Davido A Better Time Album 2020 (Full Tracklist Download)

Davido A Better Time Album

So have you been jamming Davido A Better Time album? If no then stream and download a better time Davido album here. 


I literally had to go through every song on this album and I can’t tell you how satisfied I am. 


If you go on Twitter, you will see several praises for the singer on how he outdid himself on this album. 


So far I have found that I am addicted to tracks like Jowo and Tanana and others. 


So what will you be able to do since you are here today? 


Well, you will be able to download and stream Davido ABT album with just the click of a button. 


Now come let’s look at the full A better time tracklist, shall we? 




Before we do, click on the play button to start streaming and download Davido a better time album below. 

Jowo Track 


Jowo has become the national anthem among the fans of the singer with taking to Instagram to express their love for this track. 


I have listened to lots of songs so far this year and there just something about this track that makes it hit home you know. . 


Now here is what I want you to do, click on the link below to download and follow Jowo lyrics by Davido


So what next? 


Well, I have FEM next for you… 


Davido Fem Track 


You can easily say that FEM is a diss track but then it was a hit wouldn’t you say? 


Yeah, it was no doubt! 


FEM explores the theme of needing people to stop hating on you because you are wealthy. 


It then goes further to take on an ever blazing topic which is Davido and Burnaboy beef. 

Davido A Better Time Album

Shots were fired which made it a really controversial hit since the opposition had released a track that said f**k a good time. 


Now click on the link below to download Davido fem and follow the lyrics


The Best Track 


If you love Mayorkun then please take out to appreciate the singer in the comment section. 


He is an amazing guy anyone would agree as he tends to stay away from the drama surrounding 30BG.


The best features DMW talented kid Mayor of Lagos on this blazing track that even Don Jazzy was so excited about. 


Davido the best talks about being a role model and how he learned from the best which is himself. 


Click on this link to download the best mp3 by Davido while also following the lyrics. 


Holy Ground Track 


Nicki Minaj is an icon which is why anything that she touches turns to gold. 


If you doubt me then please listen to Megatron, I am positive you will agree to the bold statement above. 

Davido A better time album is just classic and star-studded but this one, in particular, stood out. 


This is because it has one of the best female rappers in the USA on there making the difference. 


If you haven’t listened to this track then do not fret, I have it right here for you. 


Click on this link to follow and download Holy Ground song


Fade Track 


This Bella Shmurda assisted track is just one of his many hit songs so far this year. 


I mean he is got one hit with Olamide which is still trending on YouTube. 


Davido ft Bella Shmurda fade is the song you need to be listening to if you are sure of not wanting to fade away. 


While #ABT album may be star-studded, it paid off big time with the album housing several hit songs. 


So here is a link for you to download fade away by David Adeleke Adedeji


So Crazy Track 


Twitter knows how to drag an artist and if you are not careful, you could be misled. 


When Davido ft Lil Baby So crazy dropped, Twitter users condemned the track. 


but then I went straight to YouTube to listen to the song and watch the video, guess what! 


It turns out that it was even way better than I could have imagined. 


This track took a whole different angle and didn’t sound like David’s usual. 


Now click this link to download so crazy by Davido mp3 will you. 


Something Fishy Track 


Another hit song so to speak because it’s been making its round on the Internet. 


I love when he said wait something fishy is going down. 


It just expresses how unique this track can make one feel. 


Something Fishy explores the theme of trust in a relationship and who does a relationship better than Davido. 


But if you do not believe me then it’s probably because you have not listened to If, Fall, Assurance, and Aye. 


All crazy love tracks that will send that cold shiver down your spine. 


Now click on this link to download something fishy by Davido


Heaven Track 


Heaven is another track that I have had on replay since a better time album dropped. 


There is just something intense about that track that makes me hit the replay button. 




You don’t have to believe anything I say which is why I invite you to always listen to the track yourself. 


I am sure whenever you do, you will reach the same conclusion I did. 


Davido heaven gives you the feel of heaven while you are on earth but that may be an exaggeration. 


With that said, click on this link to download heaven Davido mp3


Shopping Spree Track 


Davido has one hit song with Chris Brown titled Blow my mind


If you haven’t listened to this track then you definitely should. 


It was released last year off his A Good Time album and that track literally blew and hit platinum in record time. 


Davido A Better Time album 2020 also features Chris Brown and it was also better. 


Breezy is a unique artist and just like Nicki and everything he touches turns to gold. 


Tanana Track 


There is no female artist like Tiwa Savage in the industry. 


She is just well, so Tiwa Savage that it’s nearly impossible to fill her shoe. 


I mean even Mavin’s record still misses the queen of Mavin. 


Remember Tiwatope has one track out with Davido on her Celia album. 


beautiful track and if you didn’t get a chance to listen to it, here is a link for you. 


Tanana by Davido is just as awesome as anything with the name Tiwa on it and you can download it here


La La Track 


Ckay more than finished work on this track and again David just knows who to feature and who not to. 


It’s one thing to write a song but hell yeah it’s another to know who you should feature. 


This track proves not only is he among the best musicians in Nigeria, it also shows how he has amassed his wealth


I mean the guy is the top richest musician in the continent right now. 


Now here is what I want you to do, click on this link to download la la by Davido mp3


On My Way Track 


Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol rocks this one really hard you know. 


Personally, I have to say as one of the top 10 richest musicians in the country, he really spent some money on this album. 


Heck, all the features must have cost this guy a lot of money you know. 


On my way track brings calm to your soul and help you relax whenever you are bothered. 


This track is meant to bring calm to the soul with the instrumentals and production. 


A very good track and one you really need to listen to more often. 


Now click on this pink link to download on my way by Davido mp3 here


Very Special Track 


Very special is another track you can’t help but tune into its frequency. 


I don’t need to get into the whole frequency thing but it would be lovely for you to know that it’s this frequency that makes a song resonate. 


With that said here is a download link for you to get and stream very special by Davido




The old ones say legends never die and who knows this may be true. 


What David has done in the industry has been simply phenomenal you know. 


But don’t take my word for it, just read his biography here. 


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you rate Davido a better time album full tracklist? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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