Wizkid Africa To The World (7 Things We Learnt)

Wizkid Africa to the world

Last updated on June 23rd, 2021 at 10:04 am

Wizkid Africa to the world has been a popular line in his songs, right? well, Starboy recent interview outline certain things you and I may have been missing. 

Wizkid Africa to the world

So the big question would be what exactly is that one thing that you and I have missed right?


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Wizkid and Davido have often been the comparisons for the last 4 years now.


Heck as a result of this comparison I even wrote an article about Davido and Wizkid net worth. you may read about it in your spare time.


Wizkid net worth and Davido net worth has been one of the most debated in recent years.
This because very often the fans of the two Naija celebrity are always at loggerhead. on who is the richest Nigerian musician.
Although why this comparison may seem healthy to some because in the usual sense. this two are one of the best in the country.


One of Wizkid biggest turning point was the collaboration between him and Drake


One Dance quickly made him popular in Africa, adding to his already stacking fame. 


When asked while on an interview, here is what Wizzy had to say. 


Being famous especially as a musician can mean that people forget about the real you. 


Because no one recognizes you from inside, it is easier to mistake the person on stage. giving you all that entertainment from the actual life of that star. 


Yes, it’s true that amidst the affluence that comes with the life of a music celebrity is also the real. life of the celebrity outside being a celeb. 


In this interview, Wizkid addresses that in a few word. 


Here we go! 


How do you differentiate Wizkid from ayo Balogun? 


As a celebrity, it is easier to forget that you were also somebody else before you hit stardom. 


In some cases this two life may collide, in some cases, such collision might be catastrophic. and in other times, it is just what it is. 


Wizkid answer! 


Well, I think Ayo Balogun is that cool kid that loves to just be quiet and chill out as the world revolves. 


As for Wizkid, I think he is just Wizkid you know. 


I began wondering though, and in my wonderland, I asked myself questions like. how would I differentiate Wizkid from Davido?


I quickly realize that this two played a huge role in putting the names of Africa music on the world map. 


Although such a comparison between Wizkid net worth and Davido net worth has seen the two. thrive and constantly give the world one hell of music.
I feel individually, these two have been a key instrument in shedding the light of African music. which in my own opinion is magical, come to think of it music is a way to express yourself right.


Remember how Wizkid One Dance did holding a top 10 on Billboard charts for more than 10 weeks right? 


Not just that even, do you know that the Drake One Dance featuring Wizkid. entered Guinness Book of World Record?


Which made(Wizkid) the first Nigerian musician to have achieved such feet. 


Davido also quickly got featured in Russ song. although not as successful as Wizkid One Dance feature. 


But it is a good reminder that if you put your heart to work on your set out goals, it will eventually work. 


Here is a quick question for you! 


How would you differentiate Wizkid and Davido in terms of their music? 


Leave a comment below and I will engage with you too. 


Wizkid Africa to the World what does it Mean? 


If you have noticed me I always say Africa to the world right? 


By that I really do not mean Nigeria to the world, there are other countries in Africa like Kenya South Africa.


 and many more of which it is one of the reasons why in my record label I try to sign artist from Africa. 


I believe the world needs to hear about Africa and her beauty that enchants the very. cradle of creation itself. 


Wizkid may bring such movement to life because I believe. African beauty and culture haven’t been properly fed to the world. 


Her diverse cultures and heritage make her so unique that I would say the world call her unique. 


Fever Single with Tiwa Savage 


One of the talks on social media channels currently is Joro which is one of the singles Starboy record would drop. anytime before the year finally runs out. 


As you may have noticed this is July 2nd right?


What does this mean? 


The year has divided into two and before you know it Xmas is here again. and another edition of the Headies award. 


Fever didn’t really do good when I first released the mp3 but then the video with Tiwa Savage changed that. 


One of the huge speculations after the release of Wizkid Fever ft Tiwa Savage was. that due to the frolicking involved, the two were dating. 


Though you can’t rule that thought out of your head obviously because well, it is a celebs life. 


and clearly, even if they were dating, it’s no biggy despite the age difference. Tiwa is 10 years older than Wizzy but that won’t be the first time it’s happened right? 




Don’t give me the answer please I know you probably would be against especially if you come from Nigeria.


 a place where it is widely believed that there is everything wrong with dating or getting married. to someone that is way older than you. 


Most especially if it’s a marriage or relationship where the woman happens to be the one much older. 

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Here is a quick question for you! 


Do you think it’s okay for Wizkid to date Tiwa Savage despite the age difference? 


Leave a comment below and I will engage you assuming you care enough to express your thoughts. 


What advice Do You Have to People and Fans? 


In Wizkid’s thoughts, he thinks people have to be focus and know what they want.


Focus is actually the lethal force you require to achieve set-out goals. 


This means you have to drop everything else that does not matter behind and focus your attention on what you need to become. 


So guys what do you think about what Wizkid thinks so far? 


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