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Shoutmeceleb Entertainment is created with only one person in mind and that is you. My Team and I set out on this journey to bring you nothing but fun and love.

Shoutmeceleb Entertainment

Mone Nuel

So, If you are here, chances are We caught your attention and you needed to know if we are the real deal. Well, thankfully you are here so what you need to know;


  • My team brings you Biography of  Celebrities, Net Worth and their Lifestyle from all around the world. So long it’s celebrities, we have you covered.


  • We do our best to bring the latest songs and its lyrics from around your popular and most loved musicians. with genre from Rap, Afrobeat down to RnB. If you love music as I do then we have got your back with our easy to download songs



As a human being, I have experienced love and seen how the world works. I mean the beauty all over the world is just magnificent.


It has always been a dream to travel the world and see diverse cultures that are rich in heritage. so I thought to myself how can I make you see that the world is not a wicked place like I was made to believe.


Yes, we humans are capable of great wickedness. but all I can see in people is the reason to be happy about being a human.


We fight, we hate, we cry, we get sad, we bully, but one thing that is so strong in us. Is our ability to stand together, have hope and fight for a better world. And for me, that is worth way-way more than anything you will ever know.


Every single one of you reminds me that love is everything. which is why I decided to create and build something extraordinary for you.


What did I build?


With you as my source of inspiration, I created the Shoutmeceleb Vacation Challenge. I will give you a break down as we continue but for now, read on.


but wait there is more!


I and my team did not stop there, I also told my team why not also give you our audience. a chance to connect with me in the form of Why is school a scam challenge in SMC COMMUNITY.


In case you are wondering, the SMC community is a place where you can connect. with others and express your thoughts on anything.


But wait what do you stand to gain from all this!


When I started at the beginning of the page I said, my goal is to keep you entertained. and one of the ways to do that is to constantly design challenges that will benefit you.


You are so special to me because your success is my success and the only way I know how to reward you. is by organizing this challenge that can guarantee you a business start-up capital.


I know you are thinking this guy must really care about me and the truth is I do care about you a lot.


Things were not always rosy for me in the beginning, I struggled and hustled to get where I am today. yes, there are more wins for you and me but do not worry gradually with your help you and I will get there.


Quickly let’s look at the summary of Shoutmeceleb Vacation Contest.



Shoutmeceleb Vacation Contest


We even took it a step further by rolling out the Shoutmeceleb Vacation Challenge. In this monthly Vacation Contest, Our audience gets the chance to win a near Free vacation ticket to go vacation.


Now one of the most common reasons you won’t go on a vacation is that you do not have the money.


I also know that you are thinking about what I just said right now. Why? Well, it is because of money.


Money is stopping you from having fun and happy moments of your life but let us change that. and the right question is “How”.

Remember I told you, Shoutmeceleb Entertainment has one goal in mind which is helping you achieve happiness.


Well, we are so committed to bringing you lots of fun. and as a result of how happy we are to always help our readers, we organize a monthly 30 days challenge.


My team and I decided to create this challenge to help you benefit greatly. So, by taking part in this challenge you can spend time on vacation for almost Free.


Yes, you heard that right Free!


Imagine you could go on a vacation without spending a dime from your own pocket.


Imagine sitting by the seashore on a vacation trip and you can feel that sweet tender breeze caress your cheek. It’s magical right?


Now how does the thought make you feel? I believe the right word is “ it felt magical “


But here is the thing you don’t even know if this is Real. This will clear your doubts obviously.


Life is not Always About Spending Big


Shoutmeceleb Entertainment is not asking you to bring $1000 to take part in this challenge. We will take care of the expenses because we care greatly enough to bring you a few things and that is Fun, Happiness and a good life.


So, if you take part in this vacation contest, here is what you will benefit. I need your attention now!


If you take part in this challenge you stand a chance of walking home with a Free ticket to go on 3 days all round fun vacation, All paid for.


You get to win $1000 as start-up capital for your small business.


But wait that’s not all!


20 persons, not 1 get to walk home with 1000 US dollars as Business start-up capital for an almost no cost at all.


So what are you waiting for?

Shoutmeceleb Vacation Challenge

click here now to join the shoutmeceleb vacation challenge now.


What You Will Gain from This Challenge

  • All paid no expense Flight Ticket to an Iconic City


  • Paid Hotel and Food Bills during the period of Vacation


  • Winners of the contest get Start-up capital worth $417 to be invested on small business


  • Shopping


  • Beach Moments with Fellow vacation winners


  • business startup capital for small business owners


Let Us Connect A Little ( About Me )


I was born and raised in the Rural area of Warri South West. At age 6 I went to live with my mom’s sister who took absolute care of me with love. Sadly my mom no longer walks the surface of this Earth but her sister has been enormous with her love.


I am a writer, self-acclaimed social media celebrity and an entrepreneur lolz I love the self acclaim part. I love to teach what I know because one of the easiest ways to make money is to give value.


Let me tell you something funny, I so hated school, damn I felt like hell when I have to wake up every morning to go to school. Up to date I still wish I didn’t go to school. Don’t get me wrong Education is everything. But for someone like me, there are a lot of ways to get Educated and the internet made it a whole lot simpler.


I really love to Dance. I was once part of a breakdance group that split when I was 18 years of age but we never really hit the competitive stage.


Song Writing came naturally for me. I could compose anything but was really cool with Blues. Maybe because it helps calm my nerves whenever am worried.


Reading for me is something special because my quest for more knowledge has caused me to read almost everything I see. Don’t laugh but it is the truth. I think that about sums up my Hobbies.



My Charming Personality


My charming personality would be that I laugh more than I get angry. I remember when my childhood friend would say close your damn teeth because this is no place for a Close-up advert.


I also know how to listen when people talk because wisdom comes from listening. Hope we connected a little yeah?




Now that is all, and if you want to reach Shout Me Celeb Team then use the Contact us now link below to reach us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Contact Us Now.



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