Wizkid Joro Lyrics(Download Mp3 & Video Fast)

Wizkid joro lyrics

I found myself reciting the much anticipated Wizkid Joro lyrics that isn’t odd, right? still you should download Wizkid Joro mp3 here now. so you can decide whether it’s odd or not.

Wizkid joro lyrics

Maybe it’s just me but whenever I hear Wizkid’s song, I hurry to Wizkid Vevo on YouTube to see for myself. 


after that, I make sure I listen to the song over and over again just to be sure am Vibing to it appropriately. 


Personally I love Wizkid and Davido a lot because of what the two stands for to music in Africa. 


but let’s leave that story for another day and focus our attention on Wizkid Joro lyrics a bit. 


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Okay, by the time you finish reading this blog post you should be able to do these 4 things quickly. 


  • You be able to follow the lyrics of Wizkid joro 


  • Watch the Wizkid Joro video mp4


  • Get Wizkid Joro Mp3 download into your phone 


  • Steam Wizkid Joro audio before downloading it to your iPhone


Having said that let’s dive in a little deeper while outlining each of those bullet points above. 



Joro Mp4 By Starboy 


Do I need to emphasize that video is becoming very very pivotal in the present-day world? 


I mean even the way Nigerians consume videos today is alarming with most of those times spent on YouTube, Facebook. 


Thankfully I have the Mp4 of Joro song by Wizkid, you can watch it below. 


Here is the video for you… 

Who Wrote and Produce Wizkid Joro Lyrics 


Wizkid Joro lyrics was written by Afrobeat superstar Wizkid who is currently one of the richest musicians in Nigeria


The production of the song was done by Northboi and giving it finite feel it needs to stand out from the rest. 


Here is a couple of detail you may have missed while reading… 


Song Title: Joro


Artist: Wizkid 


Genre: Afrobeat 


Producer: Northboi


Release Date: September 30th, 2019


Nationality: Nigeria 


Other than being one of the richest musicians in Naija, Wizkid has also shared the title richest musicians in Africa alongside the likes of Akon. 


Wizkid’s biggest rival in Nigeria music is Davido and this has cost mixed feelings between fans. 


and this has gone as far as to compare their net worth to find who is richer between the two superstars. 


meanwhile, you can read an article here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment where I did a Davido and Wizkid net worth head to head comparison. 


If you are hell-bent on knowing who is the richest between the two then read that article. 


It’s enough to give you a heads up on who is the richest between the two singers in 2019. 


having said that let’s look at Joro by Wizkid lyrics now shall we? 


Complete Joro Wizkid Lyrics


I love Wizkid and his love songs and one such songs that I so much fancy is Wizkid Fever Mp3. I don’t know why but for some weird reason I just like it. 


My guess is it’s because the lyrics resonate with me more than I ever thought it could. and the presence of Tiwa Savage on the video got me hooked. 


Here is the lyrics of joro… 


Intro & Chorus


Joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro

Je a-joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro

Je a-joro, joro, joro-o, joro-oo, joro, joro, joro

Omoh-joro, je a-joro oo, oouuh-oh-ohh


Verse 1



I don’t wanna, lose you this time

I will never, no time

Omoge, na wini-wini wana-wana

Your love dey do me one time

Oh, my omoge di mo mi

Show me how you feeling this night

Omoh say your love, say na wini-wini wana-wana

Your love dey do me this night, yeeaahh




I need your grace, ahnn (ma je kon mo)

Me never relent, ahnn (ma je kon mo)

My love no get shame, ahnn (ma je kon mo)

No matter the case, ahnn (ma je kon mo)

Say my music be the best, ahnn (ma je kon mo)

Na sweet-sweet best, ahnn (ma je kon mo)

Say my love no get shame, ahnn (ma je kon mo)

For you I dey, ahnn (oouu-woohh)


Verse 2


Every night .. Every day

Every day, me go need my baby to call on meeee

Close to meeeee-eee, yeeaa-eeyeeah

By the time .. When you dey

When you dey wake up in the morning, meehn I dey by your side

For real .. Make you fall for meeeee-eee, yeah




Oya, je a-joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro

Je a-joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro

Je a-joro, oouuwohwoh-oohh .. Aaaah, you wan kill pesin?

Aaahh-aah, mo gbe oo, mo gbe oo, aaahhhh

Wizkid Joro mp3

Verse 3


This kind love

E dey do my body ta-nana

E dey make me wan dey your life for wa-nana

Ouuhh-yeaah .. Ouuhh-yeaah

This kind love

Say e dey do my body ta-nana oo

E dey make me wan dey around you now-now-now

Dance to my konto make you pana-na, hol’ arms




Joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, joro, jorooo

Jaara-joro, never leave meeee

When I need you by my side

Omooh, waa je-a soco

When you can oo

When you can, omoh

Omooh, waa je-a soco

Me, I go love you all day

Love you all night, all the time-yeaaahhh

Yeah-yeah-yeah, yeeeeeaaaaah


Joro, je a joro oouuooh-oohh

Joro, je a joro oouuwohwoh-ouuwoh, yeaah

Joro, je a joro oouuooh-ohh, yeah


Verse 4



Deep down .. Baby girl, I know you wanna deep-ride pon it

Every night, she say she just wan dey climb on it

See her skin boom with dimple design on it, woah

Whine .. Baby girl, I know you wanna deep-ride pon it

Every night, she say she just wan dey climb on it

See her skin boom with dimple design on it, woah




Joro, omoh-joro one time now

Ughn-ughn-ughn .. Na so e dey, omoh

Omoh-joro two time .. two time .. two times ooh

Omoh-joro, one time .. one time oouuh-ohh

Omoge, wa ba mi joro two time, two time, eehh


Starboy .. Oshe joor


Download The Mp3 of The Song 


Wizkid is one of the most gifted and talented singers in Nigeria of this present generation. 


If you doubt me then maybe it’s because you haven’t listened to his verse on Wizkid Ft Beyonce Brown Skin Girl. 


I won’t say much about that but make sure you download and listen to it then you can decide if it’s worth downloading. 


Wizkid songs directly or indirectly affect the rise or drop of his net worth since music is one of his major sources of income. 


quickly here is Joro Wizkid mp3

Download “Joro” Joro-Wizkid.mp3 – Downloaded 776 times –

Rapping Things Up Now 


Wizkid will always be a blessing to the Nigeria music industry. but what I really do not understand is why you and I love a little bit of comparison. 


I mean I even did it too in this blog post when I brought up Davido.


 but I tell myself that so long these two are one of the best in the country. it’s probably one of the reasons you and I can’t do without comparing them. 


It’s your turn now 


How would you rate Wizkid Joro lyrics on a scale of 1 to 10? 


Leave a comment below with your ratings. because I would love to know how you rate Starboy. 


Please share Joro on Facebook and Twitter now. because this way you will help me reach more people. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you! 


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