War on Humanity: Be Prepared It’s Happening

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Ever wondered what is going on around the world? wonder how we have been betrayed for more than 100 years?


Well, this video should give you some perspective on who sold humanity and how we have been betrayed by the ones that are supposed to keep us safe.

You and I trusted them but they are against us because they fear we are too free and can think. They want total control of our WILL so they can break us, break our spirit, and break our LOVE.


but we are strong, we are mighty, we fight because our freedom is ours and nothing will take that away. Humanity must prevail but you and I have to first wake up to the deceit that has been put out there.

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It’s an attack on our WILL POWER, psychologically crafted to break us, but what they forgot is that amidst all the racial hate, wickedness, and man’s inhumanity to man that they have promoted, humanity has always prevailed.


They will pay and their crimes will see them punished in all manners.


The creator despite holding all the power in the world didn’t enslave us so who is a man that is trying to do that to us?

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