Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter is Crazy ($40,000)

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Wendy Williams husband kevin hunter

Last updated on December 10th, 2019 at 02:34 pm

Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter surprised everyone with a $40,000 Frank Muller Watch. He bought the diamond for his wife Wendy From Flawless Jewelry

Hello, guys, It’s Gee here at Shout Me Celebs and today I’ll cover everything you need to know. about Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter Diamond piece.

According to E! news Hunter has been allegedly cheating on his wife. Now, guys know that he hasn’t been caught yet.

Wendy Williams husband kevin hunter


Which means it may be true or it’s simply another fabrication like everything else. but if there’s anything we do know, it will be that the pair have been together for long.


Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter Fights for Her

In recent times, According to Page Six, here’s what the popular blog said “ Wendy Williams admitted to being addicted to alcohol and drugs”

Hunter took the decision to send his woman to a sober Facility in Queens. This is because the family was already getting worried.

Wendy Williams

The husband and wife have a home that’s worth more $900,000 Million in Livingston. and despite the rumors talking about their separation, Hunter is fighting for his wife.


How Long Has Wendy Williams been Married to Kelvin Hunter

Take a wild guess, will you? hopefully, you don’t need to crack your head. I have your answer for you.

The two have been married for 22 years now. but guess we have equally seen people way longer than that split right!

Kevin and Wendy have a son named Kevin Hunter Jr. He is 19 years of age and was born in the year 2000.

Well just in case you were wondering how old is Wendy Williams, son. The above should clarify and give you the answer you seek.

But wait that’s not all!

Guys Hunter may have cheated but with a $40,000 diamond Watch… MeMehnnn that’s something crazy right there.

I know you would say such money can be better spent on something better. But hey, if there is no precious Gift or just Gifts love isn’t loved.

Anyway, I do not want you to take my word for it. You can ask some of the great minds of love, marriage, and relationships.


Taylor Swift Net Worth 2019 Will Shock You

But hey I won’t bore you with the details!

Just try to read up John’s article on love and giving. In which he said “In order to focus on the expression of loving by “giving” that ranges beyond a specific occasion or material present, we need to ask what we might be able to give that would have value to our loved ones


Kevin Hunter Diamond Watch from Flawless Jewellery

According to 98pxy “ Hunter is a frequent customer of Eddie’s Flawless Jewellery and has been for years. He job cost $40,000.

As the transaction holds, a source told E news that Kevin Hunters buys his jewelry from Eddie. and from the look of things, you will agree this guy go way back.

But then again it is business right because Kevin wouldn’t have walked in there with no money. I don’t expect Eddie to sell despite how long they have been friends.

I needed to be honest with that because I mean that’s $40K we are talking about. That kind of money doesn’t grow on trees right.


So, why Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter is serious about his new project. The Hunter Foundation, he still has the recovery of his wife to worry about.

However, The organizer and Host of The Wendy Williams Show recently told her viewers. not to ask her about her marriage.

In her words, she said if you have been married for 5 minutes or 500 years, you know marriage has its ebbs and lows. I am not taking this ring off anytime soon.

Well, I really feel that is a very bold statement. The one thing I like though about Wendy is her positive vibes.

At 54 she’s still waxing stronger than ever and like it or not I think Kevin gets her. But let’s be realistic what is it with men and cheating?

You may use the comment box below to drop your thoughts on it. Because I just don’t get it you know.

Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson

This two have been the topic on social media recently. but mostly because of the rumors that Hudson has a baby.

Kevin and Sharina have refused to say a word about anything. In as much as the world is dying to get a word out of their mouth. The two is just silent.

Personally, I seem to think that in every lie there is an element of truth. Although this does not mean that Kevin really did cheat. But it’s also possible that that Watch he bought may also be because he really did cheat.

So, as a means to pacify his beloved wife, he got her that Watch. But hey, it’s just speculation and my time on earth has thought me anything is possible.

But before we go!

What is The Name of Wendy Williams parents

Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter is married to the daughter of Thomas Williams Sr and Shirley.

The Wendy Williams Family is made up of his brother Thomas Williams Jr and Sister Wanda Williams.

She uses to be a Radio Personality according to answers Media. Who said “ Wendy outspokenness. and No-nonsense attitude is what she has been known for in order to host her Talk Show.


The gift Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter got her raised eyebrows. Most especially on social platforms like Facebook.

Some even think he overspent on that jewelry. But if Wendy is known for anything more specific, it is that she loves good kinds of stuff.

So over to you guys!

Do you think he bought was outrageous and do you also think Kevin Hunter is cheating?

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