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About Us

Who is the founder of Shoutmeceleb? I am Mone Nuel founder of Shoutmeceleb Entertainment Media Company (also SMCE).


Here, I show you simple, yet proven strategies that you can use to become a popular celebrity on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok just by using your smartphones.


As a matter of fact, you will get first-hand strategies that I have identified on the internet that will catapult you to fame FAST.


Why I Started Shoutmeceleb Entertainment


I have always wanted to become a celebrity but I just wasn’t sure how to handle the fame that comes with it.


As a result, I was at crossroads whether to become a celebrity or just live as an ordinary human being who the world does not know.


Once I decided that I wanted to live an ordinary life away from all the attention that comes with fame, I created SMCE.


Following different celebrities online, I discovered a set of proven formulas that was a constant theme to anyone that became popular in the world.


I realized that since I could not become a popular figure on the web, someone else needs to know these strategies (in this case, you).


It felt like the right thing to do since I have been writing about celebrities since 2015, and am passionate about the topic.


So I created SMCE to connect topics on celebrity, and entertainment with how to become popular on the internet using your smart device in an attempt to reach you.


The reason is simple, you can’t become popular without becoming a public figure whom the world can trust.


Brands I Have Worked With On The Internet


Well, when I am not busy writing a blog post here on the Shoutmeceleb blog, I am busy being an SEO Expert, Content Strategist, Content Manager, and Freelance SEO Content Writer for other sites on the internet.


I have worked with brands all over the world on SEO, Content Strategy, Content Marketing, etc and among these brands are…


  • Crazyboxers


When Was SMCE Founded


Shoutmeceleb Entertainment was created in 2018. It covers topics on how your favorite celebs became popular on the internet, their net worth, endorsement deals, career path, awards, cars, Top Lists, etc.


Our ultimate goal is to help you become popular with the strategies that I have found that made celebs like Rihanna, Beyonce, Davido, Wizkid, Burnaboy, and others popular.


We currently hit more than 100,000 pageviews monthly, and as we continue to grow, the dream remains to give you the best experience whenever you visit us.


The team here looks for innovative strategies that can help you gain more popularity on the internet as you visit.


For now, make sure you follow us on our social profiles…


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