Wizkid and Northboi Beef(He Threatens Me With Arms)

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Wizkid and Northboi beef

Last updated on May 7th, 2020 at 03:42 pm

Wizkid and Northboi beef isn’t one that has been expected because of the time the two have spent together. today you and I will talk about the fiasco. 

Wizkid and Northboi beef

No doubt Wizkid has had a stellar career owning Starboy records, Starboy clothing line up. 


Today Starboy is one of the biggest artists in Nigeria and one of the top 50 richest musician in Nigeria


Wizkid debut single that brought him to limelight is Holla at your boy under EME records owned by Banky W. 


I still remember dancing to Holla at your boy whenever I get to my friend’s house. It uses to be his favorite. 


I mean if you dare bring a comparison between Wizkid and Davido then you would be in for a treat. because that guy would see the last of such an argument. 


So what caused Wizkid and Northboi beef? 


It all started when Wizkid took to his Twitter handle to celebrate his new upcoming album made in Lagos. 


In the tweet, Wizkid had to single out Killertune out for praise leaving Northboi who has been his hitmaker. 


Apparently this didn’t sit well with the beatmaker who took to his own social media account. to express his dissatisfaction with what Wizkid has done. 


On the Instagram post, Northboi said all of Wizkid’s recent hits have come through him. 


and for him Wizkid has never loaded praise on him the way he did Killertune. and the DJ Northboi isn’t feeling pleased with the recent display of affection. 


Norboi claim may have some truth to it because Wizkid Fever mp3 also had additional production from Northboi. 


Wizkid and Northboi beef took a step further when Northboi claims Wizkid kept threatening him with a gun. 


This is just as crazy a claim one of the fans of Wizkid said on popular Naijaloaded website comment session. 


While another quickly retort with a reference to Davido as a far better artist than Wizkid for always. being a loving, caring artist and leader in his team DMW record Label. 


It didn’t take long for fans of Davido and Wizkid fans turned this to an all-out battle of words. with one of Wizkid fans calling the latter frog voice. 


While on Twitter Northboi and Wizkid beef is taking another direction with one of the. commenters saying this is just an attempt to slander the name of Wizkid. 


Northboi further revealed that whenever he had worked hard to produce a beat and ask for a contract. Wizkid would threaten him with arms. 


The hitmaker of Wizkid Fever further revealed that he might go back to school for his masters. since he continues to be threatened for something that he deserves. 


but here is crazy question I kept asking myself why is this on social media? 


Don’t this guy know how to use the law? did you just pass through the four walls of education and don’t even know the first thing about using the law. 


Everything should not be for social media because if really someone pointed a gun at you then. your fight isn’t one that will be won by coming out on social media. 


Except if for the fact that this is just a claim and has no concrete evidence to back it up. or better still it could be a popularity stunt. 


We have seen how it is celebrities control media and bloggers around the world by putting. some stuffs online that will make them the topic of the Internet. 


and in today’s world, the more people talk about you the more popular you get. mind you this is just my own theory of the whole fiasco. 


Because it just doesn’t make sense to be bringing this to social media especially if it’s resulting to. someone pointing a gun at you for requesting a contract. 


Wizkid is someone that has earned a lot of respect from in the Naija music industry and Africa wide. 


This fame has only recently spread to the western world after the collaboration with Drake on one Dance. 

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Wizkid and Northboi beef may have come as one that’s shocking but whether there is any truth to this claim. remains to be something true. 


Plus my honest opinion would be that if you think you are being underpaid you can take your service elsewhere. 


I am still finding this impossible to believe because Northboi is educated and should be aware of. how to use the law in such a situation. 


Over to you! 


What is your theory of what has transpired between Wizkid and Northboi? 


Leave a comment below and let’s hear your thoughts. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you… 



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