Top 50 Most Popular Musicians In Africa 2021

most popular musicians in Africa

Last updated on September 18th, 2021 at 04:29 pm

Who are the top 50 most popular musicians in Africa 2021


Well, this is an ever-changing list and today you and I will be looking at the top 50 most popular musicians in Africa in 2021. 


As a matter of fact, the most famous artists in Africa list has housed some beautiful names in the past. 


but this is 2021 so if you really want to find out some of the incredible names on this list of most popular African musicians 2021, then you will love this list. 


but before you and I dive right in, some of the criteria for compiling this list are the previous performances and influence of artists across Africa over the past decade especially in the age of millennials and Generation Z.


With that out of the way, come let’s use a magnifying glass to look at the beautiful names that made this list shall we? 

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In Africa 

Who are the top ten most popular musicians in Africa right now? The names of the 10 most popular musical artists in the continent right now are:

  • Wizkid 


  • Davido 


  • Diamond Platnumz 


  • Fally Ipupa 


  • Burnaboy 


  • Psquare 


  • Tiwa Savage 


  • 2baba


  • Koffi Olomide 


  • Yemi Alade 


Wizkid (From Nigeria West Africa) 


This may sound controversial but one of the most consistent artists in Africa over the past decade is Wizkid. 


Wizkid Superstar album brought not just fame but also awards to the shelf of the talented singer. 

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In Africa

The singer currently has four studio albums to date which is relatively less compared to some names you will find on this list. 


All his album combined has made him quite a mouth-watering sum of cash flow. this guy is super-rich


He is a record label executive, singer/songwriter, and hails from Nigeria which is the 7th most populated country in the world.


Wizkid rise to fame came in the late 2000s after encountering singer and now politician Banky W. 


His career blossom and he is the winner of the 2020 Headies Award beating the likes Davido, Burnaboy, and Mayorkun to the award. 


He is no doubt one of the biggest artists in Nigeria in 2021 and his fan base Wizkid FC would brag any time any day with his popularity. 


You have not listened to any of his songs then it is time to get your headphone and listen to tracks like smile, ojuelegba, and ginger featuring Burnaboy


Davido (From Nigeria West Africa) 


Popular hated for being a billionaire’s son but very kind-hearted and the man with a big heart. 


Davido rose to fame in the 2010s and has seemingly held his fame down for the past decade competing fiercely with Wizkid on every side. 

Davido (From Nigeria West Africa)

He has also gained an enormous amount of wealth since coming to the music scene. 


You may say it’s not a competition but I am sure Wizkid FC and the 30BG gang would agree these two are rivals. 


During a poll that Shoutmeceleb Entertainment conducted on Twitter, we found out that the beef between Wizkid and Davido is been intensified by the fans. 


Davido has been consistent since his debut, and with his 4th studio album A Better Time Out in 2020, OBO takes the number two spot on this list. 


He has also bagged lots of awards and currently the first Afrobeat artist in Africa with 2 Gold certifications in the USA. 


He is the first Afrobeat artist with more than 200 million views on YouTube Africa. 


It’s hard to say you don’t know him but if that is the case then here are some classic songs you should check out courtesy of David Adeleke Adedeji. 


You need to start with Aye, then walk your way down to Gobe, taste blow my mind and then crown it up with the best. 


Davido is the 2nd most popular musician in Nigeria 2021. 


Diamond Platnumz (From Tanzania East Africa) 


Diamond Platnumz’s story will intrigue you as well as make you aspire for the impossible. 


Recently the Wasafi record label boss opened up about how he almost go broke featuring Nigerian superstar Davido. 

the most famous artists in Africa

According to the singer, he said that one decision changed the game for him and made him quite the name he has today. 


Platnumz is also one of the richest musicians in the Africa continent rubbing shoulders with some pretty high-profile names in the Africa music industry. 


In terms of popularity, Diamond Platnumz is the most popular musician in East Africa as well as Tanzania. 


but he didn’t stop there, he drove a notch further with his artistry to become the first musician in Africa to hit a billion views on YouTube. 


Akon is easily the owner of this accolade but I am putting him aside because his career started outside Africa. 


You are welcome to debate that though… 


Now, if you have not heard of Diamond Platnumz then start by listening to songs like African beauty, Jeje, Ongeza, and Kidogo featuring Psquare. 


Diamond Platnumz’s career has been a successful one and so did his fame spread across the continent. 


He easily takes the number 3 spot from Fally Ipupa who is the fourth most popular music artist in Africa. 


Fally Ipupa (From DR Congo Central Africa) 


Family Ipupa is one of the best musicians in Africa with so many individual accolades. 


You could say he left his mark in the industry through his scintillating dance and songs. 

Fally Ipupa (From DR Congo Central Africa)

I was listening to hello telephone recently, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with Congo musicians. 


They bring life to any sound you find them on just like when he was featured on Diamond Platnumz Inama. 


Ipupa has also amassed quite the net worth for himself and I discovered this after writing about his and Diamond Platnumz net worth


You definitely need to check out that post, you will be thrilled at what you will find behind the door. 


Burnaboy (From Nigeria West Africa) 


Damini Ogulu is the name of this singer, his rise to fame may have come in the late 2010s but he is arguably one of the most popular singers in Africa 2021.


His rise saw him put the entire continent on the world map with help from one of the richest musicians in the world (the person of Diddy). 

Burnaboy (From Nigeria West Africa)

He is the 2nd Nigerian Afrobeat musician with a Grammy award, the first is Wizkid and both were awarded the same night at the 63rd annual Grammy award. 


His 2020 album twice as tall is doing some serious numbers and tracks like monsters you made will definitely leave you speechless. 


Since his rise, he has definitely turned to be one of the forces that threaten to usurp the reign of Wizkid and Davido as the biggest Nigerian musicians ever. 


Whether that will happen, only time would help you and I unveil the truth in the coming years. 


Burnaboy has also made quite the fortune for himself after working with several big international names. 


So if this is the first time you are hearing the name Burnaboy, then it’s time to draw closer to listen to some of his sounds like anybody, on the low. 


Psquare (From Nigeria West Africa) 


Nigeria is a blessed country when you think about the music talent this one country has produced. 


Among such talent that the country have produced are iconic legends Psquare who made Nigeria proud. 


Psquare at some point used to be the most popular singers in Africa until their split in 2017. 


You may read all about the popular break-up of the group Psquare here


Now, both artists perform under the name Mr P and Rudeboy and have a net worth that is more than $30 million. 


They slide from the number one position on this list and why they may have split, both still made this list because Peter and Paul were known all over Africa. 


If you have not listened to their classic then it’s time to start with do me, Ifunaya featuring Rick Ross and end it with no one like you. 


The Psquare brothers won any award in the music industry except for the Grammy which Wizkid and Burnaboy brought home. 


Tiwa Savage (From Nigeria West Africa) 


I know it feels bias that Nigeria has been the most dominant on this list right? 


Well, don’t feel bad, I tried to make sure I wasn’t been bias as possible but be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts about this list. 

Tiwa Savage (From Nigeria West Africa)

Having said that, Tiwa Savage is known as the queen of Afrobeat for a reason and no one else comes close. 


Simi has the vocals and Yemi Alade too but when you and I talk about Afrobeat, she beats every one of the above names. 


Tiwa has done back up for the likes of Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and more. 


During his time at Mavin Records, she was the queen of Mavin with hit songs from left to right. 


Her most recent album Celia didn’t get much attention but you really need to listen very well to catch the vibe. 


It was a beauty especially when I listened to tracks like Park Well featuring Davido. 


She occupies the 7th spot on the list of most popular musicians in Africa 2021.


She is also the number one on the top 10 most popular female musicians in Africa


Although she is currently signed to UMG, her wealth has continued to grow flawlessly. 


If you haven’t listened to her sounds? Well, you have got to be missing something really beautiful so check out attention and temptation. 


2Baba (From Nigeria West Africa) 


2face is a legend in the Nigerian music industry and that is a fact. 


When you and I talk about popularity, it’s easy to look past him but then that would be a mistake. 

2Baba (From Nigeria West Africa)

He is one singer from the 90s who has been kicking it really strong until he celebrated 20yrs in the industry in 2020. 


The whole of Africa still plays evergreen songs like African queen, by 2baba because it was a beauty. 


I mean this one song was released in the 2000s and still gets the airplay even 15 plus years after. 


His popularity spread to other parts of Africa with his song featuring R Kelly flex. 


Tubaba has more than 3 studio albums out and they were all hit songs after hit songs. 


The people that could usurp 2baba when it comes to hit tracks, only Psquare takes the lead. 


If you have not listened to any 2face songs then you need to start with his album Warrior. 


Koffi Olomide (From DR Congo Central Africa) 


It will be totally crazy to make this list and absent names like Koffi Olomide from it. 


I love Awilo Logomba but this guy here would give him a run for his money any time any day. 

Koffi Olomide (From DR Congo Central Africa)

He is the major hands that tutor Fally Ipupa under the band which toured Africa and the rest part of the world. 


DR Congo just has a way of making you dance nonstop with their sound soukous. 


He occupies the 9th spot on this list and his latest feature is Waa by Diamond Platnumz, a song that has more than 30 million views on YT currently. 


Yemi Alade (From Nigeria West Africa) 


Yemi Eberechi Alade has been the singer suggested usurping Tiwa Savage. 


but that doesn’t look like it will ever happen considering that Tiwa does not look to be slowing down any time soon. 

Top 20 Most Famous Artists In Africa 2021

However, I have really enjoyed her songs from Johnny to her most recent album. 


She is also one of the wealthiest females in the Nigerian music industry with more than $1 million as net worth. 


Having said, you really have to listen to tracks like Deceive featuring Rudeboy. 


What a beautiful song, one that you can’t forget in a hurry.


Now, come let’s get right into the top 20 list of popular artists on the African continent, shall we? 


Top 20  Most Famous Artists In Africa 2021 


Who are the top 20 most popular musicians in Africa today? The 20 most popular musical acts in Africa right now include:


  • Die Antwoord


  • Mr Eazi 


  • Tekno 


  • Nasty C


  • Shatta Wale


  • Youssou N’Dour


  • Sauti Sol 


  • Angelique Kidjo 


  • Awilo Logomba 


  • Sarkodie 


Die Antwoord (From South Africa) 


Antwoord has been a force to reckon with since their debut in the South African music industry. 


The group is one of the richest in the SA music industry when you and I talk about net worth. 


Their music has been mostly hit and some of their songs have done more than 200 million views in Africa. 


As a matter of fact, when I made a compilation of the most viewed African music videos on YouTube Africa, these guys were in the top 10.


Their fame continues to reach other African countries and the group consists of Watkin Tudor “Ninja” Jones and Anri “Yolandi Visser” du Toit, a male/female duo, and producers HITEK5000 and Lil2Hood.


Die Antwood as a music group has won lots of Antwood in the SA music industry. 


The group sits comfortably at the 11th position of most popular musicians in Africa.


If you haven’t listened to any of their songs then it’s time to check these ones out.


Mr Eazi (From Nigeria West Africa) 


Eazi has been one influential musician in Africa especially after he founded the Empawa Africa program. 


It was through this program that Joeboy was discovered who is now killing it in the industry. 


Since Mr Eazi’s debut in the industry, he has been a force to reckon with and staying consistent. 


His last body of work is the EP where he featured Kenya artist on the song Cherry. 


You really need to check out that one song because it is a beauty. 


Mr Eazi’s wealth has also continued to grow with each passing year and when I wrote about his net worth, I was surprised he is worth that much. 


If you have not listened to any of his tracks then I suggest you start by listening to tracks like The Don. 


Tekno (From Nigeria West Africa) 


Tekno has been an impressive figure since gaining fame in 2015 with his song Pana which currently has more than 100 million views. 


The song is one of the most viewed songs on YouTube in Nigeria. 


Tekno’s popularity also grew with that one song touring Africa and Europe after which he was signed to UMGA on 3 singles. 


By the time Tekno released Wash and Dana, he already became a household name in Africa. 


What all these songs did was skyrocket his net worth while also making him one of the A-list celebs in the country. 


His last body of work has received massive praise but fell short of the charts. 


If you have not listened to any of Tekno songs then it is time for you to check out Skeletun, Designer, and Agege featuring Zlatan Ibile. 


Nasty C (From South Africa) 


South African musicians are mostly focused on the hip hop which is a genre that’s almost extinct in Africa. 


The good thing is South Africa is still holding on to dear life since hip hop is the go-to genre here. 


Nasty C has been one of the beautiful names that came out of South Africa and he is currently one of the most popular musicians in South Africa. 


His most recent body of work proves why he is slowly usurping some of the big names in SA. 


I recently wrote a piece on his net worth and that of Nigerian musician Rema (it was basically about who the richest was). 


You should definitely check it out…


Since we are still talking about Nasty C’s rise to fame, his most recent body of work was featured in Coming To America 2. 


You can stream and listen to that song here plus I am positive you will love it.


If you haven’t listened to any of his songs before now then please try out his album Zulu Man With Some Power. 


It is an incredible album that will give you chills especially when you get to tracks like All In featuring American rapper T.I. 


Shatta Wale (From Ghana West Africa) 


The West have been tremendous on ditching out music talents. 


One such talent comes from Ghana and it is in the person of Shatta Wale who has had an incredible career. 


Shatta Wale’s ability to drop songs almost every week has earned him respect in the Ghana music industry. 


Did I forget to mention that he is also one of the richest musicians in Ghana


When I wrote a piece on who is richer between him and Sarkodie, I discovered that he is rich. 


Shatta Wale was a feature on Beyonce Lion King’s album which made the news in 2020.


If you fast forward to this year, he has become one the most influential musicians in Ghana and also one of the top 10 most popular musicians in Ghana. 


You definitely would love his songs as a dancehall artist. 


You can start by listening to 1 Don then slowly walk your way through to his other songs. 


Youssou N’Dour (From Senegal Central Africa) 


Youssou N’Dour is an incredible name in the music environment thanks to his contribution to music in Africa. 


N’Dour was featured on the Burnaboy TAT album which won big at the 63rd edition of the Grammy. 


N’Dour’s success was also loud when he made lots of beautiful songs in 2020.


But these are not even the reason he made this list. 


The man has been consistent for over 2 decades and much like Koffi Olomide his musical prowess has earned him recognition across Africa. 


He is on the same popularity level as Papa Wemba but since he is dead, I had to exempt him from this list.


Now, if you have not listened to anything from Youssou N’Dour then take the time to check these tracks out. 


You would be blown away honestly.


Sauti Sol (From Kenya East Africa) 


Kenya has been a powerhouse when it comes to music from East Africa, you know. 


There are names you probably haven’t heard about in Kenya but these ones have been featured far and wide in Africa. 


They have been featured severally in Nigeria, and other parts of the continent. 


The group was brought together back in 2005 as an Acapella group before it became an Afro-pop band. 


As they continue to make progress on the music stage, their name was quickly changed to Sauti Sol. 


Sauti Sol has a deal with Universal Music Group and have won MTV Europe Music Award. 


If you have not enjoyed any of their songs then it is high time you take the time to listen to one. 


Angelique Kidjo (From Benin West Africa) 


The only generation that would be totally new to the sounds of Angelique Kidjo is Generation Z. 


This is because Kidjo rose to fame when Millennials were gradually knowing what it means to listen to music.


During the 2019 Grammy award, It was Kidjo that beat Burnaboy to the award, and she has been on the world stage for a long time. 


Her song with Yemi Alade titled Shekere currently has more than 10 million views on YouTube 


She also featured Yemi Alade on a track some time back and you really would love her style. 


So far Kidjo is the old school who is still giving you and me the chance to experience beautiful sounds. 


If you have not listened to any of her songs then it is time you try Wombolombo. 


Awilo Logomba (From DR Congo East Africa) 


These are some of the oldest names on this list, you know. 


Awilo Logomba is one of the top 10 most popular musicians in Central Africa. 


I remember his songs shaking every nuke and cranny with the Makossa dance. 


He made it popular and it even took over Nigeria during the time with so many dance groups incorporating it into their dance routine. 


Awilo Logomba has been featured by the likes of African Giants Psquare and a lot of others. 


He is old school but you definitely would enjoy his songs and dance your ass out. 


Sarkodie (From Ghana West Africa) 


From the 2010s to date Ghana has been steadily climbing the ranks of music in Africa. 


Today, they have several leading artists moving Ghana music to the forefront of African music. 


Sarkodie is one of such artists who has been very influential in promoting Ghana hip hop to the world while rapping in his native tongue Twi. 


Sarkodie featuring Nigerian singer Rudeboy made me really start paying attention to the rapper. 


He is beautiful and has been an amazing talent since his debut in the Ghana music industry. 


He is easily one of the most popular musicians in Ghana while also being one of the most popular hip hop musicians in Africa. 


If you haven’t checked out some of his songs then I suggest you enjoy a happy day featuring Kuane Eugene and Hasta LA Vista featuring Zlatan Ibile. 


Top 30 Popular Musicians in The African Continent 


Who are the top 30 most popular singers in Africa now? The most popular musicians in Africa top 30 includes:


  • Olamide 


  • Amr Diab


  • Don Jazzy


  • Master KG 


  • Rayvanny 


  • Aya Nakamura 


  • Harmonize 


  • Inoss B 


  • Soolking 


  • Salatiel 


Olamide Nigeria (West Africa) 


Olamide falls out of the top 10 list of famous African musicians and the same for the top 20 list. 


but he took the 30 spot on the top 30 list which is proof that this past decade he has been one of the most consistent artists in the continent. 


He has released 9 albums so far making him the current artists in Nigeria with the most album. 


Olamide success has been telling and his most recent album Carp Diem is one of the best albums from Nigeria in 2020. 


His deal with the Empire record saw the singer drop several classic videos to meet up with the international audience demand for cool rap songs from Africa. 


Olamide wealth also continues to see steady growth thanks to his beautiful hard-working self. 


Chances are you have not heard any of his songs so I want you to listen to unconditionally featuring Peruzzi. 


You will love his sounds especially if you are from the street.


Amr Diab Egypt (Northern Africa) 


Amr Diab has been scintillating with his performances since his debut in the music industry. 


He is an actor and singer and made the 2020 Forbes list of A list celebrities from the middle east. 


Amr Diab is currently the most awarded musician in the middle east for his record sales. 


Diab is currently among the cast for a Netflix series that is coming up where he plays the role of a musician. 


As a singer and songwriter, Amr Diab has conquered the middle east and Northern Africa with his sounds hence his huge record sales numbers. 


If check out this video from YouTube of the singer singing one of his most view videos on YT. 


Don Jazzy Nigeria (West Africa) 


Na who do the beat Jazzy this was his recent production intro in Rema’s bounce song. 


Don Jazzy is easily one of the biggest musicians in Africa knowing that he has worked with some of the country’s A list celebs. 


He has worked with Kanye West, Jay Z, and his talent for not only being a singer and producer precedes him in the world of skits. 


Don Jazzy is also one of the richest celebs in Africa with a net worth towering almost $20,000,000. 


I find myself going back to his feature on Psquare collabo song which was released some years back now. 


Lovely guy with quite a beautiful personality and friend to all in the Nigerian music industry. 


Master KG (South Africa) 


KG’s rise to fame is quite the wonder especially after Jerusalema became an instant hit song. 


I was thrilled by the song and I literally played it every morning after waking up. 


The song went viral quickly gaining certification in different regions of the world including Belgium. 


Master KG is currently the most popular musician in South Africa thanks to the wonders he did with Nomcembo. 


Rayvanny Tanzania (East Africa) 


Rayvanny currently has more than 500,000,000 million streams on YouTube, and that’s like 500 million away from a billion views on YouTube. 


Why many would frown because he made the list, he has certainly put in the work to be recognized on this list. 


Rayvanny is currently signed to WCB record label, A label owned by the most popular artist in Tanzania the person of Diamond Platnumz. 


I was listening to Rayvanny songs a couple of days back and I have to say he is very good. 


If you doubt anything I say then please take the time out to listen to Rayvanny’s Kiuno and number one featuring Zuchu


With that being said, Vannyboy is also currently spreading his music across Africa with his recent album that featured lots of singers around the continent.


All his effort have also been paying off with the singer currently worth more than $400K


Aya Nakamura Mali (West Africa) 


Aya Nakamura has been breaking records since her style became the go-to in France. 


She is a France-based Malian female musician with 7 top 10 entries on the France single chart. 


Her song djadja currently has more than 700 million views making the video one of the most viewed in You Africa. 


In 2020 she became the most streamed female musician locally and internationally as she dazzled with her album. 


She also won the Francophone NRJ music award in 2020 while her song Joile Nana went platinum. 


Beautiful artist with a load of talent reaching every nuke and cranny of the world. 


She made this list of the top 50 most popular musicians in Africa debuting at number 26th.


Harmonize Tanzania (East Africa) 


Harmonize has been beautiful with his sound fusing Afrobeat with Bongo Flava to make his own unique sound. 


His fall from Grace came after the split from the WCB record label owned by his previous boss Diamond Platnumz. 


Although he is no longer part of the label, his career continues to soar thanks to his determination to carve out a genre for himself. 


Harmonize net worth since leaving the WCB record label has been something of a surprise. 


I almost thought he wouldn’t succeed without that touch from Platnumz but boy o boy I couldn’t be more wrong. 


He is currently doing some serious numbers while also been the top 50 most subscribed artists on YouTube in Africa. 


Inoss B DRC (Central Africa) 


I marvel at the talent of this youngster and at just 24 years of age, he is already conquering the Congolese music industry. 


He has also gained international recognition after winning the talent hunt by Akon while the singer was just 12 years of age. 


Inoss’B recently featured on Rayvanny’s Sound From Africa album on the track Kelebe. 


If you haven’t listened to that one song then you are passing out on the chance to have a good dance. 


His popularity currently makes him one of the most popular musicians in central Africa. 


Soolking Algeria (North Africa) 


Soolking’s career has gotten the finest recognition after his album Vintage. 


He also became one of the most-watched musicians across Africa making the list with artists like Diamond Platnumz. 


Soolking also became the most-streamed artist across Africa on Deezer. 


He continues to build an amazing career while also earning a spot on the list of most viewed music videos on YouTube in Africa. 


Soolking’s talent is primary to his music and the Algerian singer and rapper is not looking to slow down any time soon.


Salatiel Cameroon (West Africa) 


Africa is a blessed continent considering the Western world all get the raw materials that they need for the advancement of techs in Africa. 


The sad thing though is that the continent is cursed with bad leadership. 


Now let’s talk about music, the continent is also blessed with lots of talented musicians. 


Salatiel happens to be one of the many musicians on the continent that are gifted. 


His real name is Salatiel Livenja Besson and he became the first musician in Cameroon to collaborate with Beyonce. 


Salatiel collaboration with Beyonce on water received positive reviews since the track was one of the songs on the Lion King live-action remake. 


He is currently one of the most popular musicians in Cameroon with a couple of hit songs that you will love. 


Top 40 Popular Artists In Africa 


The list of popular African artists changes over time due to the factors mentioned above. 


As of this year these are the top 40 most popular musicians in Africa 2021, they are: 


  • Simi 


  • DJ Black Coffee 


  • Stonebwoy 


  • Rema 


  • Kizz Daniel 


  • Teni 


  • Zuchu 


  • Kuame Eugene 


  • Sha Sha 


  • Kabza De Small 




This is the complete list of the top 50 most popular musicians in Africa. 


The number one position goes to Wizkid and the number two position goes to Davido. 


Diamond Platnumz held done the number three spot beating Burnaboy to the position. 


It’s over to you now


Who else were you expecting to make this top 50 most popular artists in Africa list? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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1 month ago

This is a beautiful list…

I find the other to be soothing bcz it lists some of big names from previous generations into this modern generation.

I love the way it shines light on the present generation with the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Diamond Platnumz and contributing to how African music has grown.

Kudos to the Shoutmeceleb team of writers, this is a very beautiful article.