Beyonce Scientific world Most Beautiful Woman 2019

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Who is the Scientific world most beautiful woman

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Who is the Scientific world most beautiful woman have you ever asked such questions before? this is all you need to know about the world’s most pretty woman. 

Who is the Scientific world most beautiful woman

In a world that’s fast embracing technology even in the less developed part of Africa. you still would see gadgets that are mind-blowing. 


This is thanks to a new age in Technological advancement. and my father said it best when he coined this phrase below. 


I was born in mid-1990s but when I see the world we live in right now, I know Technology is the future


Brilliant words from a man who is not tech Savvy and that man is my biological father. 


The importance of techs cannot be overemphasized in our daily lives as humans. especially those of us born in the early 80s and by the early 80s I mean us Africans. 


Whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, parlor or bedroom, the role of technology has become pivotal. in the existence of the scientifically evolved man. 


If you look at the field of Medicine, Technology is heavily relied upon to carry out complicated surgical procedures. which again cites the importance of technology in man’s advancement towards the future. 


Wherever you turn in the world today, there is one form of technology or the other. but why have I been ranting so much about technology? 


Okay here is the big revelation! 


There is now a world’s most beautiful woman scientifically!


Yeah, my head was blown away too but I can’t say I was not expecting that because. with the way humanity is keen on discovering everything, sooner I kinda knew that might be a topic someday. 


but the truth is I was probably thinking it’s going to be till 2030 that such discoveries will be made. 


So who is the scientific world most beautiful woman? 


That will Bella Hadid an American model born to Mohammed Hadid and Yolanda Hadid. 


Isabella Khair Hadid was born on October 9th, 1996, and she is a model, in 2016. became the Model of the Year as voted by industry professionals. 


In the second place of such a scientific experiment came Beyonce Knowles who is a very popular American musician. 


Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter is the wife of Jay Z  who is currently the first black rapper. with a billion-dollar net worth


One of Beyonce’s most recent project is her Lion king album which was inspired by Disney’s remake of Lion king. 


the album had hit songs like Brown Skin Girl which featured one of Nigeria’s richest musician Wizkid. 


You have not listened to Beyonce Brown Skin Girl then you can download it here now


The album featured other artists such as Shatta Wale, Tekno, Tiwa Savage, Mr Eazi among others. 


but legend like Elton John has expressed his disappointment due to how quick the album had faded away from charts. 


Today when asked who is the world’s most pretty woman scientifically. two names that will come to mind are Beyonce Knowles and Hadid Bella. 


The experiment was based on ancient Greek beauty standards. 


the ancient Greek female beauty standards see a woman beautiful exterior to be vessel hiding her inner perfection. 


For the Greeks, a beautiful body was considered to direct evidence of a beautiful mind. and the funny thing is there was a word for it and it is Kaloskagathos. 


Kaloskagathos means (Gorgeous to look at). 


The sad part of this story though is that the fans of Beyonce named the Beyhives do not take kindly to this result. 


This has spun several Instagram tweets regarding the final result claiming Bella Hadid. as the world’s most pretty scientific woman is disrespectful to Beyonce.


Such a claim is put forward by Beyhives who thinks natural beauty should win over artificial beauty.

note the word artificial? I used that word because Bella Hadid’s face has gone through facial reconstructions. this makes sense naming her the most beautiful.

logically it is one big credible lie so facial construction operations can get more recognition. but this is just my opinion and you may have yours too which is okay.


This is not shocking because if you follow the Beyhives then you probably know when it’s Queen Bey. she is not allowed to come second in anything. 

Scientific world most beautiful woman

I remember when she was compared to Michael Jackson several months ago on tweeter. 


You need to see how her fans rated her miles above Michael Jackson when the funny thing. though is Bey idolizes MJ. 


Here are some tweets from Beyonce fans… 

They named Beyoncé the SECOND most beautiful women after Bella Hadid. That’s blasphemy


i’m sorry? I just heard that beyoncé came SECOND to Bella Hadid for the most beautiful person in the world????? ugh racism.


On Beyoncé’s own internet, they named her the second most beautiful woman? After BELLA HADID???????


Sooooo @bellahadid was crown most beautiful women in the world and Beyoncé second?????? You know that plastic surgery and Beyoncé is all-natural


I wonder if the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi is aware that Bella Hadid whole face is created b4 they had to nerve to award her the “most beautiful woman in the world “ w/ Beyonce coming in second. That’s mad disrespectful.


While the world’s most beautiful woman scientific research could help in facial reconstruction surgeries. fans of Bey would not sit around allowing their queen to be humiliated. 


but frankly, Bella Hadid over Beyonce? No disrespect but I would have picked Beyonce within a heartbeat. 


but then there are rules and citing which makes Beyonce as the second scientific world most beautiful woman or should I say world most beautiful woman according to science. 


Over to you guys! 


Who would you pick as the scientific most pretty woman between Beyonce and Bella Hadid? 


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thanks for reading and cheers to you.