Usher Hustlers Cameo appearance(Twitter Melts Down)

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Usher Hustlers Cameo Appearance

Okay Usher Hustlers cameo appearance is enough to drive you nuts especially if you haven’t seen the movie. one of my favorite scenes is Jlo’s acrobatics.

Usher Hustlers Cameo Appearance

User Raymond

Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez was released on September 13th 2019 and it is already doing some numbers. 

Plus it’s freaking usher I can’t even remember when last I saw this guy do a cameo appearance. 

But hey if it isn’t Lorene Scafaria with the trick strong arm enough to get Usher Hustler Cameo appearance. who else is it going to be then right? 

But let’s be real a little, I know you follow lots of this celebs on Twitter Instagram and heck even Facebook. 

But seriously I last played Usher’s make love in this club like 2011. imagine my surprise when I saw usher hustlers cameo appearance

I was freaking crazy like what the hell I mean how long has it been Ush? 

I didn’t even know I was talking to myself at this point, you could imagine the weird look from girlfriend. when she came in from the room and asked who are you talking to? 

That was the moment I realized that I was talking to myself. 

Twitter is raving crazy with Hustlers usher cameo appearance. one cute angel even went to say like “This is the best cameo appearance of the year. 

If the name Usher isn’t mighty enough to get you running to the theatre to watch this movie then. I honestly don’t know what would grab your attention. 

Immediately Usher steps into the club, Lizzo ran to the back room to announce that Usher is in the club. 

All the girls quickly ran out took to the stage and was dancing to Usher’s Love in this club. 

What a choice of song for a star studded movie like Hustlers

From wedding planner to date I could say J.Lo has been lit. Recall that she celebrated her 50th birthday about a month back right? 

I mean she doesn’t freaking age a damn day in life. I really need to meet Jenny and ask to give me some of those ageless stuffs she is taking. 

But wait there is more! 

Hustlers is a movie that centers on a strip club with strippers who know their way around rich men. 

I mean Tara a movie critic said it best when she quoted Chris Rock who said “fathers have one job to keep their daughters off the pole”. In Tara McNamara head this movie could make that job a lot tougher. 

Twitter has been full of praise for J. Lo performance who plays Ramona a stripper who earns a lot. more than any other chick in the club. 

Little did destiny know that crossing path with Ramona will ultimately change her life for good. 

Ramona quickly teaches Destiny how to get into the pocket of the wealthy elites that swing by the club.

But then we have the 2008 economic crisis threatening to cut down their earnings. this led to a the girls devising new plans to make a lot of money in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Here is a Trailer of Hustlers from Youtube: 

Plus if you are in Nigeria then, you can watch the movie in some of the popular Cinema’s like Genesis. 

Due to my location I prefer using shopprite because it’s closer to my house and I don’t. have to break the bank on transport. 

Here is the full details of Hustlers 

Movie name: Hustlers 

Released Date: September 13th 2019 

Director: Lorene Scafaria 

Budget: $20.7 million 

Producers: Jennifer Lopez, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay 

Production Companies: Gloria Sanchez Production, Nuyorican Production, Annapuma Pictures 

Here is some reactions from Twitter fans… 

best part of Hustlers (2019):

usher (played by usher) enters the strip club. lizzo bursts into the back room, announces that usher is in the club. all the girls come out, start dancing to usher’s “love in this club”. J.Lo asks usher what’s his name. usher says “it’s usher baby”

Zebay Blay & Mike Napples comment

There’s a shot in #Hustlers of JLo laying down luxuriously wearing a bikini and a floor-length fur coat, smoking a cigarette, that is the single greatest shot of all time PERIODT

really exceeded my expectations. Come for the JLo performance buzz you’ve read about, stay for Constance Wu and her coat, a stellar ensemble of women, and a great story!

Rebecca and Carols comment

My new aspiration in life is to have JLo wrap me in her fur coat and call me baby. #Hustlers

The #HustlersMovie made me realize I don’t know how to properly enter a room

I felt Cardi B could have been used more just like Lizzo but who cares, it’s just my opinion right? 

According to Scafaria said J.los connection in the music industry made things a lot easy. to bring in Usher who will be 41 years old by October. 

Further more Scafaria said I know Usher was going to have some reservations but thankfully. it was great because Usher agreed to do the movie. 

As for Usher he probably was a little bit worried he now looks older since the movie is scripted off. Jessica Pressler The Hustlers of Score. 

Which is a story that travels back in time 11 years. but if Jenny could look the way she does at 50 then, by all means, Usher would be looking like my lil brother. 

Rapping Things Up Now

Usher Hustler cameo appearance certainly got me hooked to this movie. but most certainly Jennifer Lopez screen time was just exceptional. 

It’s so exceptional that twitter fans are just crazy right now with much love for J. Lo. 

I mean this one guy said I almost asked Jlo to take my money not realizing that she already took my money. 


This will be all for now and if you are looking to watch Hustlers in Nigeria here is a couple of Cinema I recommend. 

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