Who Is The King Of Afrobeat In Africa 2021

Afrobeat king in Africa
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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 12:59 pm

Who is the king of Afrobeat in Africa? this question has caused lots of commotion on social media so I hoping we can have a discussion too. without breaking each other’s heads.


I want you to know that when I say Afrobeat, I refer to the continent of Africa as a whole. 


The reason is that this is how the Western world have classified the genre despite you and me knowing that Africa has lots of genre of music. 


For example, there is Soukous, Bongo Flava, Highlife, Amanpiano, Afrobeats, etc. 


Since this is a discussion session, I ask this question because, during a conversation on Twitter, there was rage everywhere. 


I mean I couldn’t even make sense of it all because there were bullets flying To and Fro between fans of the biggest names on the continent. 

Afrobeat king in Nigeria

Right about now, you know that one of the most popular questions ask on Google is who is the biggest Afrobeat artist in Africa, right? 


Well, for so many, this question does not have one simple answer for the fact that there are lots of talented musicians in Africa. 


However, you and I can say that some of the top 50 most popular musicians in Africa would make this list, right? 


Stay with me for 4 minutes and I am positive you will see where I am going with this post. 

Bongo Flava King

You see, I recently published this article on the best artists on the continent of Africa based on consistency in over 2 decades. 


On that list, if you care to read the article, the likes of Fela, Lucky Dube, etc made the list. 


but I felt I was biased during and after compiling that beautiful list which is where you come in. 


Now I don’t want you to be biased because I understand that at some point we all have one favorite artist or the other right? 

Queen Of Afrobeat

So the criteria for picking the king of Afrobeat on the African continent for the past decade would be… 


  • Consistency 


  • Hits (very popular song across Africa) 


  • Awards 


  • Social media following 


So here is a quick question for you


who is the biggest Afrobeat artist on the continent of Africa over the past decade? 


Here are the list of artists to pick from who happen to also be some of the richest musicians in the continent


  • Burna Boy 


  • Wizkid 


  • Davido 


  • Sarkodie 


  • Diamond Platnumz 


  • Olamide 


  • Tiwa Savage 


Note: you can only pick one name from the above list and give your unbias reason for picking him. 


The goal of this discussion session is to find out if you can truly be unbias in picking who the king of Afrobeat is without any sentient. 


Personally, I know this is quite a difficult task asking you not to put any emotions into your decision making but I believe you can do it. 

Afrofusion King

Scroll down below, you will see a comment box, use it to leave a comment with your thoughts as I wait to hear from you. 


Look, no jokes, keep your emotions out of it 🙏🙏🙏🙏. 


Don’t be like the guys on Twitter who could not argue by providing facts and data to back up their claim. 


Lastly, follow us Twitter here and Instagram here so we can be friends and family.

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