Zlatan Shotan Lyrics Ft Tiwa Savage (Mp3 & Video)

Zlatan Shotan Lyrics

I bet you will love Zlatan shotan lyrics ft Tiwa Savage. but no need for much talk, download Zlatan shotan mp3 and video now.

Zlatan Shotan Lyrics


I took a stroll online today, so I visited YouTube on the way.


Guess what hit me?


A nice outfit of Zlatan and Tiwa Savage as a video thumbnail.


I was curious like, what the hell is this?


Is some new song I don’t know about?


Guess what again!


Yes, it was absolutely a new track and was Zlatan ft Tiwa Savage Shotan lyrics. greeting me with good melodies.


I didn’t want to be stingy so I thought to myself.


You guys will need to see this!


So I grabbed my phone and am writing you lyrics Shotan Zlatan ft Tiwa Savage.


So what will you get from this post today?


Well, by the time you finish reading this post, you should be able to:


  • Watch Zlatan Ibile ft Tiwa Savage Shotan video


  • Follow Shotan by Zlatan lyrics word for word


  • Feel the song and get Zlatan shotan mp3 download into your phone


Since Tiwa Savage signing to Universal Music Group. it’s been one feature or the other.


The first of the collaboration came in the form of Ello baby.


You still remember the track right?


I mean I still do because Savage was really Savage in that track.


Just in case you haven’t listened to it, you can do that here in your own free time.


Zlatan on the other has also been amazing with songs like his feature. on Naira Marley am I a Yahoo boy and his own song “This year”.


If am going to be honest with you right now…


It will be that am tipping Zlatan to win the next upcoming artist of the year. in 2020 Headies award.




Who Produce and Wrote Zlatan Shotan Lyrics Ft Tiwa Savage?


The song was produced by spellz and the lyrics of Shotan by Zlatan was. written by Ibile and Tiwatope.


Tiwa’s last hit song is Lova Lova ft Duncan Mighty.


The song feature afro-pop mixed in an electrifying soul performance with Duncan Mighty.


Here are the complete details of the song below…


Shotan lyrics by Zlatan Ibile


I really won’t bore you with some words for the sake of writing.


But I really do hope you will enjoy this lyrics because. I had to take my time to write It out for you.


Also if you think I made any mistake with the Yoruba language. please feel free to correct in the comments…


I am happy to make corrections on your recommendation.


Because Yoruba isn’t exactly my very strong language.


But I was privilege to have grown up in a Yoruba family. So I understand a little bit hence my writing in Yoruba.

Zlatan Shotan Ft Tiwa Savage Mp3 Download

Without any more delay here is the lyrics…







Di dada de dada de dada de ah

Chorus- Tiwa Savage

Talo wole wole

O ti wole de

Ah shotan oh shotan

Tiwatope wole

Mo tun gbe tuntun de o

Ah shotan oh shotan

Sho ma mumi lole

You go gbadun my waist o

I know you want the Jollof 

You go feel am tonight o

Mumi lole

You go gbadun my waist o

I know you want the jollof

You go fear when we dey do the do

Verse 1- Zlatan

Ah ah

Oya were were

Tiwatope jorh fun won kia mosa


Aya yin shi ma ja

Tori e ti ri canvas lori agbada

Ibile Wo

Oya were were

Iya Jam Jam fun won kia mosa

Ah Wo

Aya yin shi ma ja

Tori e ti ri canvas lori agbada


Hook- Tiwa Savage

Talo sere sere

Awon fowo sere na na

Shotan oh shotan

Olowo wole

Awon ti Alakija

Shotan oh shotan

Verse 2- Zlatan

Ah ah ah


Mo ti wa lori six figures

Mo hustle ko le di nine figures

E ni lori meji ko lo ra PJ

Mi o le para mi ni speedy shey like bj

What you gon do

Your juju no go stop my gbedu

Advice indoor

Showa meju

Wan get big boju

Owo wa ma ka ju

Hook- Tiwa Savage

Mo gbe saya

  … Mo gbe cedi


Mo tun ju’badi ah aha ah

Sho sho

  Mo gbe saya

Mogbe cedi


Mo tun ju’badi ah aha ah

Verse 3- Zlatan

Ah ah ah

Won binu ni sin

Tori a di eni ton wo designer

Ojo t’ani gba

Won lo sun sara

Wan tun sun lasan

Won lo sun falala

E sun fun won pe a shi ma fun 

Won jam tun fun won jara

My guy hustle o

Make you and person weh dey trek before

go collect your wife with muscle o

O le sun moju o

Make you come feel say me and you

Go get the same kind of bubble o

Outro- Tiwa Savage

Di dada de dada de dada de ah

Ah ah ah

Di dada de dada de dada de ah

Ah ah ah

… Sho sho

Sho sho

Don don



Shotan Song By Zlatan Ft Tiwa Savage (Mp3)


What exactly does a good song mean for you?


Is it the best?


The lyrics syncing or resonates with you or probably something you have gone through?


Use the comment box to leave your thoughts, please.


For me, I define a piece of good music by its ability to resonate with me.


Nothing complicated, just as simple as that…


Don’t worry the video of the song is below.


Also, I have provided you a download button.


You should use it to download the song to your iPhone or Android.


At list this way you can have it on a steady repeat like I am now…


Music the old ones say speaks directly to the heart.


and for me, Zlatan Ft Tiwa Savage Shotan lyrics is speaking to my heart.


I seriously don’t know about you but you will get your chance to leave us your rating of the song.


for now, just enjoy it, please!

Download “Shotan” Zlatan-Ft-Tiwa-Savage-Shotan.mp3 – Downloaded 205 times –

The video of Shotan


Do you know the one thing I love about Shoutmeceleb Entertainment?


It is the fact that we have video, mp3 and lyrics all fused into one.


I mean that’s like 3 in 1 right?


Yes, it is and today It is Shotan video by Zlatan Ft Tiwa Savage.


Enjoy the video below!


Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian musician and one of the Richest Musician in Africa. alongside the likes of  Wizkid who is one of the richest musician in Nigeria.




Tiwa Savage ft zlatan Shotan is the number 8th trending video on YouTube.


However good that may sound, it’s safe to know that her fans is constantly by her side.


Zlatan, on the other hand, is having one amazing hell of a year.


Over to you guys!


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