Controversial List: Top 50 Most Handsome Men in The World 2022

Top 50 most handsome men in the world
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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 01:15 pm

Marlon Teixeira


Brazil has in itself a world’s sexy man and he is the person of Marlon Teixeira. 


So who is he? 


Marlon Luiz Teixeira is a very popular Brazilian fashion model and an actor. 


He was born in Santa Catrina in the year 1891 September 16th to be exact. 

His sexiness and good looks have seen Marlon walk the walkway for several big fashion brands in Brazil and other parts of the world. 


His height of 1.88m puts him on a fine height that’s unrivaled by most men in this category. 


As I type Marlon Teixeira stands comfortable as one of the top 20 most sexy people in the world as of 2022.


Lay Zhang


China has another man on this super handsome men list and he is the person of Lay Zhang. 


Although South Korea and the US look to have more people on this list, China is competing fiercely too. 

So who is he? Lay Zhang is a Chinese rapper, singer, producer, and actor. 


His talent makes it capable for the artist to fuse together all the things he is gifted in. 


Zhang Yixing first came to the world’s view while belonging to the music group Exo. 


He was born in Changsha China in the year 1991 precisely on the 7th of October. 


He is currently signed to SM Entertainment as well as China Records which has produced some of his studio albums. 


If you are looking for sexy men then China looks to be a place full of some really pretty men. 


but hey handsome men’s list surpasses just the facial beauty, right? 




Cha Eun Woo 


Okay, another South Korean and I believe the question I need to be asking at this moment is why are they damn pretty? 


Look, if a girl walk passes some of the South Korean men, I believe she does be like damn this guy is pretty. 

Cha Eun Woo

So who is Cha Eun-woo? Lee Dong-min is a South Korean singer, model, and actor who is part of the group Astro. 


Cha Eun-Woo is currently signed to Santiago and has acted in the movie My Brilliant Life. 


Cha was born in Gunpo-si South Korea in the year 1997 March 30th. 


Korea is filled with really cute men so if cute is what you are looking for then Korea South should be where you want to be. 


Having said, come let’s move on from Cha Eun-woo to someone else, shall we? 


Henry Cavill 


If you have watched one of the most popular superhero movies in the world then chances are you heard of Henry Cavill. 


He is currently the superman in the DC universe of superheroes as of when writing this blog post. 

Henry Cavill

So who is Cavill? Henry Cavill is a British actor who became popular after his role in the movie Superman. 


He has since assumed other major roles in other movies of which The Witcher is high on this list. 


So when was Cavill born? 


Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born in St Helier Jersey in the year 1983 May 5th. 

Henry Cavill

You could say his career has made him among some of the richest actors in Britain. 


Henry Cavill has 4 siblings and they are Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill, Charlie Cavill, Piers Cavill, Simon Cavill. 


Idris Elba


Idris Elba has had an amazing career in Hollywood and you have probably watched Hobbs and Shaw right? 


Elba was the villain in the movie but a more famous movie should be Thor he played the GateKeeper. 

So who is he? 

Idris Elba

Idrissa Akuna Elba OBE is a British actor, DJ, singer, songwriter, and record label producer. 


His fame has made him one of the most sort after actors in the Holywood industry. 


He was born in London Borough Hackney London the United Kingdom in the year 1972 September 16th. 


Personally, I have to say I really love the eyes of Idrissa Elba who also is of Nigerian origin. 


Elba currently has more than 3 blockbuster movies lined up with Thor Love and Thunder being high on that list. 


Idris Elba concludes our list of top 20 most handsome men in the world 2022


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