Set fire to the Rain”, “Someone like you”, “Hello”, and The Academy Award-winning song “Skyfall”, the soundtrack of James Bond’s movie.


Her first album won her 6 Grammy awards and Brit awards. And the second continued the legacy winning her 5 Grammy awards. Adele is on our list of the most popular musicians in the world as well.


One of the best-selling artists winning over our hearts and her accomplishments in the music industry are unforgettable.


With Instagram followers of about 50.8 million, she is one of the richest female UK artists in 2023.


18. Ed Sheeran


Who doesn’t know of this young and talented singer who has earned fame and money and made millions? He belonged to a humble background but his talent has made him earn a fortune worth £176m ($200 million).


This British singer has given us songs like “Bad Habits”, “Shape of you”, “Perfect”, “The A team” and “Castle on the hill”. Shape of You from his list of songs is currently one of the most viewed music video on YouTube UK.


Ed has been the winner of many awards like Grammys, American and Brit Music Awards along with Billboard music awards for his extraordinary work.


Still going well in the charts, and fingers are crossed for more work from this great artist.


Ed has an Instagram following of about 40.7 million and he stays to be the richest artist in the UK in 2023.


19. Brian May


If you don’t recall who Brian is then we will take you down memory lane, he is the guitarist of the British rock band Queen. Brian May’s net worth is about £176m ($200 million).


Brian has written songs for Queen including “We will Rock you”, “I want it all” and “Who wants to live forever”. Thanks to the ongoing royalties from the Queen’s albums Brian’s earnings have remained consistent throughout.


Brian has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and has received a Lifetime Achievement award at the Grammy awards.


Brian’s work will always be remembered. His Instagram followers are 3.1 million.


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