Mp3 Download: Nasty C Overpriced Steak Lyrics

Nasty C Overpriced Steak mp3 download

Nasty C overpriced steak lyrics made me fall in love even more with the ZMWSP album and you can download Nasty C overpriced steak mp3. 


Now before I say anything to you, if you haven’t downloaded the whole Zulu man with some power album then you got no taste for good music. 

SMCE Propellerads


but before you and I get into overpriced steak lyrics by Nasty C come let me list all you will get from this post. 


  • You will be able to stream Nasty C overpriced steak audio 


  • With the click of a button, you will be able to download overpriced steak mp3 by Nasty C 


  • You will also be able to follow overpriced steak by Nasty lyrics word for word 


  • Finally, I am going to write a short review of this song below so make sure you stay back to go through it 


Now that you are well aware of that you will get from today’s post, come let’s dive in. 


Nasty C Overpriced Steak Mp3 Download 


A lot can be debated about a good song right? 


At least in my opinion a good song steals the heart of the listener and you are okay now this is some dope song. 

Nasty C Overpriced Steak lyrics

Once you get that effect you know you are listening to the quality or something that speaks to you directly. 


While on my headphone, I had to listen to Nasty C king shit mp3 and I have got to say it was a nice song. 


NC did an amazing job, flowing with the beat so smoothly that it almost felt effortless you know. 

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Now I can’t emphasize enough why you need to listen to this song but you should honestly. 


Here is what I want you to do click on the sky blue button below and download overpriced steak by Nasty C mp3. 

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So what is next? 


I have Nasty C overpriced steak lyrics next for so stay with me a little more. 


Complete Overpriced Steak Lyrics Nasty C 


I remember a couple of days back when I was playing all in by Nasty C, he is definitely one of the best out there. 


I had to put that track on replay and I was surprised that even my girlfriend would vibe to it. 

Nasty C Overpriced Steak mp3 download

She and I are the blues kind of guys but listening to Nasty C makes you feel like rap is just any one’s genre.


I tell you that this guy is officially my go-to guy when I want to listen to some rap songs. 


They don’t tell you but Africa is producing stars every year who are rewriting the history of what we stand for. 


and Nasty C is slowly carving his name on that monument of historic triumphs. 


Did you listen to the track above? 


If you did then here is the lyrics of overpriced steak by Nasty C. 


Enjoy it easy… 




Lately my attire been fire, I’m in my case

In and out of meetings, my dancing shoes on a break

Talking stakes, over overpriced steak

I’m well off, I should be used to it but I ain’t

I’m still eating out the hands that I marry to say the grace

Sitting across the angels of LA

Ticking off the stereotypes they sing about SA

And turn them into fanatics by time they collect the plates




Most of ’em say what they wish to say

Some of ’em don’t wanna get offensive, so they let the question ricochet

I spit the answers anyway

I talk like this ’cause I listen to Weezy everyday

Might walk like Tip ’cause that’s who I, I rep today

Might drip like King Slime, I mean, King Slime

‘Cause I got me, a check today

Money in my pants, I got credit on demand

And I mean that in every shape form, Sega game or bank

Way that I be switching whips, you’d think I know how to bake

Way that I take all this love, you think I don’t know it’s fake

I know what my haters look like, ’cause I seen a cobra’s face

Won’t ever use my skin as an excuse ’cause I know Oprah face

Won’t ever use my skin as an excuse ’cause I seen Hova face

Won’t ever let nothin’ that’s got a skin to take Jehovah’s place (Jehovah’s place)

Pushing through the pain for my soldier’s sake (For my soldier’s sake)

Push the button now, if you don’t know your place




Lately my attire been fire, I’m in my case

In and out of meetings, my dancing shoes on a break

Talking stakes, over overpriced steak

I’m well off, I should be used to it but I ain’t

I’m still eating out the hands that I marry to say the grace

Sitting across the angels of LA

Ticking off the stereotypes they sing about SA

And turn them into fanatics by time they collect the plates




There can be no doubt, that the boy and the presence pop

We have seen that in all his actions

Why destroy the power?

When you can use it for the good of our people?


Who Produce and Wrote Nasty C Overpriced Steak Lyrics 


Who wrote overpriced steak lyrics? Overpriced steak Nasty C lyrics was written by Nasty C. 


Who produced overpriced steak mp3? Overpriced steak Nasty C mp3 was produced by Darrius Willrich, Colin Gayle, Sipho Dlamini, Jake One, Nasty C & Sam Wish. 

Overpriced Steak Nasty C lyrics

I like every attention he paid to make this song one hell of a hit track to be fair. 


Only a few producers in Africa deal produce such quality when it’s rap and he is up there with the rest. 


I still remember when my mom said music is for poor and jobless people. 


If I tell him how rich this guy is right now, I bet she would be biting her nails when she didn’t succumb to my kid brother being a musician. 


Music is how Nasty C net worth has constantly risen since his debut in the industry. 


Now here is a couple of details you missed below…. 


Song Title: Overpriced Steak 


Artist: Nasty C


Producer: Darrius Willrich, Colin Gayle, Sipho Dlamini, Jake One, Nasty C & Sam Wish


Written By: Nasty C


Release Date: 27th August 2020 


Nationality: South Africa


Review of The Song 


I love how Shoutmeceleb Entertainment is structured to bring everything in one place. 


This way you don’t have to go from one website to the other when trying to get all the information you need. 


I love this track because I can resonate with it and so are a lot of NC fans. 


The production was amazing and again its a job well done. 


Nasty C is making his way to the top richest musicians in South Africa in a few year’s time. 


This is just my prediction and overall I am giving this track a 4.8-star rating. 




Music in Africa is evolving and with it the possibilities of pushing the boundaries. 


A lot of artists in the continent like Davido, Wizkid, and Diamond Platnumz are taking to another level. 


and it’s only a matter of before Africa takes completely over the international stage. 


Over to you now! 


How would you rate Nasty C overpriced steak lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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