This is Wickedness: Traders Wishes to Kill Inhabitants of Delta State Amid Corona Virus Outbreak

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Do Traders Wish to Kill Inhabitants of Nigerian Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

 Do traders wish to kill the inhabitant of Delta State with inflation of foodstuff due to Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, why are Nigerians this wicked?

Do Traders Wish to Kill Inhabitants of Nigerian Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

I usually don’t write about issues such as this but it has come to my attention that traders in. Delta state are inflating the price of foodstuffs. 


So in this article, you will be able to learn about what increases in the price of foodstuff. due to panic buying can do to Nigerian citizens during this crisis.


I woke up early this morning and I got a call on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment contact number. 


I picked and I heard a male voice say hello, is this the founder of SMCE? 


I said yes, he then told me, I love the layout of your site but I realize you do not write on more things happening during this Corona Virus outbreak. 


I told him my team handles this section and I focus on the more important part of the site. to serve our visitors and give them a better user experience. 


He told me I know you are from Delta State which. is why I am contacting you about this ongoing inflation in the state.

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He got my attention immediately and we spoke for about 30 minutes on the phone and then he ended the call. 


Mr. Omonigho is his name and he is the reason I decided to make this post because of his bravery to speak out on things such as this… 


In other to confirm his story before writing, I decided to leave my house and pretend that I wanted to buy GARRI (Cassava Flakes). 


I quickly put on my things and I went out. 


I got to a random store by the road and I told the woman selling that I want to buy GARRI in Pidgin English! 

Here is what the Pidgin English looks like… 


I wan buy Garri, na how much? 


He responded with Pidgin English saying… 


Basket of GARRI na 1500 Naira!


I told her thank you but that I can’t afford GARRI for such an outrageous price. 


So in a bid to find more than one place where there can be a price difference. so that I can be sure this confirms Mr. Omonigho’s theory, I went to 3 more stores. 


Here is the price I got from those other stores… 


  • N1600


  • N1500


  • N2000


At this point, I had gotten my confirmation before I decided to put pen to paper. 


but before I left the last store, I the woman that she is a very wicked woman for inflating the price of GARRI. which is one of the most consumed types of food for poor people in Nigeria. 

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Technically the rich eat GARRI because they have an option, but for the poor people of Delta State, GARRI might be the only option when they can’t afford rice or beans. 


As a result of this, it is always readily available in the homes of the poor and rich. 


Perhaps let me tell you a little story of how GARRI saved me and my kid brothers when we were much younger. 


You see, I grew up in EFFURUN in the early 1990s after coming from the village. 


My family, we weren’t poor back then, as a matter of fact, every kid in my area envied us because we had everything. 


We went to schools in cars, lived in an air-conditioned home, in fact, life was good. 


but then things turned really bad quickly when our father was pensioned and went blind. 


We could not feed, a cup of GARRI was even hard to get to eat. 


Thank God for my mother who was a very generous woman when we had, she could literally share her last cup of GARRI with you. 


and up to date, that’s how she continues to be! 


Due to her kindness to a lot of people she helped, the good measures came back to her. in the form of people now giving the same helping hands back to us. 

Hungry little children in africa

Now that was how we survived that trying times in our lives. 


We ate just once a day as young kids growing up and you know what that means. 


I also had this amazing friend Ogehenebredjo who did her best to assist me and my brothers the best way she knew how. 


and I know I owe her a lot!


It is with this pain I decided to write this article after Mr. Omonigho inspired the idea. 


Look, the truth is the government can’t help every single one of us and you need to wake up to that reality really fast. 


The government will do it’s best but there are just too many wicked and corrupt people in this country. 


People who would rather see you die of hunger and keep all the money to themselves. 


It’s appalling to the core! 


When Mr. Omonigho dropped the call I remember what it was like when I and my kid brothers couldn’t eat. and it was GARRI that kept us alive the longer period our woe lasted. 


So I am using this medium to beg traders, please do not inflate the price of GARRI, RICE, BEANS, in general foodstuff that the poor can afford. 


The rich do not have to worry about all of these things getting inflated, but think about the poor in the country. 


There are children, men, women that can’t even afford 1 cup of Garri that usually sells for N50. 


How would they survive if you are now selling GARRI for 1500? 


Their lives are important too just like yours! 


You and I can heal the world and make it a better place for everyone. 


All it takes is a little good act such as reducing the price of food.


I made this article because I wish to get through to you! 


This is a time when you and I should care for one another and not a time to consider making an excess profit at the expense of the poor. 


I just told you my story above, something I have never shared before, and I did it because. I was hoping you can understand that there is so much hunger in the country already. 


The poor can’t afford to start buying foodstuffs at such outrageous prices. 


You are businessmen and women but please, you may be killing someone already with hunger due to such crazy price tag.


If you as a trader, wholesaler or retailer continue to inflate the price of foodstuffs. then you are indirectly killing Nigerians with your greed and selfishness. 

Kids in Africa

Covid-19 is real and stop killing people already by increasing the price of food. which are the basic necessities for our survival as human beings. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and please share it on FACEBOOK. so that you and I can help keep our country safe from this virus that’s threatening our lives. 

Do Traders Wish to Kill Inhabitants of Nigerian Due to Covid-19 Pandemic
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Do Traders Wish to Kill Inhabitants of Nigerian Due to Covid-19 Pandemic
Do traders wish to kill the inhabitant of Delta State with inflation of foodstuff due to Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, why are Nigerians this wicked?
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