Why Did Zlatan Ibile Block DJ Cuppy On WhatsApp & Instagram

DJ Cuppy Zlatan Ibile Tweet

Last updated on September 18th, 2021 at 04:57 pm

Zlatan block DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram and today I have the alleged story about what really happened so, come let’s find out more. 


The Nigerian music industry is experiencing boom time and artists are springing up like never before. 


Among some names on the list of upcoming artists are Zlatan Ibile, Naira Marley, and others. 


As Afrobeat gets recognized around the globe, so also are musicians making headway. 


So far, it’s been a thing of irrefutable joy to see Africa and Afrobeat having its place on world center stage. 


With that said, come let’s get into the details of what happened between Zlatan Ibile and DJ Cuppy. 


  • Why Did Zlatan Block DJ Cuppy 


  • DJ Cuppy Tweet on Twitter 


  • Fans Reaction To Zlatan blocking DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram 


  • Conclusion 


And now that you have an idea what this post will cover, come let’s dive into the details, shall we? 


Why Did Zlatan Block DJ Cuppy On Instagram And WhatsApp 


Zlatan Ibile blocked DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram because it is alleged that the latter refused to give him proceeds from the song Gelato which Ibile was featured on. 


Zlatan and DJ Cuppy are both Nigerian musicians who rose to fame in 2018.


If you have no idea who Zlatan is then perhaps you should listen to some of his songs. 


One of his recent projects was Money No Dey Lagos which is a hit song by the way. 

Zlatan Ibile and DJ Cuppy Saga

If you are having a hard time finding his songs online then I suggest you click on the pink link above to listen to that track. 


Ibile has gained huge traction since coming into the Naija music scene with songs like leg work aka Zanku. 


Zanku was invented by Zlatan and has since been a trademark dance for the singer. 

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As his popularity grows so did Zlatan’s net worth and I covered everything about that here in this article


Now, what about DJ Cuppy? 


Well DJ Cuppy is a Nigeria Disc Jockey and a singer, her latest track featured Teni The Entertainer


Other than the fact that she is a musician, she is also prominent for being the daughter of one of the richest men in Nigeria


The name of her father is Femi Otedola and did I forget to add that he is a billionaire? 


The Alleged Reason Zlatan Blocked DJ Cuppy 


According to sources close to Zlatan Ibile, the singer decided to block DJ Cuppy on Instagram and Twitter because both had a falling out. 


So what really happened between these two huh? 


DJ Cuppy contacted Zlatan Ibile for a collaboration on her single Gelato.


The founder of Zanku agreed to do the song with her and refused to charge anything for it. 

DJ Cuppy Nigeria Disc Jockey

NB: It’s normal for artists to get paid on features and the fact that Zlatan did this for free hints at how gracious he was. 


With that said, when Gelato was released, the song garnered massive airplay and became an instant hit song. 


Before the track made it big, both sides were cool and were friends but things quickly changed. 


So what changed between Zlatan and DJ Cuppy? 


Well, it appears that money and proceeds from the song caused both stars to stop communication. 

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Sources from Ibile’s camp said that after Gelato hit, Zlatan was calling DJ Cuppy for his share of the proceeds from the song but the latter refused to return his call. 


NOTE: While writing this post, we have no confirmation if this is what actually happened between the two. 


I am writing this post based on the fact that closed sources said this what allegedly happened. 

So since Cuppy wasn’t picking his calls, Zlatan made the decision to block her on Instagram and WhatsApp so has not to be bothered.


Obviously, he must have felt that Cuppy wasn’t taking his calls because she does not wish to share the proceeds from Gelato. 

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Mind you, this is just my own opinion, and I thought I would chip that in but you are free to let your imagination run wild.


So how did the public find out about Zlatan blocking DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram? 


Well, let’s find that now shall? 


DJ Cuppy Tweet On Twitter 


Cuppy took to Twitter in the early hours of today to make this tweet you see below. 


“10 months later and I sometimes still wonder why @Zlatan_Ibile blocked me on WhatsApp and Instagram without ever saying why; we were actually friends Woman shrugging …AND “Gelato” was a hit!” 

Zlatan Block DJ Cuppy On Whatsapp & Instagram

The tweet reads: I do not know why Zlatan Ibile blocked me on Instagram and WhatsApp, Gelato was a hit. 


It didn’t take long for this tweet to garner attention on social media platforms like Twitter. 


As a matter of fact, prior to writing this blog post, it was the number two topic on Twitter NG’s list of trending topics. 


As fans gathered and try to understand what is going, some tweets started to fly out from every nuke and cranny of Twitter. 


So below I put together some reactions from fans of DJ Cuppy and Zlatan Ibile. 


Fans Reaction To Zlatan Blocking DJ Cuppy On Instagram and WhatsApp 


RASHY DON KONCEPT: According to someone closer to @Zlatan_Ibile I heard the featuring he did with u was actually FREE and when it became hits u were supposed to at least Give him some dough as appreciation but instead, u were behaving pompously by replying late when he tryna say Hi, u changed.


KUBANSOUND: Even if this is the truth! Does @Zlatan_Ibile think @cuppymusic will be thinking about him! We all have many ways to go… She’s a girl for Christ Sake. She has many things to deal with. Family, Career, even her life and lots of things.


GOVERNOR: I’ll tell you why @cuppymusic, most times when a guy wants a lady, and he can’t have her but keeps seeing new sweet posts from her status and all that. Nothing pain reach am.


He just gat gather balls to block her and stop seeing what he can’t have.

Tweeting from experience tho.


DUKE OF IBADAN: Move on babe, you’re doing better with or without him.

TUNDE EDNUT: Zlatan probably blocked you when you started supporting another football club.




So why did Zlatan block DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram? the answer is simple because of proceeds from Gelato. 


However, this is not coming from Zlatan but from people closest to the singer. 


The only way you and I can be sure about what really happened is if Zlatan decides to be vocal about this topic. 


I strongly doubt this would be the case since he already took an initial step to block his billionaire daughter to avoid any scene dragging on social media. 


Personally, this feels like a really smart move from the singer. 


Over to you


What are your thoughts on why Zlatan block DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram? 


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