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Omah Lay What Have We Done EP

Last updated on October 20th, 2021 at 06:01 pm

I am streaming Omah Lay what have we done ep here shoutmeceleb and you can download what have we done Omah Lay ep here now.


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This year has been very telling particularly for the upcoming acts in the Naija music industry you will agree right?


So far it distinguished the upcoming acts who are willing to take over from the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Burnaboy, Timaya, Tiwa Savage, etc.


This list will never be complete without throwing Omah Lay’s name into the mix considering the huge success he has had so far.


So what will today’s post cover? Well, it will cover everything on what have we done ep by Omah Lay.


So sit tight, will you!


Now we have 5 tracks on this EP (album if you will) and 5 different producers worked on this project.


So without further beating around the bush, click the play button below to enjoy Omah Lay what have we done track list.

With that out of the way, let’s take deeper dive into each of the tracks from his latest body of work, shall we?


Godly Track


Godly mp3 is just one of my favorite tracks from Omah Lay WHWD ep, to be honest with you.


It got that beautiful start which gives praise to the maker for all that he has done for the singer.


I mean no one expects where this guy is coming from and the way he blew the mind of everyone in the industry says it all.

Omah Lay WHWD EP Tracklist

So far, he has worked with Olamide on his recent project you can find that track here as am positive you will love it.


This track picks up that slow tempo which will make you appreciate good songs and he is got plenty of it.


The production of Godly was made possible by Tempoe and it was mixed and mastered by Swaps.


Quickly let’s take a look at the next track from Omah Lay what have we done album shall we?


Confession Track


Confession is another track that will drive you insane as this track seem to take a deeper dive into how he started a one man journey.


He then takes it slightly into the angle of a love story that spun around the opposite sex.


The chorus is dope and every lyric gives you insight into how the singer feels while creating that emotional atmosphere to relate with the singer.


Overall it’s an amazing track, one I believe you need to have on a steady replay.

Full What Have We Done Track list

Even better is the fact that this track was produced by Omah and it was mixed and mastered by Swaps.


Looks like you will be seeing the name Swaps come more frequently since he orchestrated the whole mix of what have we done Omah Lay ep.


If you appreciate quality lyrics then make sure you have this track on replay to help give it context for you.


Now, come let’s look at can’t relate by Omah lay shall we?


Can’t Relate Track




I just love a good song and by the way, I am a huge fan of Davido but I appreciate good music.


So whenever I hear a good song I have got no other option but to fall head over hills in love with that artist.


As for Omah, I think I am really starting to like what he brings to the table, to be honest.


My brother Austin Opene introduced me to a track by the singer and I really didn’t give him serious attention.


But now I do because this guy is on fire with his debut EP and now this, that has got more than 1 million streams on BoomPlayer.

Omah Lay What Have We Done EP

Can’t relate takes the theme of asking God for help to delete evil people from his life.


The chorus sounded something like this delete them, delete every virus from my system.


On this context, virus = evil people and system = his life.


Omah Lay Can’t relate mp3 was produced by Tuzi and the additional guitar was made possible by Bolu.


It was however mixed and mastered by Swaps.


Quickly let’s look at Damn Remix which is a bonus track from this album.


Damn Remix Track


Damn is a bonus track that was first introduced through his first ep get layd.


Damn remix feature 6lack!


6lack is was born in Atlanta Georgia and he is a rapper with a net worth clocking 2 million.


His verse was so lovely that I instantly took to Google to get some info on the singer.


He is particularly an interesting figure because it is the first time I have heard about the Georgian rapper.


Damn was produced by Bizzouch and it was mixed and mastered by Swaps who did a tremendous job on this EP.

Omah Lay WHWD EP

Have you listened to the ep yet?


Well if you still aren’t convinced that it is a must-listen then come let me take you through the last track My Bebe.


My Bebe Track

This is the final track that makes Omah Lay what have we done album a 5 track ep.


My Bebe explores the theme of a guy who can’t explain why he is so madly in love with this girl.


In his quest to understand, he was drawn into a world where he finds himself falling deeper and deeper in love.

The singer seems to understand what he wants to do to the girl in question.


He is so sure he wants to love and drive her to also fall in love with him.


The lyrics explore a more crazy and sensual atmospheric romance which can immediately help the listener pick the wordings,


Finally, this track was produced by Echo The Guru and it was mixed by the said person that mixed the rest of this track.




Omah Lay may be listed as the next rated artist considering his breakthrough in the industry.


There is Rema, Joeboy, Fireboy DML who are all on fire but Omah may be on a whole different level.


Wouldn’t you agree?


Well, it’s over to you!


How would you rate Omah Lay what have we done ep full tracklist? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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