5 Reasons Why Burna Boy Coachella 2019 is Trouble

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Burna Boy Coachella 2019 debut in April 2019 caused a stir on Twitter. the 27 years old Naija musician ask Coachella to fix the font of his name on the bill.

burna boy coachella

Burna Boy live performance at just concluded 2018

Source: [pulse ng]
Artist like Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande are the headliners for the 2019 festival. and Burna Boy is disturbed by how his name appeared on the bill.
The organizers of the event are yet to respond to the tweet of ‘Gbona’ Crooner. He Burna boy Ye has more than 2 million and Instagram followers. He used his large following to cause a stir on Twitter.
Here are the 5 reasons his action may spell trouble. Recall that Kanye had held talks to be present at the show but was the negotiation broke down. because Kanye West husband of Kim K. wanted to redecorate the stage.
These Coachella organizers refused because he is not the only performing artist. other stars will also have to perform and on this vein, he decided not to perform.

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So stay with me!

Burna Boy 2018 Performance

Burna Boy was extraordinary last year with every one of his singles crushing Naija music industry. He made the headline for every of his release.
‘On the Low’ and ‘Gbona’ respectively resonates with Naija fans small and big alike. This may be is an underlying reason to have taken to his Instagram to claim he is African Giant. A remark that does not sit well with some Twitter users.
Coachella and its organizers may be tempted to replace 1991 born. Unlike some stars, Damini Ogulu has voiced his pain and yet criticized by his fellow countrymen.
If anything, I respect a man that speaks his mind. At least it gives an insight into the kind of man that you are and stands for.

Fans over-Hype of the Naija born star

2018 Hype can also be the trouble for the Naija born singer who was born in London. popular sites including Pulse ng and Shoutmeceleb hints him to carry the 2019 version of HEADIES.
Such hype possibly can spell trouble for the industry star. Releasing different song in 2018 of which majority were Hits, fans may send him packing from Coachella before he even begins.

Lack of Enlightenment

It is strange that Burna Boy Coachella tweets garnered serious attention from fans. although in an age unlimited internet access, it is surprising Dumi does not know. the culture of Coachella and the organizers of the event.
In the wake of Ogulu’s tweet and for those who do not know already. the festive Characterize by Headliners, the main focal and people that or artist that can drive sales. for the team of Coachella, such artists are Childish Gambino and ARIANA Grande.
We also have 2nd tiers and 3rd tiers and whichever a star finds his or self in, marks the singer’s prominence.

Africans May See Him as Egotistic

Nigerian music stars Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy and Tosin Ajibade, popularly known as Mr. Eazi are set to make their Coachella debut in April.
But who are the African Giant in Africa’s Music industry and entertainment? Well, I would tip Wizkid to carry the day ahead of Burna Boy. this is because he has won a Grammy award.
Burna boy does not have such records because career achievements are important in the classification.


Burna boy had a wonderful 2018 with almost all his videos. but understanding the tradition behind an event is just as important as the event itself.
Tweets like that can send a wrong message especially when there is a search engine like Google. to do simple research on Coachella’s tradition.
Over to you guys!
Do you think Burna Boy Coachella African Giant tweet is wrong or right? think your answer through and then use the comment box now to drop opinion.
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