Top 50 Best Vacation Destinations in Nigeria 2020

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Best places for vacation in Nigeria

If you are about going for a Vacation in Nigeria, here are some of the best of the best places for vacation in Nigeria to consider in your travel plan.

Top 50 Vacation spots in Nigeria

Many a time selecting cheap holiday destinations in Nigeria, can be a difficult task. 


Heck, you have that same difficulty that’s why you landed on in the first place right? 


but here is the great news


Making this choice and decision of the best places to take. yourself or family to in Nigeria doesn’t have to be tedious at all.


This is why I have made this list of top 50 Vacation spots in Nigeria you can journey to and have mad fun. without having to go through the headache of cracking your head.


This post will provide you insane value without even thinking you would have 3 to 4 places. from this list you wish to vacate whenever you plan on doing so. 


Once you are done reading this piece I am positive your problem must have been solved. 


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Why Don’t Nigerians Go on Vacation in Nigeria 


As a Nigerian, it’s not always easy for us to go on vacations. because it’s mostly not our way of life in this part of the world. 


The few that go on a vacation in Nigeria tend not to be satisfied with the places they visited. but it’s mostly due to poor locational choices. 


Other Nigerians love traveling outside the country during vacation period. 


Here is 7 common reasons Nigerians do not go on a vacation in Nigeria… 


  • Fear of security 


  • Poor locations 


  • Lower than average standard of living (poverty) 


  • Lack of formal education


  • The stress of having to travel from one state to another 


  • Poor infrastructures 


  • Bad roads 


but her citizens are trying to catch up with development of things of the Western world. 


Heck my dad said it best when he said; If you want to look for the country that loves copying everything. then that should be my beloved country Nigeria. 


Here is how he ended that statement…


“The sad thing though is Nigeria only copy the wrong things. and never the right ones which can make her a better nation.


He made this statement 16 years ago and now it’s 2020, I am here talking about a vacation in Nigeria, I still had to bring him up. 


My father loved looking for cheap vacation locations in Nigeria back in the 80s when he was still a sailor. 


My mom on the other get pissed off because he doesn’t want my dad taking us on such vacations. citing that we were too young for such things. 


I am glad though that my dad never listened to her complain. otherwise, I probably would be a very dull person by now. 

Vacation in Nigeria

Afternoon view of Abuja Millennium Park


I will continue this story as we go further down this post. but for now, let’s dive into the topic of vacation in Nigeria. 


so my first question to you is are you planning a trip to Nigeria? 


If that’s the case then I am positive you will find this blog post super helpful. because I will take my time to answer some questions you may have.


furthermore, I will provide you a gigantic list of some of the affordable vacation destinations in Nigeria. 


but I have a friend of mine that usually say this; nothing is cheap if you are paying for it. 


How true is that? 


Do leave me a comment if you agree with my friend… 


Is Nigeria Safe to Go To on Vacation 


If you stumble on this post chances are you have asked the question if Nigeria aka (Naija or 9ja) is safe. 


Well, the truth is I know you have probably heard a lot of stories of how we are monkeys. that live on trees and eat bananas right? 


It’s just like how we have been fed criminal lies that the US only thrive on war. as such when you see them trying to get into your economy don’t let them. 


much like these, that’s how you have also be led to believe some packaged lies sold to you as truth. 


I can tell you that we are not monkeys but a black race trying it’s best to survive in a world that’s fast developed. 


Yes we haven’t measured up despite having the resources to do so but we are not monkeys. as you may have been led to believe. 


The beauty of Naija spans ages and our diverse culture is one of the most beautiful things. that ever happened to my beloved country. 


Having said that, I will answer your question on if Nigeria is safe…


I can’t think of a more safer place than Nigeria but then again it depends on how deep you mean by safe. 

Best places for vacation in Nigeria

In a nutshell, it is very safe if you are coming for a vacation in Nigeria do not let anyone convince you otherwise. 


If you are doubting me, ask Cardi B, I am sure she had the fun of her life when she came to Nigeria. 


If you can’t resonate with that then ask Beyonce who on getting to Nigeria sang the Nigeria national anthem. 


What are the Best Places to Visit in Nigeria


What are the best places to visit in Nigeria; Nigeria has a lot of beautiful places you can go but here are my top 5 best Vacation spots in Nigeria… 


  • Obudu Ranch 


  • Abraka Beach 


  • National museum 


  • Badagry Beach


  • Marina resort 


Since that’s my best 5 vacation spots in Nigeria let’s look. at a more in-depth list so you can make informed decisions. 


but first I want to answer one challenging question for you and that is… 


How Much Does it Cost to Vacate in Nigeria


How much does it cost to vacate in Nigeria? Here is your answer: vacation in Nigeria can cost anywhere from $100 to $5000 dollars. but as the competition steepens, brands are forced to drop down their prices. 


Vacation packages in Nigeria vary depending on the destination you are going to. 


Vacation companies like Travelbeta to which David Adedeji Adeleke has an endorsement with are. one of the many brands in Nigeria that offer affordable prices for a vacation in Nigeria.


Here are some other brands in the country that also offer affordable vacation packages. 


  • Jumia 


  • Wakanow


with that out of the way let’s move on… 


On this list of top 50 vacation spot in Nigeria, I will start with from number 1 to 50. telling you why this places are unique. 


come on let’s drill down shall we? 


Top 10 Best Places For Vacation in Nigeria 


I remember my university days when as a group of friends, we decided to go for a vacation together. 


The question my friend asked me was where to go for vacation in Nigeria? 


so I will start my top 10 list of Family vacation spot in Nigeria with some of the places I have been to… 


Here is the complete list…


  • Abraka Beach 


  • Ikeja Shopping Mall 


  • Yankari Game Reserve 


  • Idanre Hills


  • Owu Water Fall 


  • Palm Shopping Mall 


  • Lekki Leisure Lake 


  • Marina Resort Calabar 




  • Obafemi Awolowo University 


Now let’s touch on each of these and what makes them so special to my heart. 


1. Abraka Beach in Delta State (Cost Less Than $250)


In my opinion Abraka beach precisely McCarthy Beach. is one of the cheapest vacations I have ever been to in my life.


but don’t take my word for it until you listen to my own life experience there. 


In 2015 after graduating from school, I and my brothers/friends. decided that we are going to take our girlfriends out on vacation.

Vacation in Nigeria 2020

so Austin my brother with the feminine voice did a quick search on Google for an affordable vacation spot in Delta. 


After accessing the first-page result, he stumble upon Abraka beach. 


He then came to me telling me he now has a place where he thinks we can go for this vacation. 


Initially, my thoughts were that it wasn’t going to be nice because I have painted this perfect picture of Lagos. 


Spoiler: I really wanted us to go to Lagos! 


Low and behold when we got to Abraka beach, it was beyond my expectations. 


People from all walks of life came, you could see the beauty of nature in display. 


The water was just so fine that on getting inside. every single one of us quickly changed and jump in inside the water. 


I had a lot of fun because I and my friend made sure we planned some crazy activities. 


One of such crazy activity was 


  • carrying your spouse across the finishing line 


  • Tell your lover how much you love him or her while in the water 


  • Wrestling 


and so much more! 




  • Nice place if you are on a low budget especially for students




  • Too far from the road 


  • Hotel reservation is far from the location say about 20 minutes drive


If you are looking to for a cheap vacation spot in Nigeria, I would recommend you try out Abraka beach. 


I really had a good time there! 


2. Ikeja Shopping Mall in Lagos State 


You probably have heard a lot of good things about Lagos right? 


Lagos to the outside world is the home of entertainment in Nigeria.


More so, places like Victoria Island, Banana Island, Lekki Phase 1 & 2, the currently ongoing construction of the Eko Atlantic City. has further caused people from all over Africa to fall in love with this place. 


and if you are looking for one cozy lovely place in the city to go to, then I will strongly suggest to you. visit the Lagos Ikeja city mall. 


There is so much life if you are like myself that’s visited this place on more than one occasion 


Ikeja City mall spans over 15,000 sqm and it houses more than enough stores to get you everything you want. from shopping clothes to buying quality human hair for the ladies. 


Here are some of the things you can do at the Ikeja city mall… 


  • Watch movies in Silverbird Cinema


  • The shopping mall has over 150 stores from which you definitely have to choose from if you are into gadgets


  • You can eat all delicious meals of any kind but I fancy more the African dishes


  • Do you love skating? Well that’s more like a bonus in the shopping mall because you skate for fun here too


I will be looking to treat Ikeja City mall as a topic of it’s own, this way I will be sure to fill in. every tiny detail I have failed to add here. 




  • It’s close to the road 


  • Hotels are very nearby 




  • Outrageous charges whenever you pack a car


3. Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State 


Northeastern Nigeria is very fortunate to have this beautiful site. I mean this reserve was founded in 1991 in Bauchi and up till date it’s still running smoothly. 


I come from the school of thought that Nigerians do not have a good maintenance culture. but the Yankari Game reserve in Bauchi did change my belief system. 


Honestly, if you have ever thought vacation then Yankari game reserve. is one of many vacation destinations in Nigeria you definitely should consider.


I mean the 2,250 km² is house for wildlife of over 50 species. 


The natural spring waters bring the feel of relaxing in the entirety of Space itself.


If you love swimming then I am positive the Wikki river is a natural habit for you feel that gentle calm. of the soul as you expel the worries that comes with each day. 


I have only seen an Elephant once in my life thanks to the Yankari game reserve. 


I mean I have seen lots of those in movies but not in the real-life scene. I was speechless because up close, those mammals are gigantic. 


Yankari also has nice comforting accommodation amongst outdoors and indoor sport facilities. 


You definitely should check it out because it’s magnificent. because nothing beats that beauty in all. my travels within Nigeria as a Nigerian. 


4. Idanre Hills in Ondo State 


Idanre town is housed in the beautiful land of Ondo state where transportation and foodstuff is very cheap. 


Another wonderful site of nature’s wisdom in crafting wonders is the Idanre hills. 


My o my, I tell you this Idanre hills is one of the beautiful places for vacation in Nigeria with zero doubt. 


I remember sometime in 2012 when I made the journey to Ondo state to see my very good friend Gift. 


One of the places she took me to was Idanre hills and I marveled at the site precisely because. I can’t even begin to imagine how nature put that together and made it such a sight to behold. 


It took us about 640 steps to get to the top and by the wayside is 6 resting huts to ease your journey to the hilltop. 


Lo and the behold the site was truly wonderful as the green vegetation come with a lovely breeze to calm nerves. 

Top 10 vacation spots in Nigeria

Oh did I tell you about Arun rivers, while at the top of the mountain, the view of Arun river gives that congenial. atmosphere to commune with nature. 


5. Owu Water Fall in Kwara State 


Located in eastern Kwara State Owu waters is one of the most prestigious places for fun lovers and nature seekers to visit in Naija. 


The endless beauty will definitely throw you into that atmosphere where you can only think positively. 


The first time I have ever been to this place is in the year 2014. I and my group of friends needed another vacation badly. 


and we put our heads together, came up with the idea of visiting the highest waterfall in West Africa. and this decision led us to Owu waterfall. 


Such a magnificent splendor capped in nature’s beauty that warms the earth with many emotions. 


Owu waterfalls from 331 feet hitting the rocky landscapes before forming a pool of ice-cold water. 


My advice if you are coming to this place then you need to bring a very good camera to capture the moment. 


You should also bring some good swimming suit just so you can test if I told you the truth or not. of the Owu waters being ice cold. 


Another reason I love this location for a vacation in Nigeria. is simply because it has affordable, cozy hotels and you can get a good one for prices below $35 dollars. 


As a matter of fact, I and my friends paid $25 dollars for one of the hotels there and I have to tell you it was so quality. that my friends said they are never going back Delta State ever again. 


6. Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos State 


This is another beautiful location you definitely want to consider so long you are planning a fun vacation. 


but if you want to enjoy your this vacation then it’s a must for you to plan it in between the month of September to April. 


These periods in the country are usually the times when you have lesser rainfall. 


You and I both know that rain disturb some outdoor recreation activities.


Did I forget to mention this interesting part, did you know that each of some of the activities you could enjoy. here at Lekki leisure Lake does not even cost up to $20? 


That’s crazy right? You could jet ski, quad biking on your vacation to Lekki Leisure Lake. 


but wait that’s not all! 


You can take a ride in the lake and if you are very comfortable with it even try crossing those rope bridges. 


Overall this place is very good for fun day out, family vacation. heck if you are an adventure seeker then you should check it out. 


because it’s one of the best outdoor destinations for the above activities I just talked about. 


Oh do you love foods? because there is plenty of varieties for you to make a quick choice that should blow your mind. 


I advise trying their jeloff rice it’s super amazing at least the last time I tested it.


7. The Palm Shopping Mall in Lagos 


The Palm shopping mall is another beautiful place for a wonderful family outing. 


The cinematic activities here attract people from every walks of life and it’s a busy state. is enough to increase the level of your energy state (positive energy). 


but you should visit the cinema during the times when these movie tickets are cheaper. and that’s between Monday to Thursday. 


The weekend are usually crowded and attracts a higher ticker price when compared to Mondays and Thursdays. 


but come on you sure are not thinking that it’s only cinema you can enjoy here. 


I mean this shopping mall boost more than 45 stores that sells good that are of international standards. 


That’s to tell you that whatever you buy here are classic, affordable and durable. 


If you are going to this vacation in Nigeria with your kids then The palm shopping mall is a good place for entertainment. 


There are different gaming activities guaranteed to keep your kids not wanting to leave. 


but my advice try visiting it during the Xmas season. you do definitely be thrilled at the beauty it holds because the shopping experience you will get is second to none.


8. Marina Resort in Calabar 


Okay, this resort is definitely one of my favorite for going down an awakening of the mind. because of the so much you can learn whilst vacate here. 


Calabar Marina resort was built in 2007 solely for the purpose of making the people of the state embrace tourism. 


Having built this place with tourism in mind, you can say it’s auto visual slave trade museum is a must-see. It’s a house full of relics from the ancient times of slave trading. 


If you want to learn about Slave Trade then you have to see this place and the well of information it holds. 


The fact that I literally rode on a circus horse made my day, because that’s actually my first time doing that. 

Top 30 best vacation places in Nigeria

I love the fact that this is a place for fun lovers, tourists, and historians because after a day of so many thoughts. the view by the ocean is enough to wear off all your worries. 


Did you know that the outdoor bar, live band and boat rides along the Calabar creeks is one. of life-changing moments in this vacation spot? 


Heck if you are the type that loves movies, Marina resort in Calabar is a house for some of you. that love to watch movies in the company of several unknown others. 


It has lounges, restaurants that serve delicacies of all types which I guarantee you should love.


the fact this is a post on the top 50 vacation spots in Nigeria, I won’t go more than this. but do keep an eye out for a post on Calabar Marina resort. 


I will look to treat is as a different topic in its entirety. 


but my advice, when you are coming here do bring quality cameras to capture moments that will etch in memory. 


Also, a swimming gear is a must because you want to feel that freshness of the ocean breeze. 


9. CERCOPAN Resort in Calabar 


Cercopan resort in calabar is a beautiful place to also go for a vacation especially if you want to. see some of those endangered species of animals that are almost extinct. 


It was built in the year 1967 about 42 years ago, it’s a home for the rare blue bottom monkey on earth. 


You know how you and I have this thought that monkeys have different species but haven’t actually seen. one in the real world, well this place changes that believe. 


because right at the heart of Cercopan resort are rare monkeys and apes that will leave you baffled. 


Plus the fact that you can learn more about environmental conservation is definitely a plus. 


but while coming make sure to come with a cash, a beautiful camera for sightseeing. 


After all gone are the days when we can’t document anything, these days thanks to Android. and iPhones it’s becoming super easy to capture a great moment of fun. 


10. Obafemi Awolowo University in Osun State 


While most people don’t agree with this place being a vacation destination, I beg to differ in this school of thought. 


This is because Obafemi Awolowo is one of the pioneers of the modern day Nigeria and having. this University named after this great Nigerian is often a spectacle of how amazing he was. 


Okay let me dive a little deep now right? 


Obafemi Awolowo University is located in the ancient city of Ile Ife. if you don’t know where this is then you definitely want to read this article. 


It’s definitely a place in Nigeria you should know because it has some amazing history that predates man. 


After all its called ancient for a reason right? 


It was founded in 1961 but then it was popularly known as University of Ile Ife but in 1967. it was renamed after Obafemi Awolowo as the Obafemi Awolowo University. 


In 1992, this University was voted as best 25 estate of all categories. 


It’s architectural masterpiece is one of the reasons I consider it a vacation spot. 


Okay what about the history museum? 


It’s house to Nigeria history so if you are seeking a place for knowledge about Nigeria. I am positive Obafemi Awolowo national history museum holds a river full of knowledge. 


It may not sound as fun for lovers, but for tourists, I am definitely sure this will be a knowledge ball for them. 


This list concluded my top ten vacation places in Nigeria, now let’s move on to the top 20 vacation location in Nigeria shall we? 


Top 20 Vacation Spots in Nigeria 


I know you are still dying to get more ice on the cake, and I am more ready to give it to you to your full. 


Having said that from the previous list, here is my top 20 best vacation spots in Nigeria. 


Best of all I will list each one below and touch on every aspect of the places I have listed below. 


  • Elegushi Beach


  • Nike Lake


  • Tinapa Business Resort 


  • Obudu Cattle Ranch 


  • Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort


  • Abeokuta Tourist Center (Olumo Rock) 


  • Oguta Lake Holiday Complex 


  • Benin City National Museum 


  • Jos Wildlife Park 


  • Millennium Park


11. Elegushi Beach in Lagos State 


There are lots of beach vacation location in Nigeria but one of my most preferred is the Elegushi beach. 


It is Owned by Elegushi royal families as a private place for weekend getaways and fun spots. 


The fact that Elegushi is one of the most popular beach in Lagos tells it’s story in full. 


The last time I had to visit this place I went with my girlfriend and his younger brother. 


We had to go during the weekend days because she loves a beach filled with people. in her words that’s how she gets the fun. 


Elegushi is usually a fun place for family outing, it’s night presence bolster a night club, barbecues and more. 


but if you are the type that love serenity, then I advice you visit during the week days because. that’s the only days it won’t be crowdy. 


Plus if you want to vacate here make sure it’s between October to February. because as from April to September, there is usually a very high amount of rain fall. 


Elegushi beach is among my list of some of the cheapest vacation destination in Nigeria. 


because from the gate fee to the hotels around is really affordable. so much so that you don’t have to break the bank. 


If you want to experience magic then wait till night fall to watch the beautiful sun set, I tell you it’s a wonder in itself. 


Enough to get even the coldest of heart to feel love, compassionate and a sense of duty to mother nature. 


12. Nike Lake in Enugu State 


If you are lovers of fun and seek tranquility, then I would suggest you visit Nike Lake resort in Enugu state. 


I in particular love the outdoor pool because it provides me that atmosphere to commune with nature. 


When I soak myself under, i feel like all my worries have been taken away from me. 


I feel safe and guided resistant of every thoughts in my head that’s not positive. 


Here is the best part! 


While it doesn’t bolster much activities, I find the restaurant to be quite a wonderful location. because of the local and international dishes served here. 


and if you think of a luxurious room, their presidential suit is a much try. because it has free WiFi, good security and an uninterrupted power supply. 


If you need to get far away and feel that quietude you need to think while on a vacation, Nike Lake is a good place. 


13. Tinapa Business and Leisure resort in Calabar 


Fusing business and leisure together is all the more reason this is one of my loved on this list. 


It takes creativity to fuse fun and business together, after all, all work no play makes jack a dull boy. 


Tinapa is home for amusement and entertainment. because for someone like myself that loves surfing on water, I greatly love it. 


Calabar is known for her beauty and what more beauty could you ask for. when you have Tinapa cited in a beautiful atmosphere close to Calabar river. 


I like how call it a little country of everything. this should give you the picture of where you are about vacating in. 


Tinapa business resort was built by the ex governor of Cross River state Donald Duke. 


His goal was to boost the economy of the country through tourism. could we say such possible was achieved? 


The answer to that is a big fat yes, it was achieved, because you could either watch the Artificial Lake. or go to fishermen Wharf to witness serenity in its highest beauty. 


It’s over 40 retail outlets for shopping makes it stress free to get anything you want while on vacation. 


You are guaranteed to love this place first sight honestly and it’s not to sweet talk you. 



14. Obudu Cattle Ranch in Calabar 


Obudu ranch over the years has grown to become one of the most visited vacation places in Nigeria. 


Reasons being that it’s a splendor the eyes can’t afford to not behold. 


The altitude provides that wonderful view for you to feel the freshness of mother nature. 


My friend visited this place sometime in 2019 and his review made me want to check it out when. next am to pick a vacation spot in the country. 


My consideration are that when visiting this place I would go with my family. because according to my good friend Tega, it makes for a wonderful family vacation spot. 


One of the things you definitely should try out according to my friend again is the gigantic canopy walk. 


It stands 70m above the forest and provides a wonderful sightseeing experience. 


It has water park with water slides, and between October and February, you can witness firsthand the blossoming of fine flowers. 


The warm and cold temperature makes up another magical experience for bon fire nights. 


but as someone that loves animals, I am looking to try out the horse riding part. 


The hotel resorts here are quite expensive starting between $55 to $200.


but other than this, it’s a very beautiful place that houses a lot of fun. 


15. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort in Ekiti State 


Okay to be honest one of the reasons I fancy this place is because of the fact that it offers kids. below age 13 free accommodation with parent and guidian.


but another magical thing you should find here is the natural wonder of a warm water spring and cold water. moving side by side with each other. 


I also love the recreational facilities this resort in Ekiti state has and lest I forget. I witness first hand where this two waters met. 


and I have to say nothing can nearly as beautiful in my own eyes and in the moment. 


Power has always been an issue in Nigeria but here I am tempted to say, Ikogosi warm spring resort has an interrupted power supply. 


But the rooms are very expensive too. because it starts anywhere from $60 to 




16. Abeokuta Tourist Center (Olumo Rock) in Ogun State 


When I was a kid, I use to hear so much about the Olumo rock which is a very beautiful sight to behold. 


Then I grew so fast that it was one of the places in Nigeria I wished to go to without a doubt. 


Today I have actualize that dream and setting another dream to climb to the peak of Zuma rock. 


Olumo rock which means the trouble and suffering are over according to our tour guide. is a 137 meter above sea level. 


This makes it a lot easier to climb when compared to the Zuma rock which is about 725 meter above sea level. 


Our tour guide told us beautiful stories and with every curve on the rock was a story attached to it. 


In my own opinion I would advice you not to take the elevator route. but rather take the man made steps on the rock. 


This provides a beautiful rock climbing experience which you can tell stories about.


but should you prefer the elevator to which its going to cost you some money, you could also catch. a beautiful view of the first church of Nigeria amidst other breath taking sights.


17. Oguta Lake Holiday Complex in Imo State 


Okay I don’t know about you but if I want to go for a beautiful vacation in Nigeria. and experience that boat cruise which will make me feel like am somewhere between the 7 wonders of the world, then I definitely would want to come to imo state. 


It’s golf course is of international standard, makes for a beautiful sight alongside. 


and if you are coming down with your kids, it’s children recreational Park will make do for all the fun in the world. 


but for you an adult, the Oguta and Urashi river makes for a beautiful sightseeing. 


Oguta Lake holiday complex is a beautiful place for tourist, adventurers and fun seekers. 


It was built in 1960 specifically to give the colonial masters that touch of homelike feeling. Did you know this lake is the second largest Lake in the country? 


If you didn’t know, at least now you do right? 


Accommodations here is very affordable, as a matter of fact it’s one of the first vacation spots in Naija that. I feel cost less than every other on the list I have been writing about. 


As a matter of fact it starts at a very low $15 to $55.


If you decide to come here I am certain you will love the blue waters that are none salty. 


18. Benin City National Museum in Edo State 


If you are looking for a vacation destination in Nigeria, why not consider the city of Benin. 


I mean the Benin City National Museum in Edo State is a wonderful place to learn about the popular Benin empire. 


It was built in 1973 and it’s a place for everyone on earth should you wish to gain more knowledge. about Benin and it’s great empire. 


I like this museum because I get to see some amazing ancient artifacts and the terracotta. 


Heck for historians, you will find the cast iron and bronze figure a particularly intriquing sight. 



19. Jos Wildlife Park in Plateau State 


The closeness to nature of the Jos Wildlife Park is one of the reasons people come for far and wide to see. all this beautiful animals housed in this wildlife Park. 


Here is a fun fact: did you know this park is man made? 


Which means everything made and built into it was made by man and not nature. 


Despite this, everyone still wants to see how beautiful and magnificent it looks. 


You should come here with a camera because you need to catch some moment on your camera. 


One of the moment I caught while visiting is when two Elephant were running and I caught that in slow MO. 


It was beautiful but it’s just the elephants, this is where I saw a life lion for the first time. 


It was built in the 1957 and it’s house to several wildlife animals like Hippos, crocodile, birds and more. 


The restaurants here serve delicious meals but am afraid if continental dishes are your thing then. am afraid you will have to look for somewhere you want to go for a vacation in Nigeria.


One more thing, the wildlife museum here can provide a learning curve for your kids why on holidays. . 


20. Millennium Park in Abuja 


If you really want to feel the view of Abuja Millennium park then get an helicopter view. 


Don’t get me rock, without an helicopter, it’s a magnificent place. I prefer the helicopter view because it’s much more scenery in my opinion. 


If you get in, you could see a very thin water running through the center of the park. 


and the fact that it’s divided into two parts is just wonderful. this is so that it could make for a garden and a museum. 


The scientific museum is a place to learn more about your environment and how it can be made to blossom. 


There are some persons that loves to travel with dogs and other pets, well if that’s you then. it’s news flash the walkway here is just good to do this without breaking a sweat. 


As for the garden  section here, it was made of an Italian style for bird watching. 


If it’s your dream to be free, the fresh breeze during the evening caresses your cheek and takes. you a step closer to the heavens gate. 


You could say that Manfred Nicolletti had the perfect thought in mind when he designed the architectural plan. for millennium Park which is one of the most visited Park in the state. 


Top 30 Vacation Spot in Nigeria 


Thankfully you and I just concluded the list of the top 20 vacational location in the country. 


come on now! 


Let’s look at the top 30 vacation spots in Nigeria now shall we? 


  • Pandam Game Reserve 


  • Abraka Turf and Country Club 


  • National War Museum Umuahia


  • Wonder Amusement Park and Resort 


  • IITA Ibadan Forest 


  • Nike Art Gallery 


  • Tarkwa Bay 


  • Calabar Museum 


  • Erin Ijesha Waterfall


  • Jhalobia Recreational Park and Gardens


21. Pandam Game Reserve in Benue State  


Padam game reserve was establish in 1972 but it went operational in the year 1975 in Benue. 


Tourist call it a natural habitat for animals such as antelope, warthdogs and more. and the beautiful ever green vegetations makes for a good sightseeing.


Best of all, all this untouched savanna, and wetland provides that closure you need.


So my question is have you ever thought of an affordable family vacation destinations in Nigeria? 


If you have then trust me, you definitely want to check out Padam game reserve. 


Hotels near this place starts from an all time low of $20 to $50. making it another one of my affordable vacation destination spots in Nigeria. 


Finally it’s not just the savanna you can watch, you would appreciate the. view of monkeys jumping from tree to trees. 


and the hippos, rare African manatees in Lake Padam makes for an additional beautiful experience. 


Traveling and vacation are just fun for me! 


God! I just love that feeling of being able to get in touch with nature and it’s beauty. 


22. Abraka Turf and Country Club in Delta State 


Abraka turf and country club is a private country club popularly known in the state. for its beautiful and amazing vegetations. 


No doubt this sight will give you some chills, just ask my friend Linus Iyagi who has been there. 


Here is how he described it! 


” this place is just magical because I literally could watch the sunset from my room”


You see the sunset here, it’s just magnificently jaw dropping. I mean if you are a fun seeker and just want to watch a beautiful sunset with your lover, this is the place. 


I have never seen anything like it in my life, and the fact that you could ride on a horse back while doing this. is more than you could have ever hoped or asked for. 


Okay did I tell you about its luxurious suits? I bet I didn’t but one word for it will be the deal breaker. 


It’s comforting and remember the sunset I spoke about, you can literally watch it from the windows of your bed room. 


If you are hungry then the beautiful restaurants will definitely give you a belly full with its local dishes. 


Here are more fun things you can do here! 


  • Canoeing 


  • Quad biking 


  • Swimming


  • Rainforest walk 


23. National War Museum in Abia


Establish in 1985


The National war museum in Umuahia is one of the place in the country housing both modern and traditional warfares. 


It was establish in the year 1985 15 years after Nigeria civil war ended. 


You probably have not heard about the civil war also known as biafra Nigeria civil war. 


When my father told me the story as a boy, I didn’t know what it was like. but I knew I never wanted such blood bath in my own time. 


This museum was established as a symbol of peace after the war ended. 


So if it’s your wish to learn about what led to the politically driven war and how it all started and ended. then rather than reading it from Google. take your time go for a vacation here and find all there is to know. 


24.Wonderland Amusement Park and Resort in Abuja 


After millennium Park in Abuja, the Wonderland amusement park is another beautiful place you should see. before leaving the federal capital of Nigeria. 


It makes for a wonderful relaxation point when you want to clear your head. 


It was founded in 2007 in the celebration of March 1st. and today, this amusement park is the biggest and most equipped in the capital of Nigeria. 


There are lots of things you could do here, but my fun activities here are the roller coaster ride. 


I like the screaming and the beauty of being a kid again. 




Yeah I missed being a kid because then I felt like I am free to do whatever I want and not have to worry. about the consequences as there is someone tasked to do that (mother and father). 


Wonderland is also a very nice spot for family vacation because you and the kids have so much to enjoy. 


Kids loves games and this park has lots of games for your kids to have a wonderful time. 


I love a good dish and if you vacate here, the available restaurant will make sure you are served. whatever dish that you want. 


25. IITA Ibadan Forest in Oyo State 


Yeah I know if you want to go on a vacation here people will advice you to see Shopprite right? 


Yeah I will too but one nice place I would want you to see is the IITA forest in Ibadan. 


I mean if you love nature and you are a big tourist then this place is a must see. 


The natural garden is so beautiful that every breath you take is filled with amazing fragrance. 


I love to take a tour of this place because the forest is so nice. 


but it’s most famous for watching rare species of birds as they flock together. 


The scenery is like those you watch in the American movies where everything is just perfect. 


Professionals and student alike come here to learn more about agricultural research. 


Hotels here are just cheaper than you could ever expect but it totally depends on your choice. 


Overall you should check it out, I know you will love it mostly for its bird watching. 


26. Nike  Art Gallery in Lagos State 


It’s one of the best places that’s preserved ancient Nigeria work of art. 


Okay I have heard beautiful stories about this place in Lagos but I haven’t actually being there. 


but I had to include this one because of the story behind it you know. 


It’s said to be one of the best places in the country to have preserved the best work of art. 


and what makes it more interesting is the fact that it’s all the work of just one woman who. is so much in love with the work of art. 


As a matter of fact she built this place into the monument it is today by picking girls from the street. 


Homeless children, picked them and gave them a purpose. 


The work of art in display are so beautiful that immediately you could decern that sense of connectivity. in deciphering some of the meaning coded into the arts. 


It was Established in 2009 by Chief Mrs Oyenike Monica Okundaya aka Nike. The view from outside tell a magnificent story of how art can be used to interpret emotions. 


Accommodations here may be pricey but it’s totally dependent on the quality of accommodation you need. 


27. Tarkwa Bay in Lagos State 


It’s a sheltered breach located near the Lagos Harbour. 


Tarkwa Bay in Lagos island is a sheltered Bay and one that’s more calm than some of the the beaches in Lagos. 


As such it’s a place to get away from the world and enjoy quietude. 


The fact that it’s situated outside most activate areas in the state makes for an even better experience. 


You get to it on a boat but I will advice to go during the dry season because the rainy season. can be a recipe for disaster if you consider the fact that seas are usually rough this times. 


As you journey to the island, you are going to enjoy some wonderful views such as the Lagos yatch club amidst others. 


Water Sport enthusiasts and swimmers are usually the ones that come here for tourism. and the fact that you can surf the waters is even another amazing thing. 


While here you can enjoy so many games both for kids and adults. 


and finally if you are tired and hungry, there is restaurants where you can eat and drink. 


28. Calabar Museum 


Built in 1959 by colonial masters as home to the relics of slave trade including names of people that aided it. 


Slave trade has been completely abolished but the calabar museum makes for a wonderful vacation spot to learn more about the origin of slave trade in Africa. 


This is because the museum tells the story of all those that aided the trade. and some of the currencies used in the buying and selling of slaves. 


More memorable is the fact that its cited in the 15th century slave trade warehouse. 


History has it that more than 900,000 slaves from African were sold here. 


It must have been a terrible time but I am grateful such times are long passed us now. 


So if you love a bit of history then definitely check out this vacation spot in calabar.


29. Erin Ijesha Waterfall Resort in Osun State


There are different stories on the founder of the Erin Ijesha waterfall but the most notable one. is the story of the founder being the daughter of Oduduwa. 


If you don’t know who Oduduwa is, then you can read about the Yoruba origin of the earth here. 


Erin Ijesha waterfall has seven levels before you can reach the top. and right at the top is the village of Abake. 


You are probably wondering if there are still people that lives in such places. and the answer is yes there are still people that walk naked in some the world. 


They don’t know civilization yet, and are still like Adam and Eve the first man and woman. 


This is a wonderful tourist attraction in the oriade local government and it was founded in 1140 AD. 


It is believe that the waterfall has some sought of healing power and as such people come from far. and wide to drink from it to be be healed of whatever problem they came with. 


Climbing the seven 7 tier of this waterfall is an unforgettable experience. and I definitely am going to tell my kids of the experience that I had. 


If you coming to this place then do come with some changing clothes, a camera to catch some beautiful moment. 


Plus I almost forgot, accommodations here are so cheap starting from as low as $10 to $150.


30.Jhalobia Recreational Park and Gardens in Lagos 


Built in 1998 to ensure that people have good outdoor experience. While connecting with nature 


Jhalobia recreational garden was founded in the year 1998 with the thought of people in mind. 


It was created to give you that feel that draws you closer to nature. 


Amidst many of the places I have been to, I find this one simple yet profound. 


Some activities you can carry out here include riding on horse back, connecting with mother earth. 


but do come with a camera because the scenery provides you the atmosphere needed for positive thinking. 


The reason I love this place is the way it’s marked by using tropical plants to stylishly create beauty. 


You can say this is where man had the guts to match nature in the art of creativity.  




There is all there is for you to know about the place you can go to should you be considering a vacation in Nigeria. 


but don’t worry I will continue to update this list as I find more wonderful and awesome places. 


For now this is my best top 50 vacation spot in Nigeria. 


You should check this places out and let me know what you think about it. 


Over to you now! 


Which of this 50 places will you try first? leave a comment below and I will be sure to follow up. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you between if you like this post then please share on Facebook now.