Zlatan Ibile Fada Lyrics (New Review)

Zlatan Ibile fada lyrics
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Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 05:13 pm

Zlatan Ibile fada lyrics feature vocals from Phyno and Flavour and you can stream and enjoy Zlatan fada on YouTube here easily with one click. 


but before you do that, you need to stream the whole Resan album since it’s the album for Xmas. 


Okay, Phyno and Flavour on the same track with Zlatan is unexpected but I will be damned to play this down. 


So get ready for some really hard banger because these three are perfect as a trio. 


Now before you and I dive into Zlatan Ibile fada lyrics, here is what this post will cover. 


  • I will do a short review of the song here this way you are getting my unbiased thought. 


  • Also, you will be able to stream and download fada song by Zlatan. 


  • And the last subheadings will cover the fada by Zlatan lyrics. 


Hopefully, you are still with me so let’s dive into all the small details in between, shall we? 


Zlatan ft Phyno & Flavour Fada Mp3 Download 


I will be totally honest with you, I didn’t think I was going to get three mega superstars on the same track. 


Flavour is huge and has a totally different sound but seeing how these three worked in cohesion just blow my mind. 

Review & Complete Fada Lyrics Zlatan

This is because Flavour is more of highlife and I didn’t think Afro hip hop would be able to blend so well with highlife. 


I am lost for words honestly but then again Afrobeat just keeps pulling some insane impossibilities anyone would say. 




If you still don’t get what I mean when I say these three are insane together then you better click on the sky blue button to enjoy fada by Zlatan Mp3. 


[download id=”17484″]

I am sure that will put things in perspective for you. 


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Once you have done that, it’s time to get to the fada lyrics by Zlatan and my complete thoughts which you will love. 


Who Produced & Wrote Zlatan ft Phyno X Flavour Fada Lyrics 


This track was taken off Resan’s album that was released in the early hours of today. 


It was produced by P Prime and co-written by Zlatan, Phyno, and Flavour. 

Zlatan ft Phyno & Flavour Fada Mp3 Download

If anything could sum up the songwriting prowess that went into this, that word will be magnificent, no jokes. 


but hey, let’s backtrack a little so you can get the complete details below. 


Song Title: Fada 


Artists: Zlatan feat Phyno X Flavour 


Producer: P Prime


Album: Resan 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Review & Complete Fada Lyrics Zlatan 


Zlatan fada lyrics is a beauty and anyone that says otherwise is just a hater at this point. 


I mean you and I thought Zlatan would fade away like the dust in time, right? 

Zlatan ft Phyno X Flavour Lyrics

but sorry to burst your bubble, I think the dude is really here to stay from everything we have seen so far. 


This song tells the story of a father who doesn’t want his daughter to hang out with the singer for some crazy reasons. 


You certainly will get the full picture as you read and follow fada lyrics by Zlatan Ibile. 


Zlatan Verse 1


Your mama say make you no dey follow me again

I’m not I’m not

Your papa say if he catch me he go cut my head

Na why I no come your domot o

Baby me the love you give me sweet me

Adaobi i want to take you all around the world

Sisi mi oya farabale mu ijo o

I no wan know But I must meet your fada today


Zlatan Chorus



Your Fada


I must meet your fada today


Your Fada


I must meet your fada today


Phyno Verse 2


Nwa Ada nwa Ada you be my one and only o

Oyii na tu mu o make you no leave me lonely o

Asa ne nunu

E fe obula echolu I go me nu nu

Tell your Fada si ya che nu nu

Maka mu nu ba ta obodo nu nu iyo

I wanna be the one beside you imitate uwa fu ba gi ilo

Cos nobody fit to stop the love I have for you ??

Nwa che kwe ne be

See I get money money ogologo

It’s looking for me a nu m a call away

Gi ka na ache bekelebe iyo


Zlatan Chorus 



Your Fada


I must meet your Fada today


Your Fada


I must meet your Fada today

 Flavour Verse 3

Asa nwa baby you be my priority for life

I want to see your Fada

Mu na umu nna mu na bia to do something for your head o

We wan tv to see your Fada

Today today not tomorrow

We get money

We no dey borrow

Ngwa bia nu kwado be nu

A yin na bia ehh

E ma na efe ge me

When we see your fada

Zlatan Chorus 


Your Fada


I must meet your Fada today


Your Fada


I must meet your Fada today




Together you and I just breezed through everything about this song right? 


but if there are some things you think I didn’t touch on then please call my attention to it. 


It’s over to you now, how would you rate Zlatan Ibile fada lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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